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Tzeentch reviews Bloodlines by Mysterio 06/17/2019, 8:43pm PDT

They are making a very woke sequel to this. NT by Too embarrassed to say 03/22/2019, 7:15pm PDT
    Re: They are making a very woke sequel to this. by Razorfist 03/24/2019, 7:39pm PDT
        I've seen that guy before... by Mischief Maker 03/24/2019, 11:41pm PDT
            I like Tube Nugent by Vested Id 03/24/2019, 11:59pm PDT
            Here you'll like this one by Vested Id 03/25/2019, 2:00am PDT
                I like Contrapoints because she's like a pre-meltdown Spoony for politics! by Not her makeup! 03/25/2019, 5:59pm PDT
                    MischiefMaker's whole "No Enemies on the Left, fuck everyone to the right of me" by schtick is getting old 03/25/2019, 6:06pm PDT
                        Nobody posts any Jimmy Dore or Joy Reid videos on this site for me to respond to NT by Mischief Maker 03/25/2019, 6:18pm PDT
    From the people that brought you Deadliest Warrior: Battlegrounds NT by What a pedigree 03/25/2019, 2:58pm PDT

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