The Last Guardian
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Anyone here get this? by Kenny Mayne 12/12/2016, 9:47am PST NEW
    digital download? NT by Eurotrash 12/13/2016, 2:15pm PST NEW
    Just started this, started hating it immediately by Rafiki 02/18/2018, 9:55pm PST NEW
        3rd-person stumbler by Rafiki 02/25/2018, 10:14pm PST NEW
        I got this on gamefly and sent it back immediately by Worm 02/26/2018, 12:15pm PST NEW
    I enjoyed dunkey's review by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/26/2018, 10:46pm PST NEW
        He is laughing and having a good time throughout. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/27/2018, 9:48pm PST NEW
            Orbitor-1 NT by The Helpiness Engine 02/28/2018, 12:46pm PST NEW
            Dunkie's review of Yooka Laylee was intentionally misleading shit. by Mischief Maker 02/28/2018, 4:36pm PST NEW
            Markiplier is alright IMO. NT by Fullofkittens 02/28/2018, 4:48pm PST NEW
                HURK NT by what 02/28/2018, 7:10pm PST NEW

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