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List of recommended mods (besides Long War 2) by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/05/2017, 1:40pm PST NEW

With Mods, this game has become addictively replayable by Roop 09/10/2016, 7:09pm PDT NEW

An odd workaround for the extreme load times by Hans Clastorp 02/14/2016, 12:49pm PST NEW
    There should be more things like this. by THE FUTURE. DON'T FIGHT IT 02/14/2016, 3:21pm PST NEW
    The Iron Lady really went to town on Operation Blood Hole, huh? NT by Eurotrash 02/14/2016, 11:41pm PST NEW

It's got Terror from the Deep difficulty on some missions, but I'd give it 8/10 NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/07/2016, 5:28pm PST NEW
    Improvements over Enemy Unknown? by fabio 02/07/2016, 6:40pm PST NEW
        Re: Improvements over Enemy Unknown? by Hans Clastorp 02/09/2016, 7:20pm PST NEW
            The last mission is pretty long. by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/09/2016, 8:49pm PST NEW
        Re: Improvements over Enemy Unknown? by Roop 02/10/2016, 4:10pm PST NEW
    TotalBiscuit's first impression had him finish it. 72 hours. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/10/2016, 12:31pm PST NEW

Preloading... NT by Fullofkittens 02/04/2016, 7:03pm PST NEW
    31 gigs. NT by pinback 02/05/2016, 8:34am PST NEW
        I'll make room on the couch for it. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/05/2016, 2:31pm PST NEW
    UPDATE by Fullofkittens 02/06/2016, 10:03am PST NEW
        Ouch. I was hoping for your take on it. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/06/2016, 10:42am PST NEW
            Don't jump to conclusions, here! by Mischief Maker 02/06/2016, 12:02pm PST NEW
                Re: Don't jump to conclusions, here! by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/06/2016, 12:43pm PST NEW
                Well that review wasn't nitpicky at all NT by Eurotrash 02/06/2016, 3:21pm PST NEW
            I liked the new one, with the exception of monster box triggered enemies by Entropy Stew 02/06/2016, 1:31pm PST NEW
            Tried playing through the pain. by Fullofkittens 02/06/2016, 6:46pm PST NEW
                Enjoy me in the meantime! I play remarkably similarly. NT by Darkest Dungeon 02/06/2016, 7:08pm PST NEW
                Send it back! Through Steam! Get a refund! by The I Root For Refunds Guy 02/06/2016, 7:31pm PST NEW
                    UPDATE on the refund! by Fullofkittens 02/07/2016, 6:52am PST NEW
                        They couldn't "find" it. A virtual store sent a guy into the back and he emerges by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/07/2016, 7:59am PST NEW
                        Hahahaha they're just fucking with you NT by Eurotrash 02/07/2016, 3:24pm PST NEW

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