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Hey lets implement in-game supported voice chat what could go wrong by Blizzard 04/29/2017, 6:34pm PDT NEW
    hi NT by the CURRENT YEAR 04/29/2017, 10:55pm PDT NEW
        Does anyone want to try to separate screaming slurs from being racist? by Worm 04/30/2017, 9:59am PDT NEW
            Jesus guys, he even says the n word instead of NIGGER NT by Worm abducted by tumblr pod people 04/30/2017, 10:17am PDT NEW
                Saying n-word makes people here more upset than nigger, so it's the most anti-pc NT by Worm 04/30/2017, 4:38pm PDT NEW
                    Next you should start using throbbing nigger cock emojis NT by Roop 04/30/2017, 4:46pm PDT NEW
                        Won't you be my N-Word? NT by Mr. Roger's Toronto eSports 04/30/2017, 5:32pm PDT NEW
    "I was having a really bad day ... twitch wouldn't work ... my internet was lagg NT by ing." 05/01/2017, 12:30pm PDT NEW
    Also, playing that at 2x speed is the funniest thing I've heard in 2017. NT by pinback 05/01/2017, 12:35pm PDT NEW

Beat my play of the game by giant enemy crab 03/09/2017, 10:02am PST NEW

Billboard by fabio 10/16/2016, 1:59pm PDT NEW
    Brought to you by the committee to get you to buy more Cards Against Humanity NT by Mysterio 10/16/2016, 2:46pm PDT NEW

Overwatch: The Triggering by Mysterio 09/06/2016, 7:13pm PDT NEW
    Hey, it's work NT by Bobcat Goldthwait 09/06/2016, 8:42pm PDT NEW

So this is unplayable for 2 more weeks by fabio 08/21/2016, 9:23am PDT NEW
    I'm so glad I refunded this. by Worm 08/24/2016, 11:05am PDT NEW

Because Zarya just wasn't shitting enough NT by Ana 07/31/2016, 12:47pm PDT NEW

Who is your least used hero and why is it Zarya NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 06/19/2016, 7:03pm PDT NEW
    Shield doesn't last long enough by Entropy Stew 06/19/2016, 8:57pm PDT NEW
        Either change it from a damage soak to a full invulnerability or that by Rey Mysterio Jr. 06/19/2016, 10:12pm PDT NEW
    There's no reason at all to pick her over other tanks by fabio 06/19/2016, 10:58pm PDT NEW
        and the reason her shield doesn't last longer by fabio 06/19/2016, 11:01pm PDT NEW
        Re: There's no reason at all to pick her over other tanks by xXx Dark Zarya xXx 07/17/2016, 10:51pm PDT NEW
    Side note if you bought this through paypal on the blizzard store you can still NT by get a refund 07/18/2016, 10:37pm PDT NEW

Holy shit did they fuck up competitive mode by fabio 06/30/2016, 2:17am PDT NEW
    It's like competitive bumper bowling, what's the point? by Worm 07/01/2016, 1:00pm PDT NEW
        thanks worm by fabio 07/01/2016, 6:28pm PDT NEW
            Well that's a retarded expectation. Pugs will always be shit. by Worm 07/01/2016, 6:45pm PDT NEW
                One advantage of pugs over friend lists by fabio 07/01/2016, 7:14pm PDT NEW
                    Fabs you're not on my friends list and we're keeping it that way. by Worm 07/01/2016, 7:35pm PDT NEW
                        I wish you would apply your "Who cares? Why bother?" outlook to your own posts NT by fabio 07/02/2016, 2:56pm PDT NEW
                            shut up fabio, we need all the lousy shrinking violet posts we can get NT by caltrops marketing team 07/03/2016, 7:40am PDT NEW
                            Well it's a fitting outlook when it comes to modern gaming. by Worm 07/03/2016, 11:23pm PDT NEW
                                I don't get this, you both think it sucks, and yet are arguing about it. NT by pinback 07/12/2016, 6:50am PDT NEW
                                    It's just the question of life being a deterministic hell or a free hell by Worm 07/12/2016, 10:14am PDT NEW
    Qualified 5/5 with one leave, started at 49 points. by Worm 07/11/2016, 9:32pm PDT NEW

Ha ha, Battleborn fucking sucks by Cuck Watch 07/03/2016, 9:22pm PDT NEW
    PIXAR MEETS ANIME! For when art styles have no meaning at all except NT by "the kids like this stuff" 07/03/2016, 10:23pm PDT NEW
        It makes Aeon Flux look like Disney. NT by FAGGOT SHIT! 07/04/2016, 2:41pm PDT NEW
    I thought Overwatch was ripping off TF2, it was actually literally ripping off t NT by his game the whole time? 07/04/2016, 5:41am PDT NEW
        Happy Dependence Day, Rand McNally. NT by Diablo (the video game) Cody 07/04/2016, 5:55am PDT NEW
    I liked it during the beta by Entropy Stew 07/04/2016, 11:43am PDT NEW
    What's this? NT by FAGGOT SHIT! 07/04/2016, 2:22pm PDT NEW

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