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This is the Politics Subforum. Here are the rules: by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/18/2014, 11:24am PDT NEW
    Just kidding folks, here's the real rules by Lum the Mad 03/18/2014, 1:15pm PDT NEW
        Re: Just kidding folks, here's the real rules by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 03/18/2014, 3:43pm PDT NEW
            Re: Just kidding folks, here's the real rules by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/12/2015, 12:55pm PST NEW
                On a forum, it's never too late for that NT by snappy comeback. 02/12/2015, 1:23pm PST NEW
                Re: Just kidding folks, here's the real rules by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 03/19/2016, 9:48pm PDT NEW
                    Gentle white power isn't so bad. NT by Try it! 03/20/2016, 12:07am PDT NEW
    Re: This is the Politics Subforum. Here are the rules: by Jizaboz 03/18/2014, 4:51pm PDT NEW
        Third party. The only thing keeping me voting first and second. NT by Souffle of Pain 03/18/2014, 10:39pm PDT NEW
    "I have over 20 years of experience not banning people from BBSs and forums." by "had" 20 years experience, also: 02/04/2017, 5:13pm PST NEW
        Wittgenstein posted two seconds after I banned his IP. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/04/2017, 7:02pm PST NEW
            What? Austrian philosophers? Laws? False accusations of posting? NT by What's going on here? 02/04/2017, 8:05pm PST NEW
                Welcome to the family. NT by Jack Baker 02/04/2017, 8:39pm PST NEW
       NT by Vested Id 02/04/2017, 8:58pm PST NEW
                    Thank you. 10 years of being a belligerent jerk? Yikes. by also: 02/04/2017, 9:26pm PST NEW
                        Mysterio declares he'd disappear eagerly if asked NT by The Onion Headline 02/05/2017, 12:38pm PST NEW

Christ, this "Shattered" book triggered a wave of media offence against Bernie! by Mischief Maker Yesterday, 5:57am PDT NEW
    He is your Ron Paul. by Gary Johnson 2016 Yesterday, 4:19pm PDT NEW
        That would be deeply ironic coming from him. NT by Mischief Maker Yesterday, 5:10pm PDT NEW
    The Access Hollywood tape was easy to discount for the simple reason by Vested Id Today, 1:33am PDT NEW

Man, I thought everyone was fine with grabbing pussies NT by Bill O'Reilly 04/23/2017, 10:13am PDT NEW
    Poor Dennis Miller. NT by Mischief Maker 04/23/2017, 10:44am PDT NEW

I don't think I thought my brilliant plan through.... by Mischief Muppet 04/15/2017, 5:41pm PDT NEW
    Re: I don't think I thought my brilliant plan through.... by Mysterio 04/15/2017, 10:20pm PDT NEW
        Yeah, he totally got us. Now hold still..... NT by Neo-Nazi with a golf club 04/15/2017, 10:52pm PDT NEW
            What's is it like to be this morally bankrupt? by Worm 04/16/2017, 8:55am PDT NEW
                See first post. And eat it, faggot. NT by Neo-Nazi with a golf club 04/16/2017, 9:26am PDT NEW
                    Once the violence you dislike breeds violence you like then you drop the act? NT by Worm 04/16/2017, 9:42am PDT NEW
                        Yeah those guys clad in all black were just minding their own business and by DEFINITELY didn't show for a fight 04/16/2017, 9:51am PDT NEW
                            Oh like showing up where you know a bunch of antfa will be in a trump hat? by Worm 04/16/2017, 10:01am PDT NEW
                                I certainly wasn't the one claiming moral superiority by MoralHighgroundMaker 04/16/2017, 10:12am PDT NEW
                                    Do you really think I'm running around the streets with a bandana on? by Worm 04/16/2017, 10:27am PDT NEW
                                Chick talks shit about taking Nazi scalps, gets hit by Worm white knights her like a cuck 04/16/2017, 11:52am PDT NEW
                                    Man this shit is so easy to call. by Worm 04/16/2017, 12:00pm PDT NEW
                                        I'd rather Berkeley PD did its fucking job by Mysterio 04/16/2017, 12:12pm PDT NEW
                                            What sympathy again? Can you quote something you dipshit? by Worm 04/16/2017, 12:28pm PDT NEW
                                                Sorry I thought you meant sympathy for the antfa people. by Worm 04/16/2017, 12:39pm PDT NEW
                                                    Always easier to argue with your own preconceptions by All is Faggot 04/16/2017, 2:14pm PDT NEW
                                    Also "this was legitimate self defense against my imminent scalping" haha, what? by Worm 04/16/2017, 12:11pm PDT NEW
                                Looks like someone should have stayed in their safe space. NT by Oom Shnibble 04/17/2017, 2:32pm PDT NEW
                                    Less people would be choking on my shit covered cock if they took your advice NT by Worm 04/17/2017, 3:36pm PDT NEW
                                        oh re: if you're talking about the gif lol whoops by Worm 04/17/2017, 3:38pm PDT NEW
                                            To be fair by the to be fair guy 04/18/2017, 5:34am PDT NEW
                                            Hahah, is that the same loser that got belted in the face? by Mysterio Lollerson 04/18/2017, 7:18pm PDT NEW
                                            My dad always said if you're gonna hurt someone, try not to talk about it first. by Words to Live By 04/18/2017, 9:37pm PDT NEW
                                                THAN? NT by Caltrops season finale cliffhanger 04/19/2017, 9:30am PDT NEW
                                                    Who cumshot Venus Rosealma? NT by Mysterio 04/19/2017, 11:26am PDT NEW
                        Hasn't that always been their thing? by skip 04/16/2017, 10:28am PDT NEW
    The anarchist reddit thread by skip 04/16/2017, 8:17am PDT NEW
        Is irony dead? by CattleHumper 04/17/2017, 12:48pm PDT NEW
    Now I'm an anarchist, too? NT by MM 04/16/2017, 8:46am PDT NEW
        You're whatever the guy who desperately needs a win decides you are. by Worm 04/16/2017, 8:53am PDT NEW
            Worm four months ago: Fuck Nazis and fuck anyone who is against punching them NT by Worm now: How can you be so cruuuel 04/16/2017, 9:30am PDT NEW
                How pathetic do you have to be to make up shit on a site no one reads? NT by Worm 04/16/2017, 9:44am PDT NEW
    oh wait new deets by Worm 04/17/2017, 4:44pm PDT NEW
        And she's a hairy cunt fetish porn actress NT by The story gets better 04/17/2017, 6:57pm PDT NEW
            It'd be funnier if it was super heroine reverse domination NT by Worm 04/17/2017, 9:01pm PDT NEW
    Oh here this one is absolutely fucking unacceptable by Worm 04/17/2017, 4:53pm PDT NEW
        edit function please by Worm 04/17/2017, 4:54pm PDT NEW
    Well that's Berkeley. How about Austin? by Mischief Maker 04/17/2017, 8:56pm PDT NEW
        Vic Berger has me blocked for some reason? by Worm 04/17/2017, 9:41pm PDT NEW
            They have scripts that block you depending on who you follow NT by Thanks GG 04/18/2017, 10:18am PDT NEW
        Tag that sort of graphic violence as NSFW NT by skip 04/19/2017, 7:00pm PDT NEW

Jesus what a nailbiter in MI right now... by MM 03/08/2016, 7:22pm PST NEW
    Sanders has won Michigan, according to A.P. by MM 03/08/2016, 8:38pm PST NEW
        This is it, our Berning Point. NT by Worm 03/08/2016, 9:07pm PST NEW
            Berniing Man NT by COPYRIGHTED 03/09/2016, 7:44pm PST NEW
        I would follow general manboobs to the ends of the earth! NT by laudablepuss 03/09/2016, 2:04pm PST NEW
    Re: Jesus what a nailbiter in MI right now... by Ray of Light 03/16/2016, 1:53am PDT NEW
        You're so smart, Ray NT by laudablepuss 03/16/2016, 8:34am PDT NEW
            hey, MM, don't you owe it to yourself to be better than this by now? by Ray of Light 03/16/2016, 10:43am PDT NEW
                Big fat citation needed here by laudablepuss 03/16/2016, 11:47am PDT NEW
                    the citation was in the paragraph you linked to :( by Ray of Light 03/17/2016, 11:33pm PDT NEW
                        Is the 'self-funded' thing a joke? by Worm 03/18/2016, 8:18am PDT NEW
                            It's mostly true, although not really relevant by blackwater 03/18/2016, 3:42pm PDT NEW
                                Re: It's mostly true, although not really relevant by Worm 03/18/2016, 4:34pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: It's mostly true, although not really relevant by Ray of Light 03/18/2016, 7:15pm PDT NEW
                                        Whether politifact is full of shit or not is kind of beside the point. by Worm 03/19/2016, 12:05pm PDT NEW
                                            Re: Whether politifact is full of shit or not is kind of beside the point. by Ray of Light 03/20/2016, 12:04am PDT NEW
                                                I love how you're putting words in the mouth of a guy that defaults on his loans by Welcome to Omsk 03/20/2016, 7:01am PDT NEW
                                                    Re: I love how you're putting words in the mouth of a guy that defaults by Ray of Light 03/20/2016, 11:43am PDT NEW
                                                        You put words in everyone's mouth, apparently. by Welcome to Omsk 03/20/2016, 7:52pm PDT NEW
                                                            Re: You put words in everyone's mouth, apparently. by Ray of Light 03/20/2016, 9:04pm PDT NEW
                                                                Re: You put words in everyone's mouth, apparently. by Kenny Mayne 03/20/2016, 9:48pm PDT NEW
                                                                    He held some stupid opinions, but he's not dumb enough to vote Trump. NT by Souffle of Pain 03/20/2016, 10:15pm PDT NEW
                                                                    Re: You put words in everyone's mouth, apparently. by Ray of Light 03/20/2016, 10:32pm PDT NEW
                                                                        Time to go to knowyourmeme to figure out why this is funny NT by Worm 03/21/2016, 5:20am PDT NEW
                                                                            I figured it out, a guy who would use his fat mouth to take Trump to completion by Worm 03/21/2016, 5:26am PDT NEW
                                                                        Re: You put words in everyone's mouth, apparently. by Kenny Mayne 03/21/2016, 6:11am PDT NEW
                                                                            I love how he picked someone from a place that stands to lose from a Trump win NT by Welcome to Omsk 03/21/2016, 10:33pm PDT NEW
                                                Re: Whether politifact is full of shit or not is kind of beside the point. by Worm 03/20/2016, 10:08am PDT NEW
                                                    I thought Ray was Canadian. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 03/20/2016, 11:58am PDT NEW
                                                    Re: Whether politifact is full of shit or not is kind of beside the point. by Ray of Light 03/20/2016, 11:58am PDT NEW
                                                        Wait is this just Fortinbras on a VPN? NT by Worm 03/20/2016, 12:47pm PDT NEW
                                                            It's clearly not Ray, unlike this faggot by Make eTalk Daily Again 03/20/2016, 1:16pm PDT NEW
                                                                When your political beliefs amount to Kill Whitey, its not hard to be condescend NT by ing 03/20/2016, 1:18pm PDT NEW
                                                                Every forum eventually has people making fun of it elsewhere. by Christopher Nolan 03/20/2016, 1:40pm PDT NEW
                                                                ha ha ha, it's one of those Bo-new fucks by idiots 03/20/2016, 3:43pm PDT NEW
                                                            Fucking Fortinbras. NT by Kenny Mayne 03/20/2016, 3:06pm PDT NEW
                                        Wow, this thread became a lot of fun. by blackwater 03/21/2016, 11:17pm PDT NEW
                        Re: the citation was in the paragraph you linked to :( by laudablepuss 03/18/2016, 9:08am PDT NEW
                            Well isn't Ray Canadian or something? by Worm 03/18/2016, 4:15pm PDT NEW
                                Trump will help my people see the ridiculousness of our own PM, Derek Zoolander NT by Ray of Light 03/18/2016, 6:21pm PDT NEW
                                    Don't blame me, I voted for Ben Mulroney. NT by Make eTalk Daily Again 03/18/2016, 11:11pm PDT NEW
                                    I've been saying this for a while. by Souffle of Pain 03/20/2016, 1:58pm PDT NEW
                        You should mean Trump is . . . NT by "Parents and siblings funded" 03/18/2016, 12:21pm PDT NEW
    Why would you be jealous of a party in shambles at the federal level? by skip 03/16/2016, 7:34am PDT NEW
        Oops! by post election 04/17/2017, 6:41am PDT NEW
    Hahahahaah by AHHHHAhahahahaah 03/23/2016, 2:22pm PDT NEW

NK will not be outdone by the US when it comes to volatile, hawkish leaders NT by trying to start international probl 04/16/2017, 5:53pm PDT NEW
    Behave NT by Coal Ships Sailing Back 04/16/2017, 6:28pm PDT NEW
    And you? You're trying to start a Caltrops problem. NT by The West, tutting 04/16/2017, 9:32pm PDT NEW
        No NT by 'Caltrops Cares' sent to DPRK gulag 04/16/2017, 9:42pm PDT NEW

So I found a new magazine... by The Happiness Engine 04/12/2017, 3:36pm PDT NEW
    I love reading CurrentAffairs by Gary Johnson 2016 04/12/2017, 4:23pm PDT NEW
    Maybe high school counselors will start to do their fucking jobs by skip 04/12/2017, 5:36pm PDT NEW

Trump fucking over his fanbase is something I support by skip 04/08/2017, 7:10pm PDT NEW
    Sikhs aren't Muslims. NT by Mischief Maker 04/09/2017, 8:08am PDT NEW
        Religion has nothing to do with why that video was eye-rolling. NT by skip 04/09/2017, 12:42pm PDT NEW
            You can also keep that sharing of basic information to the Fox News NT by Facebook comments section. 04/09/2017, 1:04pm PDT NEW
    Also, does "Selling Deodorant" have some special alt-right meaning? NT by Mischief Maker 04/09/2017, 8:11am PDT NEW
        It's just a line about masculinity in men's cosmetic marketing NT by old spice 04/09/2017, 9:02am PDT NEW
            Or it could mean shooting-up Target stores for child sex-slave smuggling. NT by Mr. Kool 04/09/2017, 3:32pm PDT NEW
                MM opening pandora's meme box by BEWARE Deodorant (((Sellers))) 04/09/2017, 5:20pm PDT NEW
                    Corporate antiperspirant lobbyists have been paying off the government. NT by Sign the petition against them 04/09/2017, 6:17pm PDT NEW
    tl;dr Trump ordered some bombing of Assad after that guy gassed some civs by blackwater 04/09/2017, 10:27pm PDT NEW

You might be a republican if... NT by fill in the punchline 04/04/2017, 5:54pm PDT NEW're at a kegger and spend all night talking to bros about cutting medicare NT by Mischief Maker 04/04/2017, 8:12pm PDT NEW
        You might be a journalist if you openly express rage about this by Vested Id 04/05/2017, 10:13am PDT NEW
    Re: You might be a republican if... by won the 2016 election. 04/04/2017, 8:14pm PDT NEW
        Re: You might be a republican if... NT by /thread 04/05/2017, 2:44am PDT NEW
        Re: You might be a republican if... NT by I win 04/05/2017, 2:45am PDT NEW
        Re: You might be a republican if... NT by I'm the greatest! 04/05/2017, 2:46am PDT NEW
        Re: You might be a republican if... NT by *mike drop* 04/05/2017, 2:49am PDT NEW
        Now I'm finally somebody NT by an eHero 04/05/2017, 2:51am PDT NEW
        Someone got really salty about this post NT by Nomadplz 04/05/2017, 12:05pm PDT NEW
            Re: Someone got really salty about this post NT by /thread 04/05/2017, 3:58pm PDT NEW
                I dont think i got the point can you post 4 more replies NT by Nomadplz 04/05/2017, 7:18pm PDT NEW
                    PWND, +2 internets NT by 1337sH4d0wX 04/06/2017, 5:52am PDT NEW
                Is this the first appearance of "salty" at Caltrops? If so, I'd like to invite y NT by ou to off yourself. 04/06/2017, 8:20pm PDT NEW
                    Get with the lingo of the time, Gramps NT by Don't be a square, Daddy-O 04/06/2017, 8:40pm PDT NEW
                        There has never been a dumber adjective than "salty' though. NT by You know it's true. 04/06/2017, 9:57pm PDT NEW
        You might be a republican suddenly care about the sanctity of the NT by electoral college 04/06/2017, 2:35pm PDT NEW
    Re: You might be a republican if... by Mischief Maker 04/04/2017, 8:50pm PDT NEW
    Re: You might be a republican steamrolled Gorsuch over the impotent NT by Democratic caucus 8) 04/06/2017, 6:49pm PDT NEW just launched a missile strike in Syria on the anniversary of WWI. by Mischief Maker 04/07/2017, 6:25am PDT NEW
        ...making the prior Democratic president look like a cuck NT by 8) 04/07/2017, 8:35am PDT NEW
            You... don't think Obama bombed Syria? That explains a lot. by Mischief Maker 04/07/2017, 1:37pm PDT NEW
                Google "obama red line Syria", cuck NT by 8) 04/07/2017, 9:01pm PDT NEW
                    Salty lieberal jew cuck? by Obamunist new world order 04/08/2017, 6:19am PDT NEW
                        cucky cheese pizza gate ultima six sucks dicks make up to $30/hr work from home NT by Dr. Mandy Goodbusiness 04/08/2017, 7:11am PDT NEW
                    Okay, here's what I found: by Mischief Maker 04/08/2017, 6:40am PDT NEW

Protest voters: still fucking retarded by fuck em 03/30/2017, 3:01pm PDT NEW
    You should run for president by Mysterio 03/30/2017, 4:34pm PDT NEW
    "Real Democrat" Joe Manchin just pledged to vote "YES" for Gorsuch, btw. NT by Mischief Meker 03/30/2017, 4:52pm PDT NEW
        I see. Voting for Stein makes perfect sense now! NT by brilliant! 03/30/2017, 6:52pm PDT NEW
            In retrospect, not pledging a vote to Clinton to force her left makes sense, yes by Mischief Meker 03/30/2017, 8:12pm PDT NEW
                Here's how Bernie can STILL WIN! NT by Pledge your donation today 03/31/2017, 10:34pm PDT NEW
                    By voting out all Democrats (except Bernie!) NT by Brand New Congress 04/04/2017, 12:00am PDT NEW
                        How dare they run primary candidates not picked by the elites in a democracy?!! by Mischief Maker 04/04/2017, 4:47am PDT NEW
                            You just will not let you go of that myth by Bernie lost the popular vote 04/04/2017, 10:17am PDT NEW
                                Re: You just will not let you go of that myth by Mysterio 04/04/2017, 6:36pm PDT NEW
                                    Irony's a bitch. NT by Mischief Maker 04/04/2017, 6:36pm PDT NEW
                                    I'm not a Mysterio, I reply to you with the same tag every time! NT by Gary Johnson 2016 04/04/2017, 7:04pm PDT NEW
                                        So you're a Johnson supporter and calling ME a fairy duster? NT by Mischief Maker 04/04/2017, 8:01pm PDT NEW
                                            No, that other guy was a Mysterio, but Gary Johnson is always Gary Johnson NT by Never Mysterio! 04/04/2017, 10:33pm PDT NEW
                                                Who's on first? NT by That's right! 04/04/2017, 10:51pm PDT NEW
        Manchin doesn't give a fuck about you. Only if the people of WV are going to NT by agree with his decision. 04/05/2017, 8:36pm PDT NEW

The ultimate terror to muslim terrorists by hey 04/03/2017, 11:34pm PDT NEW
    Huh? What? I thought I heard something over-- *neck snapped by Sam Fisher* NT by Tom Clancy's How Muslims Think 04/05/2017, 2:53am PDT NEW
    Are you saying "The Left" is trolling Islamists? by and frustrating their efforts, 04/05/2017, 2:54am PDT NEW
        You have been Logic Spun NT by You officially no longer make sense 04/05/2017, 2:56am PDT NEW
        You just got CALTROPSED! by Nysterio 04/05/2017, 2:57am PDT NEW

How many people do muslims have to kill to get their message across? by hey 03/27/2017, 12:35pm PDT NEW
    Huh? What? I thought I heard something over-- *neck snapped by Sam Fisher* NT by Tom Clancy's How Muslims Think 03/27/2017, 12:47pm PDT NEW
    Are you saying "The Left" is trolling Islamists? by and frustrating their efforts, 03/27/2017, 4:36pm PDT NEW
        You have been Logic Spun NT by You officially no longer make sense 03/27/2017, 8:31pm PDT NEW
        You just got CALTROPSED! by Nysterio 03/31/2017, 10:51pm PDT NEW

How much of a joke are all liberals? This much. by hey 03/24/2017, 9:30am PDT NEW
    Some Iranian guy got pulled off a game because he hates blacks. by Worm 03/24/2017, 12:06pm PDT NEW
        If this bothers you, you too probably think blacks are genetically inferior. NT by Worm 03/24/2017, 12:08pm PDT NEW
            Thanks for the reblog Worm NT by Tumblr 03/24/2017, 2:26pm PDT NEW
        I don't think he hates blacks by Vested Id 03/24/2017, 4:00pm PDT NEW
            Sub question: when did a guy who likes Iron Fist and uses the phrase "chimp out" NT by become the Caltrops resident SJW? 03/24/2017, 4:44pm PDT NEW
                Ever since disliking racial science made you a SJW. by Worm 03/24/2017, 5:20pm PDT NEW
                    Are you dating a black girl or something NT by become the Caltrops resident SJW? 03/24/2017, 5:59pm PDT NEW
                        You think anyone who rejects Stormfront level junk science is an SJW? NT by That term is now meaningless 03/24/2017, 8:35pm PDT NEW
                            Jontron has gone completely insane. Worm is a worthless piece of shit who is by virtue signalling for some reason 03/24/2017, 11:04pm PDT NEW
                                JohnTrad NT by dindu nuffin 03/24/2017, 11:48pm PDT NEW
                                worm finally cares about something, and all you can do is accuse him of by virtue signalling / nigger loving. 03/25/2017, 1:10am PDT NEW
                                    How can I signal anything on a site that no one fucking reads? by Worm 03/25/2017, 11:21am PDT NEW
                                        I'M SO MUCH MORE ENLIGHTENED THAN YOU FAGGOTS NT by (strokes Magical Girl figurine) 03/25/2017, 12:29pm PDT NEW
                                            Yeah, I am a better person than anyone spending time defending a youtube star by Worm 03/25/2017, 1:16pm PDT NEW
                                                Could you set the bar any lower? NT by Oom Shnibble 03/25/2017, 2:13pm PDT NEW
                                    "Virtue signaling" is the rightwing equivalent of "dogwhistle" NT by skip 03/25/2017, 12:17pm PDT NEW
                                Kill yourself. by Mysterio Lollerson 03/25/2017, 11:05am PDT NEW
            Yeah not hates, just considers them inferior on a genetic level. by Worm 03/24/2017, 5:13pm PDT NEW
    Worthless faggots defend retarded YT star by skip 03/24/2017, 5:46pm PDT NEW
    To explain why Yooka-Laylee is important, first I have to explain Banjo-Kazooie. NT by Best Episode of Glenn Beck Ever 03/24/2017, 7:33pm PDT NEW
    Who the fuck cares? by Oom Shnibble 03/25/2017, 2:12pm PDT NEW
        So, Caltrops? NT by Mysteriobama 03/27/2017, 10:07pm PDT NEW

Looks like Trump just got cucked by the Koch brothers. by Mischief Maker 03/25/2017, 6:20am PDT NEW
    Bribes = campaign donations? Where did you go to law school? NT by American Samoa School of Law? 03/25/2017, 10:30am PDT NEW
        Please respect your superiors. NT by Daniel 03/25/2017, 11:01am PDT NEW
        Every bribe doesn't have to be delivered in a paper bag, ya know? NT by Worm 03/25/2017, 11:16am PDT NEW
    Worth watching for sure by lmao Ryancare 03/25/2017, 1:57pm PDT NEW

I'll kill us all. My only regret will be not doing it faster. NT by Trump's budget 03/17/2017, 8:05am PDT NEW
    Well, we had to cut stuff to increase the military budget. And that wall and NT by school vouchers ain't free. 03/17/2017, 5:32pm PDT NEW
        "There's no evidence that kids NOT starving improves school performance!" by cant make this shit up 03/18/2017, 1:28am PDT NEW
            What percent of funding would Meals on Wheels lose? by Vested Id 03/18/2017, 4:28am PDT NEW
                The Cato fucking Institute? For real? by fabio 03/18/2017, 1:54pm PDT NEW
                    Starvation in America is not a thing. Go to a McDonalds NT by Oh noes I have to live on 365$/yr 03/18/2017, 3:40pm PDT NEW
                        Not even the trolls can spin this one :( NT by fabio 03/18/2017, 10:42pm PDT NEW
                            Post me a sob story about an American kid going hungry NT by Govt cheese may suck but its edible 03/18/2017, 10:51pm PDT NEW
                        Eating an entire double cheeseburger a day? Look at Mr Moneybags here NT by Sad Kid 03/18/2017, 10:47pm PDT NEW
                        Re: Starvation in America is not a thing. Go to a McDonalds by Injustice 03/23/2017, 10:31pm PDT NEW
                            Haha, I just checked Craigslist. by Injustice 03/23/2017, 10:45pm PDT NEW
                                Not in America not in America not in America *ears plugged* NT by Not in America 03/24/2017, 7:56am PDT NEW
                                    Hold the phone guys, i just learned Section 8 housing is a THING that EXISTS! NT by Mysterio 03/24/2017, 8:03am PDT NEW
                                        We have some subsidized housing here, but the waiting list is years long. NT by Injustice 03/24/2017, 1:55pm PDT NEW
                                            Are you the richest Hobo on Earth or are you posting from your Obamaphone NT by Inquiring minds want to know 03/24/2017, 2:53pm PDT NEW
                                                I'm using my TDARCOS-level intellect to play the welfare system like a violin. by The thinking man's fiddle. 03/24/2017, 4:20pm PDT NEW
                        The point of Meals on Wheels is to keep invalids out of expensive nursing homes. NT by Mischief Maker 03/24/2017, 8:01am PDT NEW
                            Why not just implement assisted suicide for invalids like our enlightened NT by European betters? Its a win win 03/24/2017, 2:54pm PDT NEW
                    Re: The Cato fucking Institute? For real? by Vested Id 03/18/2017, 8:30pm PDT NEW
                        Beans for Bricks program by Anno Trumpus Nihilum 03/18/2017, 9:02pm PDT NEW
                        Killing the NEA will hit rural areas the most by skip 03/19/2017, 1:34pm PDT NEW
                        Re: The Cato fucking Institute? For real? by "Have you no class?" 03/20/2017, 12:01am PDT NEW
                            Re: The Cato fucking Institute? For real? by Vested Id 03/20/2017, 2:49pm PDT NEW
                                Re: The Cato fucking Institute? For real? by "Have you no class?" 03/20/2017, 10:12pm PDT NEW
                                    People get past mine fields and walls to escape from the DPRK into China NT by Pinko Floyd 03/21/2017, 7:40am PDT NEW
                                        They do all that to escape from where? by Vested Id 03/21/2017, 6:00pm PDT NEW
                                    Is PBS worth preserving without Sesame Street? NT by No. 03/21/2017, 8:29am PDT NEW
                                        Fine, but that's the conversation to have. Not pretend like it's not happening. NT by "Have you no class?" 03/21/2017, 11:09pm PDT NEW
                                    This is fake news. by blackwater 03/23/2017, 9:40pm PDT NEW
                                        I'm a Libertarian :( NT by Gary Johnson 2016 03/23/2017, 10:00pm PDT NEW
                                            This user has violated the NAP NT by Taxation is Theft 03/23/2017, 10:14pm PDT NEW
            Re: "There's no evidence that kids NOT starving improves school performance!" by Mischief Maker 03/18/2017, 5:44pm PDT NEW
    What might save us is the Freedom Caucus since they reject anything to the left NT by of Mises. Tea Party are the true he 03/24/2017, 8:32pm PDT NEW

March for Science going as planned by skip 03/24/2017, 2:59pm PDT NEW
    March For Diversity And OMG We Love Science by Vested Id 03/24/2017, 3:13pm PDT NEW

Bernie woulda won. by Mischief Maker 03/17/2017, 7:06am PDT NEW
    How does this fit with your ire towards the by 'Bernie or Bust' crowd? 03/17/2017, 9:37pm PDT NEW
        Re: How does this fit with your ire towards the by Mischief Maker 03/18/2017, 6:58am PDT NEW
            No win situation for Sanders by Boiney's Summah Home 03/18/2017, 12:14pm PDT NEW
                Re: No win situation for Sanders by Mischief Maker 03/18/2017, 2:39pm PDT NEW
                    Hypothetical outcome hangs on a number of requirements counter to reality NT by Again, condolences 03/18/2017, 7:05pm PDT NEW
                    Jesus, every day is November 8, 2016 for you, isn't it? by blackwater 03/20/2017, 10:33pm PDT NEW
                        Nope. November 8, 2018. Cuz the establishment Dems are already planning to lose. NT by Mischief Maker 03/21/2017, 7:19am PDT NEW
                        (distant look in his eyes, remembers Bernie supporter's arm exploding from VC) NT by Mischief Maker 03/21/2017, 8:30am PDT NEW
                        Haha "Democrat party" by Mysterio 03/21/2017, 4:23pm PDT NEW
            You know, you're pretty good at this. by The Happiness Engine 03/20/2017, 4:49pm PDT NEW
                It's "hetero-adverse anonymity" NT by Please 03/20/2017, 10:12pm PDT NEW
                Panhandling door to door by the face of the informed 03/21/2017, 1:38pm PDT NEW
                    You're right. I'm just a tinfoil hatted nutjob. by Mischief Maker 03/21/2017, 3:56pm PDT NEW
                        I like how MM stumbles around the barbs NT by must hurt at least a bit! 03/21/2017, 8:35pm PDT NEW
                            Not really. No. by MM 03/22/2017, 5:07am PDT NEW
                                The contortions, and ignoring of results, are definitely painful by Sorry, you're misrepresenting me 03/23/2017, 12:42am PDT NEW
                                    This is why I hate Mysterios. You all look the same. NT by Mischief Maker 03/23/2017, 4:59am PDT NEW
                            Nobody is "hurt" by anonyfags, no. NT by Kenny Mayne 03/22/2017, 7:34pm PDT NEW

Someone gets arrested for trolling at the end, can you guess who? by hey 03/22/2017, 6:50am PDT NEW
    Jesus 5 whole minutes huh? NT by Worm 03/22/2017, 7:02pm PDT NEW

They fucking went with Perez. Are they TRYING to make Trump a 2-termer? NT by MM 02/25/2017, 1:39pm PST NEW
    Addicted to Unhappiness NT by Martha Heineman Pieper, PhD 02/25/2017, 1:54pm PST NEW
    Yeah we could have chipped away at Trumps white supremacist support by going by with Keith Ellison 02/25/2017, 2:12pm PST NEW
        Thanks, David Brock. NT by MM 02/25/2017, 2:21pm PST NEW
            Glad that you're willing to overlook Jew hatred to get your UBI check NT by you principle-less fuck 02/25/2017, 3:24pm PST NEW
                Hi jsoh! NT by MM 02/25/2017, 3:56pm PST NEW
    house calls. NT by lol 02/25/2017, 3:04pm PST NEW
    So who's it gonna be in 2020? Cory "tits" Booker? Or... by Mischief Maker 02/26/2017, 4:36pm PST NEW
        The left's version of McCain (they might actually run McCain), banking on a NT by charismatic "outsider" in 2024. 02/26/2017, 5:04pm PST NEW
        How does Chelsea not perfectly fit the ideals of BrandNewCongress? NT by your beloved Bernie's child 02/26/2017, 7:31pm PST NEW
        Re: So who's it gonna be in 2020? Cory "tits" Booker? Or... by t. fox news 02/27/2017, 6:38am PST NEW
            Whoops I'm an idiot NT by t. fox news 02/27/2017, 10:31am PST NEW
    How to perfectly predict every political outcome: see what MoveOn supports NT by and bet the exact opposite 02/26/2017, 5:49pm PST NEW
        Ha ha! Speak of the devil by and bet the exact opposite 03/09/2017, 12:53am PST NEW
            Smashing success like Buy Nothing Day NT by haha oh wait 03/09/2017, 6:43pm PST NEW
            Even we're calling them fags by Washington Post 03/09/2017, 8:07pm PST NEW
                Your example applies equally to male coworkers. NT by MM 03/09/2017, 8:53pm PST NEW
                    What example? by Washington Post 03/09/2017, 9:59pm PST NEW
                    Duh, MM. The mockery is in limp, ineffectual protest tourism by Not gender 03/09/2017, 10:24pm PST NEW
                Let's have an honest poll of everyone's confirmation biases... by guy with axe to grind 03/10/2017, 8:32am PST NEW
                    It's hard to dismiss your answer when you don't give one by Washington Post 03/10/2017, 3:28pm PST NEW
                        So it WASN'T jsoh who was going around calling Keith Ellison an anti-semite? NT by MM 03/10/2017, 3:44pm PST NEW
                            Twasnt me either by Washington Post 03/10/2017, 3:46pm PST NEW
                                No wonder you disagree with me so much. Your logic's faulty! NT by MM 03/10/2017, 4:21pm PST NEW
                        Mostly male field. Avg woman here is 1.3x as good as her avg male colleague by because she has to be? 03/14/2017, 11:10am PDT NEW
                Smiling is slavery! by Washington Post 03/11/2017, 9:31am PST NEW
                I have not personally seen sexism in Silicon Valley by blackwater 03/14/2017, 3:55pm PDT NEW
                    Finally a real answer! by Washington Post 03/14/2017, 5:27pm PDT NEW
                        I would've liked more recognition of the role blowjobs play in ladies getting by regular jobs. 03/14/2017, 6:39pm PDT NEW
                        During #gg's height I was considered Caltrops' resident misogynist. by Mischief Maker 03/14/2017, 7:39pm PDT NEW
                            Don't flatter yourself. Nobody's taking that title away from the Cables NT by Like anyone could 03/14/2017, 9:11pm PDT NEW
                            no, you weren't NT by citation needed 03/14/2017, 11:29pm PDT NEW
                    The last time I was involved in a hiring by A reg 03/14/2017, 8:13pm PDT NEW
                        Sounds about right-- game companies are known to be slave ships by blackwater 03/14/2017, 10:50pm PDT NEW
        How was your "day without women"? NT by Mine? Pretty damn good. 03/10/2017, 2:33pm PST NEW
            National Bros Without Hoes day NT by aka National Caltrops Day 03/11/2017, 11:29am PST NEW
        This works really well by skip 03/11/2017, 9:58am PST NEW
            What about the supposed Russian collusion at all levels, and leaks? by Beszos Blog 03/11/2017, 12:04pm PST NEW

Delete Balance of Power NT by Yay or Nay? 03/10/2017, 3:33pm PST NEW
    Merge into Motherfucking News NT by Mysterio 03/10/2017, 3:43pm PST NEW
        That's cute. by Mysterio 03/10/2017, 8:25pm PST NEW
            Can we get a court order here to get my dick sucked? NT by Mysterio 03/11/2017, 1:27pm PST NEW
    Delete it, delete all posters, delete their families i want you to delete his fu NT by Worm 03/10/2017, 6:13pm PST NEW
    A real Camp of the Saints situation going on here by Vested Id 03/10/2017, 8:30pm PST NEW
        Delete those who insult the Balance of Power NT by Hercules Monochrome Worldview 03/11/2017, 12:06pm PST NEW
    c. Don't read it d.Grow a pair NT by e. Fuck f. you 03/11/2017, 8:54am PST NEW
    What's the point? People are going to talk about politics anyway. by blackwater 03/11/2017, 8:40pm PST NEW
        I wish Id had de-railed Doom 3 NT by zing! 03/11/2017, 11:24pm PST NEW
            nobody cared, was too busy playing FarCry instead NT by Eurotrash 03/12/2017, 6:36pm PDT NEW
        Re: What's the point? People are going to talk about politics anyway. by Mr Yay or Nay 03/13/2017, 6:56am PDT NEW
        It's spreading into OMM and Caltrops History NT by abandon ship 03/14/2017, 3:04pm PDT NEW

Milo is pro pedo by Worm 02/20/2017, 2:11pm PST NEW
    Milo being Milo by Vested Id 02/20/2017, 2:47pm PST NEW
        This video of Joe Rogan correcting him on sexual assault speak volumes by Worm 02/20/2017, 3:37pm PST NEW
            fuck by Worm 02/20/2017, 3:39pm PST NEW
            Re: This video of Joe Rogan correcting him on sexual assault speak volumes by Vested Id 02/20/2017, 5:26pm PST NEW
                Milo is just the inverse Anita Sarkeesian by Mischief Maker 02/20/2017, 6:56pm PST NEW
                    Worse because he's a victim of abuse supporting the same by under the guise of culture 02/21/2017, 11:37pm PST NEW
                        Campus malcontent? by Vested Id 02/22/2017, 1:41am PST NEW
                            No, Joshintosh by the well-funded 'video jammer' 02/22/2017, 7:52pm PST NEW
                                Oh snap! NT by Kenny Mayne 02/22/2017, 9:03pm PST NEW
                            Why are trannies so allergic to basic haircare and make-up foundation? NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/25/2017, 7:29am PST NEW
                                Let's choose kindness. NT by Kenny Mayne 02/25/2017, 9:33am PST NEW
                                    Truth is good too by Vested Id 02/25/2017, 4:26pm PST NEW
                                        Trying to change norms of human aesthetics is a bit of a bridge too far by for trans rights 02/27/2017, 8:31am PST NEW
    Dangerous! by Roop 02/23/2017, 12:03am PST NEW

Largest protest in American history vs. #alt-Oscar twitter campaign NT by Sad! 02/26/2017, 7:47pm PST NEW

God-Troll Trump makes entire political left hit stage 8 of being trolled. by hey 02/21/2017, 6:16am PST NEW
    Huge Immigrant Riots Break Out In Perfectly Safe Sweden by hey 02/21/2017, 9:50am PST NEW
        Sweden is just experiencing the early stages of the enrichment process, the next NT by step is perfect harmony somehow. 02/21/2017, 10:39am PST NEW
            when they try to post that we're wrong about Sweden by but peaceful refugee throws grenade 02/21/2017, 10:15pm PST NEW
                Who could have seen that importing millions of unskilled people who hate you NT by could have led to such violence? 02/21/2017, 10:30pm PST NEW
                    That's a real tough question for the flatlines by that called no-go zones a myth 02/22/2017, 12:16am PST NEW
                        Being in love with your own thoughts ultimately leads to suffering. NT by Fair warning 02/22/2017, 4:22am PST NEW
                        ICJ where is the Reply to Self From Other Subforum NT by Button? 02/22/2017, 6:47am PST NEW
                    Sweden is way too violent. NT by straight-faced American 02/22/2017, 7:48am PST NEW
                        We've got some serious problems related to violence and immigration too, that's NT by why I voted for President Trump. 02/22/2017, 12:59pm PST NEW
                        Sweden is not violent, except for you know NT by why even try this bro 02/22/2017, 8:32pm PST NEW
    Please comment on Kate Leth's book getting canceled. NT by Mysterio 02/21/2017, 10:52pm PST NEW
    Headline: Trump confuses TV report for reality, befuddles self in front of world by Your hot take: Oliver lept to concl 02/22/2017, 2:54pm PST NEW

Hey is this shit funny yet? NT by that one guy 02/16/2017, 1:28pm PST NEW
    *Hey, NT by Corrected. 02/16/2017, 2:13pm PST NEW
        *masterbates; Furisily.. NT by The Helpful Caltrops Grammar Fairy 02/20/2017, 11:47am PST NEW NT by Larry King 02/17/2017, 6:32am PST NEW
    They don't even understand why they can't tell it's funny. NT by a completely different guy 02/20/2017, 6:05am PST NEW
        There's no objective requirement for humor. NT by Do you see the difference now? 02/20/2017, 12:58pm PST NEW
            I guess that means you can't explain your poor sense of humor NT by Could it be you don't get it? 02/21/2017, 5:45pm PST NEW
                You really don't see the difference. NT by smdh 02/21/2017, 6:39pm PST NEW

Liberals caught on tape trying to run people over at an alt-right rally. by MM thinks this is "funny" 02/21/2017, 3:09pm PST NEW
    I've always loved you NT by Vested Id 02/21/2017, 5:02pm PST NEW

Ken Bone by Mysterio Lollerson 10/14/2016, 8:22pm PDT NEW
    I bet he got triggered by the "Gawker got what was coming to them" comment in NT by his history 10/14/2016, 8:36pm PDT NEW
    That waste is 17 years old by Kenny Mayne 10/15/2016, 11:35am PDT NEW
    That worthless fuck thinks he got "doxxed" by - 02/16/2017, 8:23pm PST NEW
        So wonderful by Vested Id 02/16/2017, 8:43pm PST NEW
            Of course doxxing is wrong. But maybe... maybe by Louis C.K. 02/16/2017, 9:14pm PST NEW
                Re: Of course doxxing is wrong. But maybe... maybe by Vested Id 02/16/2017, 9:34pm PST NEW
                    Gateway Pundit is certifiably insane and posts incredibly stupid shit by Gary Johnson 2016 02/16/2017, 10:51pm PST NEW
        Did someone just mention his name and his parents name in an article? NT by Worm 02/16/2017, 10:42pm PST NEW
            He didn't go into details. Shame, I bet the writing would have been captivating. NT by - 02/16/2017, 10:43pm PST NEW
    He deleted that tweet. What a loser. by - 02/16/2017, 8:28pm PST NEW

Punchmaster 3: The Punchening by MM will defend this 02/16/2017, 8:22am PST NEW
    At this rate, it's only a matter of time before they start punching themselves NT by for reasons they don't understand. 02/16/2017, 9:02am PST NEW
    Hey look it's a tweet. NT by Worm 02/16/2017, 9:27am PST NEW
        The left has been condoning violence against racial groups since its inception, NT by and you think its "no big deal". 02/16/2017, 11:12am PST NEW
            yeah yeah yeah, heard that one before. NT by Worm 02/16/2017, 11:31am PST NEW
            What now NT by Vested Id 02/16/2017, 1:36pm PST NEW
                *now? NT by Corrected. 02/16/2017, 2:14pm PST NEW
    I've figured you out. by MM 02/16/2017, 10:09am PST NEW
        They're not difficult to find, that's why the left is such a joke anymore. NT by smdh 02/16/2017, 11:14am PST NEW
            Anymore the left is a joke by such 02/16/2017, 1:31pm PST NEW
                Correcting grammatical mistakes and typos must be really important around here. NT by I'll try to do my part from now on. 02/16/2017, 2:10pm PST NEW
                    You're making me horny NT by The Helpful Caltrops Grammar Fairy 02/16/2017, 5:06pm PST NEW
                        *horny. NT by Corrected. 02/16/2017, 5:42pm PST NEW

Thank god we don't have Hillary who had a history of security lapses... by Mischief Maker 02/15/2017, 5:50am PST NEW
    MM knows more about security than govt agencies because of some "unbiased" NT by media what ifs". tabtarget 02/15/2017, 8:40am PST NEW
        The alternate timeline where josh at least got sloppy sassy seconds NT by and Hillary was elected ^_^ 02/15/2017, 10:31am PST NEW
    stop shitting your pants pls NT by Eurotrash 02/15/2017, 2:19pm PST NEW
        Give him a chaaaaaaaance! NT by Leave Donald alone! 02/15/2017, 3:53pm PST NEW
            I don't think he's that bad and by I don't care who knows it 02/15/2017, 4:45pm PST NEW
                Defend "National Security Briefing in public" plz. NT by The Happiness Engine 02/15/2017, 6:01pm PST NEW
                    Doin bisness NT by he's a bisnisman 02/15/2017, 8:00pm PST NEW
                        It's going to be difficult to be this much of a sore loser for the next 8 years. NT by No, you may get used to it. 02/15/2017, 8:18pm PST NEW
                    The left completely abandoning rational thinking in favor of their confirmation by biases. tabtarget. 02/15/2017, 8:15pm PST NEW
                        Nice paragraph. Maybe take some deep breaths there, echo chamber resident by Saltlord 02/15/2017, 9:08pm PST NEW
                            Nice platitudes, why again are you more qualified to determine security threats NT by than the Secret Service? 02/15/2017, 9:32pm PST NEW
                                I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that person is a complete nobody who NT by watches too much cnn. 02/15/2017, 9:36pm PST NEW
                                I'm not. The secret service hasn't had a lot of luck getting heard by Saltlord 02/16/2017, 4:07am PST NEW
                                    So you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, but still think your NT by opinion is super important. lol. 02/16/2017, 8:44am PST NEW
                                        So only experts can have opinions on a given topic? by Worm 02/16/2017, 9:31am PST NEW
                                            I guess you can larp like you know what you're talking about, though it just NT by makes you look foolish. 02/16/2017, 10:22am PST NEW
                                                Those aren't even statements, they're questions. by Worm 02/16/2017, 10:48am PST NEW
                                                    That's because their job is to swoop in and "admonish" security threats. Do you NT by see how logical thinking works now? 02/16/2017, 11:05am PST NEW
                                                        So you truly believe if it was a security problem the Secretive Service would by Worm 02/16/2017, 11:15am PST NEW
                                                            You really don't understand how logical thinking works. NT by how sad. 02/16/2017, 11:46am PST NEW
                                                                Logic: Whatever I can say that sounds good is immutable fact NT by Your retarded ass 02/16/2017, 11:59am PST NEW
                                                                    See, that wasn't a logical statement to make, but you wouldn't know that. NT by how sad. 02/16/2017, 12:05pm PST NEW
                                                                        Honestly if every political thread is a cancerous growth of back and forth by That's great 02/16/2017, 12:19pm PST NEW
                                                                            I don't think any of those things, you'd know that if you stopped insulting NT by people. It makes you look bad. 02/16/2017, 12:29pm PST NEW
                                                            The executive is never the security threat in executive protection. I hope this NT by sheds some light on your confusion. 02/16/2017, 12:11pm PST NEW
                                                                So if the President goes to kill himself the Secret Service can't take the gun? by LOGIC 02/16/2017, 12:24pm PST NEW
                                                                    Unfortunately for you, all that you provided was faulty logic. You might figure NT by it out if you think hard enough. 02/16/2017, 12:49pm PST NEW
        When are people allowed to start being concerned? NT by fabio 02/16/2017, 6:55am PST NEW
            whenever you can explain WHYYYYYYY NT by he ruined another BBS 02/16/2017, 6:57am PST NEW
                Well, not getting hysterical for unknown reasons would be a good start for NT by many people here. 02/16/2017, 8:30am PST NEW
            I freak out anytime I see a random picture, Cenk video, or a glass of milk. NT by Hillary 2024. 02/16/2017, 8:48am PST NEW

Will the Left ever stop getting hysterical over the next 8+ years of losing? NT by I doubt it. 02/16/2017, 11:48am PST NEW

Many people here dislike Pres. Trump for reasons they don't even understand, but NT by why do you like Clinton or Bernie? 02/12/2017, 3:04am PST NEW
    Forget it, they don't even know that either. They just enjoy deciding who gets NT by punched next for whatever reason. 02/12/2017, 5:08am PST NEW
        This is definitely one guy talking to himself. NT by pinback 02/12/2017, 5:59am PST NEW
            So you have no idea why you voted for Hillary. NT by Does anybody here know why? 02/12/2017, 9:50am PST NEW
                Forget it, who cares, I'm totally not going to respond because there's no point NT by unless someone replies to me first 02/12/2017, 10:40am PST NEW
                    What question do you want responded to NT by ? 02/12/2017, 10:47am PST NEW
                        The jewish question ;) NT by ZIONIST_PUNCHER_LEFTIE_243 02/12/2017, 10:59am PST NEW
                Holy shit, man. by Mysterio 02/12/2017, 10:52am PST NEW
                    Well, here is your opportunity to tell people your reason for voting for her, if NT by you have one. 02/12/2017, 11:17am PST NEW
                Dumbest post by biggest faggot in Caltrops history. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 02/12/2017, 10:53am PST NEW
                    You really don't have one. NT by how sad. 02/12/2017, 11:18am PST NEW
                        It's important that you know you're a faggot and a huge waste of time. by Mysterio Lollerson 02/12/2017, 11:31am PST NEW
                            I'm here to learn why people voted for Hillary, unfortunately, even Hillary NT by voters don't understand why. 02/12/2017, 11:41am PST NEW
                                Just remember this guy next time someone goes on about the "worrisome alt-right" by Worm 02/12/2017, 11:45am PST NEW
                                    I'm not in the "alt-right", you just have no idea why you voted for Hillary so NT by you have to insult people. 02/12/2017, 11:58am PST NEW
                                There were a lot of good reasons to vote for Hillary (although I did not) by blackwater 02/14/2017, 9:52pm PST NEW
                                    Those were ok examples, thank you. NT by tabtarget (need to work on my name) 02/14/2017, 11:28pm PST NEW
                            KILL YOURSELF. STOP POSTING. God, why does nobody post here? NT by It's a mystery. 02/12/2017, 7:35pm PST NEW
                                I think everyone would rather have this place be empty than full of morons. NT by Worm 02/12/2017, 11:29pm PST NEW
                                In my defense, I asked him to film it. by Mysterio Lollerson 02/14/2017, 10:51pm PST NEW
    Has anybody considered that the reason Hillary lost is because of her unimformed NT by voters? sounds reasonable... 02/12/2017, 11:42am PST NEW
    Everybody, everybody. Settle down. It's jsoh trolling. NT by Mischief Maker 02/12/2017, 11:54am PST NEW
        You guys are trolling me, I'm just trying to have a conversation on politics. NT by Sorry if you can't keep up. 02/12/2017, 12:02pm PST NEW
            Politics!? It's all about the hot male on male action son. NT by Roop 02/13/2017, 12:39am PST NEW

How easy is it to play the left like a dollar store kazoo? This easy: by hey 02/14/2017, 1:18am PST NEW
    I think being a Identity Evropa guy removes you from being able to be ironic. NT by Worm 02/14/2017, 11:29am PST NEW
        That's an interesting point you raised, what's your reasoning behind it? NT by (crickets chirping) 02/14/2017, 12:09pm PST NEW
            If Identity Evropa is such a great group take a picture of your bumper sticker. by Worm 02/14/2017, 12:48pm PST NEW
                So you have no idea why you dislike them or why you made your original comment. NT by how sad. 02/14/2017, 1:10pm PST NEW
                    They believe in racial science so I dislike them. Pretty simple shit bud. by Worm 02/14/2017, 1:18pm PST NEW
                        Just to reiterate, that's the point. When you're a piece of shit racist, ironic NT by racism doesn't work 02/14/2017, 1:20pm PST NEW
                            I never mentioned race anywhere, sorry that your racist mind has to keep NT by inserting it everywhere. 02/14/2017, 1:40pm PST NEW
                                Was talking about the guys in the video dingbat. NT by Worm 02/14/2017, 1:44pm PST NEW
                                    "it's time you to defend..." -worm. How can you forget what you wrote 2 NT by minutes ago? 02/14/2017, 1:50pm PST NEW
                                        Except that's a different post, and not the one you put this reply under. by Worm 02/14/2017, 1:56pm PST NEW
                                            You should reread your posts if you forgot where you made your assumptions. This NT by is why nobody takes you seriously. 02/14/2017, 2:02pm PST NEW
                                                It was really a toss up whether you'd started defending racial science or not. by Worm 02/14/2017, 2:06pm PST NEW
                                                    How could it be a toss up when I never mentioned race? Is there no limit to what NT by you will assume without evidence? 02/14/2017, 2:11pm PST NEW
                        I've never heard of them until you mentioned it, I was just curious about your NT by point. No need to get hysterical. 02/14/2017, 1:37pm PST NEW
                            Why even talk about this shit then? Just read about it, don't attempt discussion by Worm 02/14/2017, 1:52pm PST NEW
                                I wanted to learn your perspective on them, how else do you expect me find out NT by what you're thinking? 02/14/2017, 1:56pm PST NEW
                                    Google and infer? Not be an arrogant asshole? by Worm 02/14/2017, 2:00pm PST NEW
                                        Sorry, I didn't realize that being European and wanting an identity puts you in NT by the same camp as milk. 02/14/2017, 2:04pm PST NEW
                                            See you're already defending them. Racial science is next I'm sure. NT by Worm 02/14/2017, 2:08pm PST NEW
                                                I wasn't defending them, I was attacking milk. NT by Please learn to read. 02/14/2017, 2:15pm PST NEW
                                                I'm on an anonymous message board with 4 people I have no incentive to impress, NT by and you think I'm holding back? 02/14/2017, 2:19pm PST NEW
                                                    'I wouldn't defend racial science, just groups that believe in it!' NT by Worm 02/14/2017, 2:23pm PST NEW
                                                        I'm an egalitarian who believes freedom of speech is the foundation of Western NT by Civilization. It's important. 02/14/2017, 2:28pm PST NEW
                                                            Neat. by Worm 02/14/2017, 2:37pm PST NEW
                                                                I'm not ready to let milk off the hook yet, we should keep a close eye on how NT by this one develops. 02/14/2017, 2:57pm PST NEW

Are you a democrat because you like the color blue or think the mascot is cool? NT by It's gotta be one of those. 02/13/2017, 3:32pm PST NEW
    This is the most desperate, pathetic thing I've ever seen. NT by pinback 02/13/2017, 4:17pm PST NEW
        It was the natural progression after nobody knowing anything about their NT by candidate or party. 02/13/2017, 4:24pm PST NEW
            HEY WHAT'S 2+2 OH SO NO ONE KNOWS? WHAT MORONS NT by fuckface no one wants to respond to 02/13/2017, 4:55pm PST NEW
                You could have used that energy to select blue or mascot instead of making a NT by flawed argument and insulting me. 02/13/2017, 5:25pm PST NEW
                    Shut up, faggot NT by Mysterio Lollerson 02/13/2017, 6:49pm PST NEW
                        I think I was giving you guys too much credit. Is "Democrat" just easier for NT by you to pronounce, maybe? 02/13/2017, 7:30pm PST NEW

Is Josh still a virgin? by the bottom of the issue 02/12/2017, 8:28pm PST NEW
    I'd argue that this has anything to do with politics, but neither does any of NT by the other posts here (except mine). 02/13/2017, 4:37am PST NEW
        You think it has nothing to do with his politics, do you NT by Vested Id 02/13/2017, 6:18pm PST NEW

Since nobody here knows why they voted for Hillary, do you at least know why you NT by are a democrat? 02/13/2017, 5:14am PST NEW
    Do you know why you're asking? NT by Freud 02/13/2017, 5:43am PST NEW
        I'd like to know if they believe any of this, or if they just enjoy screaming NT by at each other. 02/13/2017, 6:17am PST NEW
            "They" being your parents? NT by I think we're making progress now. 02/13/2017, 3:10pm PST NEW
                So you don't even understand why you vote democrat? NT by how sad. 02/13/2017, 3:19pm PST NEW

McGill University student leader urges students to punch a Zionist. Aka Jews. NT by MM files Amicus Curae on his behalf 02/10/2017, 12:08pm PST NEW
    The Left has now become just the ideology of punching whoever in the face NT by for whatever reason. smdh. 02/10/2017, 1:47pm PST NEW
        Who is hysterical again? It's just locker room talk. NT by Worm 02/10/2017, 2:09pm PST NEW
            The adults are talking you miserable equivocating faggot NT by MM files Amicus Curae on his behalf 02/10/2017, 2:25pm PST NEW
                Hmm yes the tweets of college students is of grand interest to adults. by Worm 02/10/2017, 3:03pm PST NEW
                    The difference is the right condemned the card while you leftists see nothing NT by wrong with the tweets. smdh 02/10/2017, 3:21pm PST NEW
                        But nothing bad ever happened that started off with one man's crazy ideas! NT by Blind to History. 02/10/2017, 3:23pm PST NEW
                            "Literally hitler" said the totally non-hysterical logical conservative NT by Worm 02/10/2017, 3:28pm PST NEW
                                The best way to address a problem is to pretend that there isn't one. NT by Lefty Logic 101 02/10/2017, 3:46pm PST NEW
                                    The punch threats have reached a fevered pitch, will the left survive? NT by Worm 02/10/2017, 4:01pm PST NEW
                                        Yeah, because these "threats" by the Left never manifest into actual violence. NT by Blind to History. 02/10/2017, 5:05pm PST NEW
                        The tweet was wrong. Bam discussion over, fucking kill yourself scrub. NT by Worm 02/10/2017, 3:27pm PST NEW
                            Not hysterical at all... NT by smdh 02/10/2017, 3:41pm PST NEW
                                Can even make a friendly suggestion without being called hysterical? NT by What am I in a huffpo comment secti 02/10/2017, 4:03pm PST NEW
                            Except that wasn't your reply. It was "BUT TRUMP..." NT by We can hate Trump AND snot nosed tr 02/10/2017, 4:59pm PST NEW
                                Huh? So is right the ideology of sexual assault? by Worm 02/10/2017, 5:20pm PST NEW
                                    Not after Clinton (the one that won) NT by smdh. 02/10/2017, 5:38pm PST NEW
                                    Yes, tweets. That's what happened at Berkeley. Someone tweeted. NT by Mysterio 02/10/2017, 5:54pm PST NEW
                                        Bigger college tragedy Kent State 1970 or Berkley 2017? by Worm 02/10/2017, 10:06pm PST NEW
                                            i cri evryteim teh tolernt crowd yell 'beat his ass' *emoji* NT by Liked, commented, and subscribed 02/10/2017, 10:19pm PST NEW
                                            This is how a hysterical leftists tries to justify beating up women. NT by smdh 02/11/2017, 4:23am PST NEW
                                                Jesus! Things have become so insane IRL it's getting harder to spot jsoh. NT by Mischief Maker 02/11/2017, 5:40am PST NEW
                                                    Let's get serious for a moment: MischiefMaker, you support punching Nazis. by Do you support punching Zionists? 02/11/2017, 12:39pm PST NEW
                                                        The is the current state of the left: them determining who to punch in the face NT by And it's a "serious" question. 02/11/2017, 1:26pm PST NEW
                                                        Can we all agree to support punching Perez Hilton? by Mischief Maker 02/11/2017, 1:32pm PST NEW
                                                            Answer the question, MischiefMaker! NT by ONCE FOR YES, TWICE FOR NO 02/11/2017, 2:10pm PST NEW
                                                                DON'T WAIT FOR THE TRANSLATION! ANSWRE THE QUESTION! NT by Mr AmbASSador 02/11/2017, 5:50pm PST NEW
                                                                    Probably 'No' since the justification is in Mischief Mentsh being superior NT by Borders for Israel, but not America 02/11/2017, 6:29pm PST NEW
                                                                        Lock her wall! Build the up! NT by confused chants of retards 02/12/2017, 9:44am PST NEW
                                                            "WOW". Do you even know what that stands for breh NT by pinback 02/11/2017, 7:05pm PST NEW
                                                By the way what woman got beat up? by Worm 02/11/2017, 9:37am PST NEW
                                                    Innocent women getting pepper sprayed is now "no big deal" according to NT by the left. smdh. 02/11/2017, 10:01am PST NEW
                                                        Don't forget all of those videos of women getting beaten with poles and punched. NT by Youtube. 02/11/2017, 10:02am PST NEW
                                                            ALL THOSE VIDEOS! SO MANY VIDEOS! SO MANY IT'S HARD TO LINK EVEN ONE. NT by Worm 02/11/2017, 11:47am PST NEW
                                                       NT by Youtube 101 02/11/2017, 1:11pm PST NEW
                                                                    Girl getting pepper sprayed and then clickbait and a grateful dead concert by Worm 02/11/2017, 2:03pm PST NEW
                                                               NT by How does youtube work? 02/11/2017, 2:29pm PST NEW
                                                                            Yeah you really are a moron for linking such a shitty query. by Worm 02/11/2017, 4:45pm PST NEW
                                                                                There is no surprise in you hating many things, the surprise would be you NT by loving anything but yourself. 02/12/2017, 12:27am PST NEW
                                                                                    It hurts when you scrape my bottom like that NT by The barrel of insults. 02/12/2017, 2:34am PST NEW
                                                                                        It wasn't an insult, the truth just hurts sometimes. NT by Please get hysterical now. 02/12/2017, 2:45am PST NEW
                                                                                        I'm even beginning to feel sorry for him. by Worm 02/12/2017, 9:28am PST NEW
                                                                                            You seem pretty invested in this. NT by lol 02/12/2017, 9:58am PST NEW
                                                                                                I just naturally clash with lying retards. by Worm 02/12/2017, 10:35am PST NEW
                                                                                                    Somebody dying is infinitely worse than somebody getting punched, I never NT by implied otherwise. 02/12/2017, 10:41am PST NEW
                                                                                                        No, I'm pretty sure being punched is the worst thing that can happen to someone. NT by Worm 02/12/2017, 10:58am PST NEW
                                                                                                            It seems to be the Left's answer to everything nowadays, it's just hard to tell NT by who they'll punch next. 02/12/2017, 11:15am PST NEW
                                                                                                    Also, it appears that you clash with everyone, maybe the problem here is that NT by you need to change your outlook? 02/12/2017, 10:45am PST NEW
                                                        Even in the spirit of fun being this much of a bitch isn't good for you. NT by Worm 02/11/2017, 11:39am PST NEW
                                                            You see how you're acting hysterical here? NT by (You probably don't) 02/11/2017, 1:07pm PST NEW
                                    ''Liberalism is a disease so insidious it's infected even conservatives'' by Sounds accurate for those in DC 02/10/2017, 8:48pm PST NEW
            It's still you, as you've just proven it to everyone. NT by smdh 02/10/2017, 3:07pm PST NEW
        I was ready to correct you there by Vested Id 02/10/2017, 2:13pm PST NEW
        $1000 for anyone finding out Josh's non-internet hobbies NT by charity man 02/12/2017, 9:51am PST NEW
            Send the donation to Tdarcos, and I will just tell you what they are. But this NT by was just a bad joke :( 02/12/2017, 10:02am PST NEW

How long before the Left just starts punching each other in the face? Because NT by they ran out of other groups. 02/12/2017, 1:36am PST NEW
    You can't go out without getting punched in the face anymore by Fucking lefties everywhere 02/12/2017, 2:28am PST NEW
        Well, not everywhere, fortunately just in small areas. NT by The Electoral College Map. 02/12/2017, 2:53am PST NEW

What are the top ten most worrying punch threats you've seen in 2017? NT by I can guarantee you the front page 02/10/2017, 4:06pm PST NEW
    Another "tolerant" lefty normalizing threatening ethnic groups with violence. NT by smdh. 02/10/2017, 5:08pm PST NEW
    The TV character Jack Bauer gets threats all the time on TV sites. by Jack Bauer 02/11/2017, 4:39pm PST NEW

3 weeks in and there's already 2 Tdrump aides accused of violating actual laws NT by Alec Baldwin was right, 2 months 02/10/2017, 4:33pm PST NEW
    Typical paranoid liberals planning a bloody coup. NT by MM is literally the devil! 02/10/2017, 4:47pm PST NEW
    If you are so concerned over accusations of criminality, then why did you vote NT by for Hillary? smdh. 02/10/2017, 5:00pm PST NEW

Which thread are the lefties admitting they're the problem thanks to the Milo Ri NT by ot? 02/04/2017, 10:54pm PST NEW
    What thread do we laugh at Senators that confirmed Devos? NT by I'm the guy that posted up above 02/08/2017, 11:03am PST NEW
    Paid agent provocateurs. by Mischief Maker 02/08/2017, 4:25pm PST NEW
        Cenk Uygur. NT by lol 02/08/2017, 5:12pm PST NEW
            Whelp! Guess that means the videos are elaborate Pixar CGI. NT by Mischief Maker 02/08/2017, 5:20pm PST NEW
                You believe Cenk Uygur. NT by lol 02/08/2017, 5:49pm PST NEW
                    Hey, don't bash on Cenk, the man makes me seem credible by comparison! NT by Alex Jones. 02/08/2017, 5:51pm PST NEW
                    You used WASHINGTON POST as a source? lol! lol! NT by lol!!! 02/08/2017, 9:01pm PST NEW
                        "Jeb Bush has become the GOP front-runner for 2016" -The Washington Post NT by How Bernie can still win this, 2017 02/09/2017, 7:32am PST NEW
                            If not predicting trump makes you unreliable then why is anyone talking? NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:39am PST NEW
                                How many times do you have to be lied to before you stop believing the source? NT by cognitive dissonance. 02/09/2017, 8:03am PST NEW
                                    incorrect election predictin = lies = cognitive dissonance NT by brilliant Josh A+ ding good job 02/09/2017, 5:07pm PST NEW
                                        Bush rally = 14 people, Trump rally = packed stadium. Not the only example. NT by logic, deduction, figure it out. 02/09/2017, 5:30pm PST NEW
                                            Would have been cool if rally turn out equaled nomination for some other guy. NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:43pm PST NEW
                                                The important thing here is that the right man won the job. Now we can all NT by celebrate our prosperity. 02/09/2017, 7:52pm PST NEW
        "Live in fear, bigots" by fucking Binro the Heretic 02/08/2017, 6:23pm PST NEW
            Re: "Live in fear, bigots" by Mysterio the Oppressive Bigot 02/08/2017, 7:01pm PST NEW
                Their implied verbal violence TRUMPS my client's actual violence, your honor! NT by THEY CANCEL OUT!!!- MM 02/08/2017, 9:39pm PST NEW
                    Why are the nobodies trying to make MM seem hysterical? NT by Johnny Fivedicks 02/08/2017, 10:20pm PST NEW
                        I disavow, ok, disavow any fraud Maker posts NT by even if I disagree with him a lot 02/08/2017, 10:24pm PST NEW
                    Why is everyone trying to compare left wing violence and right wing violence? by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:43am PST NEW
                        Why wouldn't you at least google your argument before making up fake statistics? NT by 100% of people here agree with me. 02/09/2017, 7:56am PST NEW
                            It was hyperbole you cum swilling logic junkie. by Worm 02/09/2017, 11:13am PST NEW
                                *was always the left/wasn't always the right NT by take your pick 02/09/2017, 11:20am PST NEW
                                Holy shit you are a self absorbed prick by Mysterio 02/09/2017, 1:01pm PST NEW
                                    Don't get upset because I pointed out some common sense you can't refute by Worm 02/09/2017, 1:35pm PST NEW
                                        The Left has had a history of using violence for political goals, ever since NT by they first started burning crosses. 02/09/2017, 2:08pm PST NEW
                                            You mean to tell me it was those evil right wingers who passed emancipation and NT by civil rights? 02/09/2017, 2:09pm PST NEW
                                            We wuz lincolnz NT by Republicans actually think this 02/09/2017, 2:23pm PST NEW
                                                That's because of recorded history NT by ... 02/09/2017, 2:38pm PST NEW
                                                    Yeah Lincoln was a Republican, you got me there by Though it isn't the 1860s anymore 02/09/2017, 3:06pm PST NEW
                                                        That was the "history" part of the "evil history" debate. You responded with a NT by "current year" platitude. Good job. 02/09/2017, 3:58pm PST NEW
                                                            Whatever moron, keep pretending southern democrats didn't flip party affliation by Worm 02/09/2017, 4:09pm PST NEW
                                                                And the left are still up to there old game of using violence and intimidation. NT by Some things never change. 02/09/2017, 4:17pm PST NEW
                                                                    "their" NT by Republicans hate education 02/09/2017, 4:23pm PST NEW
                                                                        Yeah, it was a typo I missed, but you keep hanging onto typos and appeals. NT by It's gotta add up? Right? 02/09/2017, 4:27pm PST NEW
                                                                            Republicans are so emotional. NT by Do you need a safe space? 02/09/2017, 4:46pm PST NEW
                                                                                It seems like the Democrats' answer to everything is a "safe space". NT by Still winning in 2020. 02/09/2017, 5:07pm PST NEW
                                                                            Everybody who points out your mistakes is a Grammar-Nazi. Got it! NT by MM 02/09/2017, 7:31pm PST NEW
                                                                    You forgot *nods sagely* dumbass. NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 6:48pm PST NEW
                                                                The left couldn't even maintain a city, and you wanted to give them a Country? NT by Seems counter-intuitive to me. 02/09/2017, 4:24pm PST NEW
                                                                    How's Flint doing? NT by The Happiness Engine 02/09/2017, 4:28pm PST NEW
                                                                        Terrible under Democratic control. They can't even figure out clean drinking NT by water. 02/09/2017, 4:30pm PST NEW
                                        And this is where Worm wins it. NT by Jack Bauer 02/09/2017, 9:12pm PST NEW
                                            How? He just threw together a bunch of words that have no foundation in reality? NT by What history of right-wing violence 02/09/2017, 9:18pm PST NEW
                                                Stupid Republican doesn't know perceived microaggressions are just as bad as NT by actual physical assaults! 02/09/2017, 9:20pm PST NEW
                                                    Do you scratch your head over the political leanings of abortion clinic bombers? by Worm 02/09/2017, 9:55pm PST NEW
                                                        You're basing your entire argument on one event? So if I provided two events, NT by would you admit that I'm right? 02/09/2017, 10:16pm PST NEW
                                                            One event where I live performed by the kind of people I grew up with. by Worm 02/09/2017, 10:32pm PST NEW
                                                                "Though in the end I'm basing my entire argument on common sense". The one NT by event was more credible. 02/09/2017, 10:54pm PST NEW
                                Is that the narrative you need to tell yourself to justify beating up women? NT by Even when it contradicts reality. 02/09/2017, 1:08pm PST NEW
                                    Just because our conversation looks like me slapping a woman around doesn't mean by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:08pm PST NEW
                                        I never said you specifically. What conversation? You just get hysterical and NT by start insulting people. 02/09/2017, 7:19pm PST NEW
                                            Oh just go back to frogtwitter to piece of shit. NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:37pm PST NEW
                                                You seem to know a lot more about that place than I do, I had to look it up. NT by I think I'm happy here, thanks. 02/09/2017, 7:44pm PST NEW
                                                    Well you'd fit in and it's an endless supply of people to argue with NT by so think about it 02/09/2017, 7:50pm PST NEW
                                                        I'm not so sure that I would fit in over there. Could we get back to discussing NT by the topic for this thread, please? 02/09/2017, 7:54pm PST NEW
                        Because shit like children cheering on the punch can only make things worse by we're so fucked 02/09/2017, 6:13pm PST NEW
                            Huh? by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:01pm PST NEW
                                It's not difficult to figure out who's doing more "hate crimes". (not the GOP) NT by FBI crime statistics. 02/09/2017, 7:13pm PST NEW
                                    oh is the FBI finally counting the white genocide? NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 7:40pm PST NEW
                                        No, just empirical data. I don't know why you have to get so hysterical over NT by numbers. 02/09/2017, 7:47pm PST NEW
                                            Isn't all crime a HATE crime? NT by Logic you can take to the BANK 02/09/2017, 7:49pm PST NEW
                                                No. NT by You're wrong again. 02/09/2017, 7:56pm PST NEW
        The Koch brothers have hacked Antifa Twitter accounts too by mike williams usgamer 02/10/2017, 4:06pm PST NEW
    ha ha,dump's travel ban is NOT reinstated by appeal NT by trump can suck a DICK 02/09/2017, 3:41pm PST NEW
        Yeah, the left lost the whole of the US government and the right lost an appeal. NT by Scores tied. 02/09/2017, 3:56pm PST NEW
            Hey, these liberals care about Muslims! 8 years of bombing Muslims, and this NT by base is full of protests! 02/09/2017, 5:14pm PST NEW
                No...I just checked. So it's bad if a Republican wants a 180 day ban? But ok NT by if a Democrat drops 100,000 bombs. 02/09/2017, 5:22pm PST NEW
                    It seems that the only consistency here is blind party loyalty? NT by Like little robots? 02/09/2017, 5:25pm PST NEW
                        I even gave them the benefit of the doubt to see if there was any precedent? NT by The last Pres. did this 19 times. 02/09/2017, 5:27pm PST NEW
                            I give no fucks about some backwards religion or its adherents by skip 02/09/2017, 6:10pm PST NEW
                                Same here. Fuck em. by : 02/09/2017, 7:04pm PST NEW
                                    He worked so hard to name his full-of-shit character "colon", now he's waiting NT by on one of us to take the alley-oop. 02/09/2017, 8:59pm PST NEW
                                        Yes, I was thinking about all of that when I quickly pressed the key. NT by The Commish 02/09/2017, 9:37pm PST NEW
                                    "Overall, Bush kept us safe." Nice to see that guy post! NT by Jack Bauer 02/09/2017, 9:20pm PST NEW
                                        "overall our servicemen and women kept us safe". glad to see you can read. NT by (you really can't.) 02/09/2017, 9:25pm PST NEW
                                            Yeah but who deployed them again? NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 9:59pm PST NEW
                                                If you read my quote and the other guy's misquote slow enough, you should be NT by able to spot the differences. 02/09/2017, 10:04pm PST NEW
                                                    "Bush kept us safe"! You're as dumb as the guy who said it in the primary. NT by Jack Bauer 02/09/2017, 10:39pm PST NEW
                                                        At least the other members are good at insulting people. You fail at even that. NT by sigh. 02/09/2017, 10:50pm PST NEW
                Killing Muslims isn't a right or left issue, it's a core American value. by Worm 02/09/2017, 6:47pm PST NEW
                    Hey there! NT by Barbary Wars 02/09/2017, 9:26pm PST NEW

Look at this webpage. by pinback 02/10/2017, 5:27am PST NEW
    I like it by A Passing Retard 02/10/2017, 7:20am PST NEW
    You left out most of wromg appearing at the end of a thread and saying NT by "ALL lives matter and you're fags" 02/10/2017, 8:22am PST NEW
        If I said it to a guy sneer quoting 'hate crimes' it might have been sarcastic NT by Worm 02/10/2017, 10:17am PST NEW

Robert Reich, the face of why progressive change is doomed by we're so fucked 02/05/2017, 5:07pm PST NEW
    How badly do establishment Dems have to lose for you to say Clintonism failed? by Mischief Maker 02/05/2017, 8:50pm PST NEW
        How badly? Worse than the guy who lost the popular vote in the primary. by we're so fucked 02/05/2017, 9:19pm PST NEW
            It's like reading Time Cube stripped of humor and artistry NT by Worm 02/05/2017, 10:12pm PST NEW
            You can't get snarky with MM since you failed to make an argument yourself. by Mysterio 02/05/2017, 11:29pm PST NEW
                This post was not from Mysterio, I typed ":" in the Author field and this is NT by what occured. 02/05/2017, 11:31pm PST NEW
                Conservatives believe everyone should get what they deserve. by Mysterio 02/06/2017, 12:21am PST NEW
                    I guess since you don't have an argument, you had to focus on trivial mistakes. NT by Better luck next time. 02/06/2017, 12:39am PST NEW
                You must be an engineer. by blackwater 02/06/2017, 1:24pm PST NEW
                    Re: You must be an engineer. by Mysterio 02/06/2017, 2:19pm PST NEW
                        How do you expect people to provide evidence to a thread that is based entirely NT by on your emotional response? 02/06/2017, 2:49pm PST NEW
                        That's a good question by for some 02/07/2017, 12:44pm PST NEW
                            This was meant to be a reply to "How do you expect ..." by Mr Some 02/07/2017, 12:49pm PST NEW
                                I own no memes. NT by :( 02/07/2017, 12:53pm PST NEW
                                Why are all of these terrible insinuations being directed towards me? by All I did was argue for equality: 02/07/2017, 1:07pm PST NEW
                                    We sell the country, give everyone an equal share of the cash, then see who NT by rises to the top in Canada. 02/07/2017, 1:25pm PST NEW
                    You wrote a lot of claptrap, and not a lot of argument. by Also: 02/06/2017, 5:48pm PST NEW
                        We're flying too close to the sun on wings of not stepping over dead babies. by Stephen King 02/06/2017, 8:04pm PST NEW
                            You're right, IQ doesn't determine anything, it's not genetic, and your one NT by example proves it. Good job! 02/06/2017, 9:03pm PST NEW
                                Then how do you explain the direct correlation of higher IQ populations having NT by nicer, more developed Countries? 02/06/2017, 9:33pm PST NEW
                                    I'm not arguing with you, pal. I'm making hilarious jokes at your expense. by Stephen King 02/06/2017, 9:53pm PST NEW
                                        You are the joke. by Debate Moderator 02/07/2017, 7:55am PST NEW
                                            Everyone you disagree with is a Nazi. NT by Got it. 02/07/2017, 10:08am PST NEW
                                                You may be a Nazi, i dont know, but Stephen King is the insufferable feminist NT by Debate Moderator 02/07/2017, 10:48am PST NEW
                                                    Everyone you disagree with is a feminist. NT by Got it. 02/07/2017, 10:54am PST NEW
                                            Losers are eager to make friends because they don't have any. by Stephen King 02/07/2017, 10:54am PST NEW
                                                Maybe you and MM can swap jokes about how fat the losers kicking in your teeth NT by with jackboots are in the FEMA camp 02/07/2017, 11:19am PST NEW
                                                    I can tell I touched a nerve. I just don't want to picture the blubbery mess of NT by hair and pimples I touched it on. 02/07/2017, 12:08pm PST NEW
                                                        If only we had your edgy commentary in 2016, Hillary might be president by Look here for your future posts 02/07/2017, 2:53pm PST NEW
                                                            I love that even though I went bald in this, I still kept a youthful attitude. by Stephen King 02/07/2017, 3:51pm PST NEW
                                                    Leave me out of this shitty subthread. by MM 02/07/2017, 4:27pm PST NEW
                                                        If poor people don't deserve the consequences of their decisions, than who does? by Also: 02/07/2017, 5:00pm PST NEW
                                                            Jesus fucking Christ, this is why this place is such a shithouse by Look here for your future posts 02/07/2017, 5:14pm PST NEW
                                                                I'm not into the Bell Curve or eugenics. I argued for equality. What is the NT by ethical problem of equality? 02/08/2017, 5:39am PST NEW
                                                        Hey I finally agree with Mischief by we're so fucked 02/07/2017, 11:35pm PST NEW
                                                            on your second point though by we're so fucked 02/08/2017, 12:24am PST NEW
                                                                Great! We're back on track for a productive conversation. by Mischief Maker 02/08/2017, 5:00pm PST NEW
                                                                    I'm not so sure, I feel the "cupping invisible tits" demographic are going to NT by come out strong in 2020. 02/09/2017, 7:45am PST NEW
                                                                        Well hey, the "pussy grabbing" demographic carried 2016, so what do I know? NT by MM 02/09/2017, 7:32pm PST NEW
                                                            I never mentioned race, just IQ. That's because I'm not a racist, you might be NT by one though from your assumptions. 02/08/2017, 5:29am PST NEW
                                        Everyone you you disagree with who doesn't bring race into a debate is racist. NT by Got it. 02/07/2017, 10:09am PST NEW
                        Re: You wrote a lot of claptrap, and not a lot of argument. by Johnny Fivedicks 02/07/2017, 4:16pm PST NEW
                        I thought you were trolling because your name was colon, I can see now that by I was mistaken. Apologies! 02/10/2017, 12:40am PST NEW
            That's not what we're talking about here. by Mischief Maker 02/06/2017, 5:22am PST NEW
                Honest question about how this shit works. by Johnny Fivedicks 02/06/2017, 8:46am PST NEW
                    I don't see them doing that to Biden. by Mischief Maker 02/06/2017, 10:19am PST NEW
    You're absolutely right! The left is soooo totally fucked and there's nothing NT by you can do about it. Enjoy it! 02/07/2017, 10:12am PST NEW

This base is far too confusing. by pinback 02/07/2017, 4:23pm PST NEW
    It's all me. NT by Mischief Maker 02/07/2017, 4:30pm PST NEW
        Why on Earth would you want to make so much mischi-OHHHhhh I just got it NT by pinback 02/07/2017, 4:35pm PST NEW
            oh you guys are great, get your asses on the Don Rogers show NT by Eurotrash 02/09/2017, 9:41am PST NEW
    You just described my life! I need to go make some venn diagrams. NT by Roop 02/07/2017, 5:01pm PST NEW
    The sad part is this is the most posting this place has seen in months by Caltrops should go into politics 02/07/2017, 7:12pm PST NEW
        How many times can you bitch about SS2, PA, or QT3? At least Trump is new. NT by skip 02/08/2017, 5:35pm PST NEW
    Politics is for people who eat shit and worship suffering. by Worm 02/07/2017, 7:34pm PST NEW
        This is the best post in Caltrops history, and I've been here for over two years NT by pinback 02/08/2017, 5:50am PST NEW
        I think you are on to something, worm NT by Mysterio 02/08/2017, 6:44pm PST NEW
        I've been breaking this down for two days trying to find something wrong with it NT by I can't. It's infallible. 02/09/2017, 8:13am PST NEW
        thanks wrom NT by Eurotrash 02/09/2017, 9:42am PST NEW
        Fucking fascinating by Worm's waifu pillow 02/09/2017, 9:25pm PST NEW
            Criticizing me with the art of a diaper shitter NT by Worm 02/09/2017, 9:58pm PST NEW

What a fucking nightmare NT by Vested Id 01/28/2017, 6:41pm PST NEW
    Fox saying "more than 170" denied entry by Vested Id 01/29/2017, 2:27am PST NEW
    Total affected up to 375 NT by Vested Id 01/29/2017, 5:01am PST NEW
    C'moooon, just give him a chaaaaance! NT by pinback 01/29/2017, 5:34am PST NEW
        Even Sy Hersch was saying to give him a chance. NT by Vested Id 01/29/2017, 5:41am PST NEW
    Has it really only been a week? by Mischief Maker 01/29/2017, 9:08am PST NEW
        Re: Has it really only been a week? by Mysterio 01/29/2017, 9:28am PST NEW
            She should definitely change her comedy act to cater to right-leaning males. by Mysterio 01/29/2017, 9:44am PST NEW
                Sorry I bothered posting. See you again never. by Mysterio 01/29/2017, 9:56am PST NEW
                    My bad, bro, no diggity. What sort of response were you hoping for? None? NT by Mysterio 01/29/2017, 10:10am PST NEW
                        "My bad, bro, no diggity." by Lollerson 01/29/2017, 10:30am PST NEW
                        Yo we are legion. We are Mysterio bro. NT by Roop 01/29/2017, 10:56am PST NEW
                        There is room for all opinions! by Conflict? No! (But this is not conf 01/29/2017, 11:06am PST NEW
    The upshot is he's staggeringly incompetent. Less Adolf Hitler and more Col. NT by Klink and Sergeant Schultz 01/29/2017, 9:51am PST NEW
        He might just be capable of fucking up so badly by that he notices. 01/29/2017, 2:22pm PST NEW
    In my wildest dreams I did not think he could create such a shitshow within week by Gary Johnson 2016 01/29/2017, 8:20pm PST NEW
    Everyone I know on Facebook who supports him by Zark Muckerberg 01/30/2017, 1:23am PST NEW
        Facebook curates your feed so that you don't hear any opposing points of views NT by You Nazi 01/30/2017, 8:00am PST NEW
            I must have imagined all those feed posts! NT by Alternate posts 01/30/2017, 8:05am PST NEW
        "Continued ineffective resistance from progressives." by Progressive orgs funded to the tits 01/30/2017, 10:59am PST NEW
            Re: "Continued ineffective resistance from progressives." by MM 01/30/2017, 12:06pm PST NEW
                Laughing their way to the internment camps. NT by Worm 01/30/2017, 11:08pm PST NEW
                    I thought debbie was a general term and didn't notice that was wlassermanschlitz by Worm 01/30/2017, 11:10pm PST NEW
            Vote! NT by wow that was an easy question 01/30/2017, 1:06pm PST NEW
                invent the time machine NT by ^ this unhelpful cunt 01/30/2017, 2:59pm PST NEW
                    Am I talking to a gold fish? by Zark Muckerberg 01/30/2017, 5:15pm PST NEW
                        Maybe they don't like Democrats compromise with economic reality? by Gary Johnson 2016 01/30/2017, 5:28pm PST NEW
            Re: "Continued ineffective resistance from progressives." by Zark Muckerberg 01/30/2017, 3:48pm PST NEW
        The number one liberal dog whistle by Vested Id 01/30/2017, 12:37pm PST NEW
            Nobody cares that you don't know what a useful idiot is NT by Saltlord 01/30/2017, 1:00pm PST NEW
            and "liberal" is the four letter trigger word for idiots by Zark Muckerberg 01/30/2017, 1:11pm PST NEW
                I was talking about the left, which exists NT by Vested Id 01/30/2017, 4:29pm PST NEW
            Nobody cares about your pwecious feelings. It's about policy. by Mischief Maker 01/30/2017, 1:59pm PST NEW
                Pushing back against "Right to Work" is about as dumb as running on gun control by Gary Johnson 2016 01/30/2017, 2:52pm PST NEW
                    This is a good bit by Zark Muckerberg 01/30/2017, 3:56pm PST NEW
                        You want the ultimate closed shop? It's your stupid Springsteen ass on the dole by And factories 100% automated 01/30/2017, 4:12pm PST NEW
                            Clearly the answer is a race to the absolute bottom for wages and worker rights NT by Gig based economy ahoy! 02/01/2017, 8:27pm PST NEW
                                For fucking losers like you, maybe? Sorry your buggy whip factory died? by Danny DeVito 02/03/2017, 6:31pm PST NEW
                                    I liked you better in Hoffa. NT by You fuckin' wop. 02/03/2017, 7:04pm PST NEW
                The voting public doens't care much about policy either by Zark Muckerberg 01/30/2017, 3:52pm PST NEW
                What a fucking retard, of course feelings matter by Vested Id 01/30/2017, 4:15pm PST NEW
                    Nobody cares that you also don't know what a useful innocent is NT by Saltlord 01/30/2017, 7:05pm PST NEW
                        Sir, sir, I already *used* the disqualifying phrase "useful idiot" NT by Vested Id does not know cold war hi 01/30/2017, 7:35pm PST NEW
                            I believe it is at rush hour times, SIR NT by SIRRR 02/04/2017, 8:42pm PST NEW
    Facts by Vested Id 01/30/2017, 3:56pm PST NEW
        Oh it's Obama's list well ok, I don't have any sort of issue now. NT by Worm 01/30/2017, 6:02pm PST NEW
            Can't accuse him of cravenly selecting countries he doesn't do business in NT by Vested Id 01/30/2017, 6:07pm PST NEW
    Now the AG has been fired. by Mischief Maker 01/31/2017, 7:13am PST NEW
        No, MM, it's not a coup you hyperpartisan nutjob by Woodward and Bernstein 01/31/2017, 9:48am PST NEW
            Firing the AG for not defending your legally indefensible order NT by totally NOT partisan! 01/31/2017, 8:49pm PST NEW
                Pretty much everybody agrees she was right to get shitcanned NT by Woodward and Bernstein 02/01/2017, 7:46am PST NEW
                    "pretty much everybody" NT by on my facebook feed 02/01/2017, 7:53am PST NEW
                        Lawfare, CNN's Op/Ed Page, Washington Post, Slate, etc by Reading is fundamental 02/01/2017, 8:14am PST NEW
                            Yeah those picky gun stores, it'll be tricky. NT by Worm 02/01/2017, 10:32am PST NEW
                            Please link to any of those "right to get shitcanned" pieces by *Jeopardy theme* 02/01/2017, 7:59pm PST NEW
                                Oh, William "Roe vs Wade was wrong" Barr by *Jeopardy theme* 02/01/2017, 9:15pm PST NEW
                                Oh are you still on about this? I thought we'd moved on to Yemen or Betsy DeVos by Reading is Fundamental 02/03/2017, 2:56pm PST NEW
                                    Re: Oh are you still on about this? I thought we'd moved on to Yemen or Betsy De by Mysterio 02/03/2017, 7:40pm PST NEW
                            Trump could single handedly cure cancer and those liberal mouthpieces NT by Woul accuse him of eating babies. 02/03/2017, 1:33pm PST NEW
                                - Little innocent defenceless NT by black ones. 02/03/2017, 1:34pm PST NEW
                                I already did cure cancer by Donald Trump 02/03/2017, 2:45pm PST NEW
                        She knew what she did, she had it coming by Vested Id 02/01/2017, 8:49am PST NEW
        I don't know about coup but I keep hearing "constitutional crisis" by Vested Id 01/31/2017, 1:31pm PST NEW
            Re: I don't know about coup but I keep hearing "constitutional crisis" by Vested Id 01/31/2017, 1:50pm PST NEW
            The President disobeying the law is not a "Constitutional crisis." by Fullofkittens 02/04/2017, 7:34pm PST NEW
                Thank you. by Jack Baker 02/04/2017, 8:41pm PST NEW
                Re: The President disobeying the law is not a "Constitutional crisis." by Roop 02/05/2017, 3:05am PST NEW
                    OK hmm. by Fullofkittens 02/05/2017, 2:48pm PST NEW
                        Re: OK hmm. by Roop 02/05/2017, 3:34pm PST NEW
        Re: Now the AG has been fired. by dr. no 02/03/2017, 12:49pm PST NEW
    "This ban list is all about stopping terrorist, not political bullshit!" NT by Saudi Arabia? Never heard of it! 02/01/2017, 9:25pm PST NEW
        What am I, chopped falafel? NT by Egypt 02/03/2017, 8:51pm PST NEW
    Ban reversed. by skip 02/04/2017, 1:30pm PST NEW
        So much for Steve Bannon putting up the portrait of Andrew Jackson. by Mischief Maker 02/04/2017, 3:43pm PST NEW
            If only I could claim moral superiority to trigger street fights by Everybody I don't like is a Nazi 02/04/2017, 4:40pm PST NEW
                Yes, Steve Bannon is a neo-nazi and I'm morally superior to him. by Mischief Maker 02/04/2017, 7:05pm PST NEW
                    Bolschevik LARPers next target: You by just in case you could be Hitler! 02/04/2017, 8:29pm PST NEW
                    Man I'm really between a rock and a hard place with this stuff. by Worm 02/04/2017, 8:50pm PST NEW
                        Zeitgeist against you from both sides by Self-fulfiling prophecy of extremes 02/04/2017, 10:45pm PST NEW
                            Caltrops tip by Mysterio 02/05/2017, 12:24pm PST NEW
                                Caltrops Dissenting Tip by Antimysterio 02/05/2017, 12:58pm PST NEW
                                    All the purple you can stomach, plus tips. by Stephen King 02/05/2017, 3:16pm PST NEW
                                        (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) NT by SomethingAwful Banlist 02/05/2017, 3:26pm PST NEW
                    That's an indefensible stance and you know it. Shame on you, Maker. by ACLU 02/04/2017, 10:43pm PST NEW
                        Better punch MM over TCP-IP NT by safeguard against becoming a Nazi! 02/04/2017, 10:48pm PST NEW
                            Of course this bullshit only happens in California because in other states those by rioters would be shot dead. 02/04/2017, 11:57pm PST NEW
                        No rebuttal? I'm not sure about that. by Worm 02/04/2017, 11:27pm PST NEW
                        Here's where this leads, MischiefMaker. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, LARRY. by Nazi-punching Internet Toughguy 02/06/2017, 6:29pm PST NEW
                            She's a real Internet Tough Gal by Vested Id 02/06/2017, 7:20pm PST NEW
                            Nazi punching by Nazi punching observer 02/07/2017, 1:02pm PST NEW
                        Here's what I don't understand about antifa. by Not a they are the nazis argument: 02/06/2017, 7:11pm PST NEW
                            I doubt they realize, plus it's what they want. by All are sinners to the devoted 02/06/2017, 10:12pm PST NEW
                    MM's finally cracked. NT by How did you ever pass con law? 02/04/2017, 11:55pm PST NEW
                        No wonder he couldn't hack it as a real lawyer NT by we're so fucked 02/05/2017, 9:21pm PST NEW
                    That is as stupid as any macro image the Cables have ever posted by Animal Mother 02/05/2017, 1:47am PST NEW
                        That was the point. by MM 02/05/2017, 4:14am PST NEW
                            Wait wait wait wait wait by Johnny Fivedicks 02/05/2017, 8:45am PST NEW
                                Pardon my spelling. I got "Fivedicks" right, though. NT by Johnny Fivedicks 02/05/2017, 8:46am PST NEW
                                Who cares about that? It's berkley, some dumb broad got (maybe) pepper sprayed by Worm 02/05/2017, 10:08am PST NEW
                                    She got pepper sprayed by Vested Id 02/05/2017, 12:51pm PST NEW
                                    I think a reporter was bloodied too, saw her on Facebook, can't find her now by Vested Id 02/05/2017, 1:04pm PST NEW
                                        Only reporter I can find was a guy named Pranav Jandhyala by Worm 02/05/2017, 1:45pm PST NEW
                                            Re: Only reporter I can find was a guy named Pranav Jandhyala by Vested Id 02/05/2017, 2:35pm PST NEW
                                                Why invite him back he got exactly what he wanted. by Worm 02/05/2017, 3:23pm PST NEW
                                                    Milo says he wants to come back because he had a fabulous costume prepared NT by Roop 02/05/2017, 3:29pm PST NEW
                                                    It's been suggested by Vested Id 02/05/2017, 3:38pm PST NEW

I want you to entertain the idea that none of this is politics, and you're all j NT by ust borderline, mentally retarded p 01/31/2017, 7:02am PST NEW
    This is a sick burn...but on which side? NT by Woodward and Bernstein 01/31/2017, 1:29pm PST NEW
        Fuck SIDES, man! What we need here is a little solidarity! NT by Mr. Pink 02/01/2017, 5:04am PST NEW
    I want you to entertain the idea that NT by that's what politics is 02/05/2017, 7:46am PST NEW

Guys, we can do it. We can get a worse education expert than DeVos. by Team Trump 02/01/2017, 9:37pm PST NEW
    8 more years of this crying is going to feel amazing. You don't even know why NT by you're upset. It's just the feels 02/02/2017, 6:15am PST NEW
        We don't know why we're upset. Do you know why you feel amazing? NT by pinback 02/02/2017, 6:17am PST NEW
            All of this entertainment, this place is a madhouse. Nobody poses an argument, NT by just outbursts of emotion. 02/02/2017, 6:20am PST NEW
                Oh. Well, that's true. Good point! NT by pinback 02/02/2017, 6:21am PST NEW
                Resented! by Vested Id 02/02/2017, 7:00am PST NEW
                    How can you resent anything when you don't even bother to form an argument? NT by I feel bad because just wow. 02/02/2017, 7:23am PST NEW
                        you're not explaining WHY you're against the mass slaughter of puppies and kitte NT by meow woof 02/02/2017, 7:40am PST NEW
                        Form an argument for mass outrage? by Vested Id 02/02/2017, 7:44am PST NEW
                            The burden is on you, that's what making an argument is. by For example, you could: 02/02/2017, 8:21am PST NEW
                                Re: The burden is on you, that's what making an argument is. by Vested Id 02/02/2017, 9:00am PST NEW
                                    Nothing you said was an argument. NT by My feels are right because feels. 02/02/2017, 9:43am PST NEW
                                        This is the faggiest conversation I've ever had by Vested Id 02/02/2017, 9:48am PST NEW
                                            It's how regular arguing works for adults, otherwise Caltrops would just be a NT by giant hugbox. 02/02/2017, 9:54am PST NEW
                                            I don't think, so but now it is! I'm NT by Johnny Fivedicks 02/02/2017, 10:20am PST NEW
                                I mean the order initially effected people with dual citizenship by Worm 02/02/2017, 9:27am PST NEW
                                    Please also google "argument". NT by My feels are right because feels. 02/02/2017, 9:46am PST NEW
                                        God are you a fucking faggot by Worm 02/02/2017, 10:13am PST NEW
                                            Also I probably should have guessed you're some subhuman foreigner NT by Worm 02/02/2017, 10:14am PST NEW
                                                Wrong again. NT by Also, not an argument. 02/02/2017, 10:21am PST NEW
                                                    Yeah I bet. by Worm 02/02/2017, 10:53am PST NEW
                                                        I'm guessing you haven't googled "argument" yet, based on your inability to NT by form one. 02/02/2017, 11:05am PST NEW
                                            Go to "" and type in "argument" and then hit "enter". NT by Hope this clears up any confusion. 02/02/2017, 10:20am PST NEW
                Re: All of this entertainment, this place is a madhouse. Nobody poses ... by Mysterio 02/02/2017, 7:19am PST NEW
                No liberals just overestimate your INT and assume the arguments go without sayin NT by MM 02/02/2017, 8:22am PST NEW
                    Please google "argument", this should help you to keep up with the conversation. NT by seriously. 02/02/2017, 8:31am PST NEW
        I guess if people like you get to feel good for the first time this isn't so bad NT by Worm 02/02/2017, 9:11am PST NEW
            Every day of my life has had me at my absolute tops. NT by But I appreciate your concern. 02/02/2017, 9:21am PST NEW
                oh yeah I bet. by Worm 02/02/2017, 9:25am PST NEW
                    You failed to present any arguments. NT by My feels are right because feels. 02/02/2017, 9:38am PST NEW
        hahaha, yes truly no one can think of a concrete reason to be upset by Team Trump 02/02/2017, 4:20pm PST NEW
            and answer my fucking question, Josh by Team Trump 02/02/2017, 4:25pm PST NEW
                everybody I disagree with is a NT by cable brother 02/02/2017, 10:16pm PST NEW
                    no, that's not why you look like a cable brother by ;) 02/02/2017, 11:09pm PST NEW
                        Jsoh, whom I respect, is more of a "fire and forget" guy now. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/03/2017, 8:49am PST NEW

This should help some of you attach a reason to those feelings you are unable to by understand or explain: 02/02/2017, 11:15am PST NEW
    Argue me fag. NT by Worm 02/02/2017, 11:23am PST NEW
        So you have no idea why you are angry, you just are, and I even provided you a NT by link to figure it all out. How sad. 02/02/2017, 11:38am PST NEW
            Fag won't argue. Provides links and says nothing. Sad. NT by Worm 02/02/2017, 11:53am PST NEW
                It was a "for Dummies" link, it should be easy to understand. Maybe try reading NT by it a couple of times? 02/02/2017, 12:04pm PST NEW
                    The dummies link! So funny it bears repeating. by Worm 02/02/2017, 12:10pm PST NEW
                        I never claimed to be funny. NT by Not my burden to prove. 02/02/2017, 12:15pm PST NEW
        did you even vote wromg NT by show us ur i voted stickr 02/02/2017, 12:04pm PST NEW
            The burden is on you to logically show I didn't vote bucko. NT by Worm 02/02/2017, 12:05pm PST NEW
                Yes! Finally! NT by A great point! 02/02/2017, 12:12pm PST NEW
            Not an argument! Plus, a sticker doesn't prove anything except that you own a NT by sticker. 02/02/2017, 12:11pm PST NEW
                Using google I cracked this one wide open. by Worm 02/02/2017, 12:16pm PST NEW
    Re: This should help some of you attach a reason to those feelings you are etc by liberal crybaby 02/02/2017, 1:57pm PST NEW
    What are some of the Cables hobbies when they're not on the internet? NT by Team Trump 02/02/2017, 3:16pm PST NEW
        gas huffing, beating each other off, being fat losers that live in a NT by goddamn shithouse 02/02/2017, 4:01pm PST NEW

Let's meet the Supreme Court nominee! by totally NOT partisan! 01/31/2017, 10:52pm PST NEW
    Re: Let's meet the Supreme Court nominee! by Johnny Fivedicks 01/31/2017, 11:03pm PST NEW
    You are a shrill Mysterio sperging out so I will try and put this simply by Woodward and Bernstein 02/01/2017, 7:44am PST NEW
        but dat is da same ppl who said trump wouldn't win tho NT by Worm 02/01/2017, 10:48am PST NEW
    Anyone else feel like Obama just wanted to pass his nomination to Hillary? by Worm 02/01/2017, 10:46am PST NEW

The year is 2023 by blackwater 01/30/2017, 10:57pm PST NEW

If you're hoping that the next 8 years of Trump won't be hard on you: by hey 01/23/2017, 4:27pm PST NEW
    The thing Cable doesn't realize is this: by Mysterio 01/24/2017, 8:40pm PST NEW
        I hear this argument get repeated a lot, but I'm not sure I believe it by blackwater 01/30/2017, 3:03pm PST NEW

How weak are liberals? This weak. by hey 01/24/2017, 2:09pm PST NEW
    Take a break from the internet for a few days NT by seriously you need some perspective 01/25/2017, 4:53pm PST NEW
        The issue is too important this week. NT by The Helpful Caltrops Grammar Fairy 01/25/2017, 7:52pm PST NEW
        They have nothing else except the internet NT by skip 01/29/2017, 8:06am PST NEW

It is correct to keep illegal mexicans (and muslims) out. by hey 01/23/2017, 4:32pm PST NEW
    Where's the Facebook Live rape by Vested Id 01/23/2017, 7:34pm PST NEW
    Re: It is correct to keep illegal mexicans (and muslims) out. by The Helpful Caltrops Grammar Fairy 01/23/2017, 9:20pm PST NEW
        MM tries, fails to hide behind ator NT by "Jesus you Guys" - Fairy 01/23/2017, 9:37pm PST NEW
            Wrong! Also, you didn't capitalize Ator NT by The Helpful Caltrops Grammar Fairy 01/23/2017, 9:42pm PST NEW
                IOW you're definitely MM NT by Let Ator verb 01/24/2017, 8:37pm PST NEW
                    I'm EVERYONE! NT by MM 01/24/2017, 10:17pm PST NEW

We finally have our own Baghdad Bob NT by America loves Sean Spicer 01/24/2017, 8:30pm PST NEW

Reporting from DC. This weekend is full of tourist retards, protester retards. by Saltlord 01/19/2017, 9:50pm PST NEW
    Protesting! by Roop 01/19/2017, 10:11pm PST NEW
        Fuck him. Just go participate in some favorability polls no matter how biased. by Saltlord 01/19/2017, 10:56pm PST NEW
            Re: Fuck him. Just go participate in some favorability polls no matter by Mysterio 01/20/2017, 7:01pm PST NEW
                Yep, that's what the tards that came here this weekend look like. Good find! NT by Saltlord 01/20/2017, 10:10pm PST NEW
    What I don't understand... by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 12:19pm PST NEW
        Respect the office ... hahaha by Worm 01/21/2017, 12:43pm PST NEW
            Re: Respect the office ... hahaha by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 12:58pm PST NEW
                Here's an idea by I think you'll like it 01/21/2017, 1:32pm PST NEW
                    Re: Here's an idea by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 3:15pm PST NEW
                        Maybe you should set up a memorial page for the Starbucks' window? NT by Worm 01/21/2017, 4:03pm PST NEW
                        Very small, tiny, minuscule percentages of the anti-trump protesters did that by Saltlord 01/21/2017, 7:00pm PST NEW
                Maybe growing up with a good day being 'avoiding the killing fields' biased you? by Worm 01/21/2017, 2:03pm PST NEW
                    Check out Worm the walking, talking #firstworldproblems hashtag over here NT by Cambodians gtfo 01/21/2017, 2:57pm PST NEW
                    I see this as a failure of parenting. by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 3:20pm PST NEW
                        Listen to yourself babble for a second, moron. by Worm 01/21/2017, 4:02pm PST NEW
        Guys, could we all be nice to the president please? by Don't be mean! 01/21/2017, 12:53pm PST NEW
            Democrat protester logic I have seen on tv by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 1:06pm PST NEW
                "You anti-Trump types." by an anti Trump type 01/21/2017, 1:28pm PST NEW
                Re: Democrat protester logic I have seen on tv by Worm 01/21/2017, 1:55pm PST NEW
                    this, but with more antifa kicking over trashcans NT by and blogger parasites taking photos 01/21/2017, 5:31pm PST NEW
                Stop taking what you see on TV at face value, it's there to boost ad revenue NT by Saltlord 01/21/2017, 7:04pm PST NEW
            Don't you understand that this kind of stuff feeds Trump? by blackwater 01/21/2017, 9:35pm PST NEW
                He already had a meltdown over his inauguration turn out. NT by Worm 01/21/2017, 11:53pm PST NEW
                    but whatever some protests is a 'temper tantrum' lol NT by Worm 01/21/2017, 11:57pm PST NEW
        Agent Provocateurs. by Mischief Maker 01/21/2017, 5:56pm PST NEW
            Turns out South Africans really are shitty dumb people by like Trump supporters! 01/21/2017, 10:27pm PST NEW
                I wouldn't blame Oom Shnibble when that's the only message from corporate media. by Mischief Maker 01/22/2017, 6:41am PST NEW
                    Re: I wouldn't blame Oom Shnibble when that's the only message from corporate by Vested Id 01/22/2017, 7:29am PST NEW
                    Everybody who disagrees with me has been fooled by corporate media! NT by I only read Electronic Intifada! 01/22/2017, 11:00am PST NEW
                        Hey, it's "the right to any opinion = all opinions have equal merit" guy! NT by MM 01/22/2017, 11:12am PST NEW
                            The equation is "Person who disagrees with you does not equal corporate sheeple" NT by You gigantic tool 01/22/2017, 1:57pm PST NEW
                                So the corporate media DID cover that story? by Mischief Maker 01/22/2017, 2:11pm PST NEW
                                    "No you're the condescending prick, I'm just saying it's not Oom's fault he's NT by dumb!" 01/22/2017, 2:43pm PST NEW
                                    He thinks Obama's foreign ventures were worse than Bush's NT by How much dumber can a person be? 01/22/2017, 5:18pm PST NEW
                The government never shut down NT by Fake News spreads to Caltrops 01/22/2017, 11:01am PST NEW
    And unlike Obama he doesn't think that the most destabalizing force in Europe by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 12:36pm PST NEW
        Just want to be clear here! by Mysterio 01/21/2017, 10:25pm PST NEW
            Compared to G.W.'s fantastic foreign policy it was! NT by OOM is a dumb Mhlungu-fucker 01/21/2017, 10:31pm PST NEW
            That is exactly what I am saying. by Oom Shnibble 01/21/2017, 11:29pm PST NEW
                Re: That is exactly what I am saying. by Vested Id 01/22/2017, 12:41am PST NEW
                Cool, just wanted to be clear before I started humiliating you. by Mysterio 01/22/2017, 9:52am PST NEW
                    Re: Cool, just wanted to be clear before I started humiliating you. by blackwater 01/22/2017, 10:16pm PST NEW
                        Ator, thread's over NT by We should have known 01/22/2017, 10:32pm PST NEW
            Obama's foreign policy WAS a disaster by blackwater 01/21/2017, 11:35pm PST NEW
                He also almost doubled the national debt. NT by Oom Shnibble 01/22/2017, 12:07am PST NEW
                    Hey-O! by Saint Ronnie 01/22/2017, 12:32am PST NEW
                        You call me an idiot. by Oom Shnibble 01/22/2017, 2:59am PST NEW
                        Your counter-argument is a dead president? NT by Top-notch debating skills there 01/22/2017, 8:54am PST NEW
                        I can help you out in this debate, Oom Shnibble NT by a box of crayons, paste 01/22/2017, 9:53am PST NEW
                Yes, OJ fucked up with Ron and Nicole. But compared to this long list of gripes NT by I have about my own husband... 01/22/2017, 12:07am PST NEW
                Re: Obama's foreign policy WAS a disaster by The ignorance here is stunning 01/22/2017, 10:04am PST NEW
                    You were the one who mentioned Bush, not me. Bush was worse, but so what? by blackwater 01/22/2017, 9:29pm PST NEW
                Christ you are a dumb motherfucker NT by blackwater is a dumb motherfucker 01/22/2017, 12:16pm PST NEW

Alternative facts: The new facts! by pinback 01/22/2017, 3:41pm PST NEW

Some good pictures of Obama crying like the faggot that he is by hey 01/20/2017, 10:12am PST NEW
    I like the Putin and FarCry 4 one. by Mysterio Lollerson 01/20/2017, 10:38am PST NEW
    They (you?) forgot to add a big jew nose to the hooker. NT by fucking amateurs 01/20/2017, 4:10pm PST NEW

It may be bad for America but it's damn good for CBS! NT by Les Moonves 01/20/2017, 2:32pm PST NEW

Toby Keith lyrics are like a musical Kelly cartoon NT by fabio 01/20/2017, 7:45am PST NEW
    we have met the enemy and he is us NT by gruman 01/20/2017, 9:52am PST NEW
    My take on the heat 3 Doors Down is getting is this: by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/20/2017, 10:04am PST NEW
        Re: My take on the heat 3 Doors Down is getting is this: by Mysterio 01/20/2017, 1:40pm PST NEW

The Horrible Truth About Barack Obama's Presidency by hey 01/20/2017, 7:29am PST NEW
    Would be more convincing if he didn't blame his problems on mommy issues, you fa NT by Saltlord 01/20/2017, 8:25am PST NEW

It's time. by Blackwater 01/19/2017, 12:17am PST NEW
    But will he keep his Alien Covenant NT by Vested Id 01/19/2017, 12:22am PST NEW
    Needs another tiny version of his face coming out of the mouth. NT by MM 01/19/2017, 10:33am PST NEW
    I'm helping! NT by Vice President Joss Whedon 01/19/2017, 5:44pm PST NEW

Well now Chelsea Manning's sentence has been commuted. Thanks Obama! by Mischief Maker 01/17/2017, 4:47pm PST NEW
    Can the entire Russian GRU get pardons while Obama's feeling magnanimous? NT by Or do they have to put dresses on? 01/17/2017, 10:24pm PST NEW
    Paul Ryan had a great take. What a great guy he is. by Mysterio 01/18/2017, 9:43am PST NEW
        He didn't say that by what he said was worse 01/18/2017, 1:39pm PST NEW
            The kid's dad was a light rail builder who lost his job when Walker was elected. NT by MM 01/18/2017, 2:48pm PST NEW
        Paul Ryan declared "huge piece of shit" by internet rando NT by The Onion headline that writes itse 01/18/2017, 2:13pm PST NEW
            Need to put your social security number in the author field to have an opinion NT by 680-90-9123 01/18/2017, 2:17pm PST NEW
            says the anon NT by blackwater is a dumb motherfucker 01/18/2017, 6:37pm PST NEW
                Let's pardon this piece of shit next. by blackwater 01/18/2017, 11:51pm PST NEW
                P.S. I wasn't the anon by Blackwater 01/19/2017, 12:11am PST NEW
            My name is Jonathan Vinnik, there ya go. by Jonathan Vinnik 01/18/2017, 8:32pm PST NEW

ITT, post Trump voters that are realizing they're losing their healthcare by Mysterious Stranger 01/16/2017, 1:02pm PST NEW
    Trust Twitter but verify by Ronald Reagan 01/16/2017, 1:25pm PST NEW
        Everyone is a liar because no one believes in anything by Worm 01/16/2017, 8:28pm PST NEW
            We believe in you, Worm! NT by Caltrops 01/17/2017, 7:45am PST NEW
        More generally by The Happiness Engine 01/18/2017, 3:31pm PST NEW
    Don't forget the big one! by Mischief Maker 01/17/2017, 7:56am PST NEW

Trump has the entire left wing running in circles as he pisses all over them. by hey 01/13/2017, 10:26pm PST NEW
    wat NT by wat 01/14/2017, 5:59am PST NEW
    Can we ban, dox, and subsequently drone strike the house of this poster? NT by Worm 01/14/2017, 11:52am PST NEW
        Just take away his healthcare NT by Trump the grump 01/18/2017, 1:40pm PST NEW

Forget the pee. Establishment darling Cory Booker just voted against cheap meds. by Mischief Maker 01/12/2017, 7:18pm PST NEW
    Come on, you understand that different countries have different laws about drugs by blackwater 01/13/2017, 2:24pm PST NEW
        BWAHAHAHAHAA!!! by Mischief Maker 01/13/2017, 3:08pm PST NEW
            You need to do a little more research before talking about this. by blackwater 01/14/2017, 12:49am PST NEW
                God you are a fucking retard. NT by Worm 01/14/2017, 11:59am PST NEW
                    Good. GOOD. Let the hate flow through you. NT by Fortinbras 01/14/2017, 12:10pm PST NEW
        Jesus christ NT by fabio 01/13/2017, 7:27pm PST NEW

    Congrats to Buzzfeed for falling for a 4chan meme by Mysterio 01/11/2017, 6:19pm PST NEW
        Ah yes, 4chan. Posting it after the fact. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/11/2017, 6:29pm PST NEW
            Did he also claim that Trump's lawyer was in Prague meeting with Russian spooks by when he was actually in L.A.? 01/11/2017, 7:07pm PST NEW
                Yeah, I think it was in "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/11/2017, 7:20pm PST NEW
            It was probably them by Roop 01/12/2017, 5:44pm PST NEW
                I doubt everything they claim credit for because they're so validation starved NT by Worm 01/13/2017, 10:42am PST NEW
                    I don't know man by more evidence 01/13/2017, 4:25pm PST NEW
                        He's constantly getting kicked off Twitter but the @PissdadScatlord handle was by real back in March 01/13/2017, 4:31pm PST NEW
                            Yes, because they found his son's piss erotica NT by Hence the PISSDAD 01/13/2017, 8:56pm PST NEW
        Re: Congrats to Buzzfeed for falling for a 4chan meme by Vested Id 01/12/2017, 10:40pm PST NEW
    At least that stupid faggot kept his dignity during the presser NT by Guy Who Says Presser 01/11/2017, 8:08pm PST NEW

I'm back to being pissed at Bernie or Busters. by Mischief Maker 01/09/2017, 5:39am PST NEW
    Such a fucking one of these people by Vested Id 01/09/2017, 6:15am PST NEW
        You replied. NT by MM 01/09/2017, 6:28am PST NEW
        Maybe I'm being a partisan. Please tell me the upsides of this R. legislation. NT by Mischief Maker 01/09/2017, 6:35am PST NEW
            You think I agree? by Vested Id 01/09/2017, 8:00am PST NEW
                I apoligize for the tone. I'd just read the morning headlines and had to WAGE! NT by Mischief Maker 01/09/2017, 4:24pm PST NEW
    I probably had more impact than bitter Stein voters NT by Gary Johnson 2016 01/09/2017, 11:32am PST NEW
        Busters anger me more because I identify with them. by Mischief Maker 01/09/2017, 6:16pm PST NEW
    Re: I'm back to being pissed at Bernie or Busters. by blackwater 01/09/2017, 11:35am PST NEW
        China cannot fuck us. NT by Mysterio 01/09/2017, 1:49pm PST NEW
        Re: I'm back to being pissed at Bernie or Busters. by Mischief Maker 01/09/2017, 6:35pm PST NEW
            Re: I'm back to being pissed at Bernie or Busters. by blackwater 01/10/2017, 4:32pm PST NEW
        Clinton was just as bad as Bush and future Trump NT by really? 01/09/2017, 8:00pm PST NEW
            Now he nominates a vaccine=autism disease enabler by to be in charge of vaccine safety 01/10/2017, 2:14pm PST NEW
                They say Trump voters who aren't klansmen wanted to thow a brick at the system. NT by MM 01/10/2017, 3:51pm PST NEW
                    Enough with the Klansmen shit by Vested Id 01/10/2017, 4:59pm PST NEW
                        Enough with the Godwin's law shit. by MM 01/10/2017, 5:08pm PST NEW
                            Who is Godwinning whom by Vested Id 01/10/2017, 6:37pm PST NEW
                                Speak of the dribble NT by Vested Id 01/11/2017, 12:42am PST NEW
                            How many alt right do you think there are in America? by Worm 01/10/2017, 9:47pm PST NEW
                                Steve Bannon is Trump's chief strategist. They're relevant. NT by Mischief Maker 01/11/2017, 5:39am PST NEW
                                    Maybe but it's a super small group. by Worm 01/11/2017, 2:13pm PST NEW
                Calm down, Markos Moulitsas NT by Mysterio 01/10/2017, 5:55pm PST NEW
                    Yeah take a chill pill, Michu Meszaros NT by Mysterio 01/11/2017, 4:46am PST NEW
            I didn't say Bill Clinton was just as bad as Trump, just that you forgot things by blackwater 01/10/2017, 4:42pm PST NEW
                Hitler isn't that bad. He's just Kaiser 2.0 by really? 01/11/2017, 4:28pm PST NEW

Peter Thiel, Trump's biggest supporter in Silicon Valley, gives an interview by blackwater 01/11/2017, 4:04pm PST NEW

Boys: still too masculine by Vested Id 12/08/2016, 2:24pm PST NEW
    And be sure to check out this masterpiece by Vested Id 12/08/2016, 2:26pm PST NEW
        That's the video for Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit, with some new narration NT by and less DJ-ing over it. 12/08/2016, 10:14pm PST NEW
    I dunno, the second video is laughable but what's the issue with the first one? by Worm 12/08/2016, 4:10pm PST NEW
        Re: I dunno, the second video is laughable but what's the issue with the first o by Vested Id 12/08/2016, 5:01pm PST NEW
            From White Genocide to Cis Genocide? by Worm 12/08/2016, 9:50pm PST NEW
                Yeah not that bad by Vested Id 12/09/2016, 12:11pm PST NEW
                    It was one high school, my bad NT by Vested Id 12/09/2016, 12:47pm PST NEW
                    Naw christ you're not a redpiller, I just saw some meeting in the middle there by Worm 12/09/2016, 1:05pm PST NEW
                    Re: Yeah not that bad by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/09/2016, 2:38pm PST NEW
                        Id, you sound almost shocked to learn about by female chauvinism 12/10/2016, 12:59pm PST NEW
                            It really all makes sense once you imagine the Evangelical Christian equivalent by Ted Haggard 12/10/2016, 6:54pm PST NEW
                        Re: Yeah not that bad by Vested Id 12/10/2016, 1:26pm PST NEW
            How many of them WERE there??? by Mysterio 12/10/2016, 1:01pm PST NEW
        I dunno, the second video is laughable but what's the issue with the first one? by Mysterious Stranger 12/08/2016, 9:01pm PST NEW
            College is a waste of time though, be a man and learn a fucking trade. by Worm 12/08/2016, 9:55pm PST NEW
        Because the world needs more real men by Oom Shnibble 01/09/2017, 2:58am PST NEW
    It's hilarious when people cite internet trolls as paragons of masculinity. NT by Mischief Maker 12/09/2016, 11:38am PST NEW

Can you dig it, brother? Hulkamania is about to run wild again... w/ same lawyer by blackwater 01/07/2017, 10:41pm PST NEW

"Cultural enrichment" now officially literally means rape. by uwaj 12/07/2016, 3:27pm PST NEW
    Improvised Diversity Devices continue to go off in Malmö NT by nothing to see here! 12/07/2016, 8:16pm PST NEW

"Let's stop confusing free speech with a free press" by Mysterio 12/05/2016, 7:52pm PST NEW
    Well, I am certainly confused. by blackwater 12/05/2016, 8:39pm PST NEW
        Thinking is maybe giving it too much credit? by The Ingrid Bergman of Caltrops 12/05/2016, 10:10pm PST NEW
            What kind of journalism is that? Journalism fan fic? NT by Eurotrash 12/06/2016, 10:29am PST NEW
                It's the hyperbole of an adolescent by never forced to research, or cite 12/06/2016, 11:04pm PST NEW
                    You can't really complain about adolescents AND tell dead people to Rest in Piss by The Judd Hirsch of Caltrops 12/07/2016, 12:10am PST NEW

They hate us, cos they aint us by Jack Bauer 11/26/2016, 4:47pm PST NEW
    Bro story, bro NT by I believe it happened for sure 11/26/2016, 7:07pm PST NEW
        I'm starting to doubt the veracity of this stand-up comedian's by oeuvre. 12/05/2016, 6:49am PST NEW
            It's so banal it's hard to believe someone actually put energy into making it up NT by Worm 12/05/2016, 11:31am PST NEW
    NASA T-shirt NT by Worm 11/26/2016, 7:30pm PST NEW

DAPL protests by skip 11/27/2016, 4:23pm PST NEW
    Like the girl who had her arm blown off by a concussion grenade? NT by Mischief Maker 11/27/2016, 4:42pm PST NEW
        Perfect example by skip 11/27/2016, 6:34pm PST NEW
            And were the protesters hosing themselves with water in subfreezing temps? NT by Mischief Maker 11/27/2016, 7:42pm PST NEW
                I also love the arguments that the Native Americans should have attended the mee by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2016, 10:26pm PST NEW
                    Except 55 other tribes responded to these super-secret requests for meetings by skip 11/28/2016, 12:53am PST NEW
                        Good call about the deadline by thx skip 11/28/2016, 8:51pm PST NEW
                        Is there any actual source on the 389 meetings? by Worm 11/29/2016, 10:30am PST NEW
    We did it guys, now back to the reservation to continue sexually abusing kids NT by and drinking ourselves into a grave 12/04/2016, 2:52pm PST NEW
        *rams suicide golf cart into bulldozer* NT by Ernest P. Worrell 12/04/2016, 8:02pm PST NEW
            I'm dead, Vern! NT by Ernest Smokes Cigarettes 12/04/2016, 10:19pm PST NEW
            fuck you, WE saved the day NT by Eggs Erroneous 12/05/2016, 12:25am PST NEW

Women will die without free healthcare by uwaj 11/29/2016, 7:52am PST NEW

Failed scare tactics by skip 10/19/2016, 4:47pm PDT NEW
    At least we all agree that Trump or Hillary is better than Trudeau. by Holy fuck Canada, you suck 10/19/2016, 5:50pm PDT NEW
        Re: Failed Scare Tactics by Mysterio 10/19/2016, 9:50pm PDT NEW
            Trudeau unites all Americans by skip 10/20/2016, 7:08pm PDT NEW
                It was reference to the pride parades by uniting Americans! 10/20/2016, 9:44pm PDT NEW
        Re: At least we all agree that Trump or Hillary is better than Trudeau. by Hahaha eh? 11/28/2016, 5:15pm PST NEW
    Re: Failed scare tactics by Vested Id 10/21/2016, 5:09am PDT NEW
        Re: Failed scare tactics by skip 10/21/2016, 10:22am PDT NEW

WHAT IS THIS??????? by uwaj 11/25/2016, 11:26pm PST NEW

Here's a good piece dismantling all the Bern victim myths by both parties are the same, maaaaan 11/19/2016, 9:36am PST NEW
    I wish I had stayed home. by Worm 11/19/2016, 11:03am PST NEW
    Eichenwald did some great reporting considering he works for Newsweek by skip 11/20/2016, 9:47am PST NEW
        "Eichenwald did some great reporting" by Vested Id 11/20/2016, 12:20pm PST NEW
            I stand by that statement by skip 11/20/2016, 2:50pm PST NEW
    Rebuttal by Mischief Maker 11/20/2016, 12:35pm PST NEW
        I'm getting really annoyed with... everybody. NT by Can we go back to hating everyone? 11/20/2016, 1:58pm PST NEW
    Even Bern victims admit that they're children by slacktivist 11/20/2016, 1:59pm PST NEW
        Then the next 4 years after you blow it again. NT by Worm 11/20/2016, 2:17pm PST NEW
            Wait. I thought we were all cool with Yeezy 2020? Is there another civil war NT by coming? Mark Cuban want in? 11/20/2016, 2:54pm PST NEW
        I suggest the adults throw a tantrum, learn nothing, and change nothing. by Mischief Maker 11/20/2016, 4:06pm PST NEW
            Also: by Mischief Maker 11/21/2016, 7:02am PST NEW
            Crazy election. Do you read Freddie DeBoer at all, MM? by WITTGENSTEIN 11/21/2016, 11:54am PST NEW
                Pretty sure that person's name is Cory Booker, for better or worse NT by Fullofkittens 11/21/2016, 12:15pm PST NEW
                    Re: Pretty sure that person's name is Cory Booker, for better or worse by WITTGENSTEIN 11/21/2016, 1:15pm PST NEW
                        Hillary's Wall Street problem's sounding pretty fkn nice right now tbh NT by Fullofkittens 11/25/2016, 1:30pm PST NEW

Crying Wolf by blackwater 11/17/2016, 1:48pm PST NEW
    He disabled the comments so I'm leaving my disabled comments here. by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 11/17/2016, 3:22pm PST NEW
    Trump is not a racist, Bannon is not a white nationalist by Vested Id 11/17/2016, 7:26pm PST NEW
        Re: Trump is not a racist, Bannon is not a white nationalist by blackwater 11/17/2016, 11:52pm PST NEW
            He ate a taco bowl! by Worm 11/18/2016, 12:41am PST NEW
                Also only homosexuals can truly be misogynist. NT by Worm 11/18/2016, 12:12pm PST NEW
            Re: Trump is not a racist, Bannon is not a white nationalist by Vested Id 11/18/2016, 2:50am PST NEW
                Re: Trump is not a racist, Bannon is not a white nationalist by blackwater 11/18/2016, 1:51pm PST NEW
    I agree the KKK stuff is pretty stupid but by Worm 11/17/2016, 7:49pm PST NEW
    I guess this means you're following Scott Adams on Twitter by Vested Id 11/17/2016, 8:46pm PST NEW
        I just read the comic so I see the blog titles go by by blackwater 11/18/2016, 12:07am PST NEW

Trump played the entire left wing and media like a dimestore kazoo. by uwaj 11/17/2016, 9:50am PST NEW
    You left the board for a while, worked on your humor by and returned less funny than ever. 11/17/2016, 11:40am PST NEW
    Trump toys with simpy ass niggas (all liberals) like a cat toying with a mouse. by uwaj 11/17/2016, 3:45pm PST NEW

He tried it. by uwaj 11/12/2016, 9:45am PST NEW
    What was that whistle at the end? NT by The approaching nuke? 11/13/2016, 2:05pm PST NEW

None of you have ever been able to comprehend the existence of people like me. by uwaj 11/11/2016, 2:31am PST NEW
    is this a hot take? NT by what are hot takes 11/11/2016, 3:56am PST NEW

I wish I still read QT3 by USA! USA! USA! 11/08/2016, 10:23pm PST NEW
    Make The Left Angry Again by Ronald Reagan 11/09/2016, 1:52am PST NEW
    The biggest whiners moved to Brokenforum. NT by Mmm, balls. 11/10/2016, 5:19pm PST NEW
        Please give us the highlights NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 11/10/2016, 5:51pm PST NEW

Kaepernick is my favorite NFL player now by laudablepuss 08/30/2016, 9:34am PDT NEW
    "The least he can do for is stand for the kickoff of this DoD-funded ceremony" by Fucking idiots 08/30/2016, 10:22am PDT NEW
        The traffic blockers should have that right, but plowing over them shouldn't be NT by A CRIME 08/30/2016, 11:17am PDT NEW
    He's literally Chris Kluwe. A declining player engaging in political theatre NT by You are such a fucking tool 08/30/2016, 11:43am PDT NEW
        Appropriate that the most fascistic voice on Caltrops NT by is also the most anonymous 08/30/2016, 11:51am PDT NEW
            Great hot take, laudablepuss, you should write for Deadspin! by Positrops, where criticism is banne 08/30/2016, 11:56am PDT NEW
                The more you post the more you make sense NT by laudablepuss? 08/30/2016, 12:04pm PDT NEW
        Irrelevant of course. I take it you don't agree with him by laudablepuss 08/30/2016, 12:21pm PDT NEW
            Soon to be your favorite ex-player NT by 49ers Front Office 08/30/2016, 4:56pm PDT NEW
                I magically replied to your post 4 1/2 hours before you posted it NT by laudablepuss 08/31/2016, 9:17am PDT NEW
                    I was wrong and I apologize by Mysterio 10/12/2016, 11:54am PDT NEW
                        You don't love his fro???? by laudablepuss 10/12/2016, 12:33pm PDT NEW
    Why is the anthem even part of sports games? by the bigger issue 08/31/2016, 1:52am PDT NEW
        It's weird enough when it happens at international events NT by but national ones too? 08/31/2016, 2:23am PDT NEW
    While puss cheers on the shittiest QB I'm just over here throwing TDs NT by Dak Prescott 10/28/2016, 1:15pm PDT NEW
        Jadzia Dak Prescott? by laudablepuss 10/28/2016, 1:52pm PDT NEW
    Nigga didnt even VOTE! NT by Holy Shit 11/10/2016, 1:05pm PST NEW

TotalBiscuit's message to Reddit and Republicans by Mysterio Lollerson 11/09/2016, 6:47am PST NEW
    "Reddit and Republicans" by Why do people equate the two 11/09/2016, 11:53am PST NEW
        Don't say "spook". NT by pinback 11/09/2016, 2:18pm PST NEW
            It's 11/8 bitch NT by Vested Id 11/09/2016, 2:41pm PST NEW
                or 11/9 NT by even works better i am a fucking id 11/09/2016, 2:46pm PST NEW
    "Going on trial for literal child rape" = accusation from anonymous person NT by Fuck yourself Biscuit 11/09/2016, 5:32pm PST NEW
    Not to put a damper on all the hysteria. by Oom Shnibble 11/10/2016, 10:28am PST NEW
        Strategic bankruptcy for America NT by that works for countries, right? 11/10/2016, 10:40am PST NEW
        0%. I'd be more confident in a Paris Hilton presidency. by Mischief Maker 11/10/2016, 11:09am PST NEW
        I'm hoping he'll be a little more moderate than how he ran but 'good job'? by Worm 11/10/2016, 11:46am PST NEW
            It's a way of grinning in the face of doom NT by So smile! 11/10/2016, 11:56am PST NEW
        Have you seen the man's prelim cabinet list? by skip 11/10/2016, 12:07pm PST NEW
            Gingrich as SoS, that hadn't sunk in yet by Vested Id 11/10/2016, 12:39pm PST NEW
            Yeah, we're fucked. NT by Oom Shnibble 11/10/2016, 12:56pm PST NEW
        Re: Not to put a damper on all the hysteria. by no u 11/10/2016, 12:58pm PST NEW

Wokeness by Vested Id 11/03/2016, 4:13pm PDT NEW
    Guess not NT by Vested Id 11/10/2016, 10:22am PST NEW

50 States Compact and other actionable change by skip 07/29/2016, 7:07am PDT NEW
    Fag. NT by Texas 07/29/2016, 7:30am PDT NEW
    If D's aren't retarded they'll back this hard like they should have after 2000 NT by skip 11/09/2016, 12:00pm PST NEW
        Unlikely to go anywhere by Rey Mysterio Jr. 11/09/2016, 7:06pm PST NEW
            Because rural voters are already overrepresented in the Senate and House by skip 11/09/2016, 7:57pm PST NEW
                The question is why would Republicans ditch a system that favors them NT by fabio 11/09/2016, 8:16pm PST NEW
                    They won't without a group of angry voters forcing their agenda. That's very NT by possible, clearly. 11/10/2016, 6:50am PST NEW

Who DOESN'T like laughing at videos of crying black women? by uwaj 11/10/2016, 12:50am PST NEW

Scott Adams formally endorses Trump by blackwater 10/11/2016, 10:18am PDT NEW
    Estate Taxes are his issue? by Mischief Maker 10/11/2016, 10:33am PDT NEW
    'I'm afraid to support Trump' is just more conspiracy garbage. by Worm 10/11/2016, 11:07am PDT NEW
    Re: Scott Adams formally endorses Trump by Mysterio Lollerson 10/11/2016, 11:12am PDT NEW
    Scott Adams accuses Twitter of shadow banning his pro-Trump rants by Blackwater 10/24/2016, 11:17pm PDT NEW
    Guess what, bitches? by Scott Adams 11/09/2016, 9:08pm PST NEW

And now I have a message to all leftists. by uwaj 11/09/2016, 12:27am PST NEW
    Oh wait this one's pretty good too. by uwaj 11/09/2016, 12:29am PST NEW
        I like the KFC bucket almost cropped out, but not enough. (wink) NT by Dog Whistle Photoshopping 11/09/2016, 11:17am PST NEW
    Look it's trying to communicate again. by a human 11/09/2016, 3:56am PST NEW
    Man remember when you were funny instead of edgy. by Worm 11/09/2016, 10:07am PST NEW

The official election results and headlines thread by skip 11/07/2016, 6:35am PST NEW
    Nashville and Memphis are big blue cities. by pinback 11/07/2016, 2:17pm PST NEW
        Nah. There are many other Southern/Western states that would turn blue before NT by Tennessee. Trump has a 10 point lea 11/07/2016, 7:18pm PST NEW
    My prediction... by Roop 11/08/2016, 11:29am PST NEW
    2016's worst predictions and Deadspin weighs in by skip 11/08/2016, 1:42pm PST NEW
    Holy fuck NT by skip 11/08/2016, 7:26pm PST NEW
    Interesting take on how to predict presidency wins by skip 11/08/2016, 10:21pm PST NEW
        It's even simpler than that by fabio 11/09/2016, 1:12am PST NEW

DO NOT VOTE EARLY! DO NOT VOTE EARLY!!!!!!!!! by kosherHiveKickstarter 10/27/2016, 7:57pm PDT NEW
    If there's a good part of your wikileak, put it at the beginning by laudablepuss 10/28/2016, 6:48am PDT NEW
    All caps, nine exclamation points by We should take this guy seriously. 10/28/2016, 7:40am PDT NEW
        Oh, I thought this was a reference to something. by MM 10/28/2016, 8:16am PDT NEW
            Re: Oh, I thought this was a reference to something. by laudablepuss 10/28/2016, 8:27am PDT NEW
                School kids in 2100 will only know the Rastafarian Party and the Nick Nolte Part by laudablepuss 10/28/2016, 8:34am PDT NEW
                    But they'll end up wasting their votes on the Gary Busey party. NT by Mischief Maker 10/28/2016, 10:46am PDT NEW
            It was, but not in a way that I expected anyone to get. by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/28/2016, 11:04am PDT NEW
            Well fuck a duck! by MM 10/28/2016, 11:42am PDT NEW
                Re: Well fuck a duck! by Rafiki 10/28/2016, 11:58am PDT NEW
                    I know they say it's like Alien vs. Predator, whoever wins we lose... by Peter Keyes 10/28/2016, 12:22pm PDT NEW
                        I see Hillary as more of a Judge Dredd. Paragon of a corrupt system. NT by Mischief Maker 10/28/2016, 1:17pm PDT NEW
                            Doesn't work. JD is incorruptible, Hillary hunted men for sport back in Arkansas NT by Peter Keyes 10/28/2016, 2:16pm PDT NEW
                Apparently not connected at all to wikileaks, but rather Wiener NT by laudablepuss 10/28/2016, 1:28pm PDT NEW
                    Oh shit, that brings the sex angle. NT by MM 10/28/2016, 1:43pm PDT NEW
                    Looks like a lot of smoke and mirrors at the moment. by Mischief Maker 10/29/2016, 6:18am PDT NEW
                        Yep, 100% BS NT by laudablepuss 11/06/2016, 4:06pm PST NEW
                            The real tragedy of this campaign is the people who believe in their candidates. by Worm 11/06/2016, 4:18pm PST NEW
                                I'm with you on the expectations of smoking guns by from that brain trust 11/06/2016, 7:18pm PST NEW
                                Re: The real tragedy of this campaign is the people who believe in their candida by laudablepuss 11/06/2016, 7:57pm PST NEW
                            All we need now is for Trump to fuck his daughter on film and we can wrap it up. NT by MM 11/06/2016, 6:58pm PST NEW
                                also for it to NOT be behind a paywall NT by Worm 11/06/2016, 8:34pm PST NEW

Has Nate Silver been right about anything this election? by Why, Jerry? 11/05/2016, 2:37pm PDT NEW
    Cu Later by Nate 'three percent' Copper 11/05/2016, 9:50pm PDT NEW
        Beating the odds doesn't change the odds by skip 11/06/2016, 9:36am PST NEW
            Bias admitted NT by but the gloating isn't in hindsight 11/06/2016, 2:25pm PST NEW
                You're gloating b/c they predicted >90% primary results correctly? NT by skip 11/06/2016, 3:23pm PST NEW
                    It was in regards to the 3% prediction of the Republican nominee's path by Nate Copper 11/06/2016, 4:55pm PST NEW
                        It's a good thing Silver refused to admit he's wrong. Oh wait. by skip 11/06/2016, 6:11pm PST NEW

"Saving Speaker Ryan" NT by good one politico 11/04/2016, 1:52pm PDT NEW

Now Roger Ailes jumped ship! by Mischief Maker 10/21/2016, 9:01am PDT NEW
    Aren't you super excited about the memoirs that come out of this? NT by laudablepuss 10/21/2016, 12:30pm PDT NEW

4th dimensional chess. by Best joke of 2016 10/21/2016, 11:33am PDT NEW

WRONG! NT by Mischief Maker 10/19/2016, 7:51pm PDT NEW
    I have to admit this has me scratching my head. NT by Maybe I'm just stupid. 10/20/2016, 6:16am PDT NEW
        Such a nasty poster! NT by Mischief Trump 10/20/2016, 6:22am PDT NEW

Holy Shit! Did Paul Ryan just electrify Millennials for Hillary? by Mischief Maker 10/18/2016, 5:15pm PDT NEW
    Re: Holy Shit! Did Paul Ryan just electrify Millennials for Hillary? by Mysterio 10/18/2016, 10:02pm PDT NEW

Required viewing for protest-voters by Mischief Maker 10/17/2016, 12:06pm PDT NEW
    I'm still pissed he was he was cheated in the primaries and I can't vote Mcafee by Roop 10/18/2016, 5:17am PDT NEW

Schumer vs Trump supporter by Vested Id 10/17/2016, 11:09pm PDT NEW

We all know the real loser this election: Tic Tacs' brand identity. NT by Mischief Maker 10/16/2016, 11:17am PDT NEW

Hey, just curious, you might like this by skip 10/16/2016, 10:12am PDT NEW

Gotta hand it to the Clinton campaign... by Mischief Maker 10/09/2016, 5:06pm PDT NEW
    This is why everyone hates Hillary, by the way by Mysterio Lollerson 10/09/2016, 6:17pm PDT NEW
        I hope she wraps this up soon so I can go back to openly hating her! by Mischief Maker 10/09/2016, 6:53pm PDT NEW
            Re: I hope she wraps this up soon so I can go back to openly hating her! by Mysterio Lollerson 10/09/2016, 7:37pm PDT NEW
        I was having a conversation with a friend about why I hated Hillary. by blackwater 10/11/2016, 10:30am PDT NEW
            You realize the Supreme Stupid Court now officially says that's not corruption NT by laudablepuss 10/11/2016, 3:03pm PDT NEW
                You're stupid and so is Colin Kaepernick your pet negro NT by Da Notorious RBG 10/11/2016, 3:07pm PDT NEW
                    Hahaha NT by laudablepuss 10/11/2016, 3:41pm PDT NEW
            Isn't there an alternate narrative about two people from nowhere chasing their by Vested Id 10/11/2016, 4:17pm PDT NEW
                That still doesn't excuse her reaping the rewards of being a woman. by Plucking them like fruit from her v 10/11/2016, 4:50pm PDT NEW
                Except a lot of people made it to the white house without being caked in mud by blackwater 10/11/2016, 7:26pm PDT NEW
                    Hello! Heard of me? I went in with the Bamster on a sweet real estate deal NT by Tony Rezko 10/11/2016, 7:35pm PDT NEW
                        Honestly Rezko seems like someone every politican in Chicago knew. by blackwater 10/11/2016, 9:57pm PDT NEW
                            That's because Snopes destroyed a strawman by Tony Rezko 10/12/2016, 5:56pm PDT NEW
                    Re: Except a lot of people made it to the white house without being caked in mud by Mischief Maker 10/11/2016, 7:39pm PDT NEW
                        The Trump university thing isn't really that bad. by blackwater 10/11/2016, 10:37pm PDT NEW
                            Accreditation is just the tip of the fraud Iceberg with Trump U. by Mischief Maker 10/12/2016, 7:48am PDT NEW
                                And yet, it's still a better value than a lot of liberal arts degrees. by dr. no 10/12/2016, 2:16pm PDT NEW
                            Is it your contention that the people who felt ripped off by Trump U by laudablepuss 10/12/2016, 9:07am PDT NEW
                    Re: Except a lot of people made it to the white house without being caked in mud by Vested Id 10/11/2016, 8:05pm PDT NEW
                        Honestly, I prefer a blueblood to a grifter that uses the government as an ATM by blackwater 10/11/2016, 10:54pm PDT NEW
    It's a mad rush for people to pretend they care about rape victims. NT by Worm 10/09/2016, 8:54pm PDT NEW
    I presume you're joking since that's totally insane NT by laudablepuss 10/10/2016, 11:55pm PDT NEW
        Yeah there needs to be some cosby level event here, all they got is the tape. by Worm 10/11/2016, 10:47am PDT NEW
            They've got at least two women so far! by Mischief Maker 10/11/2016, 11:37am PDT NEW
                Re: They've got at least two women so far! by laudablepuss 10/11/2016, 11:46am PDT NEW
            Re: Yeah there needs to be some cosby level event here, all they got is the t by laudablepuss 10/11/2016, 11:42am PDT NEW

Trump loses Carter endorsement by Vested Id 10/12/2016, 5:06am PDT NEW
    Hahahaha by Vested Id 10/12/2016, 5:18am PDT NEW

You backed a great horse, Cable. NT by You scumbags 10/09/2016, 5:48pm PDT NEW
    You think those worthless faggots are going to suddenly feel shame NT by in their late 30's? 10/09/2016, 6:34pm PDT NEW

I'd post a list of all the Republicans who have walked back their Trump endorsem NT by but it's too long 10/09/2016, 5:06pm PDT NEW

Pepe to become campaign issue by Worm 09/13/2016, 3:03pm PDT NEW
    Femsplaining by Vested Id 09/13/2016, 3:43pm PDT NEW
    Out of all the assholes in that photo, you're telling me the cartoon frog is the by one most associated with white supr 09/13/2016, 5:54pm PDT NEW
        frog whistle racism NT by Lamestream Media 09/13/2016, 7:40pm PDT NEW
    That was a white natiotionalist screaming out PEPE! at her rally. Not some Lulz NT by The hacker known as Anonymous 09/13/2016, 10:38pm PDT NEW
    Pepe has been added to to the ADL's "symbols of white power" list NT by This is not a dream. This is real 09/27/2016, 5:59pm PDT NEW
    NY Mag had an article about this by skip 10/01/2016, 11:10am PDT NEW
    Unpacking the keks by Vested Id 10/02/2016, 8:45pm PDT NEW

So who's watching the Republican debate next week? NT by mike williams usgamer 09/22/2016, 7:55pm PDT NEW
    Lock up your guns, bleach, and razor blades beforehand. NT by MM 09/22/2016, 8:58pm PDT NEW
    Hillary should be ashamed of herself for talking to that man by Roop 09/23/2016, 1:16am PDT NEW

I'd wish you luck but you wouldn't know what to do with it if you got it. by jc 09/20/2016, 1:16pm PDT NEW
    Ever wonder why white straight males are better than others? by jac 09/20/2016, 1:20pm PDT NEW
        What's it like when your entire ideological belief system is a joke? by jac 09/20/2016, 1:55pm PDT NEW
            alt-right meme game is very by #sostrongverystrong 09/20/2016, 10:20pm PDT NEW
                I know yer tryin to goof by but the bantz are top, lad 09/21/2016, 12:18am PDT NEW

Trumps playing 4D chess against the left, gets liberals to destroy selves again. by jac 09/20/2016, 9:17pm PDT NEW

All she had to do was not be Trump and she keeps fucking that up. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/19/2016, 6:16pm PDT NEW
    But the Republicans would have called Sanders a "Socialist" and it would be over NT by Hillary "Sure Thing" Clinton 09/20/2016, 5:39am PDT NEW
        Her incompetence regarding managing a staff is amazing. by Kenji Carter 09/20/2016, 8:17am PDT NEW
            Lets hope more than 50% of voters share your opinion. by MM 09/20/2016, 5:53pm PDT NEW
                Gotta diversify before people forget 9/11 NT by Sam "Dennis Reynolds" Harris 09/20/2016, 6:23pm PDT NEW

Canada sucks. You losers have had it too good for too long. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/15/2016, 10:15pm PDT NEW

Trump wants to end the FDA so he can finally unload all those unsold Trump Steak NT by Mischief Maker 09/15/2016, 6:14pm PDT NEW

Political predictions: 2016 edition by blackwater 08/26/2016, 2:09pm PDT NEW

Poor Ann Coulter... NT by Mischief Maker 08/26/2016, 10:07am PDT NEW

Everyone knows Roberta Williams founded ISIS NT by laudablepuss 08/11/2016, 5:33pm PDT NEW
    This kind of rhetoric is dangerous, stupid, and a sign Trump isn't fit to be pre by Mainstream Media 08/11/2016, 6:56pm PDT NEW
        On that note by Vested Id 08/11/2016, 8:39pm PDT NEW
        Trump didn't say "Obama sort of created the conditions wherein ISIS arose" like by what W did. 08/11/2016, 8:49pm PDT NEW
            A great example of that article by OpFaF 08/11/2016, 9:29pm PDT NEW
                "The more voters he alienates, the more they will vote for him." by Good point 08/12/2016, 4:42am PDT NEW
                    It's been funny watching Scott Adams and others try to "figure out" Trump by blackwater 08/14/2016, 9:37am PDT NEW
                        Scott Adams is a fucking moron by skip 08/15/2016, 12:45pm PDT NEW
                Yes, tell me more about how smart he is by laudablepuss 08/12/2016, 7:22am PDT NEW
                    Just wanted to remind everyone "The Art of the Deal" was ghostwritten. NT by MM 08/12/2016, 8:39am PDT NEW
                        He's no evil mastermind super villain by but not dumb either 08/12/2016, 9:11pm PDT NEW
                            Re: He's no evil mastermind super villain by laudablepuss 08/12/2016, 10:06pm PDT NEW
                                There's no guarantees by only that he can operate different 08/13/2016, 12:38pm PDT NEW
                                    Because Trump is PROMISING to do all the awful things Clinton MIGHT do. NT by Mischief Maker 08/13/2016, 2:55pm PDT NEW
                                        A man of his word of course by Vested Id 08/13/2016, 4:07pm PDT NEW
                                            Gaza needs mowing NT by Unless you sympathize with psychos 08/15/2016, 7:21pm PDT NEW
                                                "If we just keep murdering them SURELY they'll grow to love us!" NT by The Happiness Engine 08/20/2016, 5:49am PDT NEW
                                                    Jews don't want to be loved, they just want to stop being treated the way you by treat black people you fuck 08/20/2016, 9:38am PDT NEW
                                                        Which ones are the blacks in this scenario by Vested Id 08/21/2016, 4:30am PDT NEW
                                                        You'd think Jews would have a problem with concentration camps... by The Happiness Engine 08/24/2016, 3:24pm PDT NEW
                                                Who... who are you? by Vested Id 08/22/2016, 6:20am PDT NEW
                                                    It's completely irrational. Where did those rockets come from? NT by A secret undersea Nazi missile bas? 08/22/2016, 3:06pm PDT NEW
                                                        The Hamas science rockets? The October Sky-style rockets that they use? NT by Vested Id 08/22/2016, 8:51pm PDT NEW
                                                            You are the 4th worst poster here after Jsoh, Fortinbras, and pinback NT by Congratulations, Idiot King 08/23/2016, 6:54pm PDT NEW
                                                                Yet, quite higher than the anonymous shitbags by Horus Truthteller 08/24/2016, 10:56am PDT NEW
                                                                    This is the competitive spirit that has produced such great results for Caltrops NT by laudablepuss 08/24/2016, 11:32am PDT NEW
                                                                Why the pushback by Vested Id 08/24/2016, 11:46am PDT NEW
                                                    They had to do it. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 08/22/2016, 10:51pm PDT NEW
                                                        Had to send fifty missiles, I doubt it NT by Vested Id 08/23/2016, 1:56am PDT NEW
                                                            Those Jews are so uncivilized, killing brown people so indiscriminately! NT by (US Predator drone kill another 20) 08/24/2016, 9:32pm PDT NEW
                                                                Jesus NT by Vested Id 08/25/2016, 6:52am PDT NEW
                                                                Who is defending drone strikes, find another outlet for your faggy sarcasm NT by Vested Id 08/25/2016, 6:56am PDT NEW
                                                                    We're not? Maybe you're not. We all reached a consensus awhile back NT by Democrats, Republicans, Moderates 08/25/2016, 7:14am PDT NEW
                                                                        Which Dems? Oh, not liberals, the non-liberal part of the Democratic Party? NT by Vested Id 08/25/2016, 7:23am PDT NEW
                                                                            No true Democrat supports drone strikes am I right. Except their candidate for NT by POTUS? 08/25/2016, 7:34am PDT NEW
                                                                                Trying to understand what the end game is with your posts by Vested Id 08/25/2016, 7:55am PDT NEW
                                                                                    The DNC doesn't really represent the left so much as a technocratic center. NT by Fullofkittens 08/25/2016, 11:57am PDT NEW
                                                                                        Boom NT by Truth drone 08/25/2016, 12:11pm PDT NEW
                                                                                            Haha, your No True Scotsman horse shit aside you're both idiots NT by Reality 08/25/2016, 6:18pm PDT NEW
                                    Clinton = Cheney or Wolfowitz. Maybe Trump isn't spouting insanity. by laudablepuss 08/13/2016, 4:30pm PDT NEW
                                        I wish I could dismiss the conflicts of interest, or warfare profiteering by to the highest bidder, like you do 08/13/2016, 9:09pm PDT NEW
                                    I watch enough anime, I'm not going to make a cartoon character President. NT by Worm 08/13/2016, 9:12pm PDT NEW
            It's double talk there are people who think that Obama founded ISIS by Worm 08/12/2016, 11:35pm PDT NEW
                B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BUT! NT by fucking whiney-ass libturds 08/13/2016, 12:32pm PDT NEW

Trump keeps playing the entire left wing like a dollar store kazoo. by ja 08/04/2016, 7:07pm PDT NEW
    Oops! Down by 10 points in the Fox News poll! by Mischief Maker 08/04/2016, 7:59pm PDT NEW
        Clinton possibly poised to win Georgia, 1st Democrat to do since 1992 by Gary Johnson 2016 08/05/2016, 5:52pm PDT NEW
    The free media is impressive by Art of the Deal 08/04/2016, 8:08pm PDT NEW
    Please don't go online today, for your own sake. Maybe go for a walk instead? by Nate Silver 08/05/2016, 7:58am PDT NEW
    By your own definition of "pitching a shitfit" by you're always doing that yourself. 08/05/2016, 3:10pm PDT NEW
        Blessed are the memes for they shall inherit the earth NT by Moonman 5:5 08/05/2016, 7:41pm PDT NEW
        He doesn't really have a family, so more like "the local dumpster will inherit" NT by The Happiness Engine 08/07/2016, 7:48am PDT NEW
    Fine with me, son!!! by You scumbags 08/16/2016, 10:51pm PDT NEW
    Re: Trump keeps playing the entire left wing like a dollar store kazoo. by lol 08/24/2016, 2:00pm PDT NEW

Speaking of unregistered foreign agents getting money from Putin... by Mischief Maker 08/20/2016, 5:56am PDT NEW
    Manafort was foisted on him by the RNC, this is Lewandowski's Revenge. NT by Fullofkittens 08/20/2016, 6:08am PDT NEW
        Schadenfreude is not revenge by laudablepuss 08/23/2016, 7:19am PDT NEW
            Then why did he keep the dress? NT by Videogames Carville 08/23/2016, 11:14am PDT NEW

The voice actor for Zapp Brannigan is reciting Trump quotes on Twitter. by Mischief Maker 08/14/2016, 12:40pm PDT NEW

You can't threaten to shoot your opponent, Donald. NT by Fucking dumbfuck. 08/09/2016, 8:20pm PDT NEW
    That's certainly the media message by Nate Silver's failed predictions 08/10/2016, 12:03am PDT NEW
        As has been pointed out, in his hypothetical Hillary has already been elected NT by laudablepuss 08/10/2016, 11:09am PDT NEW
            They played the clip on NPR today by Fullofkittens 08/10/2016, 7:16pm PDT NEW
                Did they leave out "that'll be a horrible day"? NT by MM 08/10/2016, 9:32pm PDT NEW
                It was like any of the jokes he cracks, just like the baby thing. by Worm 08/11/2016, 12:29am PDT NEW
                    Oh right he did the maybe I don't know thing with Khan's wife NT by Worm 08/11/2016, 12:37am PDT NEW
    I'm not scared (after a diazepam injection) by 08/10/2016, 12:37am PDT NEW
        If the standards are only as high as the other guy's lowest, what's the point? by Worm 08/11/2016, 12:30am PDT NEW

Just how incompetent and stupid is Obama? In handy graph form! by ja 08/06/2016, 4:12pm PDT NEW
    Re: Just how incompetent and stupid is Obama? In handy graph form! by disappointed 08/07/2016, 5:52am PDT NEW
        Probably because it was an ATOR NT by Gary Johnson 2016 08/07/2016, 6:07am PDT NEW
            I feel pretty dumb now. NT by disappointed with myself 08/07/2016, 2:35pm PDT NEW
                Direct your penance to NT by Harambe 08/07/2016, 8:43pm PDT NEW

Eastwood "chooses Trump" by Vested Id 08/03/2016, 4:13pm PDT NEW
    Re: Eastwood "chooses Trump" by Mysterio Lollerson 08/03/2016, 6:21pm PDT NEW
    Clint Eastwood thinks the legislative branch works for the President? NT by Fullofkittens 08/03/2016, 7:22pm PDT NEW
        That's just another misheard lyric in his imaginary Neil Diamond song. NT by Scream at chair / President where? 08/03/2016, 8:54pm PDT NEW
    Does he actually forget that he grew up during segregation? by Worm 08/07/2016, 9:43am PDT NEW

How long since a muslim has gone around acting like a total muslim? by ja 08/06/2016, 4:00pm PDT NEW

The Final Bern by ja 08/03/2016, 11:23am PDT NEW
    Need pill, gimmie pill NT by Jsoh Aukerman 08/03/2016, 1:40pm PDT NEW
        Oh you'll get it all right NT by THE BLAAAAAAACK PILLLLLLLL 08/03/2016, 9:39pm PDT NEW

Oh fuck. Is she TRYING to lose? NT by MM 07/22/2016, 5:58pm PDT NEW
    Why bother changing? by Progressive White People 07/22/2016, 6:28pm PDT NEW
    Why do you say that NT by Vested Id 07/22/2016, 8:20pm PDT NEW
        Banks are her weakness. Kaine's been sucking up to them all week. by Mischief Maker 07/22/2016, 8:38pm PDT NEW
    I don't know man. I'm voting Gary Johnson by Fuck these guys. 07/22/2016, 9:06pm PDT NEW
    If Trump is Hitler, why bother debating Hillary's liberal cred? by mike williams usgamer 07/24/2016, 9:57am PDT NEW
        Re: If Trump is Hitler, why bother debating Hillary's liberal cred? by Fuck these guys. 07/24/2016, 11:00am PDT NEW
        Because if she feels secure in the progressive vote, she'll lurch to the right. NT by Mischief Maker 07/24/2016, 11:16am PDT NEW
            Also the satisfaction of watching Debbie Wasserman Schultz go down in flames! by Mischief Maker 07/24/2016, 12:06pm PDT NEW
                Are you still voting for Hillary after, you know, she pushed for them to plant a by question about Sanders faith? 07/24/2016, 1:41pm PDT NEW
                    I definitely want to know that answer too by 1.5bn 4 favor$ 07/24/2016, 3:50pm PDT NEW
                    The DNC shits are practically illiterate. by Fuck these guys. 07/24/2016, 5:26pm PDT NEW
                        Emotional appeal to my peeps NT by My marshmallowy peeps 07/24/2016, 5:39pm PDT NEW
                    Let's first hear what Bernie himself has to say tomorrow. NT by Mischief Maker 07/24/2016, 10:49pm PDT NEW
                        Bernie said the leaks don't change anything for him by He still supports Clinton 07/25/2016, 12:27am PDT NEW
                            Bernie: loony money tree idealist, decades in Senate taught him nothing NT by Votes for lesser evil 07/25/2016, 11:09am PDT NEW
                        Ouch. Booed by his own supporters. NT by Peter Pumpkinhead 07/25/2016, 3:37pm PDT NEW
                            Putin knew just where and when to stick that knife. NT by Mischief Maker 07/25/2016, 4:40pm PDT NEW
                                Trump would win the election today. We are all fucked. NT by Nate Silver 07/25/2016, 5:40pm PDT NEW
                                    Fucked status update: not quite yet NT by Nate Silver 08/02/2016, 12:39pm PDT NEW
            Sooooo.... we need to threaten to stay home/vote for Nader? NT by mike williams usgamer 07/24/2016, 4:34pm PDT NEW
                'Cause we don't got Bernie as a threat anymore NT by mike williams usgamer 07/24/2016, 4:35pm PDT NEW
                    Like I said, Gary Johnson. He's at 13% now, get him to 15% and shake it up! NT by Mischief Maker 07/24/2016, 10:06pm PDT NEW
        Hey, where's Animal Mother and the other PURITY guy? by Mischief Maker 07/24/2016, 10:47pm PDT NEW
            "Hmmmmm could this post be a flippant youtube clip?" by fuck you, you cartoon 07/25/2016, 4:09am PDT NEW
            I think everyone knew it for a year now? by laudablepuss 07/25/2016, 10:17am PDT NEW
    The hacker has been identified! by Mischief Maker 07/25/2016, 11:01am PDT NEW
    Elizabeth Warren's speech was the clear winner tonight. by Mischief Maker 07/25/2016, 8:37pm PDT NEW
        You mean *with* getting boos by and shouts of Goldman Sachs 07/25/2016, 10:59pm PDT NEW
            At the start they did, by the end she won them over. NT by Mischief Maker 07/26/2016, 6:32am PDT NEW
                I want to hear more of by MMs positive spin 07/27/2016, 9:23pm PDT NEW
                    I'm trying to prevent WWIII here, dude. NT by Mischief Maker 07/28/2016, 4:48am PDT NEW
                        That's not enough to make me vote Clinton, only enough to make me not vote Trump NT by Gary Johnson 2016 07/28/2016, 8:36pm PDT NEW
                            Am I the only person who voted Bernie because I wanted to advance his policies? by Mischief Maker 07/29/2016, 9:33am PDT NEW
                                Bernie ate shit, took his ball and went home back to Irrelevanceville. NT by Gary Johnson 2016 07/29/2016, 11:50am PDT NEW
                                    Ha! A Gary Johnson protest voter joking about taking the ball and going home! by MM 07/29/2016, 1:26pm PDT NEW
                                        You missed the point. Sanders has no leverage anymore to get anything done by Gary Johnson 2016 07/29/2016, 3:22pm PDT NEW
                                            OH! Oh. I thought you were Bernie or Bust. Nevermind. Vote your conscience! NT by MM 07/29/2016, 3:57pm PDT NEW
                                                You're not alone but a minority among by the true bern victims 07/29/2016, 9:49pm PDT NEW
                                                    Dude, our quarrel here is over. by MM 07/30/2016, 5:03am PDT NEW
                                                        Don't stop dude by Subscribing to these hot updates 07/30/2016, 12:13pm PDT NEW
                                Cite for laundering money? NT by laudablepuss 07/29/2016, 2:17pm PDT NEW
                                    Sure. by MM 07/29/2016, 2:36pm PDT NEW
                                        A lot of this article fails to add up by laudablepuss 07/29/2016, 3:42pm PDT NEW
        You're missing Kaine's big strength. by Fullofkittens 07/26/2016, 9:45am PDT NEW
            Well they moved him from a middle speech to the keynote last night. NT by Mischief Maker 07/26/2016, 12:33pm PDT NEW
            Clinton is running on "4 more years of Obama". If you think Sanders moved the NT by needle, you're crazy 07/26/2016, 5:36pm PDT NEW
                We got a TPP flip flop, for now! NT by Can't score for shit, great defense 07/26/2016, 7:38pm PDT NEW
                    The wife of the man who passed NAFTA, WTO is going to pass on TPP and let the NT by Chinese run the Pacific? lol 07/26/2016, 8:53pm PDT NEW
                    I heard Obama was going to close Camp X-Ray too NT by Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha 07/26/2016, 8:54pm PDT NEW
        I liked when she said Hillary wasn't the candidate who would deregulate banks by Roop 07/26/2016, 12:44pm PDT NEW
        Standing ovation for Kissinger's suprise speech! Tears welled up in my eyes man. NT by mike williams usgamer 07/26/2016, 8:13pm PDT NEW

The most horrible raciKKKst country in the entire UNIVERSE by ja 07/29/2016, 11:11pm PDT NEW
    Make America as great as Mexico again! NT by Tom Cruise! Buddy! 07/30/2016, 3:19pm PDT NEW NT by When in doubt, make shit up. 08/02/2016, 12:27pm PDT NEW

Things to look forward to when Trump wins. by ja 07/26/2016, 12:09am PDT NEW
    I agree with you on this. by a sane person 07/26/2016, 2:25pm PDT NEW
    We must build a wall around ja NT by and make him pay for it 07/26/2016, 7:06pm PDT NEW

Sanders supporters still out for purity purge by Animal Mother 07/06/2016, 1:26pm PDT NEW
    You misspelled "policy" by Mischief Maker 07/06/2016, 3:30pm PDT NEW
        Yes it's totally not a complete purge the Sanders campaign is after by Animal Mother 07/06/2016, 9:29pm PDT NEW
            Except those already on board NT by EXCEPT THOSE ALREADY ON BOARD 07/06/2016, 9:40pm PDT NEW
            "EIN FUHRER BERNIE!," what by Vested Id 07/06/2016, 10:58pm PDT NEW
                What we need is a new National brand of Socialism by dr. no 07/07/2016, 9:07am PDT NEW
                    Fuhrer Bernie's five year plan will probably take ten years because he keeps by falling asleep on his hoverthrone. 07/07/2016, 10:09am PDT NEW
                    l guess you out-Wolpawed me because I have no fucking clue what you're saying NT by Vested Id 07/07/2016, 10:40am PDT NEW
                    Fuck you for stealing my /nick you garbage. by Dr. No 07/07/2016, 1:56pm PDT NEW
                        Bern victims stand by their betrayer in Philly by No refunds 07/24/2016, 4:27pm PDT NEW
            Dude, I share your fears. That's why I voted for the stronger candidate. by Mischief Maker 07/07/2016, 4:27am PDT NEW
                I suspect that if Sanders got the nom/became Prez he'd be our Jeremy Corbyn. NT by Fullofkittens 07/07/2016, 8:36am PDT NEW
                    Better that than Trump get the nom/become Prez and be our George W. Bush. by Mischief Maker 07/07/2016, 4:06pm PDT NEW
                        "Trump is Hitler" doesnt help. NT by Dr. No 07/07/2016, 7:43pm PDT NEW
                            If Anti-Establishment > Racism for righties they would have voted for Rand Paul. by Mischief Maker 07/07/2016, 8:03pm PDT NEW
                                Are we sure we want to be calling the right a bunch of racists all the time by Vested Id 07/07/2016, 11:20pm PDT NEW
                                    MPC prefers to identify as NT by 'Gay racist bodybuilders' 07/08/2016, 7:30pm PDT NEW
                                    Having an iron cross tattooed on your finger though? Racist! NT by Fuck you, Id you dishonest shit 07/24/2016, 6:16pm PDT NEW
                                        Part of a pattern buddy by Vested Id 07/24/2016, 7:16pm PDT NEW
                                    "posting career" are you seriously putting those two words together? NT by laughable 07/24/2016, 6:47pm PDT NEW
                                        Yes, that's the point by How to bodybuild the gay racist way 07/24/2016, 7:12pm PDT NEW
                        I don't believe that Trump can beat Clinton. NT by Fullofkittens 07/08/2016, 4:18am PDT NEW
                Thought the blue dogs went extinct? by mike williams usgamer 07/07/2016, 9:26pm PDT NEW
                    "Repubs" should really be "conservative voters" by mike williams usgamer 07/07/2016, 9:31pm PDT NEW
                        Re: "Repubs" should really be "conservative voters" by Animal Mother 07/08/2016, 2:57am PDT NEW
                            Problem is the Blue Dogs just jacked off after flipping control of congress by mike williams usgamer 07/08/2016, 1:05pm PDT NEW
            Hey wait I just found a good image could use by Animal Mother 07/07/2016, 2:18pm PDT NEW
                Is this jsoh? by Mischief Maker 07/07/2016, 4:05pm PDT NEW
                    Oh fuck you, cunt by Animal Mother 07/08/2016, 2:44am PDT NEW
                Again by Vested Id 07/07/2016, 7:29pm PDT NEW
                    Teabaggers defended themselves with those exact same lines by Animal Mother 07/08/2016, 1:59am PDT NEW
    Hey really quick ... who fucking cares? I'd elect Pol Pot at this fucking point. NT by Worm 07/06/2016, 10:44pm PDT NEW
    Because this worked out in the past by skip 07/08/2016, 7:05am PDT NEW
        Was it really McGovern that sunk them? by fabio 07/08/2016, 1:30pm PDT NEW
            You're talking about the South? by skip 07/08/2016, 3:47pm PDT NEW
        Re: Because this worked out in the past by Mysterio's Phone Bank 07/08/2016, 7:52pm PDT NEW
            Third parties are landfills of poisonous personalities by skip 07/08/2016, 8:59pm PDT NEW
                Re: Third parties are landfills of poisonous personalities by Mysterio's Phone Bank 07/08/2016, 9:38pm PDT NEW

You are going to LOVE President Trump! by Roop 07/22/2016, 4:08pm PDT NEW

This plagiarizing thing is pretty dumb by Worm 07/20/2016, 1:45pm PDT NEW
    I've heard rumors that it's an intentional distraction from the walkout. NT by MM 07/21/2016, 6:00am PDT NEW
        Yeah, maybe Trump made himself look stupid on purpose. (Never in a billion billi by on billion billion billion years) 07/21/2016, 7:37am PDT NEW
            small loan of a billion billion billion billion billion billion bi NT by Eurotrash 07/21/2016, 2:33pm PDT NEW

Best way to stop women from engaging in bad behavior: murder them. by ja 07/19/2016, 3:32pm PDT NEW
    fake article by Worm 07/19/2016, 9:23pm PDT NEW
    I think you forgot to include me, friend! by Tom Cruise! 07/20/2016, 4:02pm PDT NEW

New tell-all article by the ghost-writer of "The Art of the Deal" by Mischief Maker 07/19/2016, 6:52am PDT NEW

I'd welcome MM's thoughts on the huge class action lawsuit against the DNC by Welcome to Omsk 07/17/2016, 7:50am PDT NEW
    My only thought at the moment is, "not NOW..." by MM 07/17/2016, 11:35am PDT NEW
        I love it. by Kenny Mayne 07/17/2016, 11:44am PDT NEW
        It fits right into the riding-the-tiger gerrymandering thing Blackwater linked by Welcome to Omsk 07/17/2016, 12:04pm PDT NEW

Why both the Repubs and Dems are so extreme these days by blackwater 07/13/2016, 1:32am PDT NEW

Anyone else voting Sanders but not Clinton? by Kenji Carter 03/23/2016, 10:24am PDT NEW
    Sanders and then Clinton-with-grumpycat-face here NT by Fullofkittens 03/23/2016, 1:00pm PDT NEW
    Could you explain the benefits of your proposed strategy, please? by Mischief Maker 03/23/2016, 1:16pm PDT NEW
    That's the same attitude Zseni always took on elections NT by and she was a dumb cunt 03/23/2016, 1:48pm PDT NEW
        But not an anonymous pussy. Important point. NT by Kenny Mayne 03/24/2016, 8:26am PDT NEW
            Thank you for reporting them. Poster has been issued demerits for anon abuse NT by Bradley Svetka 03/24/2016, 4:15pm PDT NEW
    Devil you know. by Worm 03/23/2016, 5:33pm PDT NEW
        It reminds me of this Bill Burr rant: by Mischief Maker 03/23/2016, 6:35pm PDT NEW
    It's Bernie's day off! by ja 03/29/2016, 7:25am PDT NEW
        Re: It's Bernie's day off! by Mysterio 03/29/2016, 7:50am PDT NEW
            Trump supporters hate being reminded that Trump isn't actually Hitler by Worm 03/29/2016, 4:25pm PDT NEW
            Re: It's Bernie's day off! by ja 03/30/2016, 7:41am PDT NEW
                Ghomeshi is Persian idiot by Vested Id 03/30/2016, 8:54am PDT NEW
        Trump will win whether you like it or not because by Spiderman. 03/29/2016, 12:51pm PDT NEW
        My body is ready NT by Body status: ready 03/29/2016, 1:16pm PDT NEW
        thankfully you've been wrong about literally everything ever NT by in your entire life 03/29/2016, 5:09pm PDT NEW
        Credit where it's due. Trump supporters do make better memes. NT by The BLM/protests one hurts the most 03/29/2016, 7:33pm PDT NEW
        A political candidate hearing out grievances rather than punching protestors NT by sure sounds like a character flaw! 03/29/2016, 11:40pm PDT NEW
        Re: It's Bernie's day off! by ja 04/01/2016, 11:20pm PDT NEW
            How do you guarantee you'll never get AIDS or be a Cuckold? NT by DIE ALONE 04/02/2016, 5:38am PDT NEW
    I've come around a bit on this. by Kenji Carter 03/29/2016, 7:12pm PDT NEW
        This is a painful conversation because I agree with you. by Mischief Maker 03/30/2016, 8:47pm PDT NEW
            Was he banned or not? by Mysterious Stranger 03/31/2016, 9:01pm PDT NEW
                I mean the link was being deceptive. Fortinbras was just being dumb. NT by MM 04/01/2016, 5:48pm PDT NEW
                Re: Was he banned or not? by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/04/2016, 10:57am PDT NEW
                    You banned my workplace IP -- great work there, cybersleuth by WITTGENSTEIN 04/04/2016, 3:13pm PDT NEW
                        Oh god, I HOPE that wasn't really Ray! NT by Mischief Maker 04/04/2016, 3:21pm PDT NEW
                        "Dedicated employee" was another term everyone used for Fortinbras. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 07/09/2016, 12:09pm PDT NEW
                            deficated annoyee NT by gruman 07/09/2016, 12:48pm PDT NEW
    Trump will make the most interesting president in decades by Oom Shnibble 04/01/2016, 2:07am PDT NEW
        There's a good reason "thanks, Obama" has been a punchline for 8 years by fabio 04/01/2016, 2:28am PDT NEW
        Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? NT by Mysterio 04/01/2016, 2:28pm PDT NEW
            Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by Oom Shnibble 04/04/2016, 2:26pm PDT NEW
                Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by laudablepuss 04/04/2016, 2:39pm PDT NEW
                    Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by Oom Shnibble 04/05/2016, 2:50am PDT NEW
                        Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by Mischief Maker 04/05/2016, 5:36am PDT NEW
                        I mean if you want disabled people all eliminated in a dumpster fire just say so by Worm 04/05/2016, 7:25am PDT NEW
                            All reasoning goes out the window and the handwringing starts by Oom Shnibble 04/05/2016, 2:53pm PDT NEW
                                Then we all agree, I think by laudablepuss 04/05/2016, 3:07pm PDT NEW
                                Everyone has to have insurance now, so what the fuck are you talking about? by Worm 04/05/2016, 3:53pm PDT NEW
                                Reasoning in a time of cholera NT by fabio 04/05/2016, 3:59pm PDT NEW
                                The idea that routine healthcare should be handled by insurance is laughable. by blackwater 04/05/2016, 4:29pm PDT NEW
                Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by Mischief Maker 04/04/2016, 3:26pm PDT NEW
                    Obligatory by Mischief Maker 04/04/2016, 3:27pm PDT NEW
                Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by Vested Id 04/05/2016, 7:43am PDT NEW
                    Re: Ha ha, yeah, Obama's been turrible. What? by blackwater 04/05/2016, 1:58pm PDT NEW
                        George Bush kept us safe. NT by Marco Rubio, yes, I actually said t 04/05/2016, 2:26pm PDT NEW
        April Fools? NT by Mischief Maker 04/01/2016, 4:34pm PDT NEW
    Why Trump is still going to win, part 6,000,001 by ja 04/02/2016, 2:18pm PDT NEW
    Bernie supporters don't understand their own desires. by ja 04/03/2016, 3:23pm PDT NEW
        ja is absolutely right about this. It's a huge problem for liberalism. NT by Mysterio 04/03/2016, 3:59pm PDT NEW
        So Bernie wanting cases out of college court and into federal court is bad why? NT by Mischief Maker 04/03/2016, 7:14pm PDT NEW
        Whoops, I skimmed. by Mischief Maker 04/03/2016, 7:25pm PDT NEW
        ja is right: Bernie has good policies! NT by Shit what just happened? 04/04/2016, 10:57am PDT NEW
            The ultimate troll that finally made me kill myself! NT by LIEberal 04/05/2016, 2:18pm PDT NEW
    Just got back from Bernie's rally tonight! by Mischief Maker 04/03/2016, 7:32pm PDT NEW
    Just voted this morning! by Mischief Maker 04/05/2016, 7:35am PDT NEW

TJC forced to target universities. by ja 04/22/2016, 7:03am PDT NEW
    What didn't you like about this post? by Mysterio 06/17/2016, 3:08pm PDT NEW
        Even now ja STILL hasn't self replied - PROOF of by something 06/28/2016, 5:02pm PDT NEW

Brexit and Trump by Mysterio 06/24/2016, 11:53am PDT NEW
    "Stupid shaming" by The Left 06/24/2016, 12:21pm PDT NEW
        Because God only knows children don't use Google NT by skip 06/24/2016, 1:25pm PDT NEW
    You are stupid for thinking this by mffe 06/28/2016, 10:12am PDT NEW

Can we have a fucking politcal base without "ja"? NT by FUCK YOU, JA 06/17/2016, 7:03pm PDT NEW

Trump might want to reconsider his new ad people. by Mischief Maker 06/17/2016, 10:37am PDT NEW

Women are inferior to men. by ja 06/17/2016, 4:50am PDT NEW
    The draft has been a non-issue for over 40 years by turd? 06/17/2016, 6:45am PDT NEW

Trump's presidency guaranteed again some more. by ja 06/12/2016, 9:08pm PDT NEW
    Is this guy doing a bit? Sorry I'm new here. NT by pinback 06/13/2016, 8:40am PDT NEW
    I see you've started making the image macros yourself. NT by C- try harder 06/13/2016, 9:04am PDT NEW

I hope everyone enjoyed this years election. ^_^ by ja 06/04/2016, 9:34am PDT NEW
    "This is impossible!!!!!!!" by ja 06/04/2016, 9:41am PDT NEW
    Obama's powerful words against President Trump. by ja 06/04/2016, 11:11am PDT NEW
        Can you believe this mushmouthed idiot is actually our national representative? by ja 06/04/2016, 12:52pm PDT NEW
            You tried for 8 years to put Dubya's inability to speak on Barack. by Fuck You. 06/04/2016, 3:07pm PDT NEW
    Conservatives totally owning the meme game, we got this NT by Brian Ueker 06/04/2016, 1:49pm PDT NEW
    What are you on about - NT by not right now, just generally? 06/04/2016, 3:56pm PDT NEW
    From noted youtube channel Aryan Wisdom NT by Vested Id 06/04/2016, 4:22pm PDT NEW
    So Trump dies at the end of the election/300? NT by Movie Factchecker 06/12/2016, 9:24pm PDT NEW

I do not understand the political correctness angle for supporting Trump by Mischief Maker 06/03/2016, 7:52am PDT NEW
    I guess that's a rhetorical observation by Vested Id 06/03/2016, 11:54am PDT NEW
        Yeah, getting sued is WORSE than being called racist. by Mischief Maker 06/03/2016, 2:59pm PDT NEW
            So what's your argument by Vested Id 06/03/2016, 3:54pm PDT NEW
                I can read into some of that appeal by beyond just persuasive bluster 06/05/2016, 3:44pm PDT NEW
        Except trump didn't give a shit about trannies in the ladies room NT by Worm 06/07/2016, 4:29pm PDT NEW
    He makes me feel so big and strong when I feel so small and weak by Rafiki 06/03/2016, 3:12pm PDT NEW
    Re: I do not understand the political correctness angle for supporting Trump by Oom Shnibble 06/03/2016, 10:32pm PDT NEW
    Trump supporters and protesters CLASH! by Roop 06/04/2016, 11:36pm PDT NEW
        Want to make it interesting? by Mysterio Lollerson 06/07/2016, 8:07pm PDT NEW
            Not making any bets against a party so good at cheating NT by Roop 06/07/2016, 9:50pm PDT NEW

So who's running for President? A buffoon and a sociopath by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/23/2016, 4:34am PDT NEW
    Hillary never said anything about ending private gun ownership NT by you lying libertarian autistic slob 05/23/2016, 12:13pm PDT NEW
        Well she said it secretly in her head. NT by Youtube 05/23/2016, 12:37pm PDT NEW
        Re: Hillary never said anything about ending private gun ownership by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/28/2016, 2:41pm PDT NEW
    I always wondered who took political opinions from the Amazing Atheist NT by Fucking figures it would be you 05/24/2016, 7:07pm PDT NEW
    I believe that this post was a genuine Tdarcos post. I'm standing by it. NT by pinback 05/25/2016, 1:39pm PDT NEW

Liberalism: a failed ideology and worldwide joke. by ja 05/12/2016, 11:12am PDT NEW
    It certainly would stick to be a failure. NT by and a joke. 05/12/2016, 1:36pm PDT NEW
        and be unable to spell suck. NT by duh 05/12/2016, 1:38pm PDT NEW
    Liberalism: a failed ideology and worldwide joke(57).post NT by ctrl+v 05/12/2016, 1:42pm PDT NEW

INDIANA by Timothy Hutton in TAPS 05/03/2016, 4:16pm PDT NEW
    Ted OOZE has HIT THE SNOOZE NT by Vested Id 05/03/2016, 6:44pm PDT NEW
    ...aaaannnnddd Ted quits. by Mr. Kool 05/03/2016, 6:51pm PDT NEW
        His campaign ran out of cash. Nobody wants to donate to a douchebag NT by skip 05/03/2016, 8:10pm PDT NEW
            PSH some excuse. This guy's still in it by Ray of Light 05/03/2016, 8:11pm PDT NEW
                JEEZ OH MAN by Son of Mailman crawls to RNC 05/03/2016, 9:38pm PDT NEW
        I guess you could say that his by campaign has been on Cruz control 05/03/2016, 11:15pm PDT NEW
            he was cruzin to a foregone conclusion NT by susan 05/04/2016, 12:08am PDT NEW
        that's what I said NT by Vested Id 05/03/2016, 11:22pm PDT NEW
        Shouldn't he be required to carry his unviable campaign to term? NT by The Happiness Engine 05/04/2016, 3:41pm PDT NEW
            Hah! NT by Mischief Maker 05/04/2016, 5:40pm PDT NEW
            Nice. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/04/2016, 9:00pm PDT NEW
            That Tweet was shared by 4 friends on Facebook alone today by skip 05/04/2016, 10:48pm PDT NEW
                Well, ORANGE you glad I didn't copy/paste a Trump joke instead? NT by The Happiness Engine 05/07/2016, 7:46am PDT NEW
            Originally about Mike Huckabee. by Killjoy 05/05/2016, 5:27am PDT NEW
    For the first time in my life, I was undecided by Roop 05/04/2016, 1:39am PDT NEW

John Oliver so scared of Trump he'll say anything. by ja 02/29/2016, 4:02pm PST NEW
    The Nimble Navigator by Make Mysterio Great Again 02/29/2016, 10:34pm PST NEW
        Yeah I finally got sick of the Hitler/Mussolini comparisons. by Worm 03/01/2016, 11:10am PST NEW
            I am so much more OK with Trump as opposed to Cruz and Rubio :( NT by laudablepuss 03/01/2016, 11:18am PST NEW
                Same here. by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/01/2016, 4:19pm PST NEW
                    It's this kind of shit that drives people to him. by Souffle of Pain 03/01/2016, 7:57pm PST NEW
                        Only an asshole would combine the words beneficial and generosity. NT by Worm 03/02/2016, 7:31am PST NEW
                    Bernie supporters came to my door today by fucks 03/01/2016, 8:30pm PST NEW
                        It's all metrics man, gotta get that data. NT by Worm 03/02/2016, 7:04am PST NEW
                            Another factor that makes 3rd party runs a lot harder by laudablepuss 03/02/2016, 8:00am PST NEW
                        Re: Bernie supporters came to my door today by MM 03/02/2016, 5:24pm PST NEW
            Norm making that comparison made it more legitimate for me NT by Vested Id 03/01/2016, 12:19pm PST NEW
            I think the Hitler comparisons are hilarious by skip 03/02/2016, 1:51pm PST NEW
                Re: I think the Hitler comparisons are hilarious by Make Mysterio Great Again 03/02/2016, 8:12pm PST NEW
                    I hate Bernie supporters by first past the post voting 03/02/2016, 9:59pm PST NEW
                    Re: I think the Hitler comparisons are hilarious by Vested Id 03/02/2016, 11:01pm PST NEW
                        Clinton has a long legacy with the Black community by skip 03/04/2016, 7:43am PST NEW
                            Re: Clinton has a long legacy with the Black community by Souffle of Pain 03/04/2016, 9:00am PST NEW
                                Sanders supporters marvel at black propensity to vote counter to self-interest by Ray of Light 03/04/2016, 9:04am PST NEW
                            Berners are the new Ron Paul fans NT by skip 03/04/2016, 9:39am PST NEW
                                What are Bernie's batshit insane policies, then? by Entropy Stew 03/04/2016, 11:09am PST NEW
                                    I enjoy watching the batshit fans more. But their economic and foreign policies NT by are equivalently trash. 03/04/2016, 1:16pm PST NEW
                                        There's a big difference between "I don't agree with" and "this guy is nuts" NT by Entropy Stew 03/04/2016, 2:12pm PST NEW
                                            It's a good thing I only described their fans as nuts and limited the critique NT by of their ideas as trash. 03/05/2016, 5:41pm PST NEW
                                    Bernie's platform by blackwater 03/09/2016, 3:32pm PST NEW
                                        There isn't already a high rate of tax evasion? by Worm 03/09/2016, 3:56pm PST NEW
                                            Oh I guess it's not, whoops. NT by Worm 03/09/2016, 4:14pm PST NEW
                                                They've been officially for-profit less than a year NT by Vested Id 03/09/2016, 4:48pm PST NEW
                                            Simplifying the tax code would be great. If you think Bernie cares... by blackwater 03/10/2016, 12:08pm PST NEW
                                                Yeah using non-profit status to get rich, how dare I criticize such a practice. by Worm 03/10/2016, 12:49pm PST NEW
                                                    OK let's take this one step at a time by blackwater 03/10/2016, 1:28pm PST NEW
                                                        Just seems circular to me by Worm 03/10/2016, 4:01pm PST NEW
                                                            It's not that easy to obfuscate earnings. by blackwater 03/11/2016, 1:45am PST NEW
                                                            There are always more than two outcomes. Stop rationalizing like you have BPD by Welcome to Omsk 03/15/2016, 9:57am PDT NEW
                                                                Pretty sure I'm disagreeing with the tax reform guy, but whatever. by Worm 03/15/2016, 10:17am PDT NEW
                                                                    Did you need three more posts to clarify who you're disagreeing with too? Spaz. by Welcome to Omsk 03/15/2016, 11:22am PDT NEW
                                                                        I'm not saying tax reform is easy is all, that seemed to be your major issue. by Worm 03/15/2016, 11:46am PDT NEW
                                                                            You need tax reform to implement progressive taxation. by blackwater 03/15/2016, 1:25pm PDT NEW
                                                                            I'm not saying tax reform is easy is all, that seemed to be your major issue. by Souffle of Pain 03/15/2016, 2:07pm PDT NEW
                                                                                Haha ok NT by laudablepuss 03/15/2016, 2:39pm PDT NEW
                                                                                Drinking deep from the river Cable NT by Entropy Stew 03/15/2016, 4:58pm PDT NEW
                                                                                    Seriously. This shit is so retarded I'm half convinced Omsk & SoP are NT by Mischief ATORs 03/15/2016, 6:54pm PDT NEW
                                                                            For a regard I'm LAYING out my posts with strange clarity by Welcome to Omsk 03/15/2016, 3:47pm PDT NEW
                                                                                Why work on any of these skills just to talk to pieces of shit like you? lol NT by Worm 03/15/2016, 4:13pm PDT NEW
                                                                                    Because you do not work on these skills, you only talk to pieces of shit by Welcome to Omsk 03/15/2016, 8:41pm PDT NEW
                                                        Re: OK let's take this one step at a time by Souffle of Pain 03/11/2016, 2:59pm PST NEW
                                        Re: Bernie's platform by Fullofkittens 03/09/2016, 5:19pm PST NEW
                                            Single-payer healthcare is a good idea.Trying to bring back the 50s, not so much by blackwater 03/10/2016, 12:55pm PST NEW
                                                Re: Single-payer healthcare is a good idea.Trying to bring back the 50s, not s by Rafiki 03/10/2016, 2:57pm PST NEW
                    Re: I think the Hitler comparisons are hilarious by Worm 03/03/2016, 11:53am PST NEW
        Re: The Nimble Navigator by Roop 03/01/2016, 11:55pm PST NEW
            SUPERDELEGATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Worm 03/02/2016, 7:01am PST NEW
                If there's four candidates, two of each party, that would work in theory. by Mysterio 03/02/2016, 7:15am PST NEW
                    That's how it was supposed to go in 2000 by MM 03/02/2016, 5:27pm PST NEW
                        mwa ha ha ha! NT by first past the post voting 03/02/2016, 9:41pm PST NEW
    My vote's with Trump by Retardio 03/01/2016, 2:10pm PST NEW
    Re: John Oliver so scared of Trump he'll say anything. by Souffle of Pain 03/03/2016, 11:25am PST NEW
        I think they know what they're doing by fabio 03/04/2016, 2:07pm PST NEW
            The writers must be desperate by Delicous Bread and Circuses 03/04/2016, 10:31pm PST NEW
                #Trumplestiltskin NT by Worm 03/04/2016, 11:41pm PST NEW
            Re: I think they know what they're doing by Mysterio 03/06/2016, 9:40am PST NEW
                Do you know what YOU'RE doing? by Mischief Maker 03/06/2016, 10:34am PST NEW
                    Re: Do you know what YOU'RE doing? by Mysterio 03/06/2016, 11:16am PST NEW
                        Re: Do you know what YOU'RE doing? by another Mysterio 03/06/2016, 1:49pm PST NEW
                            MM tell me more policy doom prophecies by Revenue Services cooked HDDs 03/06/2016, 2:51pm PST NEW
                                'twasn't me! NT by MM 03/06/2016, 4:31pm PST NEW
                                Re: MM tell me more policy doom prophecies by that other Mysterio again 03/07/2016, 1:04pm PST NEW
                                    Re: MM tell me more policy doom prophecies by Mysterio 03/07/2016, 1:19pm PST NEW
                                        Re: MM tell me more policy doom prophecies by that other Mysterio again 03/07/2016, 2:28pm PST NEW
                                            I want Gawker to die screaming, other mysterio NT by Glenn from Habbo 03/07/2016, 2:42pm PST NEW
                        It's worth paying attention to his economic policies by skip 03/07/2016, 1:38pm PST NEW
                            None of the Republican candidates have reasonable budget proposals by blackwater 03/09/2016, 3:55pm PST NEW
                                Obamacare dropped the cost of individual health plans by half before subsidies NT by I'm sick of your lies 03/11/2016, 12:38pm PST NEW
                                    I think he's literally just talking about the website not working. by Worm 03/11/2016, 12:45pm PST NEW
                                        He is being a pretty big talking point dummy with this by libertopia 03/11/2016, 1:58pm PST NEW
                                            Hahaha, yeah that stupid website not working sure doesn't matter to people by Souffle of Pain 03/11/2016, 2:53pm PST NEW
                                                I dunno I managed it somehow. NT by Worm 03/11/2016, 3:55pm PST NEW
                                                    them fuckers in iraq are still dead though NT by Worm 03/11/2016, 4:09pm PST NEW
                                                A website not working correctly at launch to provide a service previously not by libertopia 03/11/2016, 5:02pm PST NEW
                                                    Re: A website not working correctly at launch to provide a service previo by Souffle of Pain 03/11/2016, 7:23pm PST NEW
                                                        Re: A website not working correctly at launch to provide a service previo by The Happiness Engine 03/12/2016, 10:07am PST NEW
                                                            Re: A website not working correctly at launch to provide a service previo by Souffle of Pain 03/12/2016, 10:23am PST NEW
                                                                You're a retard. by Worm 03/12/2016, 11:36am PST NEW
                                                                    Re: You're a retard. by Souffle of Pain 03/12/2016, 11:50am PST NEW
                                                                        Why did I have to set up my plan in the first day of open enrollment? by Worm 03/12/2016, 12:09pm PST NEW
                                                                            Oh actually that was the determination for my subsidy. by Worm 03/12/2016, 12:19pm PST NEW
                                                                                Er, delete an old account, the one I got those files from is my current one. by Worm 03/12/2016, 12:22pm PST NEW
                                                                                    *ether. In closing: fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck y NT by Worm 03/12/2016, 12:24pm PST NEW
                                                                                        Oy. Four posts to explain how easy it was to get registered. Sounds like by Souffle of Pain 03/12/2016, 12:26pm PST NEW
                                                                                            Yeah two because it was so fucking simple I forgot when I did it. by Worm 03/12/2016, 12:36pm PST NEW
                                                                This right here is where people decided to die on the wrong hill by Welcome to Omsk 03/15/2016, 10:27am PDT NEW
                                                        Yeah, cause someone couldn't have just called the fucking phone number NT by if the website's down 03/14/2016, 10:42am PDT NEW
                                        That post was more than a little bit facetious by blackwater 05/03/2016, 11:11pm PDT NEW
                If we didn't have two cycles of literally calling Obama the Anti-Christ by Worm 03/06/2016, 11:05am PST NEW
                    Good point, good point. by Mysterio 03/06/2016, 11:22am PST NEW
                If Vince McMahon was running would you vote for him or Trump? NT by fabio 03/06/2016, 1:45pm PST NEW
                    I admit that's a good way to put it. NT by Mysterio 03/06/2016, 8:54pm PST NEW
                        I talked to some other people online about Trump by Mysterio 03/08/2016, 10:19am PST NEW
                    McMahon all the way. If there's one thing carnies do, it's make money. NT by The Happiness Engine 03/07/2016, 4:17pm PST NEW
                        Yes but Trump has a ... by hey wait a minute! 03/08/2016, 10:00am PST NEW
    Trump cancels a rally in Chicago due to protestors by skip 03/11/2016, 10:20pm PST NEW
        "They" have decided the general public needs to be angry about Trump by Roop 03/12/2016, 12:17pm PST NEW
        Anita cancels university talk because of death threats by fabio 03/12/2016, 12:38pm PST NEW
        Re: Trump cancels a rally in Chicago due to protestors by MM 03/12/2016, 2:05pm PST NEW
            Yes, they were involved in a violent protest. You think it would have been NT by better if he had shown up? 03/12/2016, 2:18pm PST NEW
                8============D NT by put it in your mowf you fuckin quee 03/12/2016, 2:34pm PST NEW
                Up is down by fabio 03/12/2016, 2:38pm PST NEW
                    Yeah and charged with assault after the police realize the story had traction. NT by Worm 03/12/2016, 2:44pm PST NEW
                    "The man got caried away. He obviously loves his country." by what a piece of shit 03/13/2016, 11:30am PDT NEW
                        Re: "The man got caried away. He obviously loves his country." NT by Grrr, only vote who I approve of 03/13/2016, 1:59pm PDT NEW
                            I dunno, so you want to murder black people? by Worm 03/13/2016, 2:17pm PDT NEW
                                It's like the Hillary voter saying they don't have to tell you their reasoning by MM 03/13/2016, 4:14pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: It's like the Hillary voter saying they don't have to tell by Grrr, only vote who I approve of 03/13/2016, 8:24pm PDT NEW
                                        The one idiot we're basing this opinions on is Donald Trump. by Worm 03/13/2016, 9:01pm PDT NEW
                                        Things are heating up now by Make Mysterio Great Again 03/13/2016, 11:49pm PDT NEW
                                            Re: Things are heating up now by MM 03/14/2016, 12:21am PDT NEW
                                            What knife? by Worm 03/14/2016, 10:47am PDT NEW
                                                Seriously though is Trump the exclusive candidate of garbage human beings? by Worm 03/14/2016, 11:01am PDT NEW
                                                    You just don't realize you're a pawn of the Conspiracy. NT by The Church of the SubGenius 03/14/2016, 11:14am PDT NEW
                                                Re: What knife? by Mischief Maker 03/14/2016, 12:51pm PDT NEW
                    Even if Trump is shit, an angered base is a voting base. Whose NT by mind does this change? 03/13/2016, 4:32pm PDT NEW
                        On further reflection, this potentially would sway NT by Sanders-then-Trump voters. 03/13/2016, 5:39pm PDT NEW
                        So Trump will win 41% (his repug support) or 50% (approx. national repub %) NT by So 20.5% in Generral, a "landslide" 03/14/2016, 1:22pm PDT NEW
                            So Trump will win 41% (his repug support) OF 50% (approx. national repub %) NT by So 20.5% in General, a "landslide" 03/14/2016, 1:22pm PDT NEW

What has 7 years of Obama done to the black race? by ja 05/01/2016, 2:56pm PDT NEW

ha ha by the Taiwanese mainstream media 04/28/2016, 10:36pm PDT NEW
    More Bernie campaign delusion by zionist media conspiracy 04/28/2016, 11:14pm PDT NEW
    BERN in hell! NT by 04/29/2016, 6:19am PDT NEW

Trump takes CT, DE, MD, PA, RI NT by stupordelegate 04/26/2016, 6:03pm PDT NEW
    Sanders unable to broaden his support beyond white leftists by skip 04/26/2016, 7:32pm PDT NEW
        Damn Sanders supporters pirating money that's rightfully Hillary's NT by MM 04/26/2016, 7:37pm PDT NEW
            Well, it's either used on him or their student loans. I'm sure they're making NT by the right decision 04/26/2016, 7:40pm PDT NEW
                The more delegate Sanders collects, the more leverage to move the party left. NT by MM 04/26/2016, 7:44pm PDT NEW
                    This is the primaries. This is as left as either of them are going to get. by skip 04/26/2016, 8:00pm PDT NEW
                        I'm talking the Democratic Party itself. by MM 04/26/2016, 8:36pm PDT NEW
                            Didn't you recount how the party learned exactly the opposite lesson after the 2 NT by 000 election? 04/26/2016, 9:19pm PDT NEW
                                Money talks. Nader wasn't matching Gore. Also this is not the general, pussy. by MM 04/27/2016, 3:31am PDT NEW
                                    you exhibit learning behaviour but not the right kind by Ray of Light 04/27/2016, 5:55am PDT NEW
                                        His tax plan would be disastrous and he'd gut the EPA. Fuck him. by Mischief Maker 04/27/2016, 6:39am PDT NEW
                                            the year that this election most closely parallels is 44 by Ray of Light 04/27/2016, 10:08am PDT NEW
                                                Trump speaks his mind from the beginning! No, I haven't watched the news NT by latel-BWAAAA??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 04/27/2016, 10:27am PDT NEW
                                                Re: the year that this election most closely parallels is 44 by MultiPost Condenser 04/27/2016, 11:34am PDT NEW
                                                    I'm exaggerating a little by Ray of Light 04/27/2016, 12:30pm PDT NEW
                                                        Right, that's all I'm saying by don't bother 04/27/2016, 2:57pm PDT NEW
                                                        Also Bernie Sanders is a communist by genius 04/27/2016, 4:04pm PDT NEW
                                        Also: by Mischief Maker 04/27/2016, 6:42am PDT NEW
                                            In fact I pity him. by Mischief Maker 04/27/2016, 8:13am PDT NEW
                                        Re: you exhibit learning behaviour but not the right kind by Mysterio 04/27/2016, 6:57am PDT NEW
                                            Re: you exhibit learning behaviour but not the right kind by don't bother 04/27/2016, 7:03am PDT NEW
                                            we're talking about secretaries of state here by Ray of Light 04/27/2016, 9:32am PDT NEW
                                                I might need the acts of treason defined. :( by don't bother 04/27/2016, 9:39am PDT NEW
                                                    committing two would make him worse (than Hillary's one) NT by a penis-shaped flowchart 04/27/2016, 10:09am PDT NEW
                                                Re: we're talking about secretaries of state here by Mischief Maker 04/28/2016, 8:38am PDT NEW
                                    She got pilloried for the PUMA bullshit. Rightfully. by skip 04/27/2016, 4:50pm PDT NEW
                                        What do you want from me, man? by Mischief Maker 04/27/2016, 6:28pm PDT NEW
                                            I just don't see the great candidate that you do, I guess by skip 04/27/2016, 7:15pm PDT NEW
                                                Re: I just don't see the great candidate that you do, I guess by Mischief Maker 04/27/2016, 7:55pm PDT NEW
                                                    Hope you weren't one of those laid off from the campaign by Bye Bye Bernie 04/27/2016, 9:13pm PDT NEW
                                                    Probably not the best example since Edwards was a cheating asshole by skip 04/27/2016, 9:38pm PDT NEW
                                                        Hey, what do I know about negotiation? by Mischief Maker 04/28/2016, 3:06am PDT NEW
                                                            Clinton should have resigned by Mysterio 04/28/2016, 6:49am PDT NEW
                                                                okay this has to be jsoh NT by just curious 04/28/2016, 7:01am PDT NEW
                                                            If most Dems don't want a political revolution, you think Repubs do? by skip 04/28/2016, 6:53am PDT NEW
                                                                Again, what the hell do you want from me? by Mischief Maker 04/28/2016, 8:27am PDT NEW
                                                            You're seriously claiming no improvements have been made in 8 years? by just curious 04/28/2016, 7:11am PDT NEW
                                                                You Hillarybots really have the Anita Sarkeesian feigned outrage down cold. NT by Mischief Maker 04/28/2016, 8:28am PDT NEW
                                                                    I love that we do this every four years by laudablepuss 04/28/2016, 8:57am PDT NEW
                                                                        Fine. I'm done talking about everything except Turbo Kid for the time being. NT by Mischief Maker 04/28/2016, 9:33am PDT NEW
                                                                            Check out the first paragraph of this article by laudablepuss 04/28/2016, 12:18pm PDT NEW
                                                Yup by just curious 04/27/2016, 10:40pm PDT NEW
                            This will be be seen as a failure of the old left, long live the Clinton left by Roop 04/27/2016, 3:06am PDT NEW
                                btw she cheated by Roop 04/27/2016, 3:14am PDT NEW
                Bernie should stop collecting donations well before it's over, but Hillary by Mysterio 04/26/2016, 8:25pm PDT NEW

Children at protests by skip 04/27/2016, 9:51pm PDT NEW
    The final stage of any mobilisation is the children, the seed corn. by Timothy Hutton in TAPS 04/28/2016, 10:40am PDT NEW

Here's your chance jsoh! by Mischief Maker 04/23/2016, 12:08pm PDT NEW

Leftist rag New York Magazine disgraced by fraud, revealed by gamergate. by ja 04/22/2016, 9:34pm PDT NEW
    Anyone else need any more proof that liberalism is a failed ideology? NT by ja 04/22/2016, 9:46pm PDT NEW

Now we find out if New Yorkers' balls are as big as Wisconsinites'. by Mischief Maker 04/19/2016, 5:36pm PDT NEW
    Waiting to see if NY votes for Walker twice? NT by fabio 04/19/2016, 6:23pm PDT NEW
        We're talking Democrats here. NT by Mischief Maker 04/19/2016, 6:28pm PDT NEW
            A stay at home contest then? NT by fabio 04/19/2016, 6:47pm PDT NEW
                Were it an open primary I'm sure the result would be different. by Mischief Maker 04/19/2016, 6:54pm PDT NEW
    NBC calling it for Hillary NT by Vested Id 04/19/2016, 6:50pm PDT NEW
        Bleh. NT by Mischief Maker 04/19/2016, 6:55pm PDT NEW
    She even took Brooklyn. At least he had more Facebook like in NY than her NT by skip 04/19/2016, 7:18pm PDT NEW
        Re: She even took Brooklyn. At least he had more Facebook like in NY than her by MM 04/19/2016, 8:03pm PDT NEW
            If only there were some demographic factor that predicted this outcome! NT by mffe 04/19/2016, 8:26pm PDT NEW
                Presidential race? More like WHITE race! NT by Mischief Maker 04/19/2016, 8:54pm PDT NEW
    There'll be an element of karmic justice when New York is swallowed by the sea. NT by MM 04/19/2016, 8:25pm PDT NEW
        Better millions suffer and perish than not following adorable grandpa messiah NT by Bernie Kool-Aid Club 04/19/2016, 8:59pm PDT NEW
            You think Hillary's incrementalism will contain Climate Change in time? NT by I'd love to hear it! 04/19/2016, 9:01pm PDT NEW
                What's Bernie's zero compromise plan to fix things? NT by Snap his finger like Q? 04/19/2016, 9:17pm PDT NEW
                    Solutions? Why don't I have solutions for a million things? Oy! NT by Daily News presents: Weekend at Ber 04/19/2016, 9:18pm PDT NEW
                    I already explained at length. You didn't listen. by Mischief Maker 04/19/2016, 9:55pm PDT NEW
                        Great speeches. Wonder why he couldn't prevent or solve any of those. by Weekend at Bernie's 04/19/2016, 10:29pm PDT NEW
                            I suppose. Wonder why SHE couldn't prevent or solve any of those? NT by Oh right, she supported them! 04/19/2016, 11:21pm PDT NEW
                                Good point, got to give you that one. NT by ME 04/20/2016, 7:07am PDT NEW
                    Well he got the "impossible" $15/hr min wage in three states by just campaigning by MM 04/20/2016, 1:10pm PDT NEW
                        I don't think you understand, MM by Mysterio Lollerson 04/20/2016, 1:47pm PDT NEW
    Yeah, turns out there's more black people in NY than Wisconsin NT by sorry 04/19/2016, 8:55pm PDT NEW
        Also closed primaries! by MM 04/19/2016, 11:22pm PDT NEW
            This is so not a factor. by mffe 04/20/2016, 1:23pm PDT NEW
                Fine! New Yorkers are cowards scared of Trump who settle for mediocrity! NT by If that's how you want it! 04/20/2016, 1:42pm PDT NEW
    Not really relating to this, but by Mysterio Lollerson 04/20/2016, 9:14am PDT NEW
        Re: Not really relating to this, but by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/20/2016, 12:14pm PDT NEW
            Hillary is a crook by blackwater 04/20/2016, 4:54pm PDT NEW
                People hate her, and the Repubs decided to go with TRUMP and CRUZ. Amazing. by Mysterio Lollerson 04/20/2016, 8:10pm PDT NEW
                    It's because you put General Eisenhower and Actor Reagan on the same level. NT by Mischief Reality Star 04/20/2016, 8:33pm PDT NEW
                        Re: It's because you put General Eisenhower and Actor Reagan on the same level. by Mysterio Lollerson 04/20/2016, 10:25pm PDT NEW
                            I don't disagree, he had acting chops. But he was not Eisenhower's equal at all! NT by MM 04/21/2016, 4:45am PDT NEW
                    Most people in the party don't like Trump. Cruz is the result of the tea party by blackwater 04/21/2016, 5:05pm PDT NEW
                She is a crook. And I suspect all of them are. So who's the best crook? by Roop 04/21/2016, 3:49am PDT NEW
                    I don't think Bernie or Trump are crooks. by blackwater 04/21/2016, 5:10pm PDT NEW

Jackson on the 20 - Tubman on the 40 by Vested Id 04/20/2016, 10:19am PDT NEW
    Took me a bit to figure out what this meant by laudablepuss 04/20/2016, 10:41am PDT NEW

Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by Mischief Maker 04/05/2016, 5:37pm PDT NEW
    Oh god a little sprite bernie appeared NT by Worm 04/05/2016, 6:21pm PDT NEW
    AP called it for Bernie! Now the question is by how much? NT by Mischief Maker 04/05/2016, 7:04pm PDT NEW
        13 point lead? Not bad! by Mischief Maker 04/06/2016, 5:13am PDT NEW
            Not that you'll hear about it in the mainstream press. NT by Quest for the Dean Scream 04/07/2016, 5:53pm PDT NEW
                Holy fuck. by Mischief Maker 04/07/2016, 7:00pm PDT NEW
                    Interesting by Mysterio 04/07/2016, 10:59pm PDT NEW
                        Now he's getting a fist-bump from the pope?! What a rollercoaster of a campaign! by Mischief Maker 04/08/2016, 9:47am PDT NEW
    Should I be proud of my Republican neighbors? by Mischief Maker 04/05/2016, 7:51pm PDT NEW
        Whaaaaaaat the hell NT by Vested Id 04/06/2016, 3:42am PDT NEW
    Why do you love Sanders? by just curious 04/08/2016, 9:58am PDT NEW
        and I'm asking because you normally seem well informed on this stuff by just curious 04/08/2016, 10:00am PDT NEW
        Re: Why do you love Sanders? by Mischief Maker 04/08/2016, 11:29am PDT NEW
            Refer to my long posts below for more details, but by just curious 04/08/2016, 6:46pm PDT NEW
        Why do you love Kool-Aid? NT by Even more curious 04/08/2016, 2:51pm PDT NEW
            It washes away the bad taste left by this video: by Mischief Maker 04/08/2016, 3:51pm PDT NEW
                Hey dumbass I was insulting Curious not you NT by Wall Street commited no crimes 04/08/2016, 5:42pm PDT NEW
                    a simplistic, emotional insult. Thanks. Have you seen the Daily News interview? by just curious 04/08/2016, 6:33pm PDT NEW
        Re: Why do you love Sanders? by The Happiness Engine 04/08/2016, 3:57pm PDT NEW
            Not being able to prove the execs knowingly committed fraud was the problem by (reply to MM too) 04/08/2016, 5:41pm PDT NEW
                Sanders' plan to rein in banks amounts to praying for a miracle by Mysterio 04/09/2016, 11:13am PDT NEW
                    That's another problem with Bernie by just curious 04/09/2016, 6:48pm PDT NEW
        Re: Why do you love Sanders? by Vested Id 04/08/2016, 5:07pm PDT NEW
            Re: Why do you love Sanders? by (reply to MM too) 04/08/2016, 6:11pm PDT NEW
                Leftist coalitions have been a wreck since the fall of unions by skip 04/09/2016, 11:55am PDT NEW
                    The purity test obsession and niche assholes is what's killing progressives by just curious 04/09/2016, 1:11pm PDT NEW
                        Psst! Scroll down! NT by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 1:15pm PDT NEW
                Re: Why do you love Sanders? by Vested Id 04/11/2016, 2:31am PDT NEW
        Re: Why do you love Sanders? by Mischief Maker 04/08/2016, 8:41pm PDT NEW
            A little more on Sanders' legislative record before bed by Mischief Maker 04/08/2016, 8:49pm PDT NEW
                Rolling Stone? NT by really? 04/09/2016, 10:17am PDT NEW
                    You would prefer something by the New York Times? by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 12:45pm PDT NEW
                    Going DURR on the source is really weak. by Mysterio 04/09/2016, 12:51pm PDT NEW
                        Bernie himself is the best source by just curious 04/09/2016, 7:06pm PDT NEW
                    How 'bout this? by Mischief Maker 04/17/2016, 7:42pm PDT NEW
                So he set a record for amendments, and not a single one made it through? by just curious 04/09/2016, 10:53am PDT NEW
                    Re: So he set a record for amendments, and not a single one made it through? by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 12:51pm PDT NEW
                    Also: by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 12:57pm PDT NEW
                        (This is the guy who inspired the character of Gordon Gekko) NT by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 1:00pm PDT NEW
                            I'm trying to take you seriously here by just curious 04/09/2016, 1:15pm PDT NEW
                                No you're not. by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 1:33pm PDT NEW
                                You're getting your ass kicked. NT by Mysterio 04/09/2016, 3:16pm PDT NEW
                                    ^ the substance of a Sanders supporter NT by just curious 04/09/2016, 7:07pm PDT NEW
                                        Guys, this person is just curious and of high substance. NT by Kenny Mayne 04/10/2016, 10:24pm PDT NEW
                                I just fucking hate women. Is that an acceptable reason? NT by Worm 04/09/2016, 4:10pm PDT NEW
                                    Only if your hate is honest by Issue an emergency CALTROPS CARES! 04/09/2016, 4:44pm PDT NEW
                                        Re: Only if your hate is honest by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 5:07pm PDT NEW
                                            This is why I'm not bothered by Sanders's silly shoot-for-the moon goals. by Fullofkittens 04/09/2016, 6:54pm PDT NEW
                                                That style of negotiation only works if the other side is by just curious 04/09/2016, 7:51pm PDT NEW
                                                    also only if you're willing to scale down the initial offer by just curious 04/09/2016, 8:00pm PDT NEW
                                                    I was alluding to huge funding, weapon deals by Not Congressional bills 04/09/2016, 8:57pm PDT NEW
                                        Down with old white men patriarchy! In with Bernie! NT by an actual Binro opinion 04/09/2016, 6:33pm PDT NEW
                                speaking of independent Senators by just curious 04/09/2016, 6:29pm PDT NEW
                                    Why is people switching party affiliation such a big issue? by Worm 04/09/2016, 7:53pm PDT NEW
                                        In principle? It's not by just curious 04/09/2016, 8:01pm PDT NEW
                                            But that's a different old jewish man, right? NT by Worm 04/09/2016, 8:15pm PDT NEW
                                You're killing laudablepuss, Larry! NT by Walter Sobchak 04/09/2016, 8:52pm PDT NEW
            okay, now you're just making stuff up by just curious 04/09/2016, 7:37pm PDT NEW
                holy shit, you thought you were telling jokes this whole time?! NT by speaking frankily 04/09/2016, 7:53pm PDT NEW
                He's less overexcited than you about all of this. NT by Worm 04/09/2016, 8:00pm PDT NEW
                    another "I dont care about another yet topic" Worm post ding grats NT by +1 04/09/2016, 8:20pm PDT NEW
                        I care about the topic, jc is far more excitable as anti-bernie than mm is pro by Worm 04/09/2016, 8:41pm PDT NEW
        Let's try this from a different angle. by Mischief Maker 04/10/2016, 5:45am PDT NEW
            Media loves drama. They're out to "get" anyone. NT by Do you think they love Clinton? 04/10/2016, 6:21pm PDT NEW
                Re: Media loves drama. They're out to "get" anyone. by Mischief Maker 04/15/2016, 6:56am PDT NEW
                    I wonder if there's a better source for media coverage by than some photo bitching about CNN 04/16/2016, 8:45am PDT NEW
                "Bernie Sanders says private meeting with Pope Francis is not an endorsement" NT by Washington Post Headline 04/16/2016, 8:16am PDT NEW
    Bernie wins by double digits again in Wyoming! by Mischief Maker 04/09/2016, 5:18pm PDT NEW
        Yeah, but check the allocation after superdelegates by not enough for Berning Man 04/09/2016, 9:05pm PDT NEW
            Berning Man! I'm stealing that NT by perfect description of Sanders base 04/12/2016, 10:22pm PDT NEW
                This primary represents the eternal battle between Hippies and Yuppies. NT by Mischief Maker 04/14/2016, 4:27pm PDT NEW
    Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja 04/11/2016, 12:17pm PDT NEW
        Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by Historio 04/11/2016, 2:09pm PDT NEW
    Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja 04/17/2016, 1:15pm PDT NEW
        So... white people attract rain clouds? by Mischief Maker 04/17/2016, 1:30pm PDT NEW
    Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja 04/17/2016, 1:34pm PDT NEW
    Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja 04/17/2016, 1:39pm PDT NEW
    Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja 04/17/2016, 1:43pm PDT NEW
    Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja watching 04/17/2016, 3:12pm PDT NEW
        Re: Don't you fucking disappoint me, Wisconsin! by ja watching 04/17/2016, 3:14pm PDT NEW
            They are great jumping off points for additional discussions, however. by Kenny Mayne 04/17/2016, 3:18pm PDT NEW

Cruz / Colorado by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/15/2016, 9:22am PDT NEW
    There was a GOP rep from ND on NPR this morning by Fullofkittens 04/15/2016, 11:09am PDT NEW
    Re: Cruz / Colorado by laudablepuss 04/15/2016, 12:11pm PDT NEW
        Parties to switch to a Thunderdome based system NT by by 2018 04/16/2016, 3:08pm PDT NEW

Oh no is this really how people see him? by ja 04/09/2016, 11:39pm PDT NEW
    I like that the last Tracer picture you linked has a less deep butt crack. by Worm 04/10/2016, 12:07am PDT NEW
        or maybe her ass is just naturally spread? I honestly can't tell. NT by Worm 04/10/2016, 12:10am PDT NEW
    Someone took a picture of a tweet made by a Bernie Sanders supporter. by ja 04/10/2016, 12:15am PDT NEW
    This is like when you go into the raider lair in Rage and it's full of all this by astonishing outsider art. 04/10/2016, 12:34am PDT NEW

MacAfee 2016! by Roop 03/02/2016, 3:21pm PST NEW
    Re: MacAfee 2016! by laudablepuss 03/03/2016, 9:12am PST NEW
        HE DID IT! HE DUD IT! MacAfee 2016! USA! W00000t! NT by Roop 03/29/2016, 4:38am PDT NEW
    Come on people! We need a President with the wherewithal to cook their own meth NT by Roop 03/31/2016, 9:42am PDT NEW

Daily Kos moderator sets March 15th moratorium for criticising Hillary. Ha ha! by ja 03/04/2016, 6:53pm PST NEW
    Daily Kos moderator sets March 15th moratorium for criticising Hillary. Ha ha! by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/04/2016, 10:01pm PST NEW
        Don't Speak Ill of Supreme Leader by TWTR +0.05 03/04/2016, 10:33pm PST NEW
        Umm... by Mischief Maker 03/05/2016, 6:40am PST NEW
            People would have to read josh posts first for that experiment to work NT by Lost in Translation 03/05/2016, 9:51am PST NEW
    Define "compliance" by Mischief Maker 03/18/2016, 10:40am PDT NEW
        Re: Define "compliance" by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/18/2016, 10:47am PDT NEW
            Update: by Mischief Maker 03/18/2016, 9:32pm PDT NEW
        This is great. I love the part where he defends it by saying by blackwater 03/18/2016, 3:52pm PDT NEW

Rubio's out, fuck you if you liked this guy. by Mysterio 03/16/2016, 9:15am PDT NEW
    The reason he dropped out was that nobody liked, voted for him. NT by Fullofkittens 03/16/2016, 9:19am PDT NEW
    He'd look great on a shelf. by Worm 03/16/2016, 9:25am PDT NEW
        Give it up by Entropy Stew 03/16/2016, 10:05am PDT NEW
            Applauds NT by The Rock 03/16/2016, 3:26pm PDT NEW
    I liked the comment, "Replicants aren't real yet, except for Rubio" NT by laudablepuss 03/16/2016, 9:32am PDT NEW

So anyone want some free bumper stickers? NT by Worm 03/15/2016, 7:04pm PDT NEW
    Delegates are granted proportionally and her Southern firewall's spent. NT by Chin up! 03/15/2016, 10:17pm PDT NEW
        "Sanders was seriously wounded, but the soul still berns." NT by Soul Calibur Announcer 03/16/2016, 8:47am PDT NEW
    So it's Hillary vs Trump, then NT by Gently Masturbated by a Chainsaw 03/16/2016, 1:51am PDT NEW

Asher Edelman, the inspiration for Gordon Gekko, endorses Bernie. by Mischief Maker 03/10/2016, 6:02pm PST NEW
    fun game: try to find any CNN coverage whatsoever of Trump talking the TPP NT by Ray of Light 03/15/2016, 10:05am PDT NEW

Trump's campaign releases video referring to opponent as a "rent boy" by Ray of Light 03/15/2016, 8:11am PDT NEW
    What does a rent boy mean? Is it bad? NT by Mysterio 03/15/2016, 9:02am PDT NEW
        Underage fuckboy NT by Vested Id 03/15/2016, 9:14am PDT NEW
            *long pause* so . . . bad? Ok bad. No I knew that. NT by laudablepuss 03/15/2016, 9:56am PDT NEW

Trump tweet generator by Entropy Stew 03/10/2016, 4:38pm PST NEW

What is up with our Presidents' heart rates? by laudablepuss 03/09/2016, 11:47am PST NEW

Milo embarrasses President Choco Cuck in his own home by ja 03/05/2016, 10:25pm PST NEW
    you do know that Obama isn't at the press briefings right? by euthanize retards 03/07/2016, 8:39am PST NEW
    Strange fruit trumps Earnest man with queer logic by Vested Id 03/07/2016, 9:08am PST NEW
    I was wondering where the kid from Project Natal went. by Worm 03/07/2016, 1:31pm PST NEW

Kasich's sane, I like him. NT by Mysterio 03/05/2016, 10:31pm PST NEW

tonight's debate highlight: Trump assures the electorate that he has a big dick by Ray of Light 03/04/2016, 4:48am PST NEW
    People can't even-ing is all played out but nonetheless I can't even with this s NT by Fullofkittens 03/04/2016, 7:40am PST NEW

A capitalist is a man who will sell you the rope you hang him with. by Vladimir Lenin 03/04/2016, 4:21am PST NEW

World laughs at the mere thought of leftists committing suicide. by ja 03/03/2016, 10:55am PST NEW
    At least move this to =( NT by Worm 03/03/2016, 12:36pm PST NEW
    Re: World laughs at the mere thought of leftists committing suicide. by like minded individual 03/03/2016, 2:50pm PST NEW

Can't wait to hear about liberals committing suicide. by ja 03/02/2016, 11:42am PST NEW
    I'm really sorry your tumblr got banned. by Worm 03/02/2016, 11:52am PST NEW
        Re: I'm really sorry your tumblr got banned. by has he tried WordPress? 03/02/2016, 5:40pm PST NEW

Rubio by Mysterio 03/02/2016, 7:16am PST NEW
    He really does seem like he came from 1952. by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/02/2016, 9:04am PST NEW

Cables literally wrong about everything by the truth 02/29/2016, 4:25pm PST NEW

Bernie Sanders supporters don't understand economics. by ja 02/28/2016, 3:12pm PST NEW
    I didn't know jsoh was with Hillary! by Mischief Maker 02/28/2016, 3:26pm PST NEW
    says the dude whose brother has sucked government tit his whole life by euthanize retards 02/29/2016, 8:13am PST NEW
    Didn't you guys take a fake check for a thousand dollars from a crackhead? NT by Worm 02/29/2016, 10:39am PST NEW

Anti-democracy liberal sluts love the zika virus. by Mischief Maker 02/28/2016, 5:09pm PST NEW
    Aw shit! Ator! NT by ja 02/28/2016, 5:10pm PST NEW

Leftism proves inseperable from censorship. by ja 02/28/2016, 4:51pm PST NEW

Liberals don't understand world history. by ja 02/28/2016, 3:17pm PST NEW

Leftist in crumbling freefall, academia now officially a joke. by ja 02/28/2016, 1:58pm PST NEW
    We're finally realising you were right. by everyone 02/28/2016, 2:41pm PST NEW

Liberal democrats in a nutshell. by ja 02/26/2016, 8:18am PST NEW
    Jeff Minter? NT by Curio 02/26/2016, 5:34pm PST NEW

Ted Cruz might be the Zodiac Killer, by the way. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/25/2016, 8:46pm PST NEW
    Ted Cruz sent me a mailing that had a "check" showing through the window by It was a mock check written to him 02/26/2016, 10:15am PST NEW

why are there not 10 thousand posts here by Ray of Light 02/26/2016, 3:31am PST NEW
    He's a wrecking ball that hits everyone in the nuts NT by laudablepuss 02/26/2016, 6:47am PST NEW

Liberals are the true racists, as we already knew. by ja 02/24/2016, 8:10am PST NEW
    Deray does have some good tweets NT by Fullofkittens 02/24/2016, 10:39am PST NEW
    What's racist about this again? by Worm 02/24/2016, 1:04pm PST NEW
        Oh nevermind, I thought you meant the comic was racist. by Worm 02/24/2016, 1:50pm PST NEW

Creex, who ya dislike in the Republican primary? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/22/2016, 6:57pm PST NEW

Liberal tries to prove muslims are peaceful, gets raped and murdered by muslims. by ja 02/22/2016, 7:25am PST NEW
    A: this was in 2008, eight years ago by B: you're a retard 02/22/2016, 9:10am PST NEW

Black on white hate crimes now outnumber all other hate crimes. by ja 02/16/2016, 3:05pm PST NEW
    Re: Black on white hate crimes now outnumber all other hate crimes. by a dumbfuck 02/17/2016, 1:52am PST NEW
    good thing you never leave your house! NT by those niggers won't get you!!!!!!!! 02/17/2016, 5:05pm PST NEW
    Good thing he remembers the important part. by Worm 02/17/2016, 6:35pm PST NEW

Long bet: before I die, I'll see someone honestly state that 9/11 happened under by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/13/2016, 11:03pm PST NEW
    Rubio's the biggest piece of shit I've seen in a long time. NT by Nice work, Florida. 02/14/2016, 8:34am PST NEW
    Jake "stupid" Jabbs already said the Air Traffic Controllers were fired under Ob by laudablepuss 02/15/2016, 12:35pm PST NEW
        Haha, the ones from the 80s? NT by MaddoxFan2015 02/15/2016, 7:52pm PST NEW
            Yeah, getting blamed for something Reagan did by laudablepuss 02/15/2016, 8:09pm PST NEW

Black people: are they nothing more than a joke? Yes. by ja 02/13/2016, 4:06pm PST NEW
    What did YOU do on Valentines Saturday? by Linkbots get all the pussy 02/14/2016, 4:36am PST NEW
        I have a first date with a Jew by anti-semite 02/14/2016, 6:39am PST NEW
            and she canceled! by anti-semite 02/14/2016, 9:40am PST NEW
                Re: and she canceled! by Rafiki 02/14/2016, 10:22am PST NEW
                    Done, at the link Rafiki specified. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/14/2016, 11:47am PST NEW

Liberals, fearing freedom, humiliated on a global platform, again, some more. by ja 02/13/2016, 4:05pm PST NEW
    Fascinating stuff! NT by everyone 02/13/2016, 5:41pm PST NEW

Larry David's so good he can even make Saturday Night Live funny! by Cable Linkbot 2.0 02/07/2016, 4:31pm PST NEW
    This is a setup plus duration by Vested Id 02/10/2016, 3:24am PST NEW

Slavery: was it even really that important? Nope. by ja 02/06/2016, 8:45am PST NEW
    White slavers were really kind of nice guys by Eurotrash 02/07/2016, 12:04am PST NEW
    We should start a new rating system for Cable posts NT by "start to Jews" 02/07/2016, 10:25am PST NEW
    Was there any point or purpose to this? by laudablepuss 02/09/2016, 2:46pm PST NEW
        Yes. You guys were talking about slavery elsewhere. NT by Synapse Software 02/09/2016, 3:33pm PST NEW
            No. NT by laudablepuss 02/09/2016, 10:11pm PST NEW

The entire female gender: worse than retards? by ja 02/07/2016, 2:09pm PST NEW
    Re: The entire female gender: worse than retards? by yup 02/07/2016, 2:42pm PST NEW

Please Clap. by Jeb Bush 02/03/2016, 2:04pm PST NEW
    That was about as suave as that kind of thing can go NT by Vested Id 02/03/2016, 8:16pm PST NEW
    Also those people are being paid to sit there. NT by Fullofkittens 02/04/2016, 9:42am PST NEW
    Re: Please Clap. by Mysterio 02/04/2016, 10:38am PST NEW

Feminism fights against free speech in Canada, loses sort of. by kate leth 01/22/2016, 7:57am PST NEW
    Re: Feminism fights against free speech in Canada, loses sort of. by Mysterio 01/22/2016, 8:35am PST NEW
    "gynocentric", from the aspiring troll who brought you NT by "homosexual holocaust" or something 01/22/2016, 2:15pm PST NEW
    You're such a pussy you can't even physically overpower women? NT by Invisible Privileges 01/22/2016, 4:28pm PST NEW

The feminists war against technology and civlization. by kate leth 01/08/2016, 5:28am PST NEW
    "the explosive claim of an anonymous source" NT by The Right-Wing Anita Sarkeesian 01/08/2016, 5:54am PST NEW
    According to Eric S. Raymond by gruman 01/08/2016, 10:20am PST NEW
        Don't forget HIV denialism by skip 01/09/2016, 11:58am PST NEW
            Here everyone help yourself by Vested Id 01/10/2016, 3:00am PST NEW
    Re: The feminists war against technology and civlization. by leftists 01/08/2016, 4:37pm PST NEW

The left wing in one image. by kate leth 01/08/2016, 1:29pm PST NEW
    I think these three images do a better job of illustrating your point by gruman 01/08/2016, 1:37pm PST NEW

So, let's take a look at the 2016 election by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 12/28/2015, 7:56am PST NEW
    wait, which ones are the Republicans and Democrats again NT by Fullofkittens 01/06/2016, 6:31pm PST NEW

"...until we can figure out what's going on!" by Donald Trump 01/06/2016, 6:01am PST NEW
    Oof NT by Poe's Law 01/06/2016, 11:42am PST NEW
        You wish, loser! by Donald Trump 01/06/2016, 12:21pm PST NEW
    You know you can't handle me! by Donald Trump 01/06/2016, 12:37pm PST NEW

Prominent leftist NY Daily News writer and blacklivesmatter founder goes APESHIT by kate leth 12/08/2015, 4:47am PST NEW
    Drones? Thanks Obama NT by Eurotrash 12/08/2015, 5:34am PST NEW
    Nobody except me noticed by lizardmen in the White House. 12/08/2015, 6:45am PST NEW
        Didn't have the time to find a picture with chemtrails, obama, and isis by Worm 12/08/2015, 9:09am PST NEW
            caption: "thanks Obama" NT by Eurotrash 12/08/2015, 2:31pm PST NEW

The center and right now own the full monopoly on the truth. by kate leth 12/04/2015, 4:39pm PST NEW
    Cool story brah! NT by linkbots get all the pussy 12/04/2015, 5:03pm PST NEW

You needle a liberal a little bit about their silly beliefs and they meltdown. by kate leth 12/04/2015, 3:46pm PST NEW
    A person going into a meltdown? by I wonder what that looks like! 12/04/2015, 3:49pm PST NEW
    Yeah hey Peter Coffin is a douchebag who cares. NT by Worm 12/04/2015, 4:03pm PST NEW

More and more people becoming WOKE to the reality of leftism. by kate leth 12/02/2015, 10:16am PST NEW
    Cool story brah! NT by linkbots get all the pussy 12/02/2015, 11:39am PST NEW
    Re: More and more people becoming WOKE to the reality of leftism. by Did You Know? 12/02/2015, 2:28pm PST NEW

Paris is burning NT by skip 11/14/2015, 9:59am PST NEW
    I mixed red and blue for Caltrops's background so we can support France. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/14/2015, 6:53pm PST NEW
        and the award for dumbest thing written about the attacks goes to by Rafiki 11/14/2015, 10:30pm PST NEW
            Is anyone watching Cafe Press? Do we know if they are printing coded messages on NT by pajama pants and baby tees? 11/14/2015, 11:58pm PST NEW
            We're scared because all forms of communication aren't sufficiently monitored? by Worm 11/15/2015, 12:06am PST NEW
            "It may sound ridiculous"? Not at all by Eurotrash 11/15/2015, 1:38am PST NEW
            I thought PSN was already actively sponsoring terrorism by Entropy Stew 11/15/2015, 5:16am PST NEW
            Not long ago... by Oom Shnibble 11/16/2015, 11:05am PST NEW
                Re: Not long ago... by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/16/2015, 2:06pm PST NEW
                    Socially isolated autists seem to be the only people left in DDO. by Oom Shnibble 11/17/2015, 10:05pm PST NEW
    Belated tribute by Vested Id 11/25/2015, 6:36am PST NEW

Do black lives REALLY matter? by kate leth 11/24/2015, 12:58am PST NEW
    You won't BELIEVE the answer! NT by click here 11/24/2015, 3:27am PST NEW
    I dunno, ask your fellow /pol/ tards by Mysterio 11/24/2015, 5:19pm PST NEW

What does ISIS want, Reddit? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/21/2015, 5:41pm PST NEW
    7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine by 11/21/2015, 6:19pm PST NEW
        reddit intellectual heavyweights or LISTAMANIA CLICK HERE by Which do I seek less? 11/21/2015, 9:16pm PST NEW

John Oliver by kate leth 11/18/2015, 4:42am PST NEW
    Kate has a point here. NT by MaddoxFan2015 11/18/2015, 7:48am PST NEW
        That we should turn back the clock and surrender to Sharia law? NT by Mysterioso 11/18/2015, 8:28am PST NEW
    I was with him until that Caitlyn Jenner piece by for great justice 11/18/2015, 11:43am PST NEW
    Re: John Oliver by A Civilized Modern Person 11/18/2015, 1:32pm PST NEW
    I read that in his voice. NT by Mysterio 11/18/2015, 9:24pm PST NEW
        I did as well. by Mysterio 11/20/2015, 8:44am PST NEW
    "Everybody has the right to their own opinion!" by death rattle of a losing argument 11/20/2015, 3:06pm PST NEW
        Re: "Everybody has the right to their own opinion!" by jizzbot 11/20/2015, 3:37pm PST NEW
        Yeah but Oliver's shtick could do without what this Cable's described. by Welcome to Omsk 11/20/2015, 6:55pm PST NEW

Liberals will tolerance their way into a new homosexual holocaust. by kate leth 11/17/2015, 8:46am PST NEW
    Cool story brah! NT by Linkbots get all the pussy 11/17/2015, 10:15am PST NEW
    This site now contains the phrase "homosexual holocaust." NT by twice 11/17/2015, 1:58pm PST NEW

Millions of liberals embarrass and discredit their entire ideology, some more. by kate leth 11/12/2015, 6:48pm PST NEW
    Is Breitbart paying you for all this spam? NT by Mysterioso 11/12/2015, 7:20pm PST NEW
        Posts like this only make the problem worse by Vested Id 11/15/2015, 11:31pm PST NEW
    Oh boy, liberals aren't going to look very good today. 8) NT by kate leth 11/14/2015, 3:48am PST NEW
    Why are the rest of you giving Fox News the monopoly on truth? by kate leth 11/14/2015, 6:38am PST NEW
        Lately you've been creeping into NT by Timecube territory with these posts 11/14/2015, 7:25am PST NEW
        Re: Why are the rest of you giving Fox News the monopoly on truth? by MaddoxFan2015 11/14/2015, 7:57am PST NEW
    How liberals are now coming off to all (true) freethinkers. by kate leth 11/15/2015, 8:19am PST NEW
        Could you explain the by gaytriarchy laser-eye pyramid 11/15/2015, 2:12pm PST NEW
            C'mon, that one's easy. It's the gayluminati NT by Entropy Stew 11/16/2015, 4:54pm PST NEW

HILLARY IS 44 NT by HILLARY IS 44 11/03/2015, 7:47pm PST NEW
    Whose bitch is dis? NT by MaddoxFan2015 11/11/2015, 7:55pm PST NEW

Want a hint of what the culture will say by 2016? by kate leth 11/07/2015, 1:28pm PST NEW
    You were talking about Zoe Quinn 10 years ago? NT by Your liberal overlords 11/07/2015, 5:26pm PST NEW
    They make me learn about this shit in school now. NT by a child from the future. 11/08/2015, 6:32am PST NEW
    Don't you think that... by Oom Shnibble 11/08/2015, 10:08am PST NEW
        Buckle up for the answer on that one by Now a Motion Picture! Sticker 11/11/2015, 3:35pm PST NEW

comment sections are dying out by blackwater 10/09/2015, 12:49am PDT NEW
    Re: comment sections are dying out by WITTGENSTEIN 10/09/2015, 7:27am PDT NEW
        Even others are tired of PA's subpar drawings by skip 10/10/2015, 8:03am PDT NEW
            This is the 2nd time in two hours you've taken offense at the imagined use of NT by "Hipster" 10/10/2015, 10:41am PDT NEW
                Saying it twice doesn't make it less true. NT by skip 10/10/2015, 10:48am PDT NEW
                    true that you're shadow boxing your secret shame of being a hipster? NT by sounds right 10/10/2015, 11:26am PDT NEW
                        Sure. I'm a hipster if that makes you feel better. At least I'm not defending PA NT by skip 10/10/2015, 1:12pm PDT NEW
                            Defending PA vs. defending the pretentious twat who made Uncle is a tough choice NT by WITTGENSTEIN 10/10/2015, 9:16pm PDT NEW
                    hahaha, you need trigger warnings NT by faggot 10/10/2015, 5:36pm PDT NEW
                "Imagined" by Souffle of Pain 10/10/2015, 1:53pm PDT NEW
                    No, you go back and click the OTHER post, expecting me to do all the work NT by lazy fuck 10/10/2015, 2:32pm PDT NEW
                    hahahaha NT by Mysterio Lollerson 10/10/2015, 4:14pm PDT NEW
                    You're defending the faggot defending the Hunie Pol Pop reviewer? NT by faggot 10/10/2015, 6:10pm PDT NEW
                        I don't really read the site. NT by Souffle of Pain 10/10/2015, 8:23pm PDT NEW
            He's not wrong but it's not like anyone else is above this shit. re: Fedoras by Worm 10/10/2015, 3:17pm PDT NEW
            I can't believe a satirical gaming webcomic depicted people it didn't like as NT by ugly caricatures. Shocking. 10/10/2015, 9:12pm PDT NEW
                The only people they depict "beautifully" are each other! NT by Mysterio Lollerson 10/10/2015, 10:12pm PDT NEW
            Well... I thought it was funny. Anyway yeah better no comments than PA comments by blackwater 10/12/2015, 9:12pm PDT NEW

Do Americans care about Putin making Obama look like a chump in Syria? by Oom Shnibble 10/08/2015, 9:30pm PDT NEW
    I don't think most Americans think about foreign policy very much. by blackwater 10/09/2015, 1:02am PDT NEW
    Black man don't catch no shade by Vested Id 10/09/2015, 2:14am PDT NEW
        Re: Black man don't catch no shade by Oom Shnibble 10/09/2015, 11:54am PDT NEW
    Yes and no. by WITTGENSTEIN 10/09/2015, 7:49am PDT NEW
    Re: Do Americans care about Putin making Obama look like a chump in Syria? by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/09/2015, 1:58pm PDT NEW

Progressives are the left's Tea Party, leftism is on the ropes. by kate leth 10/07/2015, 12:27pm PDT NEW
    Subject says "Progressives" but the video says "Regressives" by Caltrops Fact Checker 10/07/2015, 12:36pm PDT NEW
    The Tea Party is the right's Tea Party. NT by On the ropes, objectively right etc 10/07/2015, 1:17pm PDT NEW
    Milo really looks like a cheesy human being, is that ironic or something? NT by Worm 10/07/2015, 2:16pm PDT NEW
    Fuck brits by Vested Id 10/07/2015, 6:17pm PDT NEW
        And he had his fabulous hair done in L.A. NT by Roop 10/07/2015, 8:38pm PDT NEW
            Milo is a national treasure NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/08/2015, 10:45am PDT NEW
                Really, why NT by Vested Id 10/08/2015, 11:52am PDT NEW
                    Re: Really, why by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/08/2015, 12:13pm PDT NEW

Walker out, praise Christ NT by laudablepuss 09/21/2015, 2:03pm PDT NEW
    People were always ganging up on him by Vested Id 09/21/2015, 3:55pm PDT NEW
        Really? I thought people always forgot about him. Less presence than Cruz NT by skip 09/21/2015, 4:17pm PDT NEW
        He was a Northern governor who pushed union reform. That took a lot of clout. by WITTGENSTEIN 09/21/2015, 4:34pm PDT NEW
            Oh, we're calling it "union reform" now? by Mischief Maker 09/21/2015, 4:45pm PDT NEW
                Well he reformed the concept of unions into... wage slavery I guess? That counts NT by The Happiness Engine 09/21/2015, 4:53pm PDT NEW
            Jesus, I thought the Cables were the only retarded libertarians here by real talk 09/21/2015, 8:25pm PDT NEW
                Re: Jesus, I thought the Cables were the only retarded libertarians here by Worm 09/21/2015, 8:43pm PDT NEW
                I don't know he just seemed more likable than the average bear by Vested Id 09/22/2015, 1:11am PDT NEW
                    Whoa the left wing media has flooded the net with doofy photos of Gov. Walker NT by Vested Id 09/22/2015, 1:14am PDT NEW
                        Is EVERY republican a closet case? by Mischief Maker 09/22/2015, 6:15am PDT NEW
                            Re: Is EVERY republican a closet case? by Vested Id 09/22/2015, 8:49am PDT NEW
                                Sarcasm is a difficult thing to detect on the internets, my apologies. by Mischief Maker 09/22/2015, 9:48am PDT NEW
                            Probably. They're worried you'll shut down their businesses and sue if NT by they make you unhappy. 09/22/2015, 9:20pm PDT NEW
                Somebody is really fucking staked in his 40k a year government salary here by WITTGENSTEIN 09/22/2015, 10:19am PDT NEW
                    So what high powered shit are you doing now? Hedge funds, neurosurgery, attorney by Worm 09/22/2015, 11:52am PDT NEW
                        None of the above (oil and gas drilling) by WITTGENSTEIN 09/25/2015, 3:40pm PDT NEW
                    Haha, demanding a living wage! The gall of these peasants! by real talk 09/22/2015, 3:35pm PDT NEW
                        Re: Haha, demanding a living wage! The gall of these peasants! by Mysterio Lollerson 09/25/2015, 3:16pm PDT NEW
                            My only posts here have been under my name by WITTGENSTEIN 09/25/2015, 3:32pm PDT NEW
                                OK. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 09/25/2015, 8:04pm PDT NEW
                    Haha yay you are insane by laudablepuss 09/22/2015, 3:41pm PDT NEW
                        Government workers should be accountable to the people. by blackwater 09/22/2015, 8:23pm PDT NEW
                            Re: Government workers should be accountable to the people. by Wisconsin State Senator 09/22/2015, 9:32pm PDT NEW
                                LESS GOVERNMENT = MOAR FREEDOMS! by real talk 09/23/2015, 3:32pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: LESS GOVERNMENT = MOAR FREEDOMS! by Wisconsin State Senator 09/26/2015, 11:58am PDT NEW
                                        Re: LESS GOVERNMENT = MOAR FREEDOMS! by Mischief Maker 09/26/2015, 1:08pm PDT NEW
                                            Re: LESS GOVERNMENT = MOAR FREEDOMS! by Wisconsin State Senator 09/26/2015, 2:04pm PDT NEW
                                                Why didn't you reply to (or at least quote) the post you were satirizing? NT by Eidetic Maker 09/26/2015, 3:00pm PDT NEW
                                                    Re: Why didn't you reply to (or at least quote) the post you were satirizing? by Wisconsin State Senator 09/26/2015, 4:07pm PDT NEW
                                                        Look at me. Do I look happy about what you're doing here? by Pat Kilbane, Humor Coach 09/26/2015, 4:47pm PDT NEW
                                                            Look, he LITERALLY asked me for an explanation by xX=-krosfyre-=Xx 09/26/2015, 5:13pm PDT NEW
                            Accountability by Mischief Maker 09/23/2015, 6:34am PDT NEW
                                Thank you for actually replying rather than just spewing some identity politics by blackwater 09/24/2015, 6:52pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: spewing by Mischief Maker 09/24/2015, 8:39pm PDT NEW
                                        Re: spewing by blackwater 09/27/2015, 7:07am PDT NEW
                                    Identity politics! ha ha you poor dumb idiot by real talk 09/26/2015, 3:30pm PDT NEW
                                        It's funny to me that people won't even give Reagan credit for the cold war NT by Mysterio Lollerson 09/26/2015, 3:38pm PDT NEW
                                            Re: It's funny to me that people won't even give Reagan credit for the cold war by Souffle of Pain 09/26/2015, 7:18pm PDT NEW
                                            Did HE orchestrate the '91 Soviet coup attempt? by ???? ?????? 09/26/2015, 7:29pm PDT NEW
                                            For ending it, which hasn't been proven, or for saying that thing that one time by Vested Id 09/26/2015, 8:40pm PDT NEW
                            Rubber Room by Mischief Maker 09/23/2015, 6:40pm PDT NEW
                                Bikini man would've known how to control those girls in the back! NT by Injustice 09/23/2015, 7:21pm PDT NEW
                                Just to add a little context for why some people unconditionally hate teachers. by Worm 09/23/2015, 8:40pm PDT NEW
                                Re: Rubber Room by blackwater 09/27/2015, 7:34am PDT NEW
                            Referendum by Mischief Maker 09/23/2015, 7:09pm PDT NEW
                                Why are you arguing with this tard? by real talk 09/23/2015, 9:23pm PDT NEW
                                    Suffering fools is emotionally draining. Those posts were cathartic. NT by Mischief Maker 09/24/2015, 3:49am PDT NEW
                        No, you're just a stupid crybaby faggot by WITTGENSTEIN 09/25/2015, 3:42pm PDT NEW
                            Not-a-reply reply, but some more indications of your insanity NT by laudablepuss 09/26/2015, 6:44pm PDT NEW
                                That you're too stupid to understand basic concepts is not his problem. NT by What is rational self-interest? Hmm 10/02/2015, 4:29pm PDT NEW
                                    Ayn Rand? Seak to us! NT by Glenn Beck seance 10/02/2015, 5:48pm PDT NEW
                                    Undoubtedly. Quick question . . . by laudablepuss 10/04/2015, 9:56pm PDT NEW
        Re: People were always ganging up on him by laudablepuss 09/22/2015, 3:51pm PDT NEW
    Dropping out comes naturally to him. NT by Marquette University 09/21/2015, 4:03pm PDT NEW

So would anyone vote for Trump against Clinton by Oom Shnibble 08/09/2015, 6:42am PDT NEW
    Trump would be a great president for Democrats by The Happiness Engine 08/09/2015, 7:22am PDT NEW
        Yoo Hoo! NT by The Supreme Court 08/09/2015, 7:56am PDT NEW
        NATIONWIDE POPCORN SHORTAGE dis gonna be good NT by The king of internet comedy AMA 08/09/2015, 2:25pm PDT NEW
        Re: Trump would be a great president for Democrats by blackwater 08/14/2015, 4:09pm PDT NEW
        The sad part is he wouldn't even be the worst pres we've ever had. NT by skip 09/21/2015, 4:26pm PDT NEW
    trump is a clinton op NT by Mysterio 08/09/2015, 7:34pm PDT NEW
        also fuck hilary by Mysterio 08/09/2015, 7:55pm PDT NEW
            Having paid attention to how she ran her campaign against Obama by The Breadman 08/09/2015, 8:26pm PDT NEW
    I always "waste" my vote by Roop 08/14/2015, 7:49pm PDT NEW
        Re: I always "waste" my vote by MM 08/14/2015, 9:10pm PDT NEW
            It depends by Wikiwise 08/15/2015, 2:48pm PDT NEW
        Also: by MM 08/14/2015, 9:22pm PDT NEW
            Personal responsibility includes knowing when not to waste time on something. by serial malcontent 08/15/2015, 2:51pm PDT NEW
            The difference is that if Trump or Clinton wins, we will actually be victims by blackwater 08/24/2015, 8:33pm PDT NEW
                ^this was a dumb opinion in 2000 and is even dumber now NT by real talk 09/21/2015, 2:19pm PDT NEW
                    Not the same situation. We would have been better off with Gore in 2000. by blackwater 09/22/2015, 8:28pm PDT NEW
    Yes by Ryan Paul 08/15/2015, 11:41pm PDT NEW
    Go ahead. THROW YOUR VOTE AWAY! NT by Kang and Kodos 08/22/2015, 9:09am PDT NEW

Profiling works, again. by kate leth 08/22/2015, 1:41am PDT NEW
    I wonder what would happen if jsoh stopped living vicariously and just enlisted? by Mysterio 08/22/2015, 4:37am PDT NEW
        The feminine other by Vested Id 08/22/2015, 12:34pm PDT NEW
    Let's hear it for IT Consultants! by Oom Shnibble 08/23/2015, 2:08am PDT NEW
    Re: Profiling works, again. by Statistician 08/24/2015, 2:18pm PDT NEW

We're gonna build a wall. We're gonna build it right. And you know who's gonna NT by pay? MEXICO 08/11/2015, 7:00pm PDT NEW
    Is that BombMexico's welfare-sucking cousin? NT by WITTGENSTEIN 08/13/2015, 1:53pm PDT NEW
        TRUMP BAYBAY by Make America Great Again! 08/13/2015, 3:29pm PDT NEW
            No, I just thought "PayMEXICO" was BombMexico's layabout goldbricking worthless NT by cousin 08/15/2015, 10:47pm PDT NEW

Ta-Nehisi Coates is very niggardly with proofreading. by kate leth 08/09/2015, 9:48pm PDT NEW
    I don't see a problem with the car pulling out a gun NT by Michael Knight, the guy from Spy Hu 08/09/2015, 10:00pm PDT NEW
    Read his book over rice krispy treats and root beer at B&N by WITTGENSTEIN 08/10/2015, 8:24am PDT NEW

Helpful information. ^_^ by kate leth 08/07/2015, 10:11pm PDT NEW
    That police error rate is pretty shocking. They should start hiring citizens. NT by Police Academy 4 08/08/2015, 12:35am PDT NEW
        All crime to be solved by dog lasso NT by Police Quest 4 08/08/2015, 12:45am PDT NEW
    People who communicate with infographics NT by Liars, liberal faggots, IDF, NRA 08/08/2015, 2:37am PDT NEW
    Hello officer, I would like to report an instance of nothing happening NT by involving a gun. 08/08/2015, 3:53pm PDT NEW

The neurosurgeon, the guy from Ohio and Rand Pal don't seem that bad. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/07/2015, 5:22pm PDT NEW

hahaha you guys have Trump in the lead NT by You dumb right wing fucks 08/05/2015, 8:57am PDT NEW
    Maybe we're not wrong when we say the right are a bunch of racist yahoos! NT by Liberal Hipster Scum 08/05/2015, 9:13am PDT NEW
        So...racists love Trump? by someone needs to circulate the memo 08/05/2015, 1:44pm PDT NEW
            Huh. Is SHE a presidential candidate? No? by Liberal Hipster Scum 08/05/2015, 2:47pm PDT NEW
                Maybe you should read the NT conversation again, Mr. Shitmonkey NT by "you guys" "you dumb...fucks" etc. 08/05/2015, 8:19pm PDT NEW
                    Yes, lefties are the real racists because ... Kelly Osbourne by Worm 08/06/2015, 7:56am PDT NEW
                        I love that Worm, of all people, feels called to take the field and fight to NT by uphold Caltrops' high standards 08/07/2015, 4:58pm PDT NEW
            Your boobs are huge, I mean, I wanna squeeze em, I'm not a part of this conversa NT by Kelly Osborne 08/05/2015, 10:08pm PDT NEW

When ya gonna talk cuck, cables? NT by Mike Cuckabee 08/04/2015, 8:55pm PDT NEW

You can learn more from 1 Jim Goad article than in a million years of college. by kate leth 08/03/2015, 2:26am PDT NEW
    Maybe you should have included a gif at the end there. by Worm 08/03/2015, 5:50am PDT NEW
    Cool story, brah! NT by Linkbots get all the pussy 08/03/2015, 7:39am PDT NEW
    Radical Republicans sure fucked the south in the ass, didn't they? by Dyslexic Linkbots Untie! 08/04/2015, 8:28pm PDT NEW

The mainstream liberal left in a nutshell. by kate leth 07/25/2015, 5:53am PDT NEW
    How many "in a nutshell" posts about the left do you have to make to by encapsulate them? 07/25/2015, 11:11am PDT NEW
    Re: The mainstream liberal left in a nutshell. by MrGrillio 07/25/2015, 2:08pm PDT NEW
        Obviously not mainstream enough by But you can help! 07/26/2015, 12:56am PDT NEW
    You won't believe what happens next! by The clickbait circlejerk. 07/25/2015, 3:49pm PDT NEW
        This obese 30+ virgin Caltrops poster got stuck in a booth at Arby's - What NT by happened next will make you laugh 07/29/2015, 2:47pm PDT NEW
            That's not fair! NT by I hardly ever post on Caltrops. 07/29/2015, 4:55pm PDT NEW

The tolerant racially inclusive liberals when dealing with actual black people: by kate leth 07/25/2015, 9:46am PDT NEW

The Sickness in the Left by kate leth 07/17/2015, 4:07pm PDT NEW
    Oh boy! A Yoosta Bee! by Mischief Maker 07/17/2015, 6:21pm PDT NEW
        Yeah progs never do that NT by Mysterio 07/17/2015, 6:56pm PDT NEW
            Fair Enough! by MM 07/18/2015, 8:13am PDT NEW
        Police plants in protest crowds are always doughy dudes NT by fabio 07/17/2015, 9:14pm PDT NEW
        Something more up MM's alley: short, and nobody changes the by way they think about anything 07/19/2015, 2:59pm PDT NEW
            Thanks for affirming my beliefs, those righties *are* fucking fat! by MM 07/19/2015, 4:20pm PDT NEW
                Michael More NT by Souffle of Pain 07/19/2015, 5:38pm PDT NEW
                    Al Gore Rosie O'Donnell Barney Frank Bob Beckel Ed Schultz Roseanne Barr by Andrea Dworkin Zoe Quinn 07/20/2015, 12:52am PDT NEW
                        Why is an atheist like me better at the bible than you? NT by MM 07/20/2015, 4:42am PDT NEW
                            So much better I don't need to prove or qualify it NT by Out of the way people I'm a liberal 07/20/2015, 5:11am PDT NEW
                                Chubby AND stupid! The stereotype lives on. by MM 07/20/2015, 6:43am PDT NEW
                                    The joke is in the misreading of it. by Worm 07/20/2015, 11:29am PDT NEW
                                        Please don't explain the jokes to him. by Dumb Fatty 07/21/2015, 4:47am PDT NEW
                                            Yeah, that's why you didn't claim victory until AFTER Worm gave you an out. by Mischief Maker 07/21/2015, 6:46am PDT NEW
                                                That's your defense? That someone ELSE pointed out your mistake before I did? by Tsk. Wisconsin law schools, huh? 07/21/2015, 10:08am PDT NEW
                                        You're giving captain word search way too much credit here, Worm. NT by Mischief Maker 07/21/2015, 6:41am PDT NEW
                                            Are you giving anyone on this site an iota of credit but yourself? by Worm 07/21/2015, 11:17am PDT NEW
                                                I've LITERALLY been around longer than creexul by so no luring was necessary 07/21/2015, 2:15pm PDT NEW
                                                    *whistle* by Pat Kilbane, Humor Coach 07/21/2015, 3:03pm PDT NEW
                                                        Shit! Now I don't know whether I should apologize again or just call you a NT by fag 07/21/2015, 3:10pm PDT NEW
                                                    Zseni is fat NT by RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! 07/21/2015, 8:33pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: Chubby AND stupid! The stereotype lives on. by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 07/21/2015, 4:52am PDT NEW
                                Jesus what happened here last night NT by WITTGENSTEIN 07/21/2015, 3:34pm PDT NEW
                                    I'll tell you what. Caltrops happened. by It's In The Way That You Use It int 07/21/2015, 8:41pm PDT NEW

I woyld just like to go on record as saying... by Oom Shnibble 07/21/2015, 9:17am PDT NEW

You guys believe the mainstream media, haha. by kate leth 07/16/2015, 9:40pm PDT NEW

Libs so bitter over Scott Walker that they want to shoot people. by kate leth 07/06/2015, 1:44pm PDT NEW

Why we've always been smarter than everyone else. by kate leth 07/03/2015, 1:56pm PDT NEW

jon stewart such an embarrassing useful idiot, YOU CAN'T GUESS WHO SLAMS HIM by kate leth 06/08/2015, 9:48am PDT NEW
    You won't believe what feminists are doing to each other in this video! NT by Caltrops Clickbait Bot (kate leth) 06/09/2015, 8:01am PDT NEW

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