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GripShift by Dream Cast 05/19/2017, 6:12pm PDT

The problem with GripShift is you will never see the view on the box art. The camera is fixed behind your car and locked in the direction of travel; in a situation like this one, having ramped off a jump and keeping your nose elevated to increase hang time (it's physics, just accept it), the camera would realistically be pointed at empty sky instead of the tiny floating platform you're trying to land on. This makes the game at times more like golf and less like Marble Madness than I think was intended. You can tell the developers knew they had a problem because all the promo screenshots are from similarly impossible angles, but you can also tell they never got around to fixing it because I had to land all 120 levels worth of whoa crazy jumps pretty much on instinct. (Don't tell me there's a button I missed, I already got all the achievements.)

Above: GripShift, as seen with debug commands.

The other, you would think much less serious but 120 levels is a long time for something to gnaw at you, problem with GripShift is you can only customize one colour on your car. In the case of the flames skin, this is the colour of the flames; the body is always black. What if you want a purple body, like the box art suggests? Or an orange one? Why don't you go fuck yourself?

GripShift is $2.49 on XBLA right now BTW.
GripShift by Dream Cast 05/19/2017, 6:12pm PDT NEW
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