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BioWare takes a stand against Unrealistic Beauty Standards... by ...with a fucking vengeance. 03/20/2017, 2:06am PDT
Hee Haw: The Next Generation by Manveer Heir 03/18/2017, 7:36am PDT NEW
    How does no one focus on the fact she looks to her left while hitting the Krogan by Worm 03/18/2017, 12:27pm PDT NEW
        Polished turd by Smellectronic Farts 03/18/2017, 1:09pm PDT NEW
            The female Ryder MAY be the ugliest player-character in the past ten years by Manveer Heir 03/18/2017, 1:50pm PDT NEW
                BioWare takes a stand against Unrealistic Beauty Standards... NT by ...with a fucking vengeance. 03/20/2017, 2:06am PDT NEW
                put a wig on the male Ryder and he'd be a better looking woman NT by Eurotrash 03/24/2017, 11:53pm PDT NEW
                This is the worst-looking game I've ever seen in my life. by Mysterio Lollerson 03/25/2017, 11:08am PDT NEW
                    what, you don't like building gay relationships between ugly ass characters? by Eurotrash 03/25/2017, 2:17pm PDT NEW
                        anybody who doesn't like it is obviously a melanin deficient SPACE OBOE-PHONE NT by Gas Infect: Androgyne 03/25/2017, 3:52pm PDT NEW
                They intentionally uglied up all the women by Pullman for Paxton 03/25/2017, 3:34pm PDT NEW
                    Somebody suggested this was all calculated by and I couldn't possibly understand 03/25/2017, 3:45pm PDT NEW
                        If you don't want to cater to young men don't use a 22 year old protag. by Worm 03/25/2017, 4:25pm PDT NEW
                    This is the dumbest conspiracy theory ever, because it assumes the developers of by Mass Effect could have done better. 03/25/2017, 5:16pm PDT NEW
                        How did I manage not to fuck it up then? NT by Witcher 3 03/25/2017, 5:35pm PDT NEW
                            Fuck that, how did WE manage not to fugly up all the bitches? NT by Mass Effects 1-3 03/25/2017, 5:54pm PDT NEW
                                I can't believe I have to explain why Mass Effect still sucks. by Especially compared to other games! 03/25/2017, 9:05pm PDT NEW
                                    Oh snap, did Guardians of the Galaxy steal its dance-off scene from Mass Effect? NT by Somebody get Brian Cronin on it. 03/25/2017, 9:37pm PDT NEW
                                    Yeah but it's Current Year, they should have better animations NT by John Oliver 03/26/2017, 1:07am PDT NEW
                                    I had objectively better looking chicks than Andromeda by Mass Effects 1-3 03/26/2017, 6:03am PDT NEW
                                        I'm trying to explain to you why the one 82% of players pick looks cuter. by You can't hear me over the memes. 03/26/2017, 7:23am PDT NEW
                                            Give it up Jerry. Nobody cared about your Seinfeld jokes about Fallout 3 either NT by What's the deal with char creation? 03/26/2017, 9:14am PDT NEW
                                                shoo, cunt. NT by Mysterio 03/26/2017, 9:52am PDT NEW
                                                    I'm as impressed by Jerry's autism as anyone but a hot take is still a hot take NT by Next on Caltrops: FF7, overrated? 03/26/2017, 10:00am PDT NEW
                                                        You're incredibly bad at this. NT by Mysterio 03/26/2017, 12:02pm PDT NEW
                                            just say skeleton or rigging, it would save you several posts NT by Shrek funnier than skirt clipping 03/26/2017, 11:38am PDT NEW
                                                Now the anonyfags are turning on Jerry?! NT by Mischief Maker 03/26/2017, 5:20pm PDT NEW
                                                    Praise and scorn when appropriate NT by ghost of Tom Chick's sister 03/26/2017, 5:44pm PDT NEW
                                                        Tom Chick's sister is still alive, dummy. NT by I'm looking at her right now. 03/26/2017, 6:17pm PDT NEW
                                                    Mark --deep inhale-- NT by VANDERLOO 03/26/2017, 5:45pm PDT NEW
                                                    It's not our fault Jerry keeps hammering the "I saw Bioshock's plot on Batman!" NT by bit and can't get new ones 03/26/2017, 6:52pm PDT NEW
                                                        He should change his name to BatmanShock, and then change it to Old News because NT by we are over him like a cloud city. 03/26/2017, 7:05pm PDT NEW
                                                        Literally not him that referenced it, but ok. NT by Creedo 03/26/2017, 8:23pm PDT NEW
                                    if they can't blame SJWs then they won't have anything to talk about in NT by their youtube screeds 03/26/2017, 6:48am PDT NEW
                    Interview with Injustice artist may shed some light on this 9/11-type disaster. by Thanks, games journalism. 05/21/2017, 4:34pm PDT NEW
    Why would you ever try to animate Krogan fist fighting? by Worm 03/25/2017, 4:27pm PDT NEW
        At least use better sound effects that don't sound like nails tapping on a table NT by skip 03/25/2017, 8:48pm PDT NEW
    Here's a nice one by Eurotrash 03/26/2017, 2:31pm PDT NEW
        Squat dashing to download this on Origin(tm) today! NT by I am t-posed but must walk cycle 03/26/2017, 3:14pm PDT NEW
        2:35 to 3:10, jesus christ NT by Vested Id 03/27/2017, 3:15am PDT NEW
            "Sorry, my face is tired" already selling t-shirts NT by Vested Id 03/27/2017, 3:32am PDT NEW
    here's dunkey's review by Eurotrash 03/27/2017, 1:35pm PDT NEW
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