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I heard the eternal footman, bought himself a bike to race. by Tori Amos 07/16/2017, 11:35pm PDT
Bicyclists are Assholes. by Mischief Maker 01/28/2013, 2:41pm PST NEW
    Was this the east side of town or the west? Just curious. NT by laudablepuss 01/28/2013, 3:00pm PST NEW
        Downtown. Students. NT by Mischief Maker 01/28/2013, 3:04pm PST NEW
    More Bicycle Assholery. by Mischief Maker 01/28/2013, 3:14pm PST NEW
        Probably why communism requires a dictator. :( NT by laudablepuss 01/28/2013, 3:19pm PST NEW
    Re: Bicyclists are Assholes. by fabio 01/28/2013, 4:25pm PST NEW
        douche off by fabio 01/28/2013, 4:34pm PST NEW
            The basketball guy NT by Fullofkittens 01/28/2013, 7:21pm PST NEW
        Said someone by Who never rides a bike 07/30/2014, 4:59pm PDT NEW
            threaded forums are sure hard by laudablepuss 07/31/2014, 9:04am PDT NEW
    If your car was steamroller you'd complain it's too slow, gets shitty gas miles NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 01/28/2013, 10:38pm PST NEW
    Nothing beats San Francisco/Bay Area bikers by Arbit 01/29/2013, 12:36pm PST NEW
    Ha-ha! by Mischief Maker 02/08/2013, 6:35pm PST NEW
    Therapy by justified homicide 02/27/2013, 8:26pm PST NEW
        Best video I have ever seen. NT by Souffle of Pain 02/27/2013, 9:24pm PST NEW
        another by death threat depreciation 11/29/2014, 10:58pm PST NEW
        More Critical Mass assholes by fuckers 09/14/2015, 4:01pm PDT NEW
            Even funnier, it was a ZIPCAR NT by the poster child for going CARLESS 09/14/2015, 10:20pm PDT NEW
    More assholes by fabio 03/01/2013, 5:21pm PST NEW
    Re: Bicyclists are Assholes. by Roop 03/01/2013, 11:06pm PST NEW
        "I should have killed him when I had the chance. He'd be dead now." -Breaking Aw NT by ay Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/02/2013, 12:20am PST NEW
            You could turn it all around in an instant--and become instantly wheelchair cool by Roop 03/02/2013, 4:05am PST NEW
    Come to think of it by withheld 03/03/2013, 2:51pm PST NEW
        damn by withheld 04/03/2013, 10:24pm PDT NEW
    ASSHOLES by withheld 04/05/2013, 12:17pm PDT NEW
        "Poverty Tourists" I like that! I'm gonna use that in the future. by Mischief Mixer 04/05/2013, 12:47pm PDT NEW
    So I tried to rent a bike by fuckers 05/16/2013, 9:50am PDT NEW
        See my previous post about the red bikes by Mischief Maker 05/16/2013, 10:41am PDT NEW
            There's only 2 reasons for this as far as I can tell by fuckers 05/16/2013, 11:09am PDT NEW
                Ah Yes, a little of the ol' bilk and milk! NT by Worm 05/16/2013, 1:23pm PDT NEW
        Holy shit. Zipcar is like $74 a day NT by Entropy Stew 05/16/2013, 11:59am PDT NEW
            and we're less than $1000 NT by limos 05/16/2013, 2:24pm PDT NEW
    Asshole bicyclist takes matters into his own hands by asshole 05/29/2013, 3:01am PDT NEW
        Ballcap+sunglasses over balaclava sets new standard for all douchebags. NT by fucking newbie 05/29/2013, 5:19am PDT NEW
        "Thieves bring out the worst in this city" by Worm 05/29/2013, 6:21am PDT NEW
    Assholes x14 by Mischief Maker 07/20/2013, 5:48pm PDT NEW
        The whole bike taxi trend is obnoxious by fuckers 07/24/2013, 7:53pm PDT NEW
    Felony Manslaughter by laudablepuss 07/24/2013, 11:13am PDT NEW
        The victim was jaywalking so they cancel each other out, your honor! NT by MM 07/24/2013, 4:09pm PDT NEW
    The only people worse than cyclists are motorists. by Jerry Whorebach 07/24/2013, 1:12pm PDT NEW
        Re: The only people worse than cyclists are motorists. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/24/2013, 2:24pm PDT NEW
            Knock on Wood.. . by ICJ 07/24/2013, 7:14pm PDT NEW
        Being a rider made me a better driver by Entropy Stew 07/25/2013, 11:00am PDT NEW
            It literally gives you spider-sense by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 07/26/2013, 12:52am PDT NEW
                Shortly after I started riding I nearly ended up in an SUV's grille by Entropy Stew 07/26/2013, 6:53am PDT NEW
    Simply touching a bike gives total ownership of the road. by Mischief Maker 09/10/2013, 6:11pm PDT NEW
    So I've started biking to work by fabio 07/27/2014, 11:26pm PDT NEW
        Sidewalks by Fullofkittens 07/28/2014, 3:45am PDT NEW
        Absolutely correct by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/28/2014, 7:16am PDT NEW
            Per your request... by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 07/28/2014, 1:34pm PDT NEW
                "Denver Be Bikes" NT by god 07/28/2014, 2:25pm PDT NEW
                    Can you make all your posts with a high-end ASCII character please? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/28/2014, 5:38pm PDT NEW
        Re: So I've started biking to work by laudablepuss 07/28/2014, 3:10pm PDT NEW
            Re: So I've started biking to work by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/28/2014, 5:39pm PDT NEW
                My bike store guy by Fullofkittens 07/28/2014, 6:01pm PDT NEW
        The roads in the US just aren't designed for bicycles. by blackwater 08/01/2014, 1:25am PDT NEW
            I might have bought this before I started biking myself by fabio 08/01/2014, 11:38pm PDT NEW
                Yep. I drive really slow, in the ultra-fast lane... because... by blackwater 08/02/2014, 8:48am PDT NEW
                    Re: Yep. I drive really slow, in the ultra-fast lane... because... by Fullofkittens 09/27/2014, 6:59pm PDT NEW
        More encounters with the bicyclist menace by fabio 08/05/2014, 6:06am PDT NEW
            They really are garbage human beings. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/13/2014, 11:21am PDT NEW
                "Utterly amazed that they don't, as a culture, stop" NT by THE ETERNAL CYCLIST 07/16/2017, 1:05pm PDT NEW
    Over here it's not that big of a problem, at least not out here in the sticks by Eurotrash 08/02/2014, 1:02am PDT NEW
    Douchebag saxophonist and competitive cyclist renders mother braindead in NY by WITTGENSTEIN 09/21/2014, 6:01am PDT NEW
    Re: Bicyclists are Assholes. by Mischief Maker 09/29/2016, 6:53am PDT NEW
        Re: Bicyclists are Assholes. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/29/2016, 9:02am PDT NEW
            I suggest we bring back the pillory by Public Bikehole Punishment 10/01/2016, 1:27pm PDT NEW
    Another bicyclist gets what he deserves by Car Owner, "Thought Leader" 07/15/2017, 11:42pm PDT NEW
        Be honest, how many times did everyone replay the impact? NT by mine was 18 07/16/2017, 6:41am PDT NEW
        Only twice! by buy satisfying :DDD 07/16/2017, 1:01pm PDT NEW
    100% Agree!!! Any reasonable adult would just mount their bike to a car and NT by drive it to a fucking bike trail. 07/16/2017, 8:32pm PDT NEW
        Yeah, cuz the bike commuter assholes who we're complaining about are the same NT by As recreational trail bikers 07/16/2017, 10:59pm PDT NEW
        "and drive it off a cliff" NT by THE ETERNAL CYCLIST 07/16/2017, 11:07pm PDT NEW
            I heard the eternal footman, bought himself a bike to race. NT by Tori Amos 07/16/2017, 11:35pm PDT NEW
        Hey it's the VR guy! by Hi, VR guy! 07/16/2017, 11:35pm PDT NEW
            Unless you guys are being ironically anti-cyclist here, I'm pretty sure all I NT by did was agree with the OP. 07/17/2017, 1:18am PDT NEW
                Three exclamation points causes the sarcasm detector to trigger NT by laudablepuss 07/17/2017, 11:38am PDT NEW
                    He who disobeys The Automobile, PBUH, will be punished NT by Death to the cycle-sympathizers!!! 07/17/2017, 10:10pm PDT NEW
            That wasn't me. Wow guys, don't lose your minds about someone being optimistic. NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/18/2017, 8:52am PDT NEW
                The word you're looking for is "passive aggressive" NT by fag 07/18/2017, 9:08am PDT NEW
                    We were thinking more "deluded" by Caltrops judges 07/18/2017, 9:17am PDT NEW
                    Oh no, was someone with a different opinion "passive aggressive" in tone to you? by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/18/2017, 10:13pm PDT NEW
                        It's not MY fault you cretins are too blind to appreciate THE FUTURE! NT by oh no muh opinions!!! 07/19/2017, 6:22am PDT NEW
                            I really upset you this much? NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/19/2017, 10:30am PDT NEW
                                He doesn't seem upset to me. Are you upset? Maybe you're upset NT by STRAWNMOWER MAN 07/19/2017, 11:22am PDT NEW
                                    He seemed upset to me, yes. But I'm sure you know him better, so fair enough. NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/19/2017, 12:01pm PDT NEW
                                        Could someone link a video of a car plowing through this subthread? NT by Mysterioso 07/19/2017, 12:02pm PDT NEW
                                            Re: Could someone link a video of a car plowing through this subthread? by Sure 07/21/2017, 8:23am PDT NEW
                                I am laughing at you filling your pants with futurist poo, you dummy. NT by "umad?" that's all you got? 07/19/2017, 12:09pm PDT NEW
                                    I also have optimism about the future of VR, but that seems too much for you. NT by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/19/2017, 3:24pm PDT NEW
                                        a case of mistaken identity by Mysterio, "The Cyclist Terminator" 07/19/2017, 9:36pm PDT NEW
                                    Let's all enjoy Fussbett's classic post on futurists by hoverboard 07/19/2017, 7:41pm PDT NEW
                                        Fussbett's outlook is admirable NT by Mysterio, "The Cyclist Terminator" 07/19/2017, 9:33pm PDT NEW
                                        Speculating on 1 or 2 upcoming generations of video games is being a futurist? by LAWNMOWER MAN 07/20/2017, 11:34pm PDT NEW
                        In the future I'll be accused of cyber bullying. NT by Nostradamus 07/19/2017, 7:26am PDT NEW
    "Fixie" Enthusiast, Murderer by Chillum 08/16/2017, 1:15pm PDT NEW
    Is it alright to hate on street joggers under this thread as well, or should I NT by start up another one? thank you. 08/17/2017, 5:10am PDT NEW
        Post funny stories wherever! This thread is good, either way is fine NT by laudablepuss 08/17/2017, 3:57pm PDT NEW
        Why bother hating on joggers? NT by They're destroying their knees 08/18/2017, 11:12am PDT NEW
            ^confirmed fatty NT by activate capture net 08/20/2017, 5:55pm PDT NEW
    Yeah, fuck people who don't want to drive a gas-guzzler by - "Caltrops", thought leader 08/17/2017, 3:49pm PDT NEW
        Please put your pants back on, crazy NT by laudablepuss 08/17/2017, 3:58pm PDT NEW
    Bicyclists ARE assholes. Well not all of them but, you know. by deep illiom 08/18/2017, 10:36pm PDT NEW
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