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Office plans by Horus Truthteller Today, 6:02am PST NEW

I need to buy fake Uggs. Any of you guys into fake Uggs? by Judge Barry Yesterday, 6:42am PST NEW
    Boots, booties, moccasins, what are we talkin here? by Bottes Caoutchouc Yesterday, 8:33pm PST NEW

Imagine knowing this little about software development by What a dumb fuck 01/16/2020, 3:26pm PST
    What a fucking idiot. NT by Kenji Carter 01/16/2020, 4:58pm PST
    Makes (depressing) sense by The Happiness Engine 01/16/2020, 7:18pm PST
        You;v CEACKED THE CEDO! by HRRRRUAAA 01/16/2020, 7:52pm PST
            wot NT by Judge Barry 01/16/2020, 8:56pm PST
        Why would it be something else? NT by Vested Id 01/16/2020, 9:01pm PST
        Re: Makes (depressing) sense by SDL Deathspiral 01/18/2020, 6:43pm PST
    Definition of "Edit" by Elvis Mug 01/31/2020, 5:09pm PST NEW
        I think that's the reality too by SDL Deathspiral 01/31/2020, 7:26pm PST NEW
            Re: I think that's the reality too by Lawrence Dumont 01/31/2020, 7:51pm PST NEW
                Re: I think that's the reality too by Elvis Mug 02/01/2020, 2:19pm PST NEW
    Actual developer: this thread is retarded NT by Entropy Stew 02/10/2020, 3:17pm PST NEW

Wordpress Gutenberg by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/24/2020, 8:30pm PST NEW

Deadspin is burning by Glenn from Habbo 10/29/2019, 11:03am PDT
    @barry handle to be available soon? NT by Vested Id 10/29/2019, 12:07pm PDT
    Bunch of Kotaku people got let go as well. by Mysterio 10/30/2019, 10:29am PDT
        Re: Bunch of Kotaku people got let go as well. by Mysterio 10/30/2019, 10:48am PDT
            Thanks for keeping us abreast of gamergate by getting everything wrong. NT by Injustice 10/30/2019, 12:23pm PDT
                No prob. I may just be a cub reporter today. But tomorrow? by Mysterio 10/30/2019, 4:13pm PDT
    Deadspin - spin = DEAD by Vested Id 10/30/2019, 4:22pm PDT
        My god they're all doing it by Vested Id 10/30/2019, 6:48pm PDT
        Re: Deadspin - spin = DEAD by Mysterio Prime 10/30/2019, 8:03pm PDT
            Now they’ll get to find out just how much their skills are worth on the market by blackwater 10/30/2019, 9:19pm PDT
        I get it. This place became politics-based as well it seems. by - 11/01/2019, 6:37am PDT
    They obviously liked being able to write about whatever they wanted. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/01/2019, 9:25am PDT
        Advertisers by Roop 11/01/2019, 10:31am PDT
            They brag about how the political articles get a lot of clicks, but by Vested Id 11/01/2019, 11:04am PDT
        They are terrible fucking people screaming "scab" tonight at a guy by - 11/01/2019, 10:54pm PDT
            People who hate everything fired after writing spiteful articles about boss NT by It's Pretty...Funny 11/08/2019, 6:16pm PST
            Deadspin hasnt updated in over a month NT by Ichabod 12/05/2019, 11:02am PST
                I guess their pump-n-dump vulture capitalist new boss DIDN'T know how to run a NT by successful sports site after all! 12/05/2019, 12:29pm PST
                    I guess woke bullshit is terminal among the journo class NT by Hi MM 12/05/2019, 12:59pm PST
                    Seriously man by Hi MM 12/05/2019, 1:23pm PST
                        His brilliant business plan would've worked if it weren't for you meddling NT by twitter trolls! 12/05/2019, 1:49pm PST
                            *their meddling peers NT by Hi MM 12/05/2019, 2:00pm PST
                                I quit my sports writing job cuz someone tweeted me next to Scabby the Rat! NT by Alpha Male/eternal victim 12/05/2019, 3:02pm PST
                                    I can't get work because I've been blacklisted by socialists NT by Hi MM 12/05/2019, 3:17pm PST
                                        Step 1: Fire all our writers. Step 2: Don't hire anyone their friends yell at. NT by Never question my financial genius! 12/05/2019, 4:05pm PST
                                            A friendly dispute between mandarins by who aren't at all marxist 12/05/2019, 4:58pm PST
                                                I don't know what you mean when you say "mandarins," is that the new "jews?" by No such thing as a dumb boss 12/05/2019, 5:06pm PST
                                                    It means our overeducated clerisy who impose a moral order on the populace, by regardless of ethnicity 12/05/2019, 5:27pm PST
                                                        I propose we each symbolically consume a mandarin orange every day in December. by Injustice 12/05/2019, 5:39pm PST
                                                            You can put "educated" in quotes. They're morons. NT by Hi Injustice 12/05/2019, 5:52pm PST
                                                        But a clueless new boss who's going to pump'n-dump the company into oblivion is NT by an unquestionable moral paragon? 12/06/2019, 8:15am PST
                                                            This thread by - 12/06/2019, 11:07am PST
                                                                The only way anyone will read your posts is if you ator as me by - 12/06/2019, 1:53pm PST
                                                                hahahahaha by - 12/06/2019, 1:56pm PST
                                                                    Re: hahahahaha by - 12/06/2019, 2:09pm PST
                                                                        Thanks, stupid. NT by - 12/06/2019, 2:33pm PST
                                                                The fuck? by Mischief Maker 12/06/2019, 2:50pm PST
                                                                    They weren't "sports" bloggers by Mysterio 12/06/2019, 11:32pm PST
                                                                    Endless regressive spin NT by - 12/06/2019, 11:57pm PST
                                                                    Re: The fuck? by - 12/07/2019, 2:04pm PST
                                            As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by - 12/06/2019, 10:50am PST
                                                Re: As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by Furcifer 12/12/2019, 2:33pm PST
                                                    Re: As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by - 12/12/2019, 3:18pm PST
                                                        Re: As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by Furcifer 12/31/2019, 9:46am PST
                                                            Also billionaire Peter Thiel has a long vendetta against gawker for outing him. NT by Mischief Hulkamaniac 12/31/2019, 10:14am PST
                                                            Re: As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by blackwater 12/31/2019, 10:03pm PST
                                                                Re: As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by Furcifer 01/02/2020, 9:36am PST
                                                                    Re: As dumb as the writers were, the owners are dumber by Dominos is poison 01/02/2020, 9:42am PST
    Update! Fatcat Bloomberg owner issues "Stick to anything but Democrats" memo! NT by # of Bloomberg bloggers who quit: 0 12/14/2019, 1:58pm PST
    In case there is/was any doubt about what Deadspin is/was by Vested Id 01/20/2020, 3:43pm PST NEW
        Where has MM ever defended Deadspin? NT by Nice sports article on deadspin 01/20/2020, 4:01pm PST NEW
            "It's the CEO, stupid" NT by "Mischief Maker" 01/20/2020, 4:49pm PST NEW
                Re: "It's the CEO, stupid" by Oh 01/20/2020, 8:57pm PST NEW
        So one guy possibly connected to Black Israelites made the Native American evil? NT by Hell of a way to spend MLK day! 01/20/2020, 4:19pm PST NEW
        One of the best things is Black Israelites debating Black Egyptians by THASS RIIIIGHT 01/20/2020, 7:41pm PST NEW

Today, Twitter starts this asshole NT by Yaris 01/17/2020, 4:29pm PST
    david_leavitt by Yaris 01/17/2020, 4:30pm PST
        https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-tori-take-a-vacation-from-target NT by "$27,339 raised of $5,000 goal" 01/18/2020, 11:04pm PST
    randpaul by Yaris 01/19/2020, 7:47pm PST NEW
        Whoops, you follow Swift on Security? by You want to hide that! 01/19/2020, 7:59pm PST NEW
            Re: Whoops, you follow Swift on Security? by Yaris 01/19/2020, 9:15pm PST NEW
            What's your weird beef with Swift on Security? NT by Guy that prefers things 01/19/2020, 10:56pm PST NEW

Nationwide AirBnB scam article. Good article except: by Kenji Carter 11/01/2019, 7:14am PDT
    Re: Nationwide AirBnB scam article. Good article except: by Furcifer 01/02/2020, 12:02pm PST
    Good news. They have AI to tell whether guests are psychos or not now. by Horus Truthteller 01/07/2020, 6:07am PST

3dbuzz is closing. Anyone ever watch their vids? They are free. by Horus Truthteller 01/05/2020, 9:31pm PST

Merry Christmas, thread shitters by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/24/2019, 3:16pm PST
    Merry Christmas! by Vested Id 12/24/2019, 5:10pm PST
        Happy Holidays! by Mischief Maker 12/24/2019, 5:13pm PST
            :) by Vested Id 12/24/2019, 5:17pm PST

GRRRR NT by The GRRR guy 12/22/2019, 9:26pm PST

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