Friday the 13th: The Game
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Welcome to the Caltrops Halloween game! Ya gotta post as something SPOOKY! by I'm a Mummy! 10/03/2018, 9:40pm PDT
    ...Then he put her hand over her mouth and whispered "someday I will reverse by Roe v Wade..." 10/04/2018, 1:32am PDT
        Hoo hoo hoo hoo NT by Spooky laughter 10/04/2018, 1:42am PDT
        Re: ...Then he put her hand over her mouth and whispered "someday I will reverse by to own the cons 10/05/2018, 1:43pm PDT
            Upvoting this so fucking hard. NT by the emotionally damaged. 10/05/2018, 7:02pm PDT

On sale for $20 now. It's totally worth that. NT by fabio 10/27/2017, 8:16am PDT

More highlights by fabio 06/26/2017, 7:49am PDT

Is Dead by Daylight any good? NT by fabio 06/16/2017, 6:41am PDT
    The answer is "No!" by fabio 06/18/2017, 8:13pm PDT
        Oh look at me not liking a game by fabio "Thought Leader" 06/19/2017, 8:23am PDT
            It could be! by fabio 06/19/2017, 9:43am PDT

Welp, here we go by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/13/2016, 7:46pm PDT
    Watched RLM playing this on Twitch. Looks like a fun multiplayer game by Rafiki 05/31/2017, 6:39pm PDT
        Yes, it appears that they made a great game. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/31/2017, 9:26pm PDT
            Bought it, played a few rounds, had fun by Rafiki 06/02/2017, 12:13pm PDT
                There's only 3 maps, but I can't stop playing this goddamn game by Rafiki 06/03/2017, 2:52pm PDT
                I take back what I said about repair. I'm appreciating stats more by Rafiki 06/04/2017, 10:30pm PDT
                    Let's get it and have a Caltrops Group Outing. NT by Mysterio 06/05/2017, 12:10am PDT
                        I'm down by fabio 06/05/2017, 7:51pm PDT
    Picked it up by fabio 06/08/2017, 8:46am PDT
        Re: Picked it up by fabio 06/08/2017, 9:14am PDT
            Getting it tonight NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/08/2017, 12:42pm PDT
    Finally got to play as Jason by fabio 06/08/2017, 11:08pm PDT
        Re: Finally got to play as Jason by Rafiki 06/09/2017, 9:31am PDT
        I would get swatted so many times trying to play this game. by Always with cause! 06/10/2017, 5:33am PDT
    re: counselor balance by fabio 06/08/2017, 11:16pm PDT
        Re: re: counselor balance by Rafiki 06/09/2017, 12:05pm PDT
            FUCK YOU TOO PAL! NT by fabio 06/09/2017, 7:47pm PDT
            That's why I don't get asshole nerd chick players by fabio 06/09/2017, 8:26pm PDT
    Still figuring it out. Not bad so far. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/09/2017, 7:51pm PDT
        I immediately leave any lobby where no one talks on voice NT by fabio 06/09/2017, 8:27pm PDT
    Really wish they would just give counselors the map off the bat by fabio 06/09/2017, 11:12pm PDT
        There's a lot of promise here by Listen to Caltrops! 06/10/2017, 5:38pm PDT
    I roleplayed as a big dumb fat retard who couldn't accomplish a single goal by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/09/2017, 11:32pm PDT
        I whiffed my first time as Jason too by fabio 06/10/2017, 11:19am PDT
            Re: I whiffed my first time as Jason too by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/10/2017, 1:13pm PDT

4/10 NT by Polygon, "Thought leader" 06/10/2017, 9:20am PDT
    I have no idea why Polygon got popular. by mysterio 06/10/2017, 1:28pm PDT

The solo guy in the car who won't stop for anyone NT by Assholes of Friday the 13th 06/08/2017, 1:45pm PDT
    Who stops for hitchhikers in a game based off a SLASHER FLICK?!?! NT by working as intended 06/08/2017, 2:26pm PDT
        fellow counselors in arms NT by or so I thought ;_; 06/08/2017, 2:47pm PDT
            Jason can now spawn in the backseat of any car driven by a player NT by v1.1 patch notes 06/08/2017, 2:53pm PDT
                When you ride alone NT by you ride with Jason Vorhees 06/09/2017, 9:54pm PDT

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