Google Creates Something Terrible

Rafiki 7/22/2008 

Are you surprised? I'm surprised. Usually whatever they make is instantly awesome. This is shit.

Lively by Google

Customizable user created 3D chat rooms with customizable avatars, because what AIM and regular text chats are missing are clunky interfaces and animated emotes. I guess they're trying to pre-empt Sony's Live at Home.

So you start off being able to create a room from several different stock rooms. You can then decorate your room from a set of stock items or purchased items (I didn't really check if they wanted you to pay real money. There was just an option for "shop."). While I was looking through the furniture options to create a rape room, this strutted out onto my screen:

This was my avatar. I did not choose this avatar, it was automatically generated by Google's software. What a bunch of cunts. There are several human avatars available to choose, but Google didn't start me with one of those because they're cunts.

So here you go. This is the void Google is trying to cram full with throbbing animal boners fill. Like me, I'm sure when you are using AIM or IRC or any one of hundreds of successful chat clients you're thinking, "God, I wish I could have a pantsless anthropomorphic rabbit spreading his asshole open into my face." And now you can! Thanks, Google! And don't even try to tell me this isn't meant for furry dicklicking, because I found the yiff button before I even figured out how to place furniture.

When I originally created my room I thought I set it to private and to not show up on the main room list, but it must not have saved the settings because within 5 minutes I tabbed back into my browser window and saw this:

For a brief moment I thought about walking over to this guy and bending over just to see his reaction, but I decided not to for two reasons: one, I'd never be able to live with the implications about me, and two, this guy seemed awfully nonchalant about joining a room decorated only with a (rape) bed surrounded by viewing chairs and a swami rabbit named "faggy mcqueergay" as its sole occupant.

I closed the fuck out of my browser never to return.