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So it's a free weekend for anyone who signed up for the Overwatch beta by fabio 11/20/2015, 7:24pm PST NEW
    Is there anything you don't complain about balance with? by Worm 11/20/2015, 10:28pm PST NEW
        Is there any discussion you don't announce you don't give a shit about? NT by fuck you 11/20/2015, 11:56pm PST NEW
            I really like it, it's just funny that it's already got 'horrendous' balance by Worm 11/21/2015, 12:07am PST NEW
            oh and people insisting on assaulting with Bastion or Torbjorn by Worm 11/21/2015, 12:42am PST NEW
    Free weekend over by fabio 11/24/2015, 3:32am PST NEW
        People don't understand a staggering amount of shit. by Worm 11/24/2015, 10:50am PST NEW
            People underestimating Soldier 76 just because he was the tutorial character? by Worm 11/24/2015, 10:53am PST NEW
                *highest sustained damage by Worm 11/24/2015, 10:57am PST NEW
                He just seemed the dullest by fabio 11/24/2015, 12:38pm PST NEW
    So this genre isn't even out yet and alredy it's the hot new one to rip off by fabio 12/08/2015, 10:02pm PST NEW
        and another! by fabio 12/08/2015, 10:07pm PST NEW

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