Injustice: Gods Among Us
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Post the saddest Cameos here by The wArezwulf 07/01/2021, 3:42pm PDT
    I feel like this will humanize celebrities and Im not ready for that NT by Jack Bauer 07/02/2021, 8:14am PDT
        Kevin McDonald from KITH is the opposite. He is the greatest human alive. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/05/2021, 6:37pm PDT
    THREAD OVER!!! by bwahahahahaahahahahaha 08/11/2021, 1:40pm PDT

Injustice: there has never been a hip-hop themed pinball table. NT by Injustice 07/26/2015, 7:15pm PDT
    There is now one for Supreme. Close enough? by Horus Truthteller 06/23/2018, 11:20pm PDT

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