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??? by Ulrachi 02/11/2019, 11:22am PST
Vested Id wrote:

It was some bullshit. "Hey I'm not budging, maybe you'll have some grace on temp positions in the meantime." He's a national embarrassment in a lot of ways but I guess you work with a government contractor and this one stung?

Maybe you'll have some grace on temp pos-- what?

Can someone please translate what on earth he means here?

Gotta give you credit for the first part of your interpretation, he didn't budge and there's a wall now.
The "grocery stores will work along" thing was so fucking evil and dumb by Ulrachi 02/11/2019, 8:02am PST NEW
    Evil? by Vested Id 02/11/2019, 9:39am PST NEW
        ??? by Ulrachi 02/11/2019, 11:22am PST NEW
            Re: ??? by Mysterio 02/11/2019, 4:16pm PST NEW
                Because depending on the compassion of a corporate entity has always worked out. NT by Let them eat cake! 02/11/2019, 5:11pm PST NEW
        Re: Evil? by Kenji Carter 02/11/2019, 11:24am PST NEW
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