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Apology video: by Mischief Maker 01/13/2021, 4:26pm PST NEW
    They announced massive cuts to GOG just now by Guy that posts goatse 50% of the ti 01/13/2021, 5:05pm PST NEW
        motherfucker. NT by Mischief Maker 01/13/2021, 5:29pm PST NEW
            ;) NT by Mischief Maker 01/13/2021, 5:30pm PST NEW

what a goatfuck NT by console players 12/18/2020, 8:57am PST NEW
    NewsPSA: Your save file is capped at 8mb on all platforms by Goatfuck 2077 12/19/2020, 2:20pm PST NEW
        Apprarently the Witcher 3 has the same issue. by Mischief Maker 12/19/2020, 3:10pm PST NEW
            I am reading that lots of crafting can make it happen. NT by Ichabod 12/19/2020, 3:27pm PST NEW
            WHAT IF they just used OS calls to read and write files?! by The Happiness Engine 12/27/2020, 12:30pm PST NEW
                1. fread and fwrite are shit, mmap 4eva 2. They fixed it in 1.06 NT by Entropy Stew 12/27/2020, 12:33pm PST NEW
                    You can tell the last time I cared about programmin' ^_^ NT by The Happiness Engine, sysadmin. 12/28/2020, 6:39pm PST NEW
    Players of this in 2021 by CURRENT YEAR ANAL YSIS 01/02/2021, 11:28am PST NEW
        'Member how the circa '15 excuse for diversity quotas was that they're needed... by to increase market share? 01/07/2021, 2:58pm PST NEW

I think I liked the scripted/planned parts better than the open world stuff so f NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/03/2021, 9:44am PST NEW
    Possible reasonings? by Judge Barry 01/06/2021, 6:41pm PST NEW

More like Johnny CIRI-hand, amirite? As in, why is he not the main character? NT by Way cooler NPC. Ring a bell Geralt? 12/16/2020, 5:07pm PST NEW
    Johnny Silverhand was in his mid 30s in 2020 NT by So he'd be geriatric 12/16/2020, 9:38pm PST NEW
        Not necessarily such a bad thing! by Mischief Maker 12/16/2020, 10:31pm PST NEW
        That would still work even with the current story by Entropy Stew 12/19/2020, 11:19am PST NEW
    I want his pistol by Entropy Stew 12/19/2020, 11:13am PST NEW
        I wonder if you can find it anywhere in the game just as your own gun is better by Roop 01/02/2021, 9:08pm PST NEW

PS1 release by Entropy Stew 12/28/2020, 8:46am PST NEW
    We're kidding, that's what it looks like on the PS4 NT by Oh snap 12/28/2020, 12:53pm PST NEW

Regardless of the bugs, the core gameplay loop isn't that good outside of main by stories, and feature creep abounds 12/21/2020, 9:32am PST NEW
    Re: Regardless of the bugs, the core gameplay loop isn't that good by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/21/2020, 9:38am PST NEW

Settings tweaks? by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/13/2020, 10:30am PST
    HWMonitor? NT by Mysterio 12/13/2020, 11:04am PST
        Thanks, friendo! NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/13/2020, 2:07pm PST
    Turn off your screensaver NT by Graphics Whore newb 12/13/2020, 3:44pm PST
    It seems to be an AMD Ryzen issue. Do you have an Intel CPU? by MM 12/13/2020, 3:54pm PST
    They really need to just have an options menu entry by Entropy Stew 12/19/2020, 11:08am PST NEW

I can't wait to give this game a middling review! by prog trans reviewer 12/07/2020, 9:56am PST
    How can you be transphobic yet hyped for a game about radical body modification? NT by Mischief Maker 12/07/2020, 11:05am PST
        Must be Hitler NT by Roop 12/07/2020, 1:06pm PST
        Hacking off a body part for a prosthetic does not make you a robot NT by CyberTERF 12/07/2020, 2:20pm PST
        Can't beat thugs with my (honestly) giant lady dick NT by 0/5 12/07/2020, 8:17pm PST
                Translation: REEEEEEEEEE! NT by Donkey Kong DOESNT say trans rights 12/08/2020, 2:31pm PST
                    Honestly. I support trans rights 10000%. And I don't know if it's people by Mysterio 12/08/2020, 3:02pm PST
                        How many are actual trans people and how many are small journos chasing clout? NT by Mischief Maker 12/08/2020, 3:16pm PST
                            Whoops! "how many are CIS journos chasing clout?" NT by Mischief Maker 12/08/2020, 3:17pm PST
                            Both of the bad reviews are from troons NT by A. Wyatt Mann 12/08/2020, 3:29pm PST
                            So, I did some reading and checking and you're right. by Too scared to say 12/14/2020, 10:05am PST
                            (MM gets splashed with jizz-milk) NT by Contrapoints 12/14/2020, 8:32pm PST
                                What does Sex at Dawn have to say about prostate orgasms? NT by Epilepsy Foundation of America 12/15/2020, 2:43am PST
                                    Wow, you guys are doing some deep cuts. Feels good to have such devoted fans! NT by Mischief Web Celebrity 12/15/2020, 5:35am PST
        Do you exclusively fuck MTF trans girls? NT by A. Wyatt Mann 12/07/2020, 10:06pm PST
    Look at these fucking journos complaining they have to "crunch" on it to play by Horus Truthteller 12/07/2020, 3:19pm PST
        Anyone ever tell game journos who think "crunch" is this huge scandal about... by work hours on unionized movie sets? 12/13/2020, 1:11am PST
            Re: game journos who think "crunch" is this huge scandal about by Mysterio 12/13/2020, 1:13am PST
            ...and since it's a union, there is a contract about how exactly they get paid by These people are cowards. 12/15/2020, 4:58pm PST
                There's no obligation to give film crew another job after production wraps by As many post-Covid crew can attest 12/16/2020, 2:02am PST
                Unless you don't wear your mask. Then you're FIRED motherfucker! by Tom Cruise 12/16/2020, 2:23am PST
    Time to screech about the screeching to my screeching! NT by Jim Sterling 12/15/2020, 3:57pm PST

They're offering refunds to last-gen purchasers now. by MM 12/14/2020, 6:42am PST
    Not happy to see CD Projekt RED dethroned as gamers media darling NT by Flying too close to the sun 12/14/2020, 8:28pm PST

This game is like a straight version of an AVGN parody by IOW, true to Pondsmith's writing 12/13/2020, 11:48am PST
    IOW? NT by Eury 12/13/2020, 12:08pm PST
    No appreciation for good writing, gonk? NT by He also did the Witcher RPG 12/13/2020, 12:11pm PST
    Expert trolling should not require this much explanation. NT by MM 12/13/2020, 12:23pm PST

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