The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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So it's good and you should get it, but I want to bitch by fabio 02/12/2017, 11:48am PST NEW
    In lore Ciri is magically born special. NT by Worm 02/12/2017, 5:57pm PST NEW
        Oh nevermind, you weren't being hyperbolic there by Worm 02/12/2017, 6:00pm PST NEW
    Fuck! Did they get Bioware people to do all the sex scenes? by fabio 03/12/2017, 11:02pm PDT NEW

I paid $1.20 for a Gwent beta key on Kinguin by Worm 01/21/2017, 4:28pm PST NEW
    In retrospect I fucking hate card games. by Worm 02/19/2017, 1:30pm PST NEW
    Gwent fucking sucks by fabio 03/05/2017, 11:40pm PST NEW

How is this compared to 2? by fabio 02/01/2017, 8:15am PST NEW
    I think it's just fantastic. by Worm 02/01/2017, 10:43am PST NEW
        Got it. Definitely better than 2. by fabio 02/11/2017, 11:37am PST NEW
            I am presently looking up at a calendar of oiled up Geralt bathing. by Worm 02/11/2017, 12:01pm PST NEW

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