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This is the thread for your predictions for CURRENT YEAR's Gone Home by fabio 09/25/2016, 7:18pm PDT NEW
    Can anything truly match by Gone Home 09/25/2016, 9:05pm PDT NEW
        I would love an alternate reality where Braid never existed by fabio 09/25/2016, 9:43pm PDT NEW
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4UwMDb6Z_c NT by INSIDE is still tracking way ahead 09/26/2016, 4:46pm PDT NEW
    The Dragon, Cancer by fabio 12/01/2016, 8:39pm PST NEW
        Don't mock this by Vested Id 12/01/2016, 9:56pm PST NEW
        That Hedgehog, Sonic by GENESIS DOES 12/01/2016, 10:59pm PST NEW

Yolanda "Lonnie" Desoto, JROTC by Not latino, not black, not butch 09/25/2016, 10:20pm PDT NEW

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