Fussbett, conflictNo, The Cable Brothers 02/01/2004  

"These are the ideas that Planet Half-Life is too ashamed to report on. They were reporting on ridiculous stupid shithead ideas like this for like one day and then they quit." remarked Jhoh Cable after seeing three different halfbaked Half-Life 2 mod ideas. When Valve started releasing footage of the Half-Life 2 engine, gamers everywhere imagined all of the endless and magical mod possibilities. You and I most likely kept our embarassing ideas to ourselves, but some people wrote their ideas down and made websites. Worse, the ideas were usually about team-based counter-terrorism or dinosaurs.

The following mods were all supposedly "in production" at the time of these late 2003 discussions. Many are defunct, of course. All descriptions are the mod maker's own words, nay, press release, unedited. Since most of these projects will never produce a single screenshot, I commissioned INC to draw his impressions of the mods in iSketch. Much like Valve's Source engine, iSketch is only limited by the artist's imagination -- plus a tiny resolution, a one minute time limit, and the other iSketch players screaming at you to play properly. Click on the pics for a closer look, or right-click to set the image as your wallpaper.


This new Half-Life 2 mod called The Annihilation is a single player modification that takes place in the year 2034 and pits three races in an epic battle. The three races include the humans, the demons, and the vampires. The humans battle for their right to exist, the vampires fight to rid the universe of the demons and restore their ancient race, and the demons fight for total supremacy in the universe.

For some reason I figured by 2034 the demons, vampires, and humans would probably rather get blitzed together than fight it out for eternity. Or maybe I was drunk?

conflictNo: I like that there are demons AND vampires. Sign me up.

Jhoh Cable: What about werewolves?

conflictNo: I bet the humans will be well-balanced.

Jhoh Cable: Demons and vampires will have invisibility, flying, and one hit kills. Humans will have......... an assault rifle. A really weak one.


In the year 2010 a top secret chemical was being made to cure most cancers. During an operation a patient's body would be opened. The doctor would insert the chemical into the cancer region causing it to burn and eventually the cancer would die. Although, in the year 2025 the chemical Lithitine was ready for its first human patient. On its way to the hospital in an aircraft the plane went thru a thunderstorm. After being struck by lighting the plane crashed into a major channel river causing the chemical Lithitine to be release. In the year 2040 many of the world’s population became half robot half human from drinking the water and being burned. Their burned body had to be replaced with metal and electronics. These "people" became outcasts. In the year 2060 a group of the cyborgs attacked a military outpost taking their ships and weapons. The year 3000 the cyborgs in seek of a new life went into space. After being in space for many years they were shocked by a planet that no one had ever seen. As they got closer the planet seemed to be covered with some sort of slime. They tried to pull back but the gravitational pull of the planet had them and they couldn’t turn back.

Your mission is to service, to have no fear, and to kill all enemy life...

I got "robot" and "cancer" from the description and just ran with it. My picture makes a hell of a lot more sense than the mod author's explanation.

conflictNo: You can kill life!

Fussbett: Shocked by a planet! I wonder what key I'll bind the "SERVICE" function to.

conflictNo: X

Fussbett: Oh! Who knew? I guess you did.

conflictNo: You'll want it to be close on a WASD configuration.


conflictNo: newbie: "whihc key is servise?"

Fussbett: veteran: "fuck off slimebait. lol"

conflictNo: serverAdmin: "NO Slimeweapons, cyborg lasers. Violators will be kicked/banned."

Fussbett: Whatever the "fear" key is, I'll just not press that one.

Jsoh Cable: "In the year 2040 many of the world's population became half robot half human from drinking the water and being burned." -- ok I give up on trying to like this idea.

Jsoh Cable: These "people" became outcasts. He means to say "these fucking people". During the course of writing the preview for his unmade mod, he came to hate his own characters. THIS LEAD TO THE MOD CHARACTERS WAR OF 2086

Jsoh Cable: "In the year 2010 a top secret chemical was being made to cure most cancers. During an operation a patient's body would be opened." ...so the story for the game is about curing cancer.

Fussbett: Most cancers. Not all of them.

Jsoh Cable: oh. Thats the intriguing part. Which cancers cant be cured.

Fussbett: The author didn't want to get too CRAZY and unrealistic by suggesting that there was a cure for cancer. So he scaled back a bit to make it more believable.

Jsoh Cable: Because its about realism. Realistically depicting the cure for cancer in 2010.

Fussbett: But still keeping it fun.

Jsoh Cable: I didnt get to the part where its fun yet

Fussbett: That's the part where we make fun of it.

Jsoh Cable: :)

Fussbett: The author probably has cancer, and it comes out in his writing.

Jsoh Cable: That's sad. I knew a kid in my class in like 1st grade. He died of cancer a few months in. We bought him a tree, then they paved over it after I went to middle school.


Atlas Sentinel is a military based mod that will feature 12 new missions that will place the player on a localized team throughout the world to help track down the parties responsible for an act of global terrorism. Through the creative use of lighting and a completely new soundtrack, Atlas Sentinel will achieve Cinematic Realism.

A lot of people wonder what exactly is happening on the left side of this picture.

Fussbett: Terrorism: the mod maker's crate.

Jhoh Cable: Start to Terrorism: 0.0

Jhoh Cable: Atlas Sentinel will achieve Cinematic Realism = it will suck. Cinematic realism means being trapped in endless scripted sequences without being able to make any choices.

Jsoh Cable: Do not call it an interactive movie, just hint that there will be cinematic realism. In other words, not realistic, and not cinematic. Cinematic games always suck anyway.


Entropy is a first-person shooter game that includes a system based on RTS gameplay and also a MMORGP gameplay, in fact we insert a customization of the characters.

Customization of characters is a terrible idea, usually.

conflictNo: I don't understand.

Fussbett: All you need to know: this mod has everything. Name a genre you like. ENTROPY HAS IT. They even insert a customization of the characters. What more could you want?

conflictNo: Up until I read that, I was sure that they WOULDN'T insert a customization of characters, but in fact, they did.

Jhoh Cable: I think all of these new HL2 mods are really just being made by one single 12 year old kid somewhere in the middle east with a stolen computer that he hides from his entire family. To him, these are the greatest, most creative and exciting ideas ever. Since he lives in the middle east. :(


A modification for Half-Life 2, based in Australia, where the outlaws become lawless, and the cops have to take them out. Think of your childhood memories playing the game 'Cops and Robbers'. Well this is it, just on the Half-Life 2 engine.

It was either this or Paul Hogan's knifey. This picture is also a tribute to I'82.

Fussbett: Lawless outlaws.

conflictNo: What next? I wonder if it will also have Cinematic Realism?

Jsoh Cable: So in other words the hl2 engine will be rendering me pointing my finger and saying "bang" then screaming for my opponent to fall down because I killed him while he keeps running around, and no one ever dies, and there will be a fall down key that makes you lose all your weapons health and armor and money and shit, and you cant respawn for 10 minutes.

Fussbett: And lots of arguments about kids not pressing that button enough.

Jsoh Cable: Yes. It will become more popular than counter strike

Fussbett: The innovation of the Half-Life 2 engine is really sparking the imaginations of the mod makers.

conflictNo: Here's mine: WW2 mod.

Fussbett: Yeah, there are 5 of those in progress right now. And a Korean War one.

conflictNo: I'm already at their level.

Fussbett: The most stupid is "Band of Brothers". They couldn't even waste 3 minutes thinking up a non-stolen name.

conflictNo: Hmm. Ok, how about an American Civil War mod?


A modification for Half-Life 2, based on the American Civil War. Pick up your rifle and fight as Infantry, or grab a saber and pistol and lead your men into battle. Do you like riding horses? Take up a position in a Cavalry Unit. Maybe you like big guns—artillery is for you. All of these options are your choice, which you make at the start of your single-player or multi-player game. Play with advanced AI or other online players in the bloodiest war in American history.

I'm 100% positive this is what the mod author has in mind, even if he pretends his mod will allow you to play on the Union side.

conflictNo: <<<--CRESTFALLEN

Jhoh Cable: Doesn't "civil war mod" just scream "hilariously bad models with stiff shitty animation and no team balancing"?

conflictNo: They stole my Civil War mod idea!

Fussbett: In the HL2 mod community there is no such thing as "stealing", and furthermore, if an idea is only done once, it's not done enough.

Jhoh Cable: Pick up your rifle, fire it once, and then, eventually, just die.

Jhoh Cable: "Maybe you like big guns" -- Then play something else, the civil war had clumsy cannons that couldn't hit shit.

Jhoh Cable: All these options, cavalry or getting behind a cannon. All two options.

conflictNo: The options are your choices. That's refreshing!


Edge of Chaos is a single-player Half-Life 2 modification. Players take on the role of Jay Schilling, one of a handful of survivors in a post-apocalyptic future where dinosaurs have mysteriously returned. The story unfolds over four chapters, each taking place in a new location. The game will feature eleven new weapons, new human allies and enemies, four new vehicles, and thirteen dinosaurs.

Sadly, the toy dinosaur on Jay's monitor was based on the toy Godzilla on top of mine. :(

Fussbett: Job one: name the lead character.

conflictNo: Mod created by: Jay Schilling.

Jhoh Cable: Four chapters, each with a new location! Like Jay Schilling's back yard, or the trunk of a car!

Fussbett: How many dinosaurs? Probably something shitty like 8. Whoa, 13?!?!?

Jhoh Cable: The game will feature eleven new weapons. Sure it will jagoff. FUCK YOUR MOD.


Jhoh Cable: Here's a great idea for a mod. READY? You play Gordon Freeman, and you find a time machine, and you use it to take HL2 mod creators, who've given up on their stupid HL2 mod idea, back to the past to meet themselves when they were actually thinking they would make their HL2 mod.


Jhoh Cable: And then you let the disappointment sink in, and laugh at them.

Jsoh Cable: Bowel cancer. The year is 2953. GO. Thats my mod. Because if I have to do it alone thats how far I would get in making it. A totally random assembly of numbers for the year, but starting with a 2. And then, GO. Or, you are mankinds last best hope for [something].


A MMORPG built on the Half-Life 2 engine, which takes place in the year 2040, using advanced weapons and technology (such as Plasma Shields, laser guns, energy weapons, laser blades, plasma cannons, etc.) combined with modern architecture. Players will be able to own vehicles, and apartments.

Apartments, cars. Why do you even need a plasma shield, when you could have a plasma TV?

conflictNo: W T F. OWN MY OWN APARTMENT. I guess you'll need someplace to store your energy weapons?

Fussbett: I hope they model A4s and two bedroom lofts in that mod.

conflictNo: Well, it IS the future.

Fussbett: I could relive my current life but with energy weapons.

conflictNo: In 2040, cars model YOU.

Fussbett: GASP! At least there are no dinosaurs in that alternate reality. Just calming architecture and cars.

conflictNo: You could do some serious dinosaur-cutting with a laser blade.

Fussbett: Perhaps you and I will create a mod where we combine the laser blade and architecture of FALLEN FAITH with the dinosaurs of EDGE OF CHAOS. EDGE OF FAITH

conflictNo: Don't even think it!


conflictNo: EEEEEE! Toss in "entropy"

Fussbett: Starring the main character: Shigeru Koolhaas

conflictNo: Shigeru "Jay" Koolhaas

Fussbett: And his sidekick FussbettNo.

Fussbett: The laser blade we'll rename the ENTROPY SABER.

conflictNo: I think making really bad maps would constitute chaos.

Jhoh Cable: LASER BLADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW


This is a single-player RPG modification for Half-Life 2. The game is set in a futuristic city called Sicyon. The game is focused around a Freelancer working in the city (the player). Doing any job that pays well enough, you explore the city—from the modern government plazas to the slums of the city, filled with strip clubs and drug dealers.

I don't like the idea of having to do "any job that pays well enough" in a city. Even a futuristic one.

Fussbett: The sleazy version of FALLEN FAITH.

conflictNo: Finally a mod for temps!

Fussbett: Temps only, because it's falling.


Grey City is a fully interactive, open-ended world filled with thousands of NPC's and vehicles. Rival gangs and druglords battle it out over petty arguments, and innocent people are usually harmed in the process. What you choose to do within the city is up to you. You write the story.

Yes, I know the Baseball Furies were not the ones with the coke bottles, but you try drawing that little guy. I think that's one of the Riffs standing behind him.

Fussbett: Thousands of NPCs in vehicles. I don't think it'll hit the ship date.

conflictNo: How do you program "petty"?

Fussbett: Also: kids in the suburbs really yearn for a shitty life.

conflictNo: I like that I can write the story.

Fussbett: Here's what I'd choose to do in that city: Leave.

conflictNo: I would impose taxes. I guess. Would I be a just ruler? Or what am I?


This unique MOD is about a team of hackers who exploit security vulnerabilities in bank's security systems to thieve money. A SWAT team alerted to the rapidly decreasing funds of local banks, was able to trace the hackers as they attempted to commit yet another robbery. You play as a hacker or a member of the SWAT team. There is no escape, only one team can survive as you fight to the death.

I was getting pretty tired of the whole idea of this article. This was also my answer to the Civil War guy's lynching idea - now the cops are black.

conflictNo: If that took place in the Grey City, I'd probably rewrite it so that everyone could live...

conflictNo: Hackers vs. a fully-armed SWAT team: every nerd's fantasy. (nerds win (using Linux))

Jsoh Cable: "There is no escape, only one team can survive as you fight to the death." So no hacking. SWAT just uses their superior tactics to slaughter every last hacker. So basically, the hackers all die every round. Unless the entire swat team runs into the hacker base facing backwards. Then goes afk or something

Fussbett: Maybe the hackers hack into the guns.

Jsoh Cable: Because its realistic. Unarmed hackers being blown to tiny chunks while sitting at their keyboards because theyre stuck between the chair and the desk


Leave No Man Behind is a modification for Half-Life 2. The move from Half-Life to Half-Life 2 left us with a lot of finished models, and more open spots. Leave No Man Behind is about the 1993 conflict in Somalia. Based off the movie "Black Hawk Down", Leave No Man Behind is focusing on the movie, and realism. With the name Leave No Man Behind, this gives us from freedom to edit and change around the little things that could make a MOD better.

The very best scene from Black Hawk Down. Carmen did have her shirt on, but as always her nipples are clearly visible.

Fussbett: I don't have much confidence in this mod. Much like the mod maker.

conflictNo: It's a mod based on the movie based on the actual event.

Fussbett: It's a HL2 mod based on a HL1 mod based on the movie based on the actual event.

Jsoh Cable: Child soldiers continuously shooting their own family members on accident. A hilarious pratfall involving an american slipping and a child soldier ventilates his own dad.


In a slipping world, choas rises as World War 3 strikes the world, and brings a death toll of 1.3 billion. The world is now recovering from the loss, and all evil is whiped out...forever. The human race blindly rejoiced as it gave birth to the first human clone. Now, a small faction of evil has arroused itself for one last time. They have cloned an army of 10,000 men—clones—to try and take over the free world as we know it. They strike without warning, they strike fast, furious, they take all of Europe except Britian. All of the Middle East except India, Isreal, and some American outposts. All that stands now to whitness the world's end, or stop it are: USA, Britian, Isreal, and Russia. Do you have what it takes to seize the day?

This drawing is a lot better when paired with my dead on Lucas impression. I'm working on Lucas doing Yoda now.

Fussbett: War: Evil killer? I would've called that mod "CHOAS RISES"



conflictNo: I like that evil is gone "...forever" but then comes back.

Fussbett: Well it got aroused. I mean, that happens.

conflictNo: And it strikes fast and furious.

Fussbett: I like that it aroused ITSELF. I think we can all relate to that.

Jsoh Cable: "...they take all of Europe except Britian. All of the Middle East except India, Isreal, and some American outposts." So you can guess who doesnt survive there.

Operation: CO-IN

This MOD is based on the modern warfare of a Conventional Army vs. a Guerrilla Movement - known as Counter-Insurgency. There is no set country to play as, but players can customize their models and names for weapons/teams to suit their needs. The MOD team has with them a group of military advisors who all serve in real life (including the MOD leader). There will be no buying of weapons; there is a class-based system that changes as you gain more combat experience. This MOD will attempt to be as realistic as it can get, within the limitations of a game.

I had no idea what the hell the mod was supposed to be (an Army vs. a "Guerrilla" Movement - isn't that pretty much just soldiers shooting each other?), so I tried to imagine it from the players' points of view. And it was horrible.

[No one recovered enough from the atomic bomb shock of the previous mod to comment on OPERATION CO-IN]

Jhoh Cable: I am crying tears of LOL from that WW3 wiping out evil forever BUT THEN mod.

Jhoh Cable: The intro should be like greenscreen computer text over video of a devistated post WW3 planet, with phrases like "ENTROPY... UNLEASHED [blinking cursor] EVIL... [blinking cursor]... AROUSED"


Over The Top is a realistic World War I total conversion for Half-Llife 2, focusing on the trench warfare taking place in Europe from 1914-1918. Our MOD strives to be unique through its realism, innovative command structure, and supply system; all of which will ensure the promotion of team-play.We'll see you in the trenches!

Trench warfare stands out among all types of warfares as being the worst kind. Also, these mods should take my repeated suggestions for more begging and whining actions.

Fussbett: NOTE: not about arm wrestling.

conflictNo: :(

Fussbett: They're going to be unique via realism.

conflictNo: It doesn't get any realer than arm wrestling.

Fussbett: It's about time someone attempted a really realistic warfare mod.

Jhoh Cable: The dipshit dicklickers who actually want to make a mod with extra realism should have their teeth punched right down their fucking throats.

conflictNo: They'll see us in the trenches!


Parallel Future is a multi-player modification built on Valve's Half-Life 2 Source engine. A single-player part is also planned. Our game is placed in around 2050, in the war-torn Central and North America. You can join either the United Militia, the remnants of the US Army, or the Fuerzas Expedicionarias (Expeditionary Forces), whose mission is highly suspicous even to its own troops. Both sides will feature unique weapons and vehicles, as well as their own characteristic tactics. A lot of more information and media is located on our website.

The knifey idea I rejected for Cops and Robbers makes a surprise comeback. To me, anything south of the US is all the same, so my leap from Central America to Australia is fine.

conflictNo: Caliente!

Fussbett: This reminds me a lot of the Humans/Vampires/Demons situation. But with only two sides.

conflictNo: Maybe one side is light and fast and the other is heavy and slow?

Jsoh Cable: "Fuerzas Expedicionarias (Expeditionary Forces), whose mission is highly suspicous even to its own troops." Those sons of bitches cant even trust each other. Gee I wonder who the good guys are then.

Jhoh Cable: So if I join that team I will have to fight the enemy, but I will also have to question our leaders and create dissent! Sounds a little unbalanced there.

Fussbett: Yes, that team is for the TKers

Jhoh Cable: It is pretty unbalancing when a mod has one team where all its motives are suspect by its own teammates.


Slugs & Steel focuses on realistic combat and the history of the gun. Scenarios will range from the days of the earliest matchlock to the conceptual future. Each scenario will contain its own map, character sets, era accurate arsenal, and objectives. We are obsessed with guns, and promise to have some of the most realistically simulated first-person shooting you've ever witnessed. Slugs & Steel will be an online multiplayer team-based FPS.

The mod makers are obsessed with guns, and we all know how that usually turns out. Hopefully.

conflictNo: Matchlocks: finally!

Fussbett: I don't think they're very acurate or fast to reload. Perfect for an FPS.

conflictNo: I wonder if these guys know how many guns they'll have to deal with?

Fussbett: On the upside, I've always wanted to bind a key for RAMROD.

Fussbett: "Keep your powder dry!" I'll be saying that a lot.

conflictNo: I've always wanted to fire my dad's pepperbox, but virtually!

Fussbett: We could've used most of these jokes during the Gettysburg mod discussion. Good foresight that we spread it out.

conflictNo: "Can someone buy me a pepperbox?" That's what I'll be saying.

Fussbett: "Fuck, I forgot to buy musketballs!"

Fussbett: "...and I wet my powder :("


The Last Great War is a MOD for Half-Life 2 which includes every battle of World War II; including Italy, Normandy, The Pacific, and the Russian fronts. The first-ever MOD to include all theaters of WWII.

This looks familiar. I would have tried to draw "every battle of WWII," but I only had a minute. Good thing these guys have a couple of months to get them all in there! They should start by realizing "The Great War" was actually WW1, so the helmet spike is surprisingly accurate.

conflictNo: So I take it that there's no quality-control on these mod "previews"? Anyone can post any kind of mod?

Fussbett: The mod makers own words.

Jhoh Cable: A mod that takes place in the future with WW2 guns would probably be pretty cool by the way.


New York, present day. You play as Harry Angel, a grimy private detective who is hired by an arcane man named Louis Cyphre to track down a missing singer. Angel's trail takes him down to New Orleans, where things quickly get bizarre and horrifying.

Holy shit, this would have made a great poster for the movie!

Fussbett: Can't wait to see the Lisa Bonet model.

conflictNo: Things will quickly get bizarre and horrifying. You won't have to wait long.

Jhoh Cable: O m g. :(

Jhoh Cable: Can you bind a key to say "even your name is a dimestore joke"? It'll be like the only key you'd use in the game.


A deadly virus wipes out an entire city's population. The only way to stop the virus from spreading, was to encase the entire city inside a giant dome. One hundred and fifty years later, motion sensors inside the dome have picked up movement—something is alive inside! A new breed of life has risen from the ruin. You and your team are hired to enter Citadome to find out what it is. The question is, will you and your team get out alive ? Citadome is a single-player survival / horror, which will feed on your fear. Multi-player action will be added to expand on the Citadome concept. Please visit our site to learn more."

Toronto seems to be getting it a lot in games and real life these days. Especially with viruses and stuff. What the hell is going on up there? Check out the crazy perspective on the buildings. Weird architecture.

Fussbett: I would've called the protective city shell the "CON-DOME"

Fussbett: LOL

conflictNo: RILFMAO

conflictNo: What if you don't have any fear?

Jhoh Cable: Not many games actually feed on fear. I guess that's part of the advanced Source engine as well.

Jhoh Cable: That the game somehow actually knows what you are feeling. To tell the truth, I might be a tad skeptical of the mod pulling off the whole feeding on my fear thing. I'll have to see it to believe it.

Jhoh Cable: I guess it would be possible to do though, all they'd have to do is put in one scary part, and then follow it up with another scary part.

Jhoh Cable: And then indeed my fear would be fed to the game using advanced fear feeding algorythems.

Fussbett: Whoa, two scary parts in a row? Using what, dinosaurs?

Jhoh Cable: Maybe first a zombie, then a dinosaur. Personally, I'm waiting for one of these mods to claim that it can kill people in real life if you play it.

Jhoh Cable: Are you almost through this preview list? Because I don't want it to ever end, ever.


A MOD for Half-Life 2 which will bring action-packed single-player fun with a twist. There will be features like clue-based missions, and it they won't be simple and easy. The goal is for you to get the true hardcore gaming experience and have fun.

I like this guy and his skeletal descriptions. He only tips his hand once regarding content: clue-based missions. Or, maybe just features like that. I hope I came close to his vision, which I was also thinking might have been a solid white square.

Fussbett: I think I like what he's saying. Maybe. He wants me to have fun, and I want me to have fun, so we have common goals.

Jsoh Cable: "There will be features like clue-based missions, and it they won't be simple and easy." Expect plenty of aimless wandering

conflictNo: Did it say that it was based on Clue?


A realistic, team-based, action modification for Half-Life 2. HiT-SQUAD is based in modern day times. In this MOD, you are a member of an organized crime family. Your family has empowered you to achieve its objectives by any means necessary. You will face off against other players from other crime syndicates in a mob war to control the flow of illegal money.

Modern day organized crime: probably in jail. And crying, like most of the people I draw (crying after 10 days! Or was it years?). Astute observers may notice the dialog line snaking its way past the bars, which was going to be another prisoner saying, "Hey, fish!"

conflictNo: I like how they get specific: "control the flow of illegal money". Will the HL2 engine let you do that?

Fussbett: I think it's maybe integrated with the particle system.

Jhoh Cable: I wonder if they could control the flow in such a way that the illegal money becomes legal.

conflictNo: I bet all of those guys were breathing a little sigh of relief at the news of the release delay. Particularly the one with the entire WW2 experience and the one with every gun ever invented (plus some from the future).

Fussbett: Or the one with thousands of NPCs and vehicles. Unless "thousands" means the same model with a random name generator.

conflictNo: I think even a thousand different names would be expecting too much.

conflictNo: OK, I'm out. Or should I say, working on my sleep mod! LOL.

Fussbett: RFOL! Try for realism.

conflictNo:: Realism with a twist.

Fussbett: Terrorists?

conflictNo: And dinosaurs.

Fussbett: Terrorists riding dinosaurs. It's settled.

conflictNo: Dinosaurs made out of terrorists.

Fussbett: ESP

conflictNo: STAY OUT OF MY MIND.

Jhoh Cable: The curing cancer mod is clearly one of the winners in this contest. :(

Fussbett: THE END

Jhoh Cable: That was epic. :(

Fussbett, conflictNo, The Cable Brothers