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Codemasters announces DiRT 4 by Dream Cast 01/26/2017, 8:06am PST NEW
    I played DiRT 1, and it was magnificent. Not sure what you don't like. NT by pinback 01/26/2017, 8:15am PST NEW
        1-3 minute long stages, separated by a full 3 minutes of menus and loading. by Dream Cast 01/26/2017, 8:27am PST NEW

The original Race Driver Grid is free for the next 43 hours on the Humble Store. by Free Game Patrol Team 12/22/2016, 2:40pm PST NEW

Dirt 3 was free on Xbox last month. by Dream Cast 12/08/2015, 6:49pm PST NEW
    Helicopters don't come with turn indicators either by case solved 12/09/2015, 1:51am PST NEW

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