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Either way you're a joke by LAWNMOWER MAN, "VR HUCKSTER" 07/16/2017, 11:13pm PDT
When is everyone going to admit that VR is just this generation's motion control NT by flash in the pan gimmicks 07/10/2017, 9:16am PDT NEW
    I know I don't want to walk around playing games by laudablepuss 07/10/2017, 10:36am PDT NEW
    When nostalgic millennial DINKs stop buying this overpriced shit NT by i love the power glove, its so bad 07/10/2017, 11:00am PDT NEW
        VR is just for fucking full renders of scarjo NT by Worm 07/10/2017, 5:02pm PDT NEW
    When Silicon Valley can admit that wearables are terrible and nobody wants them NT by skip 07/10/2017, 5:33pm PDT NEW
        Equation involves time to reach maturity versus decay rate of the novelty? by Mysterio in 3-D 07/10/2017, 9:12pm PDT NEW
            If you don't see something take off with practical applications within 5 years by fabio 07/10/2017, 10:35pm PDT NEW
                I love those talking points by Old man yells at PEAK TECH 07/11/2017, 8:08pm PDT NEW
    Eye tracking, foveated rendering, inside-out motion tracking, wireless by Entropy Stew 07/11/2017, 7:36pm PDT NEW
        You can't even push 3D graphics with low latency through a non-dedicated by motherboard bus 07/14/2017, 8:43pm PDT NEW
    If you can't see that VR is the future, you probably haven't tried a VR game. by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/13/2017, 3:45pm PDT NEW
        Paradigm! by This is what futurists actually bel 07/13/2017, 4:08pm PDT NEW
            Oh noooooo 10 years and no decent lightsaber game? TECHNOLOGY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/13/2017, 4:55pm PDT NEW
                Do you own a Kinect? You sound like an asshole who owns a Kinect by LAWNMOWER MAN, "THOUGHT LEADER" 07/13/2017, 6:42pm PDT NEW
                    It sucks you've... read about... poor VR games. Maybe try Dactyl Nightmare? NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/13/2017, 9:53pm PDT NEW
                10 years and zero advancement for a hyped FUTURE! gimmick, yeah by that's kind of a valid point 07/13/2017, 7:48pm PDT NEW
                    Explaining the future to people who hold lightsaber games as the only worthwhile NT by advancement? No thanks. LAWNMOWER M 07/13/2017, 9:46pm PDT NEW
                        This has to be a bit NT by but with futurists who can tell 07/13/2017, 10:59pm PDT NEW
                        What does VR bring to the table that a highly responsive FPS with good graphics NT by and shading doesn't? 07/14/2017, 8:40pm PDT NEW
                            And how about that fatigue? by HYPEMAN can't hear over the KEWL VR 07/14/2017, 11:41pm PDT NEW
                            Better controls, including head movement. For a start. NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/15/2017, 1:49pm PDT NEW
                                Hi! NT by R2 stick. 07/15/2017, 4:52pm PDT NEW
                                    Are you joking? NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/16/2017, 4:50pm PDT NEW
                                        Either way you're a joke NT by LAWNMOWER MAN, "VR HUCKSTER" 07/16/2017, 11:13pm PDT NEW
                                            Good one NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/17/2017, 9:01pm PDT NEW
                                                I'd invite us to bring the conversation back to R2 stick versus VR. by Horus Truthteller 07/17/2017, 9:07pm PDT NEW
                                                    Thanks for getting us back on track, Horus. by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/18/2017, 8:48am PDT NEW
        I played Dactyl Nightmare at Gen Con! by Mischief Maker 07/13/2017, 7:07pm PDT NEW
        I am hesitant to take you seriously, all caps lawnmower man movie reference guy NT by laudablepuss 07/17/2017, 11:41am PDT NEW
    I think it will be fun someday. But price for entry is rough. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/13/2017, 8:43pm PDT NEW
        Let's not say things about Hologram Time Traveler we can't take back NT by That shit was awesome 07/14/2017, 8:48pm PDT NEW
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