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I play this game way too much. More replays by Entropy Stew 10/17/2016, 9:01pm PDT NEW
    I give thanks for these plays by Entropy Stew 11/22/2017, 9:54pm PST NEW
        These are absurd. NT by Fullofkittens 11/25/2017, 9:09am PST NEW

My quick take on Rocket League by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2016, 9:05am PST NEW
    Game of the decade so far. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/03/2017, 3:06pm PST NEW

fuck ranked mode. 1-0 and your feckless faggot teammates quit. Fuck that. NT by What's the point? 07/29/2016, 10:25am PDT NEW
    The bottom of ranked isn't going to look much better than unranked NT by Entropy Stew 07/29/2016, 10:29am PDT NEW
        The bottom of unranked slots in an AI so I can PLAY THE FUCKING GAME THOUGH by What's the point? 07/29/2016, 10:44am PDT NEW

I do not feel I've been placed in the correct Doubles division. by pinback 07/22/2016, 4:41pm PDT NEW
    That's normal this season. Just win 10 in a row and get out NT by Entropy Stew 07/23/2016, 7:26am PDT NEW
        Hey how do you do those replays that you post here? I want to show you the magi NT by c of keyboards. 07/23/2016, 12:13pm PDT NEW
            nVidia shadowplay by Entropy Stew 07/23/2016, 12:46pm PDT NEW

Season 3 starting today. Full bracket reset. Shit's mental by Entropy Stew 06/20/2016, 10:07pm PDT NEW
    I like basketball mode. NT by pinback 06/21/2016, 6:18am PDT NEW
    That's impressive by Chillum 06/21/2016, 6:18pm PDT NEW
        I've played 700 hours according to Steam by Entropy Stew 06/25/2016, 7:32pm PDT NEW
    Ranked seems to have gotten prickly while I was away. by pinback 06/21/2016, 6:58pm PDT NEW
        People shit on each other all the time by Entropy Stew 06/25/2016, 7:33pm PDT NEW
    The Neo Tokyo arena is fantastic by Entropy Stew 06/21/2016, 8:17pm PDT NEW
    Grand Champion PSH by Entropy Stew 06/25/2016, 5:14pm PDT NEW
    JESUS FUCK WHY by Entropy Stew 07/05/2016, 8:59pm PDT NEW
        Can you post some replays? by Sly Marbo 07/05/2016, 9:06pm PDT NEW
            That sounds suspiciously like work by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 7:29pm PDT NEW
        'cause you're so goddamn good. by pinback 07/06/2016, 5:51am PDT NEW
            I didn't know you could play Rocket League with a mouse and keyboard!? by Fullofkittens 07/06/2016, 5:56am PDT NEW
                Well, just keyboard, really. NT by pinback 07/06/2016, 8:21am PDT NEW
                    A trackball and a keyboard, you mean, old chum. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/06/2016, 8:30pm PDT NEW
                They actually added mouse support this last patch NT by Entropy Stew 07/10/2016, 2:41pm PDT NEW
            I was only rising star last season. That ain't no grand champ by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 2:20pm PDT NEW
                This is probably harder to do with a keyboard by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 6:50pm PDT NEW
                    This is probably a lot harder to do with a keyboard by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 6:59pm PDT NEW
                        I don't know how I did this with a gamepad much less how I'd do it with a keyboa by Entropy Stew 07/06/2016, 7:24pm PDT NEW

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