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Me too! by Roop 02/12/2018, 8:07pm PST
Mischief Maker wrote:

I see why you're so concerned with college SJWs if you're so deep into comedian podcasts that you're scraping the bottom of the barrel and listening to Duncan Trussell's nasally whine for hours on end.

Yeah, I actually couldn't make it all the way through either of those Trussell podcasts either. Anyway, who said I still didn't watch C-Span, Cathy Newman?

Jordan B Peterson WINS! by Roop 01/18/2018, 8:21pm PST NEW
    Well if we're just showing off videos of political people having a good showing: by Mischief Maker 01/19/2018, 3:47pm PST NEW
        This isn't supposed to be a thread for interviewers caught wanting dick NT by Roop 01/19/2018, 11:41pm PST NEW
    This is the guy who is supposed to be Satan? by Judge Barry 01/20/2018, 1:34pm PST NEW
        The only unfortunate thing about him is that he's got a boy band member's name NT by Jack Bauer 01/20/2018, 1:41pm PST NEW
        An alt-right nazi philospher who unleashed a troll army on this poor poor woman NT by Roop 01/23/2018, 12:28pm PST NEW
    I predict a rapid flame out for this guy, as opposed to Sam Harris' slow burn. by Mischief Maker 02/08/2018, 4:14pm PST NEW
        I predict a rapid flame out for this guy, as opposed to Sam Harris' slow burn. by John Gulp 02/08/2018, 6:16pm PST NEW
            That's probably why the tweet included a video. It's just a minute and a half. NT by Mischief Maker 02/08/2018, 6:36pm PST NEW
                Re: That's probably why the tweet included a video. It's just a minute and a by Bret Weinstein 02/08/2018, 11:50pm PST NEW
        SO WHAT YOURE SAYING IS, MEN AND WOMEN CANT WORK TOGETHER IN NT by hahahah holy shit 02/08/2018, 6:25pm PST NEW
        Me too by Roop 02/09/2018, 4:30am PST NEW
            Re: Me too by Mischief Maker 02/09/2018, 6:44pm PST NEW
                Necessary clarification. by Mischief Maker 02/09/2018, 7:03pm PST NEW
                Re: Me too by Roop 02/10/2018, 2:24am PST NEW
                    Re: Me too by Walt Flanagan 02/10/2018, 7:58pm PST NEW
    How do you guys keep up with this stuff without wanting to kill yourselves? by Worm 02/10/2018, 8:10am PST NEW
        Why wasn't I consulted?! NT by Worm, a godless idiot 02/10/2018, 8:39am PST NEW
            So you're saying it takes the grace of god to not be bored to death by this shit by Worm 02/10/2018, 1:25pm PST NEW
        Comedy podcasts by Roop 02/10/2018, 2:29pm PST NEW
            What Bill Burr does is incredibly hard. How can you teach that? NT by Ulrachi 02/10/2018, 8:00pm PST NEW
            Joe Rogan got so repetitious I couldn't take it anymore. by Mischief Maker 02/12/2018, 7:42pm PST NEW
                Me too! by Roop 02/12/2018, 8:07pm PST NEW
                Re: Joe Rogan got so repetitious I couldn't take it anymore. by Ulrachi 02/25/2018, 8:45am PST NEW
        No idea NT by Aaron Swartz 02/10/2018, 7:59pm PST NEW
    The rapid flame-out begins? by Mischief Maker 03/22/2018, 7:05am PDT NEW
        No, no, Peterson's right by Mysterio 03/22/2018, 7:31am PDT NEW
        Not yet by Roop 03/22/2018, 11:36am PDT NEW
            With all this dueling youtube shit why do you guys even bother to type anymore? NT by Worm 03/22/2018, 12:22pm PDT NEW
                When are you going to give up this schtick by Vested Id 03/22/2018, 12:43pm PDT NEW
                    I'm not going to care about your MCM, fag. NT by Worm 03/23/2018, 10:31am PDT NEW
                        Jonesy why do you have a hardon for Worm, he just shows up and shits in discussi NT by You banned the last guy who did tha 03/23/2018, 12:25pm PDT NEW
                            If I got banned I'd be roughly 20 or 30 million times worse. by Worm 03/23/2018, 4:00pm PDT NEW
            I'm just making fun of people who use this hysteric as a father figure, here. by Mischief Maker 03/22/2018, 3:39pm PDT NEW
                I disavow paragraph 4 of the last post. That was unnecessarily mean of me. NT by Mischief Maker 03/22/2018, 3:46pm PDT NEW
                Re: I'm just making fun of people who use this hysteric as a father figure, he by Vested Id 03/22/2018, 4:51pm PDT NEW
                When? by Roop 03/23/2018, 3:27am PDT NEW
                    Left field random in interviews to make OWNED videos, old hat repackaged in book NT by Mischief Maker 03/23/2018, 6:40am PDT NEW
                        Did Peterson fuck your wife or do you just have a hate-boner for him because NT by El Chapo hates him? 03/24/2018, 10:51am PDT NEW
                            I hate the alt-light in general. Peterson's just their top dog at the moment. NT by Mischief Maker 03/25/2018, 1:29pm PDT NEW
                                Peterson isn't alt-lite you dumb fuck. He's just a trad Christian. You are NT by dumb and not fooling anyone 03/25/2018, 2:07pm PDT NEW
                                    You just accused him of breaking the 7th and 10th commandments! NT by Trad Christian my ass! 03/25/2018, 4:00pm PDT NEW
                                        You get your views of religion from RationalWiki you fucking tard. You are so NT by fucking dumb and a tryhard. 03/25/2018, 7:40pm PDT NEW
                                            "tryhard", and dragging "RationalWiki" up out of nowhere as an insult NT by real fucking genius you are 03/26/2018, 9:17am PDT NEW
                                        Everyone breaks the 7th & 10th Commandments. BTW, what are they? NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/16/2018, 5:21pm PDT NEW
                                Alt-right likes Peterson, rag on Peterson. Peterson likes Solzhenitsyn, NT by dismiss Solzhenitsyn as fiction? 03/25/2018, 5:55pm PDT NEW
                                    Yes to the first. When did I say the second? NT by Mischief Maker 03/25/2018, 8:25pm PDT NEW
                                        It's in the NYT article you linked. Maybe you should have read it. NT by Stop skimming. 03/25/2018, 9:31pm PDT NEW
                                            I was making fun of Peterson's silly response, not defending the article itself. NT by Mischief Maker 03/25/2018, 9:45pm PDT NEW
                                                you care about the stupidest shit NT by haha 03/25/2018, 9:49pm PDT NEW
                                                Let me put it this way: If my choices are being a fascist or engaging in NT by Gulag denialism then Sieg Heil 03/26/2018, 9:42pm PDT NEW
                                                    Gulag denial the version of holocaust denial that gets nazis really upset. NT by Worm 03/27/2018, 1:52pm PDT NEW
                                                        Jordan Peterson isnt a Holocaust denier. So what are you talking about? NT by Mysterio 03/27/2018, 4:16pm PDT NEW
                                                            I'm talking about the guy I'm replying to. by Worm 03/27/2018, 6:47pm PDT NEW
                                                                Quick NT by watch the lecture that uses it 03/27/2018, 7:15pm PDT NEW
                                                                    'Don't expect me to educate you' & in reference to this timecube level shit lol by Worm 03/27/2018, 8:00pm PDT NEW
                                                                        Sure, where did the graph come from by Wormsight 03/27/2018, 9:37pm PDT NEW
                                                                            Whups, spoke too soon by Wormsight 03/27/2018, 9:58pm PDT NEW
                                                                                sounds GAY NT by Worm 03/28/2018, 10:00am PDT NEW
                                                                            (psst Worm: Peterson explaining the graph ^^^) NT by The Nudger 03/28/2018, 10:00am PDT NEW
                                                                                I mean you know I'm never watching that fucking shit. by Worm 03/28/2018, 10:17am PDT NEW
                                                                        Picture hating a dude because he's liked by the wrong people so much you turn NT by into a fucking tankie. That's Worm 03/27/2018, 9:47pm PDT NEW
                                                                            Didn't know who he was until you fags started talking about him and don't care. by Worm 03/28/2018, 10:06am PDT NEW
                                                                                Ah the closing argument, what a relief NT by Roop 03/28/2018, 10:54am PDT NEW
                                                                                Will the anime figurine guy stumble onto a meaningful retort NT by So different than the Cables 03/29/2018, 10:35am PDT NEW
                                                                                    There's got to be a subreddit to circlejerk about peterson right? by Worm 03/29/2018, 2:10pm PDT NEW
                                                                                        There's the main one, the anti-one, then the circlejerk one & girls for Peterson by *swoooon* 03/31/2018, 5:31pm PDT NEW
                                                                        "timecube level shit lol" with 263 scholarly citations NT by Roop 03/28/2018, 12:37am PDT NEW
                                                                            It's a level of complexity beyond anime NT by Clean up your timecube 03/28/2018, 12:54am PDT NEW
                                                                            263! THAT'S A LOT! NT by Worm 03/28/2018, 10:01am PDT NEW
                                                                                Yes NT by Roop 03/28/2018, 10:51am PDT NEW
                                                                                    IT'S OVER 200!!! NT by Vegeta 03/28/2018, 11:30am PDT NEW
                                                                                        Yeah not bad at all for one book/paper. He's had over 9k his whole career NT by But the timecubz! Derrrrrrr 03/28/2018, 11:54am PDT NEW
                                                                                            You don't think he coulda down the graph without dragon and shit? NT by Really? 03/28/2018, 12:19pm PDT NEW
                                                                                                I dun no mite have downed a purty flowur stead? It a mystery! by Roop 03/28/2018, 1:41pm PDT NEW
                                                                                                    Anita didn't have one graph with a dragon in it. Not one! by *done, rip 03/28/2018, 2:02pm PDT NEW
                                                                                                        Re: Anita didn't have one graph with a dragon in it. Not one! by Roop 03/28/2018, 2:43pm PDT NEW
                                                                                                            Probably has something to do with them being super FUCKING SWEET by Dr4g0n_L0v3rxxx69 03/28/2018, 3:03pm PDT NEW
                                                                                    Damn, if page count and total citations aren't proof of an argument's validity NT by I don't know what is! 03/28/2018, 5:12pm PDT NEW
                                                                                        Hey, don't insult our journalism "implying" style NT by Intercept 03/29/2018, 2:52pm PDT NEW
                                I heard Nazis like to breath air NT by Roop 03/26/2018, 12:23am PDT NEW
                                    Mischief Maker reminds me of people who think Faygo is a white trash clown drink NT by just because Juggalos love it. 03/26/2018, 1:18am PDT NEW
                                    But why Peterson as your guru? Why not Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra? by MM 03/26/2018, 3:52pm PDT NEW
                                        So what you're saying is it's the Kermit voice? by Mysterio, "Muppet Leader" 03/26/2018, 6:58pm PDT NEW
                                            F, G, and I'd like to buy a vowel. NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 03/26/2018, 7:17pm PDT NEW
                                                Clapped by the Commander! NT by Clean your room, bucko 03/26/2018, 8:52pm PDT NEW
                                        The list isn't the book by Vested Id 03/26/2018, 11:09pm PDT NEW
                                        Re: But why Peterson as your guru? Why not Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra? by Roop 03/27/2018, 4:29am PDT NEW
                                So pointless letting MM lead conversation on this topic by unless you like setting up smears 03/26/2018, 12:38pm PDT NEW
                                    Yeah, I'm kind of a dick. NT by MM 03/26/2018, 3:30pm PDT NEW
                                        Well, you're stupid too. A dumb dick is much worse than a smart dick. NT by RIP Steve Jobs 03/29/2018, 2:54pm PDT NEW
            I lost twitter links to Ghostery or some armor, because it's 3rd party tracking. NT by The Helpiness Engine 03/23/2018, 3:10pm PDT NEW
    ContraPoints finally weighs in. by Mischief Maker 05/06/2018, 8:41pm PDT NEW
        ZZZZzzzzzzzZZzzz NT by guy who fell asleep watching 05/06/2018, 9:15pm PDT NEW
            Sounds like you're needing some trip hoppin lofi Jordan B Peterson beats by Roop 05/07/2018, 12:56am PDT NEW
                Do things get more embarrassing than this? NT by Worm 05/07/2018, 5:07am PDT NEW
                    For that, keep your eye on Knuckle Shuffle NT by Roop 05/07/2018, 5:25am PDT NEW
        The best part was, "Y'know on the Left we don't really tell people what to do." by Roop 05/07/2018, 4:12am PDT NEW
        This is terrible. This person is rightfully irrelevant. by Horus Truthteller 05/07/2018, 8:01pm PDT NEW
            Sinking into irrelevance faster than JP without hitting a fraction of his peak NT by Another time MM was wrong 05/07/2018, 10:00pm PDT NEW
    MM, you guys keep doing this and we get Trump's second term. by Josh Norman 05/18/2018, 5:04pm PDT NEW
        Kermit leans back, sips from mug by Vested Id 05/18/2018, 5:47pm PDT NEW
            Hahah, he is killing her with kindness. NT by I hate Comcast 05/18/2018, 9:01pm PDT NEW
            Re: Kermit leans back, sips from mug by Roop 05/18/2018, 11:29pm PDT NEW
                Rule 13: LOL at this photo, holy shit NT by Vested Id 05/18/2018, 11:50pm PDT NEW
        What are you, my crazy co-dependent girlfriend? by Mischief Maker 05/19/2018, 8:38am PDT NEW
            Re: What are you, my crazy co-dependent girlfriend? by Josh Norman 05/19/2018, 11:04am PDT NEW
                You aren't named after the football player? NT by Eury 05/19/2018, 11:28am PDT NEW
                Oh God, that's even worse! by Mischief Maker 05/19/2018, 3:07pm PDT NEW
                    Did someone mention Jordan B Peterson Comics!?! by Roop 05/19/2018, 5:20pm PDT NEW
                        Yes manga of jb peterson is exactly what middle america craves by Worm 05/19/2018, 6:09pm PDT NEW
                            Sounds to me like your bar friends need to engage in a self authoring program NT by Roop 05/19/2018, 8:22pm PDT NEW
                        I want my Sunday morning back. by Mischief Maker 05/20/2018, 7:39am PDT NEW
                            Agree on scientism, shapiro by Kermit Sharia 05/20/2018, 10:27am PDT NEW
                                Sarkeesian may be gone... by Mischief Maker 05/20/2018, 3:38pm PDT NEW
                                    I sure do by Kermit Sharia 05/20/2018, 6:01pm PDT NEW
                                Arguing with bots by Mysterio Lollerson 05/20/2018, 6:26pm PDT NEW
                                    I'm pretty sure this last post's a bot. "Trump gets 2nd term"-bot. NT by MM 05/20/2018, 6:31pm PDT NEW
                                        I was just trying wry commentary on recent events. I failed you. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 05/20/2018, 9:22pm PDT NEW
                                            Well let's all be honest. The embassy in Jerusalem is what may give Trump 2020. NT by More % evangelicals than McCain 05/23/2018, 2:06am PDT NEW
                            Such devastating logic! I am so triggered and in need of a safe place now! by Roop 05/20/2018, 8:10pm PDT NEW
                                I'm pretty sure Roop caught sko smoothlobe disease by Saltlord 05/21/2018, 7:47am PDT NEW
                                    This the best pushback he's going to get? by Vested Id 05/21/2018, 11:18am PDT NEW
                                        how can you possibly doubt peterson until you watch HOURS OF BORING LECTURES???? by Worm 05/21/2018, 3:33pm PDT NEW
                                            I am going to drive you off this site. NT by Mysterio Queller Person 05/21/2018, 3:47pm PDT NEW
                                                Just have icj implement a YEETerson verification quiz. NT by Worm 05/21/2018, 4:08pm PDT NEW
                                        And the best this choade came up with was trolling me to say I'm the Republican NT by Roop 05/21/2018, 8:44pm PDT NEW
                                            Just want to take an opportunity for the handpuppet by Kermit Sharia 05/21/2018, 10:08pm PDT NEW
                        Reading True Allegiance really gave me respect for Ben by Saltlord 05/20/2018, 11:05am PDT NEW
                    Never mind. You're literally the reason why he got elected. NT by Josh Norman 05/19/2018, 5:25pm PDT NEW
                        Blue Collar workers actually don't have the time to watch jo beaterson talk abou by Worm 05/19/2018, 6:06pm PDT NEW
                            Let me step in here with an example. by Mysterio Queller Guy 05/19/2018, 6:31pm PDT NEW
                                Woah buddy if you keep giving us sweet tips like this it'll be a BLUE TSUNAMI by Worm 05/19/2018, 6:52pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: Woah buddy if you keep giving us sweet tips like this it'll be a by Mysterio Queller Guy 05/19/2018, 6:56pm PDT NEW
                                        lol you shifted to this anti-semite thing so fucking fast my head is spinning by Worm 05/19/2018, 7:54pm PDT NEW
                                            Fine - I don't care for him and I'd rather get back to making fun. NT by Mysterio Queller Guy 05/19/2018, 8:26pm PDT NEW
                        Whoops! My bad. NT by Mischief Maker 05/20/2018, 5:22am PDT NEW
                            hahah by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/20/2018, 1:21pm PDT NEW
        Normal slobs don't know who this fag is and don't care NT by Worm 05/19/2018, 10:52am PDT NEW
            And watch your language. Boy. NT by Mysterio Queller Guy 05/19/2018, 7:04pm PDT NEW
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