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RPS still churning out updates like they did nothing wrong by I hate Comcast 01/15/2018, 1:58pm PST NEW
    What even is Rimworld by Vested Id 01/15/2018, 2:01pm PST NEW
    The RPS writers seem totally sane by Mysterio Lollerson 01/15/2018, 3:49pm PST NEW
        Good stuff by Mysterio Lollerson 01/15/2018, 3:52pm PST NEW
            I don't want to gang up on her, but by - n/a 01/15/2018, 11:01pm PST NEW
        Tucker Carlson's open-mouthed dumbfuck look would be good NT by for this 01/15/2018, 4:29pm PST NEW
        If she put that much effort into writing about Doritos she wouldn't have to beg NT by for donations to buy a coffee. 01/15/2018, 4:49pm PST NEW
            Dorito Journalist, let's make that happen NT by - n/a 01/15/2018, 10:59pm PST NEW

That's what I call your mom's house. NT by pinback 11/02/2016, 6:59pm PDT NEW

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