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City of Heroes is BACK NT by unofficially 07/30/2020, 7:53pm PDT
    How? Where? NT by Ichabod 07/30/2020, 9:04pm PDT - pick one by Mysterio 08/02/2020, 1:13am PDT

Warframe by Cannibal 05/06/2013, 2:02pm PDT
    I'm loving the Rhino by Entropy Stew 05/06/2013, 2:27pm PDT
        I'm rocking a volt by Cannibal 05/06/2013, 6:54pm PDT
            The frozone guy sucks shit by Entropy Stew 05/06/2013, 10:48pm PDT
                Good to know by Cannibal 05/07/2013, 11:12pm PDT
    This game is still good 5 years later btw and has only gotten better with age NT by MM please dont report me 11/26/2018, 2:05pm PST

Project Gorgon, have any of you guys given it a try? by Worm 04/28/2017, 12:10am PDT
    I wanna be a double hobbit mushroom psychologist NT by Entropy Stew 04/28/2017, 11:17am PDT
    So it's like LOTR: Online crossed with Harvest Moon? NT by Rafiki 04/28/2017, 12:09pm PDT
        More like Final Fantasy 14 crossed with ESO and a little of everything else by Worm 05/04/2017, 10:55am PDT
        The game just gets worse the higher level you get by Worm 05/11/2017, 3:21pm PDT
            That's too bad about Black Desert because the combat is actually fun NT by Entropy Stew 05/11/2017, 5:26pm PDT
                Yeah but when you get to grinding post 50 it's just a Nightmare. by Worm 05/11/2017, 7:28pm PDT
                    Are you quit on FF14 or just chilling till Stormblood? NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 05/12/2017, 10:09am PDT
                        Chilling, already back fucking around with Gorgon by Worm 05/12/2017, 1:21pm PDT
                            I got to about 3.3 and stopped by Rey Mysterio Jr. 05/12/2017, 1:24pm PDT
                                Yeah I don't see the point for someone to get into end game right now by Worm 05/12/2017, 7:02pm PDT

Well Tera officially has the best character select menu ever by Worm 06/04/2015, 3:07pm PDT

I can finally get gay married to a family member for a 10% EXP bonus. by Worm 04/03/2014, 8:28am PDT

Neverwinter is fun. by Worm 05/03/2013, 11:06pm PDT
    Just rolled a Control Wizard by Cannibal 05/04/2013, 2:27pm PDT
        ah, I'm on Dragon right now but after open beta all servers merge. NT by Worm 05/04/2013, 2:36pm PDT
        I've got CattleHumper on mindflayer NT by CattleHumper 05/04/2013, 4:43pm PDT

How WoW ruined MMORPGs by Worm 02/16/2013, 11:14pm PST
    that's real good by jeep 02/17/2013, 10:06am PST
        The problem with EVE Online he doesn't tell you about by WITTGENSTEIN 02/17/2013, 11:02am PST
            also by jeep 02/17/2013, 5:29pm PST

Fun is not enough!? by Worm 05/02/2012, 9:16am PDT
    As soon as someone answers how TERA is fun, other than being the PA cock of NT by the month 05/02/2012, 5:45pm PDT
        Good combat, good graphics NT by Entropy Stew 05/02/2012, 6:53pm PDT
            Aion had AMAZING graphics. I quit playing it after two weeks. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 05/03/2012, 4:46pm PDT
                Did it have good combat? by Entropy Stew 05/04/2012, 10:18am PDT
                    WAR had good combat. I couldn't tell you about Aion's. by WITTGENSTEIN 05/04/2012, 3:38pm PDT
                        WO had good combat up until tier 3 by fabio 05/04/2012, 4:01pm PDT
    Was he drawing a teddy bear and changed his mind to a cat? It's the ugliest NT by illustrated cat I've ever see. 05/02/2012, 9:54pm PDT
    terrible by fabio 05/04/2012, 3:37pm PDT

Playable Anthropomorphic panda race, the cables effect WoW again NT by Worm 10/21/2011, 11:55am PDT
    Also pokemon, so there's ICJ's influence as well NT by Entropy Stew 10/22/2011, 1:46am PDT
        Pokemon was awesome in EQ2, so whatever. NT by Worm 10/22/2011, 10:56am PDT
            I only tried the EQ2 demo by Entropy Stew 10/22/2011, 11:32am PDT
                EQ2 Was a big disappointment, but the pokemon arena was fun. by Worm 10/22/2011, 6:47pm PDT

The video thumbnail is the best explanation of ToR I can find by Worm 09/25/2011, 11:10am PDT
    Total Biscuit TF2 hat now available for preorders NT by fabio 09/25/2011, 12:00pm PDT

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