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Women-only tournament rules: You get ONE GAY but you can't swap them in and out. by pinback 02/05/2015, 12:33pm PST
    No way can a team win with 5 supports NT by fabio 02/05/2015, 12:58pm PST
    What if one of them suddenly comes out in the middle of the tournament? by Roop 02/05/2015, 3:21pm PST
    haha, girls are bad at vidya games. by dr. no 02/05/2015, 10:59pm PST
        Re: haha, girls are bad at vidya games. by Mischief Maker 02/06/2015, 5:23am PST
            Joe Rogan was talking about this. by WITTGENSTEIN 02/06/2015, 8:36am PST
            Let us enter dog shows or you are a BIGOT! NT by Furries united 02/06/2015, 11:57am PST
        Gay women are women, last time I checked. I'm not real clear on it, though. NT by pinback 02/06/2015, 6:42am PST
            They don't tend to let me check NT by what am I doing wrong? 02/06/2015, 7:15am PST
            Maybe lesbians have male reaction times? by Mischief Maker 02/06/2015, 1:29pm PST
                When I still watched League, the best female player was a lesbian NT by Mysterio 02/06/2015, 3:08pm PST
                    As are the best female musicians NT by seeking pussy is the best motivator 02/06/2015, 5:43pm PST
    I thought you were kidding. Wow. NT by Walt Flanagan 09/09/2018, 11:33am PDT
    Also the rps piece on this was predictable by Walt Flanagan 09/09/2018, 11:40am PDT

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