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hentai by sfg 06/09/2003, 3:13am PDT
i was reading 'true porn clerk stories' or was it 'true stories of a porn clerk'.

she was going off ranting about how fucked up hentai is. and she is right. i mean

one time i went to an anime convention and aside from D^D and whatever, there was a room,
with a few very odd looking people in it, watching a japanese cartoon that consisted entirely
of a man who had to travel through time and strip clothes off of women in order to prevent
cataclysmic horrible events. before each mind-control clothing-movement, he would say
'forgive me for stripping you'.

i shit you not, this was a straight up real japanese cartoon. this only led me to conclude that
japan must be even more messed up than any american city, even the ones full of crack and
gangsters. is it some sort of echo from the WWII days when soldiers in japan were forced
and rewarded for raping and killing women? as part of their training?

or is it simply the ameican influence on japan, clamping down on those folks so hard
that their brains just went 'pop' plop

i dont know.

i dont care.

i found some of the titles the porn clerk was talking about. 'la blue girl' and something else.

i looked for information aboutt hese films on the internet.

i found some.

i found a 7 page fan page about la blue girl. it said click here for the faq.

in fact, it was not a faq, it was some gigantic fucking synposis. i got about as far as
'such and such woman was a magical ninja' and i quit.

it was completely unreadable, completely unreadable and incomprehensible.

and yet, what is this page? it is as though, imagine, someone decided to write a huge huge
page devoted to a pornography movie. not the sex acts. no.

the plot.

i found eventually some semblance of sanity on they told me that the movie
is about a ninja who fights enemies by 'using sex', whatever the hell that means.

from the porn clerk diary, i assume this means getting raped by gigantic demons
and tentacles.

and this stack of porn was right next to the foreign film section. and accidentlaly one
of the slower clerks checked out a bunch of these to a bunch of kids.

anyways, i think the problem i have with this is basically that it is infiltrated into nerd culture.
nerds like it. they dont want to seem dirty so they make up a fucking word for it. hentai.

like nobody can figure out that 'hentai' means porn. cute little code word. and tehy even categorize it
and have like bukakke and i dontk now what else.

i mean basicalyl we are building a society of imaginry people whodont connect
with each other, they connect with extremely fucked up fantasies abuot tentacle rape.
we are becoming motherfucking zombies on this shit. do you know what i am talking
about here?

hentai by sfg 06/09/2003, 3:13am PDT NEW
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