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Is Watchmen really that great and worth picking up? by FABIO 02/09/2009, 3:32pm PST NEW
    It's as good as Transmetropolitan at least NT by Fortinbras 02/09/2009, 3:32pm PST NEW
        Are they like Nigerian Dentist? That doesn't really help =( NT by FABIO 02/09/2009, 4:31pm PST NEW
            Just get it NT by Fortinbras 02/09/2009, 4:45pm PST NEW
                paypal @ NT by FABIO 02/10/2009, 10:13am PST NEW
    Way better than Preacher, but still overhyped so lower your expectations first. NT by Last 02/09/2009, 4:15pm PST NEW
    Everything Garth Ennis has done has been awful. by Gutsby 02/09/2009, 4:57pm PST NEW
        So...negative? NT by Fortinbras 02/09/2009, 6:35pm PST NEW
        Didn't he also do V for Vendetta? NT by Mischief Maker 02/09/2009, 6:48pm PST NEW
            Yes, he did. by Gutsby 02/10/2009, 10:23am PST NEW
                No he didn't. Alan Moore did V for Vendetta. NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 02/10/2009, 3:57pm PST NEW
        speaking of overrated: pink floyd NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 02/09/2009, 6:57pm PST NEW
        Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail is one of my favorite books!! by Zsenitan's Top 5 books thread 02/10/2009, 5:44am PST NEW
            Book reccomendation for Zseni by The Jews 02/10/2009, 9:21am PST NEW
                I will try this, thanks! NT by Zsenitan 02/10/2009, 2:33pm PST NEW
            I'm only posting five. by Gutsby 02/10/2009, 10:12am PST NEW
                Re: I'm only posting five. by motherfuckerfoodeater 02/10/2009, 12:40pm PST NEW
                    Conrad is like Tetris: he hasn't aged a day. NT by mark 02/10/2009, 1:28pm PST NEW
                        I don't think I buy this. by motherfuckerfoodeater 02/10/2009, 1:51pm PST NEW
    Watchmen is great by motherfuckerfoodeater 02/09/2009, 6:56pm PST NEW
        Worth it even if the only character you like is Rorschach by Entropy Stew 02/09/2009, 8:14pm PST NEW
            so it's a comic for everyone on the planet NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 02/09/2009, 9:19pm PST NEW
                It better be. 8( NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 02/09/2009, 9:53pm PST NEW
                Yes. by Entropy Stew 02/09/2009, 10:09pm PST NEW
    It's still the greatest comic ever. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/02/2017, 11:09pm PST NEW

Ready Player One- worse than you fear. by Last 10/29/2012, 7:14am PDT NEW
    Re: Ready Player One- worse than you fear. by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/29/2012, 7:47am PDT NEW
        A chat transcript. (spoilers) by Last 10/29/2012, 9:29am PDT NEW
            OK if I make a front page article out of this? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/29/2012, 11:18am PDT NEW
                Ok NT by Last 10/29/2012, 1:33pm PDT NEW
    And the movie is going to be worse still NT by skip 10/02/2017, 7:52am PDT NEW

Good Stephen King? by fabio 07/23/2012, 12:34am PDT NEW
    Hearts in Atlantis is great by Vested Id 07/23/2012, 1:54am PDT NEW
    The Gunslinger is his masterpiece IMO, but the sequels disappoint from the start NT by Mischief Maker 07/23/2012, 5:02am PDT NEW
    Different Seasons is pretty great. by Jerry Whorebach 07/23/2012, 6:18am PDT NEW
    His best book is The Stand. NT by This is Chris's Blood 07/23/2012, 7:17am PDT NEW
    I read a ton of his books a long time ago by Fullofkittens 07/23/2012, 9:57am PDT NEW
    Re: Good Stephen King? by Unbitter 07/23/2012, 11:04am PDT NEW
    Check out some of the short story collections. by Eurotrash 07/23/2012, 12:01pm PDT NEW
        The Eurotrash/FullofKittens rivalry just went to defcon 1! NT by the one who infuriates you 07/23/2012, 12:30pm PDT NEW
            Eurotrash is apparently an ardent defender of the novel Cujo. NT by Fullofkittens 07/23/2012, 12:45pm PDT NEW
                Well you ARE full of kittens. NT by Mischief Maker 07/23/2012, 2:09pm PDT NEW
                no quarter asked.... no quarter given NT by the one whom infuriates you 07/23/2012, 3:22pm PDT NEW
    Started with and finished Night Shift by fabio 07/21/2017, 11:15am PDT NEW
        Night Shift is near the bottom of my list for King. Literally his ideas notebook by Mischief Maker 07/21/2017, 12:26pm PDT NEW
        I don't know whether he kept doing it but yeah there is a RFEU. by Fullofkittens 07/21/2017, 12:39pm PDT NEW
        impressions on King by fabio 07/21/2017, 12:48pm PDT NEW
        19% on Rotten Tomatoes! by fabio 08/10/2017, 11:35am PDT NEW

kthor's new book Cloud Stories by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/22/2017, 9:24pm PDT NEW

I have finished my next great novel. by JC hey the cool guy 11/07/2016, 4:11pm PST NEW

The Brooklyn Wars by Neil deMause by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/26/2016, 7:00am PDT NEW

How many books do you guys read a year? by skip 07/28/2016, 11:22am PDT NEW
    Around 8-10 by Sly Marbo 07/28/2016, 11:40am PDT NEW
    Trimming subreddits made me feel like a god damn tyrannosaurus of maturity by Vested Id 07/28/2016, 12:53pm PDT NEW
        I found it easier to cut down on everything else than Reddit by skip 07/28/2016, 1:55pm PDT NEW
    Re: How many books do you guys read a year? by laudablepuss 07/28/2016, 3:57pm PDT NEW
    Re: How many books do you guys read a year? by laudablepuss 07/28/2016, 3:59pm PDT NEW

Bigger shitheads: Atlas Shrugged fans, or people who completely miss the point NT by of Harrison Bergeron? 07/16/2016, 12:12am PDT NEW
    How old are you? NT by Fag NT 07/16/2016, 5:58am PDT NEW
    You are refering to something like this? by Mischief Maker 07/16/2016, 7:14am PDT NEW
        Also from the Wikipedia article by Vested Id 07/16/2016, 8:33am PDT NEW
        Re: You are refering to something like this? by Mysterio 07/16/2016, 8:54am PDT NEW

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