Star Wars: Battlefront
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Is the new Star Wars: Battlefront worth $10 on Origin? NT by Mr. Kool 12/22/2016, 10:30pm PST NEW
    It sucks and the player base is dying NT by mike williams us gamer 12/24/2016, 11:20pm PST NEW

Star Wars Open World RPG Kickstarter! by pinback 01/04/2016, 11:54am PST NEW
    Here's the link. by pinback 01/04/2016, 12:16pm PST NEW
        That Kickstarter looks like a shitty scam. NT by Oom Shnibble 01/04/2016, 10:36pm PST NEW
            By NT by Devin 01/05/2016, 7:33am PST NEW
            I posted it because it's hilariously bad, not because I was excited about it. NT by pinback 01/05/2016, 7:35am PST NEW

I am on hour 2 of the install. 44% by Rafiki 12/30/2015, 1:01pm PST NEW

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