Halo, I Guess
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I bought all the Halos before I knew what kind of games they were :( by Dream Cast 09/07/2016, 9:24pm PDT NEW
    Trip Report: NT by Went insane from OD'ing on shrooms 09/08/2016, 11:47am PDT NEW
        Halo 3 is nine years old today, and the game I wanted Halo 1 to be. by Dream Cast 09/25/2016, 11:39am PDT NEW
            Always a pleasure to read your reviews, Jerry! NT by Mischief Maker 09/25/2016, 12:06pm PDT NEW
                I think it really is Jerry. He sure can write like Jerry. by Roop 09/26/2016, 8:04pm PDT NEW

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