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ITT, post pretentious anti-vaxx twats by Mysterio 03/18/2021, 10:39am PDT
    Where is he anti-vax? by Vested Id 03/18/2021, 12:02pm PDT
        Which Caltrops posters aren't getting the vaccine? Post here NT by Mysterio Cabal 06/14/2021, 2:00pm PDT
            rona fake as chit NT by hunters laptop REEAL 06/14/2021, 7:49pm PDT
    Whoopsie! by Judge Barry 07/01/2021, 8:44am PDT
        Good riddance. NT by Chas. Darwin 07/01/2021, 5:19pm PDT
    "I wish I got the vaccine" MEGATHREAD by I Am Human Garbage 07/30/2021, 11:50am PDT
        Hey Bill, are you middle-aged now by Install NT 07/30/2021, 12:11pm PDT
            You'll pay for this snottery!! NT by I Am Human Garbage 07/30/2021, 3:21pm PDT
        Wish I hadn't gotten vaccine! by Just lost a hundred bucks 07/30/2021, 12:59pm PDT
        Re: "I wish I got the vaccine" MEGATHREAD by I Am Human Garbage 08/05/2021, 10:59am PDT
        This one is greate by I Am Humage Garbage 08/15/2021, 2:54pm PDT
            Hmm is this politics hmmmmm NT by mmmmmmmmmmmmm 08/15/2021, 3:42pm PDT
                No, it's making fun of stupid people. NT by fucking moron 08/15/2021, 5:27pm PDT
                    Come be basic with us NT by boys (not politics) 08/16/2021, 6:33pm PDT
        Double-dipping by Mischief Maker 08/15/2021, 4:22pm PDT
        Re: "I wish I got the vaccine" MEGATHREAD by E. L. Koba 08/16/2021, 4:47pm PDT
        Lotta job openings in the "local conservative talk radio" market by E. L. Koba 08/29/2021, 11:31am PDT
        Joe Rogan NT by BRO, DO YOU EVEN LIFT? 09/01/2021, 7:44pm PDT
    Organizers dropping, too. by Mischief Maker 08/29/2021, 12:46pm PDT
        When you're lying in your beds dying, two weeks from now... NT by trade it for just ONE CHANCE! 09/02/2021, 10:22am PDT
    Re: ITT, post pretentious anti-vaxx twats by Cave Bronson 07/01/2022, 6:31pm PDT

Please get boosted. It's so much easier when NT by boosted 06/15/2022, 5:01pm PDT
    Boost my board? by A board boosted? 06/15/2022, 5:24pm PDT

"We reverse-engineered AOL 3.0!" by But wait, there's more! 06/13/2022, 5:31pm PDT

Horse tranq, they're drinking horse tranq NT by lololololol 08/27/2021, 9:22am PDT
    I thought it was a de-worming paste. NT by MM 08/27/2021, 6:25pm PDT
        That would be silly though. NT by ----------- 08/28/2021, 8:42pm PDT
            I got my shots and I'm taking the deworming paste. Whatever it is I won't have i by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/29/2021, 10:28pm PDT
                She don't use jelly! NT by The Flaming Lips 09/01/2021, 7:43pm PDT
    Now I'm having trouble getting my dog's Heartgard prescription filled by Mischief Maker 09/08/2021, 8:25pm PDT
        I'm busy killing those prions you bastard murderer by Ivermectin blister pack 09/08/2021, 11:04pm PDT
            They're just so goddamn stupid. NT by Mysterio 09/09/2021, 4:27am PDT
                How do you get that from that by Ivermectin blister pack 09/09/2021, 9:40am PDT
                    Covid-19 is neither a worm nor a prion, it's a virus. by Mischief Maker 09/09/2021, 10:53am PDT
                        More distended and deranged by Ivermectin blister pack 09/09/2021, 11:28am PDT
                            The people who stand to profit from the increased sales say no. by Mischief Maker 09/09/2021, 11:43am PDT
                                This press release clearly goes against their own self-interest NT by Ivermectin blister pack 09/09/2021, 3:08pm PDT
                                    Their self-interest in not getting sued for people shitting out their intestines NT by Mischief Maker 09/09/2021, 3:19pm PDT
                                        Yeah it's weird NT by IverMXTC 09/09/2021, 4:23pm PDT
                    wot by Mysterio 09/09/2021, 12:25pm PDT
            Re: I'm busy killing those prions you bastard murderer by Mischief Maker 09/09/2021, 7:44am PDT
    hahahah by lololololol 12/28/2021, 2:17pm PST
    The Queen must listen to Joe Rogan and now is taking horse paste NT by stupid bleach drinking Queen 02/25/2022, 7:47pm PST
        You really will believe anything by fucking moron 02/25/2022, 8:19pm PST
            That's a lot of retractions! Anything to say for yourself, by paste-chaser? 02/26/2022, 8:26am PST

... by MM 02/05/2022, 10:58am PST

Anti-vax quacks are making millions. by Mischief Maker 10/13/2021, 6:20am PDT
    Death is too good for them. NT by Mysterio 10/13/2021, 12:22pm PDT
        Fates worse than death: NT by being in the Intercept ecosystem 10/13/2021, 2:22pm PDT
    Never trust precious metal surnames - e.g. "Gold", "Goldberg", "Goldstein", etc NT by Mysterio 10/13/2021, 3:19pm PDT

Caltrops got the corona by Kirahu Nagasawa 02/29/2020, 12:32pm PST

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