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Harvester by fabio 11/11/2017, 12:05pm PST
Me and this fucking game.

It started in May of 1994 with the cover of the very first issue of PC Gamer.

Holy shit! Look at that skull! A horror game from the creator of Strike Commander? Why not! It's going to be on the new CD ROM format with fully voiced dialog? All included on the CD without the need to by a speech pack? Holy shit! Plus Mortal Kombat fight sequences? It's 1994 and Mortal Kombat 2 is the hot shit! Fuck yeah!

The early issues of PC Gamer came with an insert postcard you could mail for additional promo material on featured titles. I sent it in and eventually got a promotional pamphlet in the mail with more amazing CG screenshots like the skull.

Me and a friend were psyched. We tore out a magazine ad and hung it up on the wall. "Coming summer '94" it promised.

Summer came and the poster was replaced with this:

Eventually it would turn to "summer '95", then "fall '95". Eventually they gave up and just said, "Coming soon".

It seemed to be vaporware at that point. More months passed, and new screenshots came out. The game was now...a FMV title....oh.


It was now early 1996. Everyone knew what a crock of shit FMV turned out to be. No more CG, just terrible pixelated actors in front of cheap blue screens. The glut of cheap shovelware fighting games had killed any interest in the combat. Fully voiced games were no longer a big thing.

More time passed. Eventually it finally came out in August of 1996, two years late and five months after Resident Evil. At that point I didn't care anymore. Early 3D was in and nobody wanted to touch FMV ever again. A FMV adventure game with fighting game segments in late 1996. It was a perfect storm trifecta of who gives a shit?

It finally showed up on GOG and I finally played it, over 20 years after release.

It's Roger Corman's Twin Peaks. And it's pretty lame. Very few puzzles are satisfying. The fighting is worse than Rise of the Robots. The whole thing feels like one-third of the content was cut. The ending is retarded. The end.
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