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Video Review: Diablo 1&2 by the Cable Bruddas

Seven years ago I did a thread on a different forum about what I thought the 100 best games were. It looks terribly out-dated now, and it didn’t include pinball games. That being said, I had Diablo in the top 100, but I didn’t go back and play it to confirm that information at the […]

Video Review: Diablo 3 and Torchlight by the Cable Bruddas

Sometimes it’s nice to destroy every living creature in a dungeon without having to remember that the Polish octal characters on your screen translates to pink dragon. Two such games are Diablo 3 and Torchlight. Here’s what I like about these video reviews: the Cable Bruddas (twin gamers bred specifically to game and game well) […]

Video Review: Grand Theft Auto 1&2 by the Cable Bruddas

The original Grand Theft Auto games had a top-down perspective that faked 3D pretty well. It wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto 3 that everyone’s world changed and parents again had to wonder if video games were going to call out a lot of their shitty parenting. But what of those two original GTA games? They […]

Video Review: Super Mario 64 by the Cable Bruddas

Jsoh and Jhoh Cable are time men, men who go through time and tell you whether or not games stand the test of time. Since this isn’t 4chan, you can see their work without it being deleted almost fucking immediately. Here’s the Caltrops Test of Time review for Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64. […]

Video Review: Crimson Skies by the Cable Bruddas

Sorry for the long time between updates. This time I actually mean it. Do you remember Crimson Skies? The Cable Brothers sure as fuck do. Enjoy their new video review! Comments? Join us on the forum.

Video Review: Chrono-Trigger by the Cable Bruddas

Sorry for the long time between updates. The Cable Bruddas have a new video review, and this time it’s for Chrono-Trigger. Comments? Join us on the forum.

Video Review: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask by The Cable Bruddas

Comments? Join us on the forum.

Video Review: Legend of the Mystical Ninja by the Cable Bruddas

There’s no time for an opener! The Cable Brothers are going to tell you if The Legend of the Mystical Ninja is still worth playing in 2011. Comments? Join us on the forum.

Day of Sex: Humid ReLOVEution

A lot of us are enjoying Deus Ex: Human Revolution on our IBM PC personal computers and 100% compatibles. The Cable Bruddas believe it to be a better game than the original Deus Ex (and I am going to assume Deus Ex 2 as well, although that is not specifically stated). Find out exactly why […]

Video Review: River City Ransom by the Cable Bruddas

I never bought River City Ransom for the Nintendo Entertainment System because I thought it took place in Venice, and I was raised xenophobe. Hung over and barfing, I am literally the perfect target audience for the Cable Brothers, who are answering the question “Does River City Ransom pass the test of time?” Comments? Join […]