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Twine fanfic. A perfectly fine use of Twine. by pinback 07/01/2017, 1:00pm PDT NEW

Well, now it's kind of pissing me off that nobody else here plays this. NT by pinback 11/07/2016, 8:38pm PST NEW
    (sound of toilet flushing) NT by A Message From Caltrops Cares 11/07/2016, 9:02pm PST NEW

Pinback's Beginners Guide to Caves of Qud by pinback 10/27/2016, 12:33pm PDT NEW

A Twine guide for Qud beginners. by pinback 10/19/2016, 8:49am PDT NEW

I'm finally getting into this, to the point where I don't die immediately. by pinback 10/13/2016, 3:05pm PDT NEW

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