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I play this game way too much. More replays by Entropy Stew 10/17/2016, 9:01pm PDT NEW
    I give thanks for these plays by Entropy Stew 11/22/2017, 9:54pm PST NEW
        These are absurd. NT by Fullofkittens 11/25/2017, 9:09am PST NEW

My quick take on Rocket League by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2016, 9:05am PST NEW
    Game of the decade so far. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/03/2017, 3:06pm PST NEW

fuck ranked mode. 1-0 and your feckless faggot teammates quit. Fuck that. NT by What's the point? 07/29/2016, 10:25am PDT NEW
    The bottom of ranked isn't going to look much better than unranked NT by Entropy Stew 07/29/2016, 10:29am PDT NEW
        The bottom of unranked slots in an AI so I can PLAY THE FUCKING GAME THOUGH by What's the point? 07/29/2016, 10:44am PDT NEW

I do not feel I've been placed in the correct Doubles division. by pinback 07/22/2016, 4:41pm PDT NEW
    That's normal this season. Just win 10 in a row and get out NT by Entropy Stew 07/23/2016, 7:26am PDT NEW
        Hey how do you do those replays that you post here? I want to show you the magi NT by c of keyboards. 07/23/2016, 12:13pm PDT NEW
            nVidia shadowplay by Entropy Stew 07/23/2016, 12:46pm PDT NEW

Season 3 starting today. Full bracket reset. Shit's mental by Entropy Stew 06/20/2016, 10:07pm PDT NEW
    I like basketball mode. NT by pinback 06/21/2016, 6:18am PDT NEW
    That's impressive by Chillum 06/21/2016, 6:18pm PDT NEW
        I've played 700 hours according to Steam by Entropy Stew 06/25/2016, 7:32pm PDT NEW
    Ranked seems to have gotten prickly while I was away. by pinback 06/21/2016, 6:58pm PDT NEW
        People shit on each other all the time by Entropy Stew 06/25/2016, 7:33pm PDT NEW
    The Neo Tokyo arena is fantastic by Entropy Stew 06/21/2016, 8:17pm PDT NEW
    Grand Champion PSH by Entropy Stew 06/25/2016, 5:14pm PDT NEW
    JESUS FUCK WHY by Entropy Stew 07/05/2016, 8:59pm PDT NEW
        Can you post some replays? by Sly Marbo 07/05/2016, 9:06pm PDT NEW
            That sounds suspiciously like work by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 7:29pm PDT NEW
        'cause you're so goddamn good. by pinback 07/06/2016, 5:51am PDT NEW
            I didn't know you could play Rocket League with a mouse and keyboard!? by Fullofkittens 07/06/2016, 5:56am PDT NEW
                Well, just keyboard, really. NT by pinback 07/06/2016, 8:21am PDT NEW
                    A trackball and a keyboard, you mean, old chum. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/06/2016, 8:30pm PDT NEW
                They actually added mouse support this last patch NT by Entropy Stew 07/10/2016, 2:41pm PDT NEW
            I was only rising star last season. That ain't no grand champ by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 2:20pm PDT NEW
                This is probably harder to do with a keyboard by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 6:50pm PDT NEW
                    This is probably a lot harder to do with a keyboard by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 6:59pm PDT NEW
                        I don't know how I did this with a gamepad much less how I'd do it with a keyboa by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 7:24pm PDT NEW

I need teammates who don't suck. by pinback 07/20/2015, 8:55am PDT NEW
    My challenge to play you in "Ring Runner" still stands. NT by Mischief Maker 07/20/2015, 3:23pm PDT NEW
        I don't know what that is. NT by pinback 07/20/2015, 8:47pm PDT NEW
        You don't need to use euphemisms here. NT by We're very accepting of fags 07/21/2015, 12:07am PDT NEW
    ChainGangGuy and I will join you. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/21/2015, 9:26am PDT NEW
        I will buy it for whoever wants it, but you have to get good. by pinback 07/21/2015, 12:08pm PDT NEW
            We ARE good. The leads are weak! NT by Souffle of Pain 07/21/2015, 1:23pm PDT NEW
    Can console and PC play together? by CattleHumper 07/21/2015, 2:03pm PDT NEW
        Yes NT by Entropy Stew 09/14/2015, 6:57am PDT NEW
    This game is fucking great by Entropy Stew 07/22/2015, 3:22pm PDT NEW
        This is hockey, not soccer by Entropy Stew 07/23/2015, 12:17am PDT NEW
            I like hockey. NT by Brian 07/24/2015, 8:10am PDT NEW
            Actually this is every sport. by DavidWreckham 07/29/2015, 10:42am PDT NEW
        Re: This game is fucking great by pinback 07/27/2015, 2:33pm PDT NEW
            It seems to be random by Entropy Stew 07/27/2015, 4:36pm PDT NEW
                No, that was me. NT by pinback 07/28/2015, 7:55am PDT NEW
    This game is murdered by leavers by Entropy Stew 07/25/2015, 3:04pm PDT NEW
        In my experience, you are overstating things. by DavidWreckham 07/29/2015, 11:19am PDT NEW
            New update bans you for 15 minutes for being the first to leave. NT by DavidWreckham 07/31/2015, 10:41am PDT NEW
    I played for two hours. I'm ready to be your teammate. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/05/2015, 8:10pm PDT NEW
        Addicting. Absolutely addicting. by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/06/2015, 7:30am PDT NEW
            ONE OF US NT by Entropy Stew 10/06/2015, 4:40pm PDT NEW
                Pinback + ICJ team is 2-2. 3-1 if you don't count the one where ICJ owned-goale NT by d us with 20 seconds left. 10/06/2015, 10:25pm PDT NEW
                Pinback + Entropy Stew is 1-0. NT by UNDEFEATED NIGGAZ 10/06/2015, 10:57pm PDT NEW
            You're not keyboarding like pinback, are you? by Entropy Stew 10/06/2015, 10:30pm PDT NEW
                I sure am. by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/07/2015, 9:48am PDT NEW
                    I have a Steam controller now. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/16/2016, 5:02pm PDT NEW
                        That always looked awful to me by Entropy Stew 03/17/2016, 11:34am PDT NEW
    Re: I need teammates who don't suck. by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/08/2015, 7:22pm PDT NEW
    Why do people defend when your team is down 3-1? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/10/2015, 3:15pm PDT NEW
    How does someone get good? I just bought this. by Sly Marbo 03/16/2016, 4:45pm PDT NEW
        Brain dump by Entropy Stew 03/16/2016, 8:04pm PDT NEW
            What the hell is "air dodge"? NT by pinback 03/17/2016, 7:28am PDT NEW
                Dodge is when you hit the jump button a second time in the air NT by Entropy Stew 03/17/2016, 10:17am PDT NEW
                    And yes, it's a stupid fucking name but it's what the move is called by Entropy Stew 03/17/2016, 10:22am PDT NEW

Moltobenny Productions Presents: The Greatest RL Save Ever by pinback 08/26/2015, 8:55pm PDT NEW
    Such a save I had today, and it wasn't even on my account :( NT by Entropy Stew 09/20/2015, 1:13am PDT NEW
    This is the brag thread, I guess. Here's a goal by Entropy Stew 09/25/2015, 5:46pm PDT NEW
        Another from last night by Entropy Stew 10/05/2015, 4:45pm PDT NEW
    Full court aerial double tap (French solidarity edition) by Entropy Stew 11/19/2015, 8:55pm PST NEW
        Well, that's absurd. NT by pinback 11/20/2015, 7:21am PST NEW
            Some days, I am the aerial monster. Others, I am the monstee. NT by Entropy Stew 11/20/2015, 8:53am PST NEW
    Always follow through by Entropy Stew 12/05/2015, 12:51am PST NEW
    Adapt on the fly by Entropy Stew 12/07/2015, 10:00pm PST NEW
    Fail edition by Entropy Stew 01/04/2016, 5:32pm PST NEW
        That makes Baby Jesus cry. NT by pinback 01/05/2016, 7:36am PST NEW
            The greater humiliation was that this was a 2 vs 3 by Entropy Stew 01/05/2016, 12:28pm PST NEW
        Do you lose the point if your car enters the goal? NT by MM 01/05/2016, 9:54am PST NEW
            No, the clock ran out and ball hit the ground .2 seconds before it scored. NT by pinback 01/05/2016, 10:02am PST NEW
    Aborted Harlem Globetrotters by Entropy Stew 03/15/2016, 4:22pm PDT NEW by Entropy Stew 03/15/2016, 4:25pm PDT NEW
    Beautiful doubletap, and a third for good measure by Entropy Stew 03/16/2016, 11:47pm PDT NEW

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