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"Shan't be a mo" is British for "no homo." This is why it's impossible for Brits NT by to convince anyone they're not gay. 12/31/2021, 12:00pm PST

Booawll. NT by Al Michaels 11/03/2019, 6:53pm PST

Anyone WANNA play Frozen Cortex? I forgot that you get two keys with each purch NT by ase. So I got one to give away. 05/02/2015, 3:58pm PDT
    Sure. What do you want, an email? NT by serial malcontent 05/03/2015, 10:55am PDT
        Here's what I want: by pinback 05/03/2015, 12:51pm PDT
            I would like to but I would be one of those 5-minute people due to no time. NT by Fullofkittens 05/03/2015, 7:00pm PDT

Anyone play Frozen Cortex? by pinback 05/02/2015, 2:59pm PDT

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