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Joker trailer by Ulrachi 08/31/2019, 10:36am PDT NEW
    *Joker's trailer by Vested Id 08/31/2019, 2:24pm PDT NEW
    JOKER SAYS INCEL RIGHTS by JOKER 09/13/2019, 2:22am PDT NEW
        Above post has a great payoff ;) NT by John Gulp 09/13/2019, 6:30am PDT NEW
            Great author / title synergy by Rafiki 09/13/2019, 9:36am PDT NEW
        Incels aren't real by Vested Id 09/13/2019, 12:53pm PDT NEW
            "The only unnatural sexual behaviour is none at all." by JOKER 09/13/2019, 2:04pm PDT NEW
                "Incels" refers to a specific online community, not any old unhappy virgin. by Mischief Maker 09/13/2019, 3:48pm PDT NEW
                    For better or worse, that's not how words work. by JOKER 09/13/2019, 4:54pm PDT NEW
                        I thought the incel thing was defined by the online community by Not ready to post with my main acc 09/13/2019, 7:57pm PDT NEW
                    It's fake by Vested Id 09/13/2019, 6:01pm PDT NEW
                    11 NT by MM posting Contrapoints Counter 09/13/2019, 6:12pm PDT NEW
                        I watched the video. It was pretty good. by JOKER 09/13/2019, 11:02pm PDT NEW
                    Not gonna lie, she's a looker. NT by Not ready to post with my main acc 09/13/2019, 7:55pm PDT NEW
                        That's pre-FFS. She just released a sequel to the incel video post-FFS. by Mischief Maker 09/14/2019, 6:36am PDT NEW
                            12 NT by MM Posting Contrapoints Counter Yesterday, 7:46pm PDT NEW

SAY NOTHING by #KIDPOKER 09/19/2019, 10:56pm PDT NEW
    I thought this was about something else. NT by Gary Glitter Yesterday, 11:34am PDT NEW

I want to see someone with Down syndrome pitch a lifetime movie. NT by "I fucked a evil guy" 09/16/2019, 2:11am PDT NEW
    ~blank bump~ NT by Mysterio 09/16/2019, 6:14pm PDT NEW

No Robert Patrick impaling dudes with his walker?! :( by Roop 08/31/2019, 5:21pm PDT NEW

Das Boot by pinback 08/04/2019, 1:49pm PDT
    This sounds like the shittiest thing in human history by Thanks pal 08/04/2019, 1:57pm PDT
        Well, that's a terrible opinion, but I guess that's what this purple piece of sh NT by it is for. 08/04/2019, 5:22pm PDT
            He's just a guy that hates German sub shows and sucks the cock of AAA games by Ulrachi 08/05/2019, 3:28pm PDT

A present for Caltrops: complaints about progressive bloggers. by Brody Wilder 08/04/2019, 10:02pm PDT
    Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much by Brody Wilder 08/04/2019, 10:09pm PDT

It's too bad they haven't advertised for The Boys anywhere by Jack Bauer 08/02/2019, 7:12pm PDT
    Daaaaa boyss da boyss da boyss da boyss da boyss NT by Fat man in a grassy skirt 08/02/2019, 8:30pm PDT
        great post A+ content charge 10$ to post here profit NT by Mysterio 08/03/2019, 2:02pm PDT
    I heard it's like DC Watchmen? I dunno by laudablepuss 08/02/2019, 10:12pm PDT
    It's Amazon Prime, and not PG-13 by The Lads 08/04/2019, 12:55pm PDT

Anyone else think "Hobbes and Shaw" looks terrible NT by laudablepuss 07/30/2019, 3:41pm PDT
    Looks like the result of a tested, flowcharted design* by Jay P. Sherman 07/30/2019, 6:52pm PDT

I could not be any more psyched about a Shang-Chi movie by Ice Çream Jonsey 07/26/2019, 8:37am PDT
    Genre Exploitation but it's stuck on superheros by Ol' Fishbowl Head 07/26/2019, 8:06pm PDT
        Stan Lee died, people. There’s no reason to watch capeshit any more NT by Unless you have small children 07/27/2019, 10:19am PDT
            What if I have medium sized children? NT by Judge Barry 07/27/2019, 11:33am PDT

A.P. Bio is great by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/09/2018, 6:35pm PST
    Enjoying this. NT by The Happiness Engine 03/28/2018, 5:11pm PDT
        It got renewed for a second season. by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/10/2018, 5:25pm PDT
            Second season is a million times better than the first NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/18/2019, 9:49am PDT
                have it batched. I am 1000 episodes behind on everything. NT by The Happiness Engine 05/19/2019, 2:28pm PDT
                The scene where Patton Oswalts character shoves xanax and blow up his wifes nose NT by so he can trade up was 2 edgy 4 me 05/19/2019, 8:07pm PDT
                    Edgy stuff NT by Dan Driedelberg 05/26/2019, 10:34pm PDT
                    The scene where Patton Oswalts character shoves xanax and blow up his wifes nose by M y st e roi 05/27/2019, 2:30pm PDT
    They got rid of Miles and the kids that sucked. I like it even more. NT by Dan Driedelberg 05/19/2019, 5:37pm PDT
    #SaveAPBio by Vested Id 05/25/2019, 12:23pm PDT
        CANCELLED! NT by Nathan Explosion 05/25/2019, 4:10pm PDT
            That show died faster than Patton Oswalt's first marriage. NT by Mysterio 05/25/2019, 4:13pm PDT
                Keep telling that joke. Sooner or later it'll be funny. NT by I bomb because you're too sensitive 05/25/2019, 4:26pm PDT
                    And what does the "faster than" add other than confusion NT by Vested Id 05/25/2019, 4:40pm PDT
                    I mean, what's not funny about a #metoo prog like Patton Oswalt enabling his NT by wife's drug abuse to death? 05/25/2019, 4:42pm PDT
                        #metoo isn't about drugs, genius. NT by I'm smart! Not like everybody says! 05/25/2019, 5:51pm PDT
                            Re: #metoo isn't about drugs, genius. by wife's drug abuse to death? 05/25/2019, 7:21pm PDT
                            This is absolutely correct, that's right NT by Vested Id 05/25/2019, 8:26pm PDT
                            Jello Puddin' POPS! NT by Bill Cosby 05/25/2019, 9:18pm PDT
        This is unfortunate. by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/31/2019, 5:43pm PDT
            It's back, Jonsey by Dan Driedleberg 07/17/2019, 3:36pm PDT
    Remember when this thread was two people enjoying a TV show? Good times... NT by The Happiness Engine 05/27/2019, 10:46am PDT
        Dy-no-MITE! NT by Jimmy JJ Walker 05/27/2019, 3:38pm PDT
            You are now officially worse than an El Reg commentard. NT by The Happiness Engine 05/31/2019, 6:49pm PDT
        gruman NT by gruman 05/27/2019, 6:52pm PDT

It's tough finding good negative reviews of classic movies. by Brody Wilder 07/11/2019, 5:11pm PDT
    If it's fun escapism you want, don't watch Paul Newman movies. NT by Mischief Maker 07/11/2019, 8:56pm PDT
        The Towering Inferno wasn't toooo bad. by Brody Wilder 07/12/2019, 5:22am PDT
            I just noticed something... by Brody Wilder 07/12/2019, 5:36am PDT
                Re: I just noticed something... by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/12/2019, 9:51am PDT
                    Re: I just noticed something... by Brody Wilder 07/12/2019, 10:12am PDT
                        IMDb Quotes (pending) by Brody Wilder 07/12/2019, 11:50am PDT
                            Re: IMDb Quotes (pending) by Mischief Maker 07/12/2019, 12:11pm PDT

Did I misinterpret the ending of Sunset Blvd.? (SPOILERS) by Brody Wilder 07/03/2019, 11:57am PDT
    This is the best opening post to a thread in days NT by Thank you 07/03/2019, 8:21pm PDT
    IMDB’s forums used to be the place to discuss theories like this by Blackwater 07/04/2019, 10:09pm PDT
        Come on, it's not like I asked about Ace in the Hole! (Which is also great, btw) by Brody Wilder 07/05/2019, 1:23am PDT
            I forget if I watched this or not. by blackwater 07/07/2019, 10:57pm PDT
                Good news! It's easier to see old movies now than ever before. by Brody Wilder 07/08/2019, 3:25am PDT
                    Thanks for that. I tried to watch some old monster movies and got berated for it NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/08/2019, 9:49am PDT
                        That ain't over. You think that ended? Eat shit, mummy boy! NT by GUY WHO REMEMBERS ALL 07/08/2019, 3:37pm PDT
                        I remember that thread! I made the best pun. by Brody Wilder 07/08/2019, 3:43pm PDT
                    Only Angels Have Wings is... Talespin by Mr. EO 07/08/2019, 4:11pm PDT
                        Re: Only Angels Have Wings is... Talespin by laudablepuss 07/10/2019, 9:18am PDT

Is this peak decadence yet? by Osita Douthat 07/06/2019, 7:34am PDT
    Perhaps but you'd have to compare the peak with the drop by Mysterio, "Prefers Showers" 07/06/2019, 3:49pm PDT
    Best new name on Caltrops NT by Saavedra Sommer 07/06/2019, 5:14pm PDT
        Ha, found it by Saavedra Sommer 07/06/2019, 5:51pm PDT

Dexter Sucks by Roop 12/09/2011, 5:56pm PST
    boardwalk empire IS fantastic. by up with pod people 12/09/2011, 6:06pm PST
        The second season is great! by Gutsby 12/10/2011, 9:13am PST
            Dumb. Formulaic. Trashy and exploitative. A plot driven by mood swings and misun by derstandings 12/16/2011, 2:41am PST
        Re: boardwalk empire IS fantastic. by Roop 12/12/2011, 9:14pm PST
            margaret and richard understanding things without being told by up with pod people 12/12/2011, 11:05pm PST
                CAWK!!!!! NT by CAWK FUCK!!!! 06/19/2019, 10:40pm PDT
    It jumped the shark at the start of Season 2 by Mischief Maker 12/09/2011, 11:40pm PST
        Re: It jumped the shark at the start of Season 2 by Mysterio 12/09/2011, 11:42pm PST
        Oh it fucking did not by This is Chris's Blood 12/12/2011, 9:17pm PST
            Re: Oh it fucking did not by fabio 12/13/2011, 6:36am PST
        Re: It jumped the shark at the start of Season 2 by This is Chris's Blood 12/13/2011, 8:50pm PST
            Didja read the post I linked? NT by Mischief Maker 12/13/2011, 9:26pm PST
        MM is right by jeep 12/16/2011, 1:27pm PST
            Homeland NT by boobs 12/16/2011, 1:38pm PST
    Well, I guess he's also killing the audience too NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 12/10/2011, 12:26pm PST
        Tdarcos made a good post. Let's think more of him for it. NT by Quentin Shrek 12/13/2011, 8:58pm PST
    THe last season storyline with Masuka by not having any effect on the larger 06/20/2019, 6:24am PDT

Define "scraping the bottom of the barrel..." INCEPTION HONK! by Mischief Maker 06/05/2019, 6:47pm PDT
    FUCK! I just thought of a better version of that joke. by Mischief Maker 06/05/2019, 6:50pm PDT

It's time for an all-new more sparkily the Batman NT by Roop 05/31/2019, 11:53am PDT

I wasted 7 years of my life for THIS?! NT by GoT fan 04/29/2019, 11:32am PDT
    How does GoT have a villain less developed than Unicron? by Mischief Maker 04/29/2019, 2:37pm PDT
        The Long Night only lasted less than a week. Hilarious. NT by (sound of air leaving balloon) 04/29/2019, 10:28pm PDT
    I'm still holding out hope! by Roop 04/30/2019, 7:08pm PDT
        Apparently George reads my posts, but the asshole refuses to link to Caltrops by Roop 05/15/2019, 8:40am PDT
    what a shitshow NT by Jacob Wohl 05/06/2019, 3:24pm PDT
    Brian Benben by Teddy Flood 05/07/2019, 4:38pm PDT
    It's Always Sunny in Westeros NT by The Gang Commits Warcrimes 05/13/2019, 1:36pm PDT
    FAAAAAART! We're off to do Star Wars, bitches! NT by D&D 05/19/2019, 8:32pm PDT
        Putting an impotent paraplegic on the throne with no heirs will solve our NT by chronic internecine civil strife 05/19/2019, 9:27pm PDT

Okay, it's time to end capitalism. By bloody means if necessary. by Mischief Maker 04/30/2019, 2:23pm PDT
    Yeah... by Blackwater 05/01/2019, 6:06pm PDT
    The proletariat rise up and let their tweets be heard by Roop 05/03/2019, 8:34am PDT
    I’m actually kind of looking forward to this now. by Blackwater 05/03/2019, 8:38am PDT

Avengers: Endgame, the thread. have at it NT by Mysterio 04/30/2019, 10:33am PDT
    Liked it (no spoilers) by laudablepuss 04/30/2019, 11:22am PDT
        Looking forward to him joining the Guardians of the Galaxy! NT by Mischief Maker 04/30/2019, 12:11pm PDT
            So uh, my post now contains a spoiler, with MM's comment. by laudablepuss 04/30/2019, 3:15pm PDT
                Oh fuck! Sorry. DELETE MY POST PLZ ICJ! NT by Mischief Spoiler 04/30/2019, 3:20pm PDT
                    LOL by laudablepuss 04/30/2019, 3:26pm PDT
    Slow 1st half, overall a nice series finale for the 1st cohort of Avengers. NT by Fullofkittens 05/01/2019, 6:51pm PDT
        Whole thing is slow by Vested Id 05/01/2019, 11:55pm PDT
            It was surprisingly...languid...considering what a whirlwind Infinity War was. NT by Fullofkittens 05/02/2019, 6:25am PDT
            re: that thing you said by laudablepuss 05/03/2019, 7:22am PDT

It's weird that we accept people being in different movies, right? by Ichabod 04/16/2019, 6:27pm PDT
    Goldblum would just be Freak #1 from Death Wish. by Instead of Freak #1 in our hearts. 04/16/2019, 7:35pm PDT
        ...wearing a Jughead hat. by Mischief Maker 04/16/2019, 7:52pm PDT
    It's Robert Downey Junior AS Ironman, not the other way around by Roop 04/16/2019, 7:48pm PDT
        I was going to mention DDL but thought I would be ruthlessly excoriated. by pinback 04/17/2019, 6:47am PDT
    It'll go exactly the wrong way in the future by Mysterio 04/17/2019, 12:28am PDT
        *move on to* NT by Mysterio 04/17/2019, 12:29am PDT
    This is an insane premise. I love it. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/17/2019, 9:34am PDT

Pan (2015) by Pirate Pirate Movie Review 09/12/2018, 2:16am PDT
    Would you say you panned the movie? NT by TDARCOS 2.0 09/12/2018, 10:39pm PDT
        You might say it didn't "capture my interest." by Pirate Police Procedural Review 09/13/2018, 1:51am PDT
            Identity also had a stupid twist ending :( by laudablepuss 09/13/2018, 7:59am PDT
                My name is by Michael Cane 09/13/2018, 8:14am PDT
                    My name is actually NT by Michael Caine 09/13/2018, 1:22pm PDT
                I just saw 6 Souls. Not bad! by D.I.D. D.V.D. Review 09/14/2018, 1:47am PDT
                    Re: I just saw 6 Souls. Not bad! by laudablepuss 09/14/2018, 9:37am PDT
                        Re: I just saw 6 Souls. Not bad! by laudablepuss 09/14/2018, 10:00am PDT
                            I think we're learning a lot about ourselves from our responses to this movie. by D.I.D. D.V.D. Review 09/14/2018, 1:39pm PDT
                                ?_? NT by laudablepuss 09/14/2018, 3:34pm PDT
                                    That's supposed to be the glare of disapproval by laudablepuss 09/14/2018, 3:37pm PDT
                                        OK, maybe you didn't say it, maybe it was Jesse Ventura. But I bet you agree! by D.I.D. D.V.D. Review 09/14/2018, 5:41pm PDT
                                    The other guy made me want to watch this NT by ~_~ 09/14/2018, 7:02pm PDT
                                        Have you seen Devil's Gate? It might be half a star better. by Barely Made It To DVD Review 09/14/2018, 7:45pm PDT
                                        I did like one part by laudablepuss 09/15/2018, 6:43am PDT
                                            I watched Shimmer Lake tonight. It was okay! Mild spoilers. by Rob v. Nate CorddryVD Review 09/17/2018, 12:44am PDT
                                                Re: I watched Shimmer Lake tonight. It was okay! Mild spoilers. by laudablepuss 09/17/2018, 9:26am PDT
                                                    I can see your point, and I didn't DIS-like the movie, however... (SPOILERS) by Rob v. Nate CorddryVD Review 09/17/2018, 4:34pm PDT
                                                        Re: I can see your point, and I didn't DIS-like the movie, however... (SPOILERS) by laudablepuss 09/18/2018, 8:10am PDT
                                                            Sure, that works. I guess her heart was as cold as her ass was phat. by Pirate Private Memory Review 09/18/2018, 10:00pm PDT
                                                In other news by laudablepuss 09/18/2018, 8:38am PDT
    I wanted to do Breakfast at Tiffany's but I wasn't hungry for it NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 09/13/2018, 8:44am PDT
    House Party: a great film, and a timely reminder why I shouldn't get an undercut by Pirate Party DVD Review 09/20/2018, 9:06pm PDT
        Re: House Party: a great film, and a timely reminder why I shouldn't get an unde by Vested Id 09/20/2018, 9:15pm PDT
    Kill the Messenger (2014) by Did the CIA Ruin This Movie Review 09/26/2018, 5:57am PDT
    The Loft (2014) by Second-Rate Verhoeven Review 10/04/2018, 8:22pm PDT
    The Quiet American (2002) by Vietnamese Pirate Movie Review 01/09/2019, 5:07pm PST
    The one good scene in Sidney Lumet's terminal Family Business (1989) by Hong Kong Pirate Movie Review 04/13/2019, 6:03am PDT

I inadvertently rented a Dakota Johnson double feature at Family Video. NT by Fullofkittens 03/23/2019, 6:09am PDT
    SUSPIRIA (2018) by Fullofkittens 03/23/2019, 6:24am PDT
    BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE (2018) by Fullofkittens 03/23/2019, 6:30am PDT
        I'm seconding that this movie fucking sucks. NT by Mysterio 03/25/2019, 12:57pm PDT
    This copy of 50 Shades is for my wife, and this one is for my daughter. by The only thing they share is daddy! 03/23/2019, 8:17am PDT

Bandersnatch was kind of gimmicky, but ok by Blackwater 03/23/2019, 9:53pm PDT

People really seem to be liking Shazam! by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/23/2019, 9:40pm PDT

Disney retires the Vault by blackwater 03/08/2019, 11:35am PST
    Coincidentally, Warren just announced a plan to break up tech monopolies today. by Mischief Maker 03/08/2019, 11:48am PST
        Disney is a tech monopoly now? by Blackwater 03/08/2019, 4:31pm PST
            Re: Disney is a tech monopoly now? by Mischief Maker 03/08/2019, 5:05pm PST
                Disney owns fox news???? NT by Richard Linklater 03/08/2019, 5:17pm PST
                    * The aqcuisition agreement is under regulatory review, expected summer 2019 NT by Richard Linklaters magnifying glass 03/08/2019, 11:23pm PST
                I don't see any antitrust reason to break up Disney by blackwater 03/13/2019, 8:21pm PDT
        And how NT by Stands with a Pabst 03/08/2019, 4:38pm PST
        TIL that owning companies in various industries by is JUST LIKE being a monopoly 03/11/2019, 1:48am PDT
    I'm happy about this by Roop 03/09/2019, 11:09am PST
        "taking up space"? Are you somehow responsible for Netflix's disk space? NT by Didn't know you worked there. 03/09/2019, 8:38pm PST
            Thanks tdarcos NT by God Herself 03/09/2019, 9:46pm PST
            Like any fucking business they have a budget for the movies they stream nitwit NT by Roop 03/10/2019, 1:26am PST
                Oh boy! I can't wait for Bird Box 2!!! NT by Mysterioso 03/10/2019, 6:19am PDT
                    In Bird Box 2, you, the viewer, wear the blindfold by Blackwater 03/11/2019, 12:09am PDT

Whoever wins, I win by Ms. Maker 02/24/2019, 9:52pm PST

Hairy Potato has been shot! by Roop 02/14/2019, 7:46pm PST
    I aplogize for deadnaming Furry, the Jews, and the victims at Caltrops Media Con by Roop 02/15/2019, 1:18pm PST
        You're fine. Everyone stopped posting so I brought the base back and got rid by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/15/2019, 7:08pm PST
            Well I hope nothing important got deleted NT by Roop 02/15/2019, 9:34pm PST
                looks like he merged them from what I can tell NT by Fullofkittens 02/16/2019, 6:10am PST
                    Yeah NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/16/2019, 1:53pm PST
            It wasn't for lack of trying. by Mischief Maker 02/16/2019, 9:26am PST
                thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Fullofkittens 02/16/2019, 1:49pm PST
                    Re: thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/16/2019, 2:19pm PST
                        Re: thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Mysteriobama 02/16/2019, 8:59pm PST
                            Re: thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/16/2019, 10:31pm PST
                                Re: thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Mysteriobama 02/17/2019, 9:50pm PST
                        Re: thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Roop 02/16/2019, 11:24pm PST
                            Re: thus ends our libertarian idea of a forum utopia with no mods or logins by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/17/2019, 9:59am PST
                                Here is a help video on firing people. by Ulrachi 02/17/2019, 11:32am PST
                                dang ICJ by Fullofkittens 02/17/2019, 2:56pm PST
                                    lol we used to call these "E/N posts" NT by Fullofkittens 02/17/2019, 3:33pm PST
                                    Re: dang ICJ by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/21/2019, 10:17am PST
                                        This is true. Also picnic supplies. by The Happiness Engine 02/22/2019, 11:47am PST
                                Sorry to hear about that, man. by blackwater 02/18/2019, 10:05am PST
                                    Re: Sorry to hear about that, man. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/21/2019, 10:18am PST
                Re: It wasn't for lack of trying. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/16/2019, 1:52pm PST
                Can you point out the ones that got a jew cuck response? NT by Old lurker 02/16/2019, 2:15pm PST
                    just the time he wanted to delete the Zionist Conspiracy. NT by The other forum had thoughtful resp 02/16/2019, 8:34pm PST
                    Here's one. by Mischief Maker 02/17/2019, 6:21am PST
                        that was after you whined about being an oppressed Jew NT by but a bloo bloo bloo youre a victim 02/17/2019, 9:15am PST
                        You had to know that was going to happen. by Mysterio Lollerson 02/17/2019, 9:21am PST
                            Oh I know, there's still fun in tapping the fish tank. NT by Mischief Maker 02/17/2019, 11:19am PST
                                (posts about games only like 30 faggots on a hobby forum care about)(no replies) NT by I TROLL U I TROLL U HA HA ! 02/17/2019, 12:08pm PST
                                    Sorry our interests don't align, dude. I'm just not into Yaoi visual novels. NT by Mischief Maker 02/17/2019, 1:02pm PST
                                        ...and yet you keep posting Contrapoints vids NT by fag 02/17/2019, 1:27pm PST
                                            Thanks for proving my point about posting them, btw! ;) NT by Mischief Maker 02/17/2019, 1:29pm PST
                                                Longbet: MM gets an orchiectomy in 5 years and changes pronouns. NT by We'll find out by his last post 02/17/2019, 2:09pm PST
                                                    Please leave me out of your masturbation fantasies. NT by Mischief Maker 02/17/2019, 3:05pm PST
                Re: It wasn't for lack of trying. by Kenji Carter 02/16/2019, 10:36pm PST
                1. go to bed 2. gas yourself NT by Contrapoints 02/17/2019, 9:14am PST

I'm making it my mission to watch the classic Universal Monster movies. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/09/2017, 6:46pm PDT
    What you're describing isn't a "mission". NT by It's a "hobby". 09/09/2017, 7:10pm PDT
        I'll take it from here. by Autism Helper 09/09/2017, 9:13pm PDT
            Tell 'em, Steve-Dave! NT by Walt Flanagan 09/09/2017, 9:23pm PDT
                Take it easy, you topless fuck by Jay 09/10/2017, 12:25am PDT
            Yes! Using "mission" always makes faggot activities sound funny! Ha-Ha-Ha!!! NT by Caltrops Regular 09/09/2017, 10:29pm PDT
                Sperging out because the wrong word was used is why you were issued the helmet. by Autism Helper 09/09/2017, 10:35pm PDT
                    There IS some bitchy dude floating around the site, actually. by Eury 09/09/2017, 10:43pm PDT
                        I had to use Youtube to figure out how to fix my washing machine today. NT by You could say it's my hobby. 09/09/2017, 10:44pm PDT
                            No, this scenario is the only one so far in which mission could be applied, NT by albeit loosely, appropriately. 09/10/2017, 12:25am PDT
                                ICJ mentioned a castrated TV broadcast, otherwise known as a "trans" mission. NT by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 09/10/2017, 1:00am PDT
                    Huh, so now you're admitting it was the "wrong word" to use. You should feel NT by ashamed of your theatrics, yes? 09/10/2017, 9:09am PDT
                        I'm admitting that you think an incorrect word was used, friend. 8) by Autism Helper 09/10/2017, 9:44am PDT
                            That's not what you wrote a moment ago, it seems like you're trying to backtrack NT by but you're too far into the bit. 09/10/2017, 10:09am PDT
                                Faggot, STOP POSTING. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/10/2017, 11:38am PDT
                                    Agree with Lollerson. Give him a month off. NT by Eury 09/10/2017, 11:43am PDT
                                        The guy who parrots Lollerson agrees with Lollerson. NT by Completely unpredictable. 09/10/2017, 12:10pm PDT
                                            Don't say you weren't warned, I guess. NT by Eury 09/10/2017, 12:16pm PDT
                                                Maybe people would treat you better around here if you weren't always NT by spewing that jibber-jabber. 09/10/2017, 12:25pm PDT
                                    You're the problem here, you don't see that because you are the problem here. NT by The issue is with you. 09/10/2017, 12:07pm PDT
                                    FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT It's my favorite word to use! by Mysterio Lollerson-"Thought Leader" 09/10/2017, 1:06pm PDT
                                        Confirmed: Bo news by a class act 09/10/2017, 1:24pm PDT
                                            Calling people "faggot, cunt, autistic" for no reason = Caltrops enrichment. NT by a weird set of values indeed. 09/10/2017, 1:33pm PDT
                                                Hey now, unfair to say it's without reason by Mysterio, "No Pearl Clutching" 09/10/2017, 2:07pm PDT
                                                This place isn't really for crying about name calling, or how people were mean t by hey 09/10/2017, 2:50pm PDT
                                                    Unfortunately, the message won't get through to smooth brains by Mysterio, "Free Speech Extremist" 09/10/2017, 3:08pm PDT
                                        Let's discuss it face to face on Skype. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/10/2017, 2:19pm PDT
                                            Did "thought leader" ever Skype you? NT by Judge Barry 09/29/2017, 5:54pm PDT
                                                That pussy? Hahaha no. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 11/19/2018, 8:21am PST
                                                    "DEBATE ME, COWARD!" I yell into the void as I slowly shrink and NT by transform into a corncob 11/19/2018, 9:23am PST
                                                        Like I said. Pussy. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 11/19/2018, 9:26am PST
                                                            I still use Skype in 2018 NT by Mysterio Lollerson "Thought Leader" 02/20/2019, 6:06pm PST
                                                                That was the joke, inbred faggot by Mysterio Lollerson 02/21/2019, 6:55am PST
                                    Ban them both forever. by hey 09/10/2017, 2:21pm PDT
                                        How hilarious that even jsoh is calling for bans. NT by Mischief Maker 09/10/2017, 7:11pm PDT
        Shut the fuck up. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/10/2017, 8:41am PDT
            All that happened here was a simple misunderstanding by you guys. That's no NT by reason to get hostile with me. 09/10/2017, 9:02am PDT
        AXCTHUALLY NT by N/a 11/19/2018, 9:27am PST
    On DVD they cost FOUR DOLLARS EACH by Fullofkittens 09/10/2017, 9:03am PDT
        I'm pretty sure part of his mission parameters is stealing other peoples' NT by Intellectual Property for kicks. 09/10/2017, 11:02am PDT
            You guys weren't kidding, the new anonymous guy is terrible. by Judge Barry 09/10/2017, 11:46am PDT
                You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and should not comment. NT by No offense intended. 09/10/2017, 12:21pm PDT
                    Why don't we help this young retard become a valued contributor? NT by Hurricane NoWayJose 09/10/2017, 12:41pm PDT
                        Insulting people just makes you look bad. NT by Shame on you. 09/10/2017, 1:01pm PDT
    Well, ICJ, the forums ARE active now. NT by Mischief Maker 09/10/2017, 12:11pm PDT
    Expecting mission reports! by Mysterio, "Celluloid Horror" 09/10/2017, 12:50pm PDT
        Re: Expecting mission reports! by Mysterio Lollerson 09/10/2017, 1:11pm PDT
            Sorry Lollerson! NT by Mysterio, "Bad Opinions" 09/10/2017, 2:01pm PDT
    ---------THREAD CLOSED---------- by Caltrops moderator 09/10/2017, 7:13pm PDT
        Are you fucking kidding me? by Nostromo 09/10/2017, 7:23pm PDT
            They deleted all my posts too. NT by Tupac Shakur 09/11/2017, 7:35am PDT
            Come on Jonesy, can you at least restore Nostromo's Polybius review? NT by blackwater 10/19/2017, 9:35pm PDT
                Re: Come on Jonesy, can you at least restore Nostromo's Polybius review? NT by Second that 12/14/2017, 10:09am PST
    Give the 1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a look! Pre-code movies rock! NT by Mischief Maker 10/03/2017, 6:12pm PDT
        I like the Spencer Tracy one for the dream sequences by Vested Id 10/03/2017, 9:01pm PDT

Jussie Smollett was ready to send two innocent homeless ppl to jail for his hoax by Mysterio 02/18/2019, 7:47pm PST
    Can you please go away? NT by You don't belong here. 02/18/2019, 8:53pm PST
        Yeah, why can't that "Jerry Whorebach" guy go back to posting child abuse fantas NT by Mysterio 02/18/2019, 9:35pm PST
            He had Jonesy delete most of them after gamergate blew up, but I saved copies. NT by They're gonna like him in prison 8) 02/18/2019, 11:09pm PST
                It was bullshit NT by Nostromo 02/19/2019, 6:25am PST
                    Nope, he did it. And had a bizarre hardon for Tom Chicks sister NT by in 20 years he'll be Jeffrey Dahmer 02/19/2019, 12:47pm PST
                        Who deleted what? NT by A message from caltrops doesn't car 02/19/2019, 1:11pm PST
                        "Had"?? by They're gonna like him in prison 8) 02/19/2019, 1:50pm PST
                        The guy that lies all the time is my new favorite CalTrops character NT by RetroRomper 02/19/2019, 2:06pm PST
                "Jerry Whorebach" the poster was certainly at risk from the #MeToo movement NT by Mysterio 02/19/2019, 8:22pm PST
        Hah? NT by Norm 02/18/2019, 10:32pm PST
    Go back on your meds NT by Blackwater 02/19/2019, 9:10pm PST
        Smollett got indicted today NT by Mysterio 02/20/2019, 5:40pm PST

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 by RetroRomper 01/18/2019, 4:45am PST
    Disagree completely by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/06/2019, 10:01am PST
        Oh, I thought it was a "Mister Saavik" sort of thing. NT by Not woke, just pretentious. 02/06/2019, 11:26am PST
            It's a woke pretention NT by Vested Id 02/06/2019, 1:03pm PST
        Would you mind actually replying to my points? NT by RetroRomper 02/07/2019, 12:21am PST
            Yes. But first - what was illogical about the first episode? by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/07/2019, 10:35am PST
                =( NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/10/2019, 12:05pm PST
    maybe you should watch Star Wars instead by Dr. No 02/07/2019, 10:03pm PST

THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (2017) (NO SPOILERS) by Fullofkittens 12/21/2018, 9:07am PST
    Re: THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (2017) (SPOILERS) by Fullofkittens 12/21/2018, 9:08am PST
        I did go back and watch this again. by Fullofkittens 01/22/2019, 7:30pm PST

Star Trek: Discovery or Lens Flare, engage! by deep illiom 05/18/2017, 6:32am PDT
    What's the point of the show? by Rey Mysterio Jr. 05/21/2017, 3:05pm PDT
        You made Voyager sound pretty good! by Now I'll have to watch it, I guess. 05/22/2017, 7:58am PDT
            Q: "Help me commit suicide and I'll return your ship home." Janeway: "Nahhhh" by Delete series forever 05/22/2017, 8:17am PDT
            By "crazy weird shit," you mean aliens with bumpy foreheads. by Mysterioso 05/22/2017, 8:18am PDT
                yes, Voyager blew, nobody is disputing that NT by but that was the pitch 05/22/2017, 9:52am PDT
                Subversive stuff like siding with space Palestine instead of space Jews NT by skip 05/25/2017, 3:36pm PDT
                    Subversive stuff like stealing Babylon 5, then driving around in it blasting NT by bombastic French horn music. 05/25/2017, 4:45pm PDT
                        Just like Discovery seems to have stolen Prelude to Axanar! by Mischief Maker 05/26/2017, 6:26am PDT
        Ent: learning to hate Scott Bakula after kinda liking him in Quantum Leap NT by laudablepuss 05/22/2017, 3:59pm PDT
            Enterprise: Pineapple Cake NT by Entropy Stew 05/26/2017, 7:31am PDT
    I was a bit surprised to learn this one would have a South Asian crewman. by Not that there's anything wrong wit 08/24/2017, 10:35pm PDT
    Star Trek: Discovery is a story about why status quo is good by SPOILERS 02/12/2018, 1:14pm PST
        Stop saying neoliberal by Ban that word from this site 02/12/2018, 1:43pm PST
            User was given a two week ban for mod impersonation and case building. NT by Bradley Svedka 02/12/2018, 3:05pm PST
            I assume it's a typo and they meant "neocon." Don't get the Manning angle. by Mischief Maker 02/12/2018, 4:46pm PST
                I meant neoliberal when I wrote neoliberal. Vote Clinton 2020! NT by SPOILERS 02/12/2018, 9:36pm PST
                    But neoliberalism has nothing to do with foreign policy beyond maybe trade. by Mischief Maker 02/12/2018, 10:07pm PST
                        Right, because the Clinton administration didn't change the neoliberal platform by and it's still stuck in the 1980s. 02/13/2018, 8:26am PST
                            Yes, that was Clinton's mistake, being TOO "NEOLIBERAL" by ps neoliberalism = classical libera 02/13/2018, 6:48pm PST
                                Clinton signed NAFTA in '93. Losing congress in '94 was on him/neoliberalism. NT by Mischief Maker 02/13/2018, 9:22pm PST
                                    The Democratic congress was already out the door, the writing was on the wall. by DURRRR NAFTA 02/13/2018, 9:27pm PST
                                        Well why don't you explain what the writing on the wall was to this retard? NT by Mischief Maker 02/13/2018, 9:44pm PST
                                            Neee oh liberrruuhlllaizm or as non-Chapos call it, the Reagan administration NT by DURRRR NAFTA 02/13/2018, 10:02pm PST
                                                I want you to entertain the idea that none of this is politics. NT by Dr. Gargola 02/14/2018, 3:58am PST
                                This right here is where the thread went full retard NT by full retard fairy 02/16/2018, 10:39am PST
    I liked it well enough. SPOILERS. by Malaysian Nerve Pinch Resistance 03/08/2018, 1:47pm PST
        Next time just email me your questions. by Anthony Rapp 03/08/2018, 6:30pm PST
        Short Treks are the worst thing I've ever seen. And I watched all of Enterprise! by Malaysian Nerve Pinch Resistance 01/08/2019, 10:08am PST
            you mean the one about Saru? by Rey Mysterio Jr. 01/08/2019, 1:34pm PST
                Star Trek Discovery is garbage by RetroRomper 01/08/2019, 3:32pm PST
                    I'm not sure they ever got above okay-ish, but that Saru one was a little death. by Malaysian Nerve Pinch Resistance 01/08/2019, 4:18pm PST
                He's spreading hope and stealing fire from the gods! Let's make him our butler. by Malaysian Nerve Pinch Resistance 01/08/2019, 4:02pm PST

Arch Enemy - too stupid to understand how basic copyright works by Ichabod 12/26/2018, 2:46pm PST
    Apparently the lead singer has a Anarachy & Equality patch on her jacket. Haha NT by RetroRomper 12/27/2018, 5:50am PST
        Right? by Ichabod 12/27/2018, 9:29am PST
            re: Taylor Swift and Foo Fighters, it's kind of understandable...? by Fullofkittens 12/27/2018, 10:14am PST
                Re: re: Taylor Swift and Foo Fighters, it's kind of understandable...? by Ichabod 12/27/2018, 10:33am PST
        They also deleted all comments calling them out on it. by Ichabod 12/27/2018, 9:38am PST
    "I'm too stupid to realize when I'm talking to a bands manager not some fly NT by by night apparel company. Pity me." 12/27/2018, 1:35pm PST
        It's so unlike an anon to take the band's side. NT by What a retard. 12/27/2018, 1:56pm PST
            Speaking of retards, see the lead singer's response... by RetroRomper 12/27/2018, 2:02pm PST
                Thunderball Clothing shut down & Arch Enemy is still attacking the photographer by RetroRomper 01/07/2019, 1:20am PST
                    The photographer pointed out in an interview that they have done this before... by RetroRomper 01/07/2019, 1:30am PST

Recommend me a movie for tonight or I beat my dog. by I hate Comcast 12/30/2018, 2:55pm PST
    Venom, Incredibles 2, Den Of Thieves, Death Wish NT by Vested Id 12/30/2018, 3:01pm PST
    John Wick NT by Jack Bauer 12/30/2018, 4:48pm PST
    The Night Listener NT by Pirate DVD Review 12/30/2018, 5:53pm PST
        Is it too late to change my vote? by Pirate DVD Review 01/01/2019, 4:16pm PST
            I dunno man, I can't unhit my dog by I hate Caltrops 01/01/2019, 6:12pm PST
    Quigley by Mischief Maker 12/30/2018, 5:55pm PST

Mischief Maker's top 7 GOG winter sale recommendations: by Mischief Forum Ruiner 12/20/2018, 11:26am PST

Number of posts from Mischief Maker after he ruined the forum NT by Zero 12/15/2018, 8:42pm PST
    Number of interesting posts from you NT by Less than fucking zero. Faggot. 12/15/2018, 9:06pm PST
        I wrotre three back in the old days by Zero 12/15/2018, 10:37pm PST
            Respect is earned, not demanded by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 12/16/2018, 8:11am PST
                I don't think that is the real TDARCOS Machine. NT by Zero 12/16/2018, 9:34am PST
            Unfortunately your three less-than-zero posts canceled them out. No respect! by Mischief Maker 12/16/2018, 10:54am PST
        You're both right! by Mysterio 12/16/2018, 9:56am PST

Mini movie reviews by RetroRomper 11/24/2018, 7:32pm PST
    You didn't mention Mischief Maker once. NT by 5/10 11/25/2018, 1:44am PST
        Re: You didn't mention Mischief Maker once. by RetroRomper 11/25/2018, 3:58am PST

Yelling "Heil Hitler/Heil Trump" at a showing of Fiddler on the Roof by to own the cons 11/19/2018, 9:30am PST
    Siding with the country that tortured and killed a reporter NT by to own the libs 11/19/2018, 10:01am PST
        Being MM and chimping out all over an internet forum NT by to own the Caltrops posters 11/19/2018, 10:25am PST
            Crying like a bitch instead of taking your loss NT by to own the libs 11/19/2018, 10:36am PST
        Yes by Always 11/20/2018, 2:10pm PST
    Leaving an open umbrella on the lift of a private jet NT by to own the libs 11/19/2018, 10:01am PST
    Avoiding any VA activity because it MIGHT have rained that day NT by to own the libs 11/19/2018, 10:02am PST
    Telling a guy you're going to pull his pass as soon as that pesky court order ex NT by to own the libs 11/19/2018, 10:03am PST
    Making troops do jack shit on the border over Thanksgiving instead of going home NT by to own the libs 11/19/2018, 10:04am PST
        I've never seen a guy get owned like that. Wow. by Mysterio 11/19/2018, 12:31pm PST
            Seriously by Lurker d00d 11/19/2018, 12:37pm PST
                Re: Seriously by Mysteriobama 11/19/2018, 9:18pm PST
                    The whole bit sucks NT by N/a 11/20/2018, 12:03pm PST
    This thread was a reminder. Yesterday was National Toilet Day NT by Celebrating Caltrops Style 11/20/2018, 3:34am PST
        *National Man Day NT by Vested Id 11/20/2018, 2:08pm PST
    Listening to David Icke speak by to own the Jews (and Tories) 11/23/2018, 11:18am PST

Help me out with a metaphor here by Mischief Press Corps 12/11/2010, 3:05pm PST
    video game journalism NT by The Cliffs Of Dover 12/11/2010, 3:28pm PST
    Glenn Beck NT by Gregory House, M.D. 12/11/2010, 4:14pm PST
    Beavis & Butthead, Fat Boy Slim NT by Ray of Light 12/11/2010, 4:18pm PST
    The hairmetal revival that ended up with bands like The Darkness. NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 12/11/2010, 4:34pm PST
    Jeff Foxworthy / Larry the Cable Guy. Insane Clown Posse. Big Lebowski. by Last 12/11/2010, 8:07pm PST
    Amber Lamps NT by Vested Id 12/12/2010, 12:08am PST
    The Cable Brothers. NT by Souffle of Pain 12/12/2010, 11:35am PST
    Born in the USA NT by Bruce Springsteen 12/12/2010, 11:45am PST
        Yeah, or "In the Navy." NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 12/12/2010, 11:58am PST
        Bruce may have been born to run, but he wasn't born yesterday! NT by Walter Mondale 12/12/2010, 7:38pm PST
    Fight for Your Right NT by The Beastie Boys 12/12/2010, 1:08pm PST
    Cheech & Chong NT by Hans Clastorp 12/12/2010, 1:10pm PST
    Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross NT by Last 12/12/2010, 1:39pm PST
    Any art that includes fascist imagery will invariably attract actual fascists. by Jerry Whorebach 12/12/2010, 2:43pm PST
        Oh yeah, and Archie Bunker. NT by Jerry Whorebach 12/12/2010, 2:45pm PST
        Starship Troopers NT by Entropy Stew 12/12/2010, 7:37pm PST
            I don't think it was intended to be taken as satire by Vested Id 12/12/2010, 11:28pm PST
                Son, do you have Asperger's? NT by Walter Mondale 12/13/2010, 1:19am PST
                I don't think you know anything about the movie or Verhoeven. by Lizard_King 12/13/2010, 6:04am PST
                    I don't think splicing "SATIRE" into every 24th frame could make it more obvious NT by Entropy Stew 12/13/2010, 8:55am PST
                        I took the scene where the kids pound bugs while the riot cops bust a gut NT by literally as fuck, motherfucker 12/13/2010, 3:35pm PST
                            Previous post author. by Gutsby 12/13/2010, 4:08pm PST
                    Re: I don't think you know anything about the movie or Verhoeven. by Vested Id 12/13/2010, 4:16pm PST
                        Bad marketing is not intent! NT by Entropy Stew 12/13/2010, 9:42pm PST
                            Meh NT by Roland Barthes 12/14/2010, 10:57pm PST
            I admit, Avatar made me want to cut down trees and pump iron and sip coffee :( NT by Jerry Whorebach 12/13/2010, 7:03am PST
        Rorschach. NT by Gutsby 12/13/2010, 1:18am PST
            Ooh, that's a good one. Also: Harrison Bergeron. by Jerry Whorebach 12/13/2010, 6:52am PST
                "Airplane! of objectivist literature" should get you an award or something NT by Lizard_King 12/14/2010, 6:36am PST
    Fight Club NT by E. L. Koba 12/12/2010, 7:27pm PST
    The Cosby Show NT by David Duke 12/14/2010, 8:35am PST
    Pride and Prejudice NT by E. L. Koba 10/08/2011, 11:01am PDT
    The Cavemen from the Geico Commercial NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 10/09/2011, 3:32am PDT
    The Noid from Dominos Pizza ads, they eventually started selling plushies of him NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 10/09/2011, 3:33am PDT
    Sasha Grey NT by Worm 10/09/2011, 6:19pm PDT
    This Is Spinal Tap NT by captain obvious 10/09/2011, 8:46pm PDT
    Cow Clicker NT by talby 10/11/2011, 6:42pm PDT
    Re: Help me out with a metaphor here by E. L. Koba 11/18/2018, 12:31pm PST
        This is a win-win situation by It's Pretty Bad 11/18/2018, 2:52pm PST

New Godwinson? New Godwinson. by the emotionally damaged. 11/15/2018, 2:34pm PST
    Never mind, cunts got him again. NT by the emotionally damaged. 11/16/2018, 11:34pm PST

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) by Judge Barry 11/12/2018, 6:39am PST
    Why do people like this NT by Vested Id 11/15/2018, 8:47am PST
        Guy who was on his knees for Kavanaugh can't understand why people like other th NT by Mysterio Lollerson 11/15/2018, 4:22pm PST
            Why would somebody not like Kavanaugh by Vested Id 11/15/2018, 4:26pm PST
                I was just fucken with ya, pal by Mysterio Lollerson 11/16/2018, 1:47pm PST
    What do you mean NT by Are they watching our torrents now? 11/15/2018, 2:31pm PST
        Sometimes I watch the torrents, but mostly I just jerk it to the metadata NT by Comcast 11/15/2018, 4:12pm PST

What if the ghost of Jim Henson made a muppet out of John Goodman's skin? by Happy Halloween from The Connors 09/14/2018, 8:33am PDT
    It rubs the loton on its skin, or else it gets the hose again... NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 09/17/2018, 8:53am PDT
        I don't get it. What's this about lotion? NT by Trafalgar 11/15/2018, 2:05pm PST
    The new conners show is . . . NT by unwatchable 11/15/2018, 2:38pm PST

New Flickr owners deleting old photos unless you pay up by Kenji Carter 11/02/2018, 6:23am PDT
    What do you expect from a bunch of old straight white men? NT by (((Mischief Maker))) 11/02/2018, 10:37am PDT
        Gas all Republicans (except for Jews, wouldn't want to be anti semitic) NT by Mischief Maker 11/02/2018, 10:43am PDT
            Did today's whining finally stop? Did he get banned? NT by Oh 11/05/2018, 12:41pm PST
                gruman NT by gruman 11/05/2018, 1:40pm PST
    Re: New Flickr owners deleting old photos unless you pay up by Yorick 11/15/2018, 6:59am PST by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/15/2012, 8:28pm PST
    I got the feeling that was the original joke, but they had to change it NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 02/15/2012, 9:01pm PST
        We all pretty much like Archer. What the fuck, Archer? by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/15/2012, 9:52pm PST
        Re: I got the feeling that was the original joke, but they had to change it by Mysterious Stranger 02/15/2012, 10:04pm PST
            I thought they liked Crimson Skies? by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/15/2012, 10:08pm PST
    Re: by Archer 11/08/2018, 5:27pm PST

Black Panther by Mischief Maker 09/30/2018, 12:05pm PDT
    Re: Black Panther by Oh 09/30/2018, 12:46pm PDT
    . NT by . 11/02/2018, 5:44pm PDT
    Wasn't indie enough and Wakanda is basically the Nation of Islam, 1/10 NT by Mischief Maker 11/02/2018, 6:50pm PDT
    Typical Edomite NT by I'm also a lawyer 11/03/2018, 5:04am PDT
        Where are your reviews, bitch? NT by Mischief Maker 11/03/2018, 9:19am PDT
            Caltrops was always about reviewing reviewers. How did you not understand the NT by persistent meta? 11/03/2018, 9:26am PDT
                The meta is someone else already made that joke earlier, Carlos Mencia. NT by Mischief Maker 11/03/2018, 9:37am PDT
                    hey jewcanoe shouldn't you be staying off the internet on shabbos? NT by or are you as Jewish as I am Irish? 11/03/2018, 9:43am PDT
                        Imagine if you put half the effort into reviews that you do into making excuses. NT by Mischief Maker 11/03/2018, 11:13am PDT
                        Hey, hoodlum! Why don't you go buy your furniture from a catalog! NT by Rabbi Goldfarb 11/03/2018, 2:26pm PDT
                    I must have missed it in all the NT by pilpul. 11/03/2018, 9:45am PDT
            Re: Where are your reviews, bitch? by Mischief Maker 11/07/2018, 12:49pm PST

Al Pacino IS 'The Merchant Of Venice' by Zsenicorpse 10/12/2006, 8:52am PDT
    This post is anti-semitic. Please delete. NT by Mischief Maker 11/05/2018, 1:40pm PST
        Hahaha! Holy shit, good stuff. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 11/05/2018, 4:43pm PST

Hannah Gadsby is awful by Saltlord 07/19/2018, 2:24am PDT
    . NT by . 11/04/2018, 7:25pm PST

White people were created by Yakub on the island of Patmos 6,600 years ago. NT by Mischief Maker 11/02/2018, 7:13pm PDT
    DASRIIITE! NT by Hotep #10554112 11/02/2018, 7:45pm PDT
    Woke! by I apologize to Mysterio Lollerson 11/02/2018, 10:28pm PDT

Report: Netanyahu Asked Trump to Stick With Saudi Crown Prince After Khashoggi by Mischief Maker 11/02/2018, 10:03am PDT
    Ouch. Even I'm like - ouch. by Satan 11/02/2018, 3:54pm PDT

Blog of the Week by Injustice 10/14/2018, 4:20pm PDT
    . NT by . 11/01/2018, 8:06pm PDT
        Pivoting to stay on topic, let's discuss the lighter side of The Holocaust. by Injustice 11/02/2018, 9:51am PDT

I picked up Solo at Redbox by blackwater 11/01/2018, 9:52pm PDT
    Wrong forum dude. NT by Wait, Redbox is owned by jews? 11/01/2018, 11:33pm PDT

Everyone who posts in this forum is a faggot NT by Mysterio 11/01/2018, 10:18pm PDT
    Re: Everyone who posts in this forum is a faggot by Russian Bots 11/01/2018, 10:30pm PDT

So I finished Ozark and was poking around what was trending on youtube. by Russian Bots 11/01/2018, 7:15pm PDT

Apu being written off Simpsons NT by deport Hari Kondabloobloo pls 10/26/2018, 4:59pm PDT
    This piece of shit by Vested Id 10/26/2018, 7:12pm PDT
        So, Who's Next? NT by 3 CY 10/27/2018, 8:53pm PDT

Harvey Birdman! by laudablepuss 10/14/2018, 6:09pm PDT
    Aw I was hoping for new episodes, not a one-off special by laudablepuss 10/14/2018, 6:27pm PDT

SHOES BOOTS YES by racism 10/07/2018, 5:38pm PDT

List of on demand horror by fabio 10/07/2015, 9:15pm PDT
    Reactions by Caltrops Fact Checker 10/08/2015, 9:35am PDT
        LOL by Fullofkittens 10/08/2015, 9:37am PDT
        Re: Reactions by Vested Id 10/08/2015, 12:25pm PDT
        Pontypool by Fullofkittens 10/10/2015, 12:27pm PDT
            That was my exact opinion by Fabio 10/10/2015, 11:20pm PDT
        Babdook by Fabio 10/10/2015, 11:25pm PDT
            FINALLY got around to watching The Babadook (spoilers) by Fullofkittens 10/06/2018, 8:41am PDT
        The Prophecy isn't really a horror movie. It is a fun movie, though. NT by blackwater 10/06/2018, 4:20pm PDT

The RoboCop remake looks like the worst shit imaginable by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 09/05/2013, 7:32pm PDT
    The satirical element is going to begin and end with Keaton's performance, init? NT by MM 09/05/2013, 7:59pm PDT
        ^ this was the most accurate prediction NT by fabio 08/07/2014, 11:23pm PDT
    Movies that should have been re-released into theaters by Fullofkittens 09/05/2013, 8:45pm PDT
    Yeah, it does. I sense pg-13 NT by Eurotrash 09/05/2013, 10:27pm PDT
        They said that a couple of months ago by Siskel and Ebert 09/05/2013, 11:10pm PDT
            Re: They said that a couple of months ago by E. L. Koba 09/06/2013, 12:47am PDT
                Like HELL the original Robocop wouldn't be rated R now by Eurotrash 09/06/2013, 10:32am PDT
    No way this isn't going to be a steaming pile by fabio 09/06/2013, 12:33am PDT
        Re: No way this isn't going to be a steaming pile by MM 09/06/2013, 5:52am PDT
    Fuck NT by E. L. Koba 09/06/2013, 12:46am PDT
    Might be good by Vested Id 09/06/2013, 12:56am PDT
        Re: Might be good by Mischief Mandarin 09/06/2013, 7:10pm PDT
            You said what I was getting at in your other comment up there by Vested Id 09/07/2013, 12:14am PDT
                I was being sarcastic. NT by MM 09/07/2013, 6:30am PDT
                What? The Tron sequel? by Eurotrash 09/08/2013, 4:05am PDT
        Re: Might be good by Eurotrash 09/06/2013, 11:04pm PDT
            Me: "Sam Jackson needs to be in way fewer movies." by Fullofkittens 09/07/2013, 7:07am PDT
                Why do you think his full name is "Samuel L 'Motherfucking' Jackson"? NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/01/2014, 4:28pm PDT
    The planned February release confirmed shitpile status a while ago by Bodybag 09/07/2013, 2:39pm PDT
        Get back on Skype NT by fabio 09/07/2013, 2:52pm PDT
    Re: The RoboCop remake looks like the worst shit imaginable by Mysterio 09/14/2013, 2:30pm PDT
    Here's a script that could redeem that trailer by Mischief Maker 09/14/2013, 6:20pm PDT
    The Remake will be nothing compared to the original Robocop 2: pure shit NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 10/15/2013, 3:13pm PDT
        go fuck yourself NT by go fuck yourself 10/15/2013, 5:49pm PDT
            go fuck yourself by Dick Cheney 10/15/2013, 6:49pm PDT
    Hahaha, oh man, I hope you guys enjoy being wrong. And awesome RoboCop remakes. NT by Jerry Whorebach 05/13/2014, 11:20pm PDT
        FAGGOT by FAGGOT 05/14/2014, 11:19am PDT
            That was the most consistent post I've seen in a year. NT by Mr. Kool 05/14/2014, 8:43pm PDT
        Robocop Remake is excellent. by Gutsby 06/03/2014, 3:04pm PDT
            The old RoboCop needed a human brain, the new one just needed a pretty face... by ...the brain was a liability. 06/03/2014, 5:08pm PDT
                "There were... A FEW... flipper babies." by Fullofkittens 06/03/2014, 6:17pm PDT
    I liked it. NT by Shredder 06/03/2014, 9:20pm PDT
        So who hated it NT by Vested Id 06/03/2014, 9:36pm PDT
    This was forgettable by fabio 08/07/2014, 11:19pm PDT
        Wow! I guess I laughed a lot more than you did. by Jerry Whorebach 08/08/2014, 1:15am PDT
            The brilliant thing about this movie is how every part of it defeats itself. by Jerry Whorebach 08/08/2014, 1:46am PDT
        Hey, this was good!... ish. by blackwater 08/14/2014, 11:25pm PDT
            They hamfistedly established with the amputee musician that strong emotion by interferes with bionic controls. 08/15/2014, 12:19am PDT
                Again underscoring Murphy's lack of agency - it was a confluence of the Dr.'s NT by shoddy tech and CEO's rushed releas 08/15/2014, 12:23am PDT
    Finally saw it. by Mischief Maker 06/13/2015, 8:16pm PDT
    Finally watched it also by Eurotrash 09/12/2015, 6:23am PDT
        It was one of the most non-engaging movies I've seen in years by fabio 09/12/2015, 10:49pm PDT
            Every superhero movie would be better without any superheroes in it. by Look at Wonder Boys! 09/13/2015, 12:49am PDT
                WARNING the above contains spoilers for FF #236, The Matrix, and unless I'm NT by explicitly contradicted Wonder Boys 09/13/2015, 12:57am PDT
            Guardians of the Galaxys is bad? Huh? NT by I hate Caltrops 08/16/2018, 3:43pm PDT
    The cast of Robocop doesn't know what The Oregon Trail is by I hate Caltrops 08/16/2018, 3:44pm PDT

Is there any dumber celebrity activist than Emma Watson right now? by fabio 05/10/2017, 3:50am PDT
    Goldurn feminists, get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich NT by - Fabio, "Thought Leader" 05/10/2017, 5:06pm PDT
        Beauty and the Beast as role model for female independence NT by fabio, now literally a neo nazi! 05/10/2017, 5:53pm PDT
    I'm okay with gender-neutral acting awards by skip 05/10/2017, 9:26pm PDT
        It's not the award by fabio 05/10/2017, 10:03pm PDT
            She's a professional actress doing publicity for a film she starred in. by Fullofkittens 05/11/2017, 6:43pm PDT
        All gender neutral or the existence of some gender neutral awards by Vested Id 05/11/2017, 9:31am PDT
    I’m so proud to be a part of a film that celebrates the lessons of Christ. NT by Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko 05/10/2017, 11:14pm PDT
    She's a fucking moron surrounded by yes men NT by OG 05/11/2017, 11:19pm PDT
        WRONG. Getting schooling during the filming of movies > homeschool NT by You homeschooled fuck 05/11/2017, 11:20pm PDT
            Fuck you NT by OG 05/12/2017, 12:08am PDT
            Seriously. How did you know I was home schooled? NT by OG 05/12/2017, 8:43am PDT
    That live action remake tried to "fix" problematic parts of by Beauty and Beast and made it worse 08/09/2018, 8:40pm PDT
        That was a good video and I went back to see if she had similar gold by but it's all trash 08/13/2018, 8:20pm PDT
            *literally sifting through a woman's trash* NT by but it's all trash 08/13/2018, 8:28pm PDT
            Who cares, this bitch is within-range hot NT by Vested Id 08/13/2018, 9:00pm PDT
                Are you attracted to women who use too much makeup and hide behind girl-shades? NT by Then she is the girl for you. 08/15/2018, 5:12pm PDT
            I think her videos from the last year or so have been great! by Mischief Maker 08/13/2018, 9:31pm PDT
                So the reason you watch her is Feminist Frequency for movies? NT by Cuck. 08/14/2018, 1:37am PDT
            What about the ones about The Hobbit? by they were good 08/14/2018, 6:20am PDT
                They were okay but kind of "No Shit". I liked part 2 where she interviewed Oin by about how they got fucked 08/14/2018, 9:28am PDT
                    Sipping wine in front of the real Notre Dame in Paris and flying to NZ on by Patreon dollars 08/14/2018, 9:36am PDT
                        Does she make a single video where she's not got a glass of alcohol in her hand? NT by She needs a patreon for cirrhosis 08/14/2018, 9:38am PDT
                            Redletter media flies to Comicon on Patreon bux and drinks booze every episode! NT by WE'RE BEING PLAYED!!! 08/14/2018, 9:43am PDT
                                Seeing people like you eagerly lining up to let her piss in your mouth makes me by want to vote DSA. 08/14/2018, 9:57am PDT
                                    I quite liked the one about why events in Transformers are forgettable by (it's about editing) 08/15/2018, 3:25am PDT
                                The difference is with RLM there's no implicit promise of sex. by but it's all trash 08/14/2018, 6:02pm PDT
                                    Being 12, I'm sure you think that's all pretty new and edgy... by Mischief Maker 08/14/2018, 7:18pm PDT
                                        You're twelve? You are so out of touch, I thought you were much older. by but it's all trash 08/14/2018, 8:03pm PDT
                                            Wait. Who is this? This guy boomed me. He fuckin boomed me. NT by Eury 08/14/2018, 8:08pm PDT
                                            Well don't stop just before the Shem and the bloodlines. by the emotionally damaged. 08/15/2018, 12:34am PDT
            Hey this lady sucks, hello by Vested Id 08/14/2018, 4:01pm PDT

What's the worst line in Justice League? by Injustice 03/01/2018, 6:21am PST
    Imagine the guys who worked on this watching Infinity War for the first time NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/04/2018, 9:29pm PDT
        They made the Flash autistic- why? NT by Eury 08/05/2018, 4:40pm PDT
    Steppenwolf. I thought they were kidding. But they kept saying it. by Yorick 08/05/2018, 4:43pm PDT

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is pretty good. Infinity War is a let-down though. NT by (Thor spending 15 mins on an axe) 04/27/2018, 7:20am PDT
    It's good to set low expectations by laudablepuss 04/29/2018, 6:39pm PDT
        HOT AXE-ASSEMBLING ACTION! NT by laudablepuss, 5 out of 5 stars 04/29/2018, 7:52pm PDT
            Thor uses a hammer. Not an axe. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn NT by nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhn 04/29/2018, 8:06pm PDT
            I love talking to you actual retards. *spoiler inside* by laudablepuss 04/29/2018, 8:20pm PDT
                What's the exchange on lowered expectations? by Mysterio Cinematic Universe 04/29/2018, 11:38pm PDT
                    Re: What's the exchange on lowered expectations? by laudablepuss 04/30/2018, 7:18am PDT
                        spoiler-ish reaction; do not read if you haven't seen it by Fullofkittens 04/30/2018, 7:49am PDT
                            Re: spoiler-ish reaction; do not read if you haven't seen it by laudablepuss 04/30/2018, 9:30am PDT
                            Also (all of this is spoilers) by laudablepuss 04/30/2018, 9:31am PDT
                Being this big of a loser should put you to the bottom of the transplant list by Dr. Gonzo 04/30/2018, 3:57pm PDT
                    Re: Being this big of a loser should put you to the bottom of the transplant by laudablepuss 04/30/2018, 6:19pm PDT
                    I'll defend you once I have seen the film. NT by Horus Truthteller 04/30/2018, 10:08pm PDT
                    Everything is garbage and everyone is an idiot. by Worm 05/03/2018, 9:15pm PDT
                        Also how does thor forge something but not take off his shirt? NT by Worm 05/03/2018, 9:15pm PDT
                            You're right Worm by Garbage Macerator 05/03/2018, 11:55pm PDT
    Infinity War is worth a rental or whatever. I mean - by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/02/2018, 10:44pm PDT
        What next? Spider Man conveniently forgetting he has spider sense? NT by Mischief Maker 08/03/2018, 5:58am PDT
            I guess sometimes compromises have to be made. NT by Icabod 08/03/2018, 11:22am PDT
                I do have a complaint by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/04/2018, 2:50pm PDT
                    Re: I do have a complaint by Vested Id 08/04/2018, 3:24pm PDT

Finally watched Last Jedi on Netflix! by Ugh 06/30/2018, 7:32pm PDT
    Same by Entropy Stew 07/01/2018, 12:59am PDT
        If FABIO were here he'd be tearing his hair out over the central "tension" by Mysterio 07/01/2018, 9:33am PDT
            I've found the worst take. by Film Crit Hulk on TLJ 07/03/2018, 9:18pm PDT
                Consistently the worst writer in the history of the English language. NT by Mysterio 08/02/2018, 11:00pm PDT
                Re: I've found the worst take. by laudablepuss 08/03/2018, 3:22pm PDT
                    Mike Symonds of RocketHump NT by I mean GadgetFuck 08/03/2018, 4:20pm PDT
    You crying white boys think you're better than me? Boo Hoo Sweeties. by The Daily Beast 07/01/2018, 10:59am PDT
        Delicious shadenfraude by in a Galaxy Far, Far Away 07/01/2018, 3:19pm PDT
    Episode IX is going to be so terrible by Mysterio 07/27/2018, 6:31pm PDT

Sacha Baron Cohen gets Republican congressmen to endorse arming kindergartners. by Mischief Maker 07/16/2018, 10:14pm PDT
    Oh man, it gets even better! (but not safe for work!) by Mischief Maker 07/24/2018, 7:18am PDT
        Other than solid comedy. what does this shit mean to you? by Politicolitis 07/24/2018, 6:06pm PDT
            Is "collectivist" used as some kind of pejorative word for progressive now? NT by Fullofkittens 07/24/2018, 6:45pm PDT
                No, well not necessarily. It's used quite literally in post above your own. NT by Politicolitis 07/24/2018, 6:58pm PDT
            Christ, these over-sensitive conservatives are a black hole for fun. by Mischief Maker 07/24/2018, 7:57pm PDT
                You've just put me into an arbitrary out-group. by Politicolitis 07/24/2018, 8:44pm PDT
                    Thank you for your analysis. by Mischief Maker 07/24/2018, 9:15pm PDT
                        Thank you for kicking the shit out of that lovingly crafted strawman. by Politicolitis 07/24/2018, 9:30pm PDT
                            Humans are “mostly harmless.” by Douglas Adams 07/24/2018, 11:29pm PDT
                                You know it, homie. NT by Pol Pot 07/25/2018, 12:06am PDT

I like the Aquaman and Shazam trailers. NT by Eury 07/21/2018, 10:14pm PDT
    But how do you feel about Jordan Peterson? NT by This is a land of wolves now 07/22/2018, 11:05am PDT
        Hardly! by The Left, emotionally damaged. 07/22/2018, 11:40am PDT
    I was so shocked to hear about Gunn I spit a child's genitals out of my mouth. by Injustice 07/22/2018, 1:53pm PDT
        You're right, people should only get fired for racist and sexist jokes. NT by The Left, finding pedos hilarious 07/22/2018, 4:02pm PDT
            They still let you joke about stealing car stereos, as long as you don't specify NT by which kind of ppl steal car stereos 07/22/2018, 4:57pm PDT
                Thieves. Why did Dan Harmon suddenly delete his twitter account? by The Left, rough weekend. 07/22/2018, 5:15pm PDT
                    Why wouldn't he? by Eury 07/22/2018, 6:17pm PDT
                        Twitter is a ghost town now? NT by The Left, Rule 4 07/22/2018, 6:38pm PDT
                        Historically, offensive jokes have gotten us more work than they've cost us. by Injustice 07/22/2018, 11:23pm PDT
                            Fuck, it's true. Dogfighting with disingenuous pricks is making a joyless cunt. NT by The Left, Continuity purposes now 07/23/2018, 1:31am PDT
                                Watch it with the language. Use asterisks to self-filter words. NT by I hate Caltrops 07/23/2018, 8:35pm PDT
                                    I pulled my cock out of your whore mother's cunt, it was lousy with centipedes. by William S. Burroughs as a boy 07/24/2018, 12:14am PDT
        This was the work of Alt-Right troll Mike Cernovich. by Mischief Maker 07/23/2018, 1:49pm PDT
            Re: This was the work of Alt-Right troll Mike Cernovich. by The Left, it's all so tiresome. 07/23/2018, 4:33pm PDT
            In fairness to Mike C, GOTG 2 was only the best Marvel film for about 6 months by until Thor: Ragnarok came along. 07/23/2018, 6:57pm PDT
                Why could he go after the guy that directed Daredevil and Ghost Rider? NT by Eury 07/23/2018, 8:33pm PDT
    I like the Aquaman trailer, too! by MM 07/23/2018, 12:08pm PDT

Ron Perlmans lost it by to own the cons 06/26/2018, 9:13am PDT
    Thanks, Perez Hilton. NT by Mischief Maker 06/26/2018, 10:20am PDT
        pissing on yourself but staying silent about sexual assault NT by to own the cons 06/26/2018, 11:29am PDT
            Thanks for the "juicy" celebrity gossip, jsoh! Got any makeup tutorials? NT by Mischief Maker 06/26/2018, 12:23pm PDT
                Accusing everyone who posts here of being Jsoh by to own the cons 06/26/2018, 2:40pm PDT
                    BUT STORMY PETERSON MADE RUSSIA STEAL TRUMP'S BORDER BABIES NT by madcap mischief 06/26/2018, 6:27pm PDT

Jordan Peterson Memorial Make Up Removal Challenge by Worm 06/20/2018, 12:30pm PDT

About guys not getting laid, supposedly involuntarily by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/09/2018, 8:51pm PDT
    Next time you're rolling downhill and see a honey, yell "HELP MY BRAKES ARE OUT" NT by and watch her come running. 8) 06/09/2018, 9:27pm PDT
        Exactly what does the brake failure story have to do with not getting laid? NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/10/2018, 4:32pm PDT
    Of course there's a song NT by of course there is 06/10/2018, 5:54am PDT
        It's more than that by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/10/2018, 12:16pm PDT
            Please, continue Commander by Trenches of the Sex Wars 06/10/2018, 12:47pm PDT
                Re: Please, continue Commander by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/10/2018, 4:54pm PDT
                    That is not the definition of insanity. NT by pinback 06/11/2018, 7:15am PDT
                        Deed I ever tell joo de defeeneetion of insanity? NT by Nacho from Better Call Saul 06/11/2018, 8:41am PDT
                    DABNEY COLEMAN NT by ##tdarcos voiceprint confirmed## 06/11/2018, 8:31am PDT
        Songs can be very important and useful by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/10/2018, 5:19pm PDT
            For puking and shitting NT by Roop 06/11/2018, 1:08am PDT
                No, puking and shitting were taught by "Team America World Police" not songs NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/19/2018, 10:03pm PDT

An amazing incident: nothing happened by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/15/2018, 2:18pm PDT

What is it that causes otherwise bright people to otherwise be so stupid? by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/28/2018, 1:34pm PDT
    Yes! by That was such a stupid movie 05/28/2018, 2:29pm PDT
        Well, if this forum didn't have the word "Sionist" it might not attract comments NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/30/2018, 12:05pm PDT
            Sighonist NT by i GUESS they have a right to exist 05/30/2018, 6:05pm PDT

Now Jordan Peterson is saying women aren't scrwing enough assholes by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/30/2018, 12:50pm PDT
    Shocking! by Roop 05/30/2018, 2:21pm PDT
        Why not just eat crickets? NT by Worm 05/30/2018, 4:44pm PDT
            With a tall glass of ice cold milk? NT by Roop 05/30/2018, 5:08pm PDT
    The whole point from the beginning by Vested Id 05/30/2018, 3:54pm PDT
    If you're going to show videos of Jordan Peterson saying incel shit... by Mischief Maker 05/30/2018, 4:12pm PDT
        What's wrong with a trilby NT by Vested Id 05/30/2018, 4:14pm PDT

Speaking of Zionist... is Robert David Steele anti-semitic? by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/27/2018, 4:47pm PDT
    Zionist word first meant Jews who started taking Palestinian land before ww2 by History 05/28/2018, 5:02pm PDT
        Maybe that was what it was, but... by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/28/2018, 5:39pm PDT

DEADPOOL 2 LE EPIC FOR TEH WIN by lolololololololololololol 05/21/2018, 4:55pm PDT
    i fuckin love chimichangas NT by faggot 05/21/2018, 5:43pm PDT
    Any buttfucking in this one NT by If there is I will just skip it 05/21/2018, 5:47pm PDT
        No spoilers~~ NT by Ryan Reynolds' Boyhole 05/21/2018, 7:15pm PDT
    Liked it more than Avengers: Civil War. by TDARCOS, "Thought Leader" 05/27/2018, 1:10pm PDT
        All I ask is that character death not be a plot point in these things by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/27/2018, 1:35pm PDT
            It's goofed on by Mysterio (as seen in Spider-Man 7) 05/27/2018, 3:03pm PDT

A Quiet Place by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/27/2018, 1:37pm PDT

Apologetics always lie by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/25/2018, 9:35am PDT
    Excellent! Everything is going to plan! NT by Red guy with a pointy stick 05/25/2018, 1:00pm PDT
    Re: Apologetics always lie by TDARCOS, "Thought Leader" 05/27/2018, 9:10am PDT

What do you think of the concept of "The Purge"? by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/24/2018, 3:33am PDT
    The night sure is full of reprobates NT by and cretins 05/24/2018, 5:36am PDT

Someone tell me if Deadpool 2 is good. NT by John Gulp 05/17/2018, 5:59pm PDT

Sunshine! by Mischief Maker 07/28/2007, 9:07am PDT
    Half the cast was Asian. They were old or ugly. It would have been strange, but. by Quentin Beck 07/30/2007, 6:56pm PDT
        A pseudo-threat to INC, a Denver the Last Dinosaur reference, and "yellowing" by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 07/30/2007, 7:35pm PDT
            Re: A pseudo-threat to INC, a Denver the Last Dinosaur reference, and "yellowing by motherfuckerfoodeater 07/30/2007, 7:46pm PDT
                Re: A pseudo-threat to INC, a Denver the Last Dinosaur reference, and "yellowing by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 07/30/2007, 8:27pm PDT
                    It's a good fake persona he's adopted, but it must be getting close to the end. by The LOTR fan persona didn't last as 07/30/2007, 10:00pm PDT
                    Soon we'll all be firing into the ceilings yelling incoherently at the QBs. NT by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 07/30/2007, 10:57pm PDT
                    That's a lot better than the reality by Keeneye 07/30/2007, 11:55pm PDT
                        Re: That's a lot better than the reality by Quentin Beck 07/31/2007, 10:51pm PDT
                    Re: A pseudo-threat to INC, a Denver the Last Dinosaur reference, and "yellowing by Quentin Beck 07/31/2007, 10:50pm PDT
        It sounds like NZ is a lot shittier than we were previously lead to believe. NT by Fussbett 07/31/2007, 12:13pm PDT
            Stupid people are frequently deceived. No illusions about Canada, though! NT by Quentin Beck 07/31/2007, 10:52pm PDT
                I'm trying to bring racism back, but this country is all progressive so it's har NT by Fussbett 07/31/2007, 11:00pm PDT
                I DO SO DETEST THE STENCH OF....... LIES NT by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 07/31/2007, 11:45pm PDT
    Re: Sunshine! by Grumah 07/30/2007, 7:10pm PDT
    Re: Sunshine! by FABIO 07/31/2007, 1:12am PDT
        I thought 28 Days Later was really good. by Jerry Whorebach 07/31/2007, 6:34pm PDT
    Bonus review: Robert Redford's Sundance Theater (Madison) by Mischief Maker 08/02/2007, 11:47pm PDT
        Re: Bonus review: Robert Redford's Sundance Theater (Madison) by Grumah 01/21/2008, 9:13am PST
        Re: Bonus review: Robert Redford's Sundance Theater (Madison) by FABIO 01/21/2008, 3:38pm PST
    yup, it sucks by FABIO 09/09/2007, 9:53pm PDT
        also: casting by FABIO 09/10/2007, 12:58pm PDT
        Perhaps you are an even greater troll than Jayho NT by Choson 09/10/2007, 11:25pm PDT
            Impossible (his paour lavol, huuuuuuuu). NT by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 09/11/2007, 1:33am PDT
    woke up after 3 hours sleep and watched this by Grumah 01/21/2008, 9:10am PST
        Re: woke up after 3 hours sleep and watched this by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 01/21/2008, 9:24am PST
            I'm late to this party too. by Fussbett 02/05/2008, 12:14pm PST
                I watched it on my iPhone. So I cheated both eyes and both ears. NT by I need clarification 02/06/2008, 1:25pm PST
    You are crazy, this movie was amazing. by Horus Truthteller 05/15/2018, 7:11pm PDT
    Summary: Sunshine go away today, don't feel much like dancing NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/17/2018, 3:46pm PDT

Fake News: Is it really bad or is it just disagreement by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/15/2018, 10:10am PDT
    It was a term used to invalidate the election until something happened to it by Vested Id 05/15/2018, 2:05pm PDT
        That teem, Jeem NT by Phil Sims 05/15/2018, 4:01pm PDT
            Teeming mad at my elf NT by Vested Id 05/15/2018, 6:47pm PDT
            Teeming mad at my elf NT by Vested Id 05/15/2018, 7:09pm PDT
                fuck NT by Vested Id 05/15/2018, 7:09pm PDT

The Aristocrats by Ray of Light 09/13/2005, 10:43pm PDT
    Re: The Aristocrats by Kabuke 09/13/2005, 11:19pm PDT
        Was it Howie who played Tramp? NT by 30 Large Bags 09/14/2005, 5:37pm PDT
    An new twist on an old favorate by MC Such and Such 01/18/2006, 1:24pm PST
    The only downside was from the unfunny losers from The Onion NT by Horus Truthteller 05/15/2018, 7:07pm PDT

#MAGAVELLI by Vested Id 04/25/2018, 9:37pm PDT

Counterpart is good by saltlord 04/25/2018, 11:47am PDT

King of Kong non-review (verdict: negative) by Grumah 09/02/2007, 2:50pm PDT
    Jsoh exposes problem with modern documentaries: the oddball subjects! NT by Errol Morris' career is over. 09/02/2007, 8:06pm PDT
        I tried out for a Tetris tournament once... when I was 7 or something NT by Grumah 09/03/2007, 12:39am PDT
        Did you mean Werner Herzog? NT by Google 09/03/2007, 2:30am PDT
            No, I meant Errol Morris, asshole, but Herzog is done too. NT by Him and his wacky topics. 09/03/2007, 2:37am PDT
                You must've meant Herzog, no one else qualifies as much as he does. NT by Google 09/03/2007, 3:07am PDT
                    Herzog does fiction occassionally. Morris is pure doc. NT by And commercials. 09/03/2007, 5:47am PDT
            Herzog Zwei, being German for Duke 2, is pronounced Haetsok Tsvai. NT by Wikipedia 09/03/2007, 7:10am PDT
                Kitty haet sock. NT by pic of unhappy cat in a sock 09/03/2007, 8:08am PDT
                it's more like hurts augh zzzvy NT by Quentin Beck 09/03/2007, 11:30pm PDT
                    More pronunciation tips from Australians, please. NT by Caltrops 09/03/2007, 11:47pm PDT
        hey watch this by Quentin Beck 02/07/2008, 2:18pm PST
    PAULINE was the name of Mario's Earth-girlfriend, as depicted in Donkey Kong. NT by Wikipedia 09/03/2007, 7:22am PDT
    Your King of Kong primer by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/03/2007, 6:22pm PDT
        It's out on DVD(Rip) now, and I loved it. by Fussbett 02/07/2008, 1:03pm PST
            PS: I also enjoyed the quick glimpses of Todd Rogers, but wished for more. by Fussbett 02/07/2008, 1:18pm PST
                PPS: While poking around the TG site I noticed that my Mr. Do HS puts me at #13 by Fussbett 02/08/2008, 2:35am PST
            TIDDLYWINKS CHAMPIONSHIP LIVE ON TV RIGHT NOW by Grumah 02/07/2008, 4:15pm PST
                I still can't find your actual opinion on the movie. :( NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 02/08/2008, 1:08am PST
            This is a word for word recreaction of Jso's original post. by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 02/08/2008, 1:10am PST
            Billy Mitchell calls the Onion AV Club by Fussbett 02/08/2008, 12:55pm PST
                That was interesting, thanks. NT by bink 02/08/2008, 4:02pm PST
            Saw this yesterday and really enjoyed it. by skip 08/02/2012, 5:29pm PDT
        Huh, I thought Wiebe came off almost as bad as Kuh. by Jerry Whorebach 02/22/2008, 10:30pm PST
            Scot Rubin makes these guys look like the Evil Knievel by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/14/2008, 9:40pm PDT
                "Scot Rubin on line one." "The inventor of Crash Bandicoot? Put him through." by Jerry Whorebach 03/14/2008, 11:44pm PDT
                The King of Kong DVD extras, part one million. by Fussbett 03/15/2008, 12:14am PDT
                    Fussbett feels about deleting posts the way God feels about sin. by Fullofkittens 03/15/2008, 7:52am PDT
        What would be your opinion now of the story? by Let's Do It Doggy Style 02/01/2012, 8:40pm PST
            as a drama of nerd vs jock (who both play dk), it was actually a decent movie by sdroa jists 02/02/2012, 1:24am PST
                Billy Mitchell is a jock? by motherfuckerfoodeater 02/02/2012, 9:21am PST
                    jooooooooooooooooooooooocks! NT by Gabe 02/02/2012, 9:30am PST
    Steve Wiebe live stream of record attempt by Fussbett 06/02/2009, 10:07am PDT
        I haven't see it available to rent anywhere, even the superhip place across lans NT by Fullofkittens 06/02/2009, 11:37am PDT
            I could download it but I still don't really care enough NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 06/02/2009, 11:41am PDT
                JsohDoesn'tCareCount++ NT by Fussbett 06/02/2009, 11:53am PDT
                    it's available for download, but downloading it would be too much work NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 06/02/2009, 12:10pm PDT
                        So, he doesn't care? NT by Worm 06/02/2009, 12:59pm PDT
                Maybe you just need more context by FABIO 06/02/2009, 1:26pm PDT
        The camera in fucking Journey had more bandwidth than this fucking thing NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/02/2009, 12:58pm PDT
            Re: The camera in fucking Journey had more bandwidth than this fucking thing by Fortinbras 06/02/2009, 1:53pm PDT
                2 minds, 80 columns: the ICJ/Fortinbras AIM log story NT by Ray of Light 06/02/2009, 2:16pm PDT
                    That's what I get for dropping it in a notepad file NT by Fortinbras 06/02/2009, 2:44pm PDT
                    Also it was Gtalk NT by Fortinbras 06/02/2009, 2:44pm PDT
                        Any chat log with Fortinbras just makes me wish for an INC-Fussbett log NT by The Littlest Hobo 06/02/2009, 3:02pm PDT
                Shit. I didn't realize that would be posted. I would have been funnier. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/02/2009, 4:35pm PDT
        Atoning for my sins by Bodybag 06/02/2009, 1:57pm PDT
            so far the movie isn't about donky kong at all: A+ 4 stars NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 06/02/2009, 2:35pm PDT
                Congratulations! NT by Shinji 06/02/2009, 3:10pm PDT
                    ^_^ by Weyoun Voidbringer 06/02/2009, 4:20pm PDT
                        Re: ^_^ by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/02/2009, 5:48pm PDT
            It's so much easier to watch it when it's right in a post. :3 NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/02/2009, 8:27pm PDT
                So what were the rumors of Billy "Duder" Wilson playing up the villainy? by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/02/2009, 8:55pm PDT
    EPILOGUE by Fussbett 04/12/2018, 4:06pm PDT
        The arcade community always helps a man up. by reeeeeeeeeeee 04/12/2018, 10:28pm PDT
            Been following the feverish lead up by 25c 04/14/2018, 2:44pm PDT
                Re: Been following the feverish lead up by Shredder 04/14/2018, 5:51pm PDT
        Flack has the most balanced take and description of all of it. by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/19/2018, 6:14pm PDT

Altered Carbon by Roop 02/04/2018, 2:40am PST
    It was really good and even has a penis at the very end! NT by Worm 02/04/2018, 5:05pm PST
    I liked the 1st episode by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/04/2018, 5:51pm PST
        Holy shit, Max Headroom cameo! NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/04/2018, 9:38pm PST
            Also, easy to miss Baby Metal on the soundtrack NT by Roop 02/05/2018, 12:18am PST
    Re: Altered Carbon by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/05/2018, 9:46am PST
        We should get FABIOs opinion NT by Just to make sure 02/05/2018, 11:09am PST
    I couldn't remember the name of this show. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/10/2018, 8:21pm PST
    I'm going to fast forward the Spanish scenes. That OK? NT by Don't look me up 02/10/2018, 9:32pm PST
        And miss the scenes with the buffed skinhead abuela!?! NT by Roop 02/11/2018, 4:02pm PST
            Those even I skipped, it was embarrassing. It was something Community would have by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/11/2018, 10:17pm PST
                I will have to go back and watch them. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/17/2018, 9:28pm PST
                    Re: I will have to go back and watch them. by Roop 02/27/2018, 12:44am PST
                        People leave all the time. NT by Mysterio 04/14/2018, 6:08pm PDT
    Just watched it. Quality sleaze. by Mischief Maker 04/14/2018, 2:30pm PDT
        The ending sucks, unfortunately (spoilerz) by Mischief Maker 04/17/2018, 8:27pm PDT
            So did most of the acting, characters, and dialogue. by Cis-terio 04/18/2018, 8:43am PDT

Guardians of the Galaxy by fabio 07/10/2015, 4:02am PDT
    There's no such thing as a Pulp Fiction reference, because everything in that NT by movie was already a reference. 07/10/2015, 4:33am PDT
    double and triple fuck this movie by fabio 07/10/2015, 10:33pm PDT
        "is it really MORE misogynist" NT by fabio 07/10/2015, 10:36pm PDT
        She has super human strength because she's alien and this is a comic book. NT by Worm 07/11/2015, 7:22pm PDT
        Just saw this and the sequel. The main character is NOT supposed to be lovable. by Mischief Maker 04/15/2018, 11:35pm PDT
            But the sequel is just rehashing inter-personal conflict from the first one NT by Why anyone likes it is beyond me 04/16/2018, 6:24pm PDT
    They defeat the villain with a Care Bare stare NT by not joking 07/11/2015, 6:55pm PDT
    Re: Guardians of the Galaxy by Mysterio Lollerson 04/16/2018, 8:45pm PDT

Fleabag by The Happiness Engine 03/30/2018, 3:27pm PDT

x files spoiler by laudablepuss 03/22/2018, 7:24am PDT

Thor: Ragnarok is an ok... sci-fi comedy? by blackwater 11/09/2017, 10:16pm PST
    They stole the plot of the 1986 Transformers movie NT by :( 11/10/2017, 2:47pm PST
    severe spoilers by laudablepuss 11/11/2017, 12:55pm PST
        I loved the executioner joke, it was my favorite line from the whole movie NT by Fullofkittens 11/12/2017, 10:04am PST
            *stony-faced disapproval* by laudablepuss 11/13/2017, 10:53am PST
                YOU'RE WRONG by and ugly 11/13/2017, 4:11pm PST
                    You're just an asshole who made me type "wookiepedia" into my browser by laudablepuss 11/14/2017, 10:09am PST
                    En taro adun, executor! by blackwater 11/14/2017, 3:28pm PST
        Oh yeah! by laudablepuss 11/16/2017, 12:46pm PST
            I did, but I don't remember. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/24/2018, 12:10am PST
                Re: I did, but I don't remember. by Mysterio 02/25/2018, 10:53am PST
                    That was me, sent from my phone NT by laudablepuss 02/25/2018, 10:54am PST
    Great Soundtrack! by Mischief Maker 03/17/2018, 12:07pm PDT

We saw Game Night tonight because Black Panther was sold out everywhere NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/24/2018, 9:37pm PST
    Pretty good? by Vested Id 02/27/2018, 4:46pm PST
        Re: Pretty good? by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/27/2018, 9:52pm PST

Spectre by Daniel Craig Sucks Review 02/24/2018, 4:01am PST
    He's back. NT by Oh shit. 02/24/2018, 9:01pm PST

New Peter Rabbit Movie “needs a trigger warning” by blackwater 02/15/2018, 11:20pm PST
    Re: New Peter Rabbit Movie “needs a trigger warning” by blackwater 02/15/2018, 11:24pm PST
        I would've had AT LEAST one followup question for Dr. Adesman. by Injustice 02/16/2018, 3:08am PST
            Murdering a dude via his food allergy is pretty fuckin' dark for a kids movie NT by Fullofkittens 02/16/2018, 9:29am PST
                Agreed, there are other ways to gain control of the situation. NT by Khan 02/16/2018, 11:05am PST
                    I wonder if I'll live long enough to see Looney Tunes banned in the US. by blackwater 02/18/2018, 12:35am PST
                        I think I could somehow manage to survive in a world without Sony movies. by Mischief Maker 02/18/2018, 5:49am PST
                            Maybe once everyone who grew up with the anti-violent shows of the '70s dies off by Injustice 02/18/2018, 7:53am PST
                            Looney Tunes is hate speech though by blackwater 02/20/2018, 8:41pm PST
    "TRIGGER WARNING" WHAT A BUNCH OF PANSY SNOWFLAKES! PC RUN AMOK! by Random Caltropser 02/19/2018, 5:13pm PST
        Re: "TRIGGER WARNING" WHAT A BUNCH OF PANSY SNOWFLAKES! PC RUN AMOK! NT by damn, got me 02/20/2018, 9:58am PST

The Shape of Water by Rafiki 02/06/2018, 8:32pm PST

YMS is the new Plinkett by fabio 07/13/2015, 10:59pm PDT
    More like the new Confused Matthew NT by Vested Id 07/14/2015, 2:09am PDT
    He called Boyhood "pretty good" NT by Eurotrash 07/14/2015, 6:58am PDT
    Do you guys know about Honest Trailers? by Mischief Maker 07/14/2015, 3:23pm PDT
        Do you know about Cinema Sins by Vested Id 07/14/2015, 3:59pm PDT
    Updates too rarely? NT by Worm 07/14/2015, 5:01pm PDT
    What is YMS? by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/14/2015, 8:31pm PDT
    Well that was a quick fall by fabio 11/11/2015, 10:56am PST
        at the very least, he didn't succumb to Skit Disease NT by RIP 11/11/2015, 6:06pm PST
            That would be a a worse death. At least he's recommending things. Still has NT by awful fans like Spoony. 11/12/2015, 6:11pm PST
    Kung Fury on the 2015 best-of list but no Turbo Kid?! FAIL!!! NT by Mischief Maker 02/04/2018, 1:01am PST

Review: Nunes Memo by Vested Id 02/02/2018, 12:31pm PST
    Quality shitpost by Entropy Stew 02/02/2018, 2:09pm PST

X-Men: Days of Future Past by Mischief Maker 02/01/2018, 4:00pm PST

Would you be interested in a gender-swapped version of Captain America: TFA? by Fullofkittens 06/03/2017, 5:48pm PDT
    That'd explain why they put Wonder Woman's head on such a painfully skinny body. NT by I want to fill her full of serum. 06/03/2017, 7:40pm PDT
        "Actress/supermodel Gal Gadot isn't hot enough to play Wonder Woman" by Fullofkittens 06/04/2017, 6:47am PDT
            I'd prefer a more realistically athletic version of Wonder Woman myself by laudablepuss is pro-anorexia 06/04/2017, 7:48am PDT
                Serious question: Is there anyone in Hollywood like that? by Worm 06/04/2017, 10:17am PDT
                    Am I one of the morons who thinks women can weigh more than 110 pounds? NT by I guess so. 06/04/2017, 10:52am PDT
                        Yeah dipshit, that illustration I'm replying to is clocking in at 120 exactly. NT by Worm 06/04/2017, 1:54pm PDT
                            Great trick. You should go hustle carnivals with that kind of prophetic vision NT by Worm, Thought leader 06/04/2017, 2:07pm PDT
                                Yeah, what a trick, being misunderstood by a fucking moron everyone hates. NT by Worm 06/04/2017, 2:26pm PDT
                                    haha by Kenji Carter 06/04/2017, 9:23pm PDT
                    Racism should be opposed in all forms but women need to look like anime girls NT by Worm, "Thought leader" 06/04/2017, 11:32am PDT
                        Challenge: name the last poster gimmick that was this awful by fabio 06/04/2017, 12:24pm PDT
                            This might be the worst one ever NT by Lurker since 07 06/04/2017, 5:41pm PDT
                                OHHHHH THIS SHIT IS EDGY RIGHT HERE NT by HE'S BEEN LURKING SINCE 07 YO 06/04/2017, 6:44pm PDT
                                    I liked you. NT by Lurker since 07 06/05/2017, 12:09am PDT
                        The latest trend in anime girls is fat thighs and asses, believe it or not. NT by Worm 06/04/2017, 1:57pm PDT
                            Thanks, I personally don't keep up with such things because I'm not a pedophile NT by Worm, "Thought leader" 06/04/2017, 2:08pm PDT
                                pedophilia: n. sexual attraction to giant tits and big fat asses NT by Worm 06/04/2017, 2:34pm PDT
                        Hey, I'm the original "Thought Leader" by - Worm, "Thought Leader" 06/04/2017, 4:19pm PDT
                            Look at meeee I matter by P. D. Meister, "Thought Leader" 06/04/2017, 5:43pm PDT
                    Who was that one MMA Fighter who acted in that one visceral action film? by Oom Shnibble 06/04/2017, 7:27pm PDT
                        Gina Carano NT by I liked her too 06/04/2017, 7:45pm PDT
                            She's busy with Kickboxer: Retaliation lol dude she's so C-list by Worm, "Thought Leader" 06/04/2017, 7:47pm PDT
                                I preempted Gina Carano cuz everyone who was crying for her to be cast is a fag by Worm 06/04/2017, 9:09pm PDT
                                I know you haven't seen the movies if you thought Fast & Furious was the first. by I want to fill her full of serum. 06/04/2017, 9:57pm PDT
                                    My decision to rank the films made that post way more confusing than intended. by I want to fill her full of serum. 06/04/2017, 10:16pm PDT
                                        its a good list NT by FABIO, "Thought Leader" 06/05/2017, 8:16am PDT
                                    The Fate of the Furious: better than Tokyo Drift, not quite as good as 6. by I want to fill her full of serum. 01/26/2018, 3:21pm PST
                Realistically athletic superhero NT by Believably magic muscles 06/04/2017, 10:34am PDT
                It's pretty well-established she's from the Island of Ninja Acrobats NT by not the Island of Pro Wrestlers 06/04/2017, 3:36pm PDT
                    Ninjas with strength to rival superman I guess by Why's Henry Caville so swole? 06/04/2017, 4:07pm PDT
                        Bane has bigger muscles than either of them! NT by Pointless Discussion Meister 06/04/2017, 4:25pm PDT
                        So this being the Snyderverse, I take it she murders everyone in that tank. NT by Mischief Maker 06/04/2017, 4:46pm PDT
            In what world does being painfully skinny make a woman LESS hot?! by I want to fill her full of serum. 06/04/2017, 3:49pm PDT
                Because if everybody were happy NT by they wouldn't need to come here 06/04/2017, 10:21pm PDT

So they are turning Old Man Logan into a R rated film - thoughts? -nt NT by RetroRomper 02/15/2017, 11:09am PST
    And ya, I imagine they are going to cut the whole "Hulk committing incest" story NT by bit -nt RetroRomper 02/15/2017, 11:10am PST
    It was really good. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/14/2018, 11:30pm PST

Impressions of Lincoln (2012) from a non-American. by Pirate DVD Review 01/10/2018, 10:02pm PST

I saw hundreds of movies last year, about forty good ones. by Pirate DVD Review 01/01/2018, 9:58pm PST
    See me after class by your geography teacher 01/01/2018, 11:02pm PST
        I'm sorry I don't have a MAGNET in my BEAK >:( NT by Pirate DVD Review 01/02/2018, 2:19am PST
            submarines traveling underneath the south pole NT by your geography teacher 01/02/2018, 10:01am PST
            Soviet troop transport planes based 2 hours from Antartica NT by your geography & history teachers 01/02/2018, 10:49am PST
                Dude, relax. Maybe try watching American Yakuza? by Pirate DVD Review 01/02/2018, 5:47pm PST
                    Every single thing in that list was wrong. That just stood out as the dumbest. by your English teacher 01/02/2018, 8:14pm PST
                        Your list has two titles on it and already I'm cracking up. Keep it going! by Pirate DVD Review 01/02/2018, 8:40pm PST
    How was GoG 2 better than GoG 1? NT by BABY GROOT IS BAE ^________^ 01/02/2018, 1:38pm PST
        2 had a better antagonist and more interesting emotional arcs for the Guardians. by Pirate DVD Review 01/02/2018, 6:11pm PST
    Cloud Atlas is a terrible SJW circlejerk. Interstellar, more like incoherent by blackwater 01/07/2018, 10:43pm PST
        I think you're interpreting these films more literally than I do. Spoilers! by Pirate DVD Review 01/08/2018, 12:34am PST
            I'm glad MM is fighting for net neutrality to preserve so-bad-its-trolling NT by Insanity like this 01/08/2018, 8:15am PST
                His posts are good. You are a troll. Go away. NT by laudablepuss 01/08/2018, 11:03am PST
                    I appreciate MM but he's right by Vested Id 01/08/2018, 1:03pm PST
                        Slipping on Significance like a banana peel, I landed on the key to Interstellar by instead of the key to my car. 01/08/2018, 1:59pm PST
                            "Touchstonic" would be a good name for a band by blackwater 01/09/2018, 4:27pm PST
                        Up is not down, and good is not bad. Still, despite everything. by laudablepuss 01/08/2018, 2:58pm PST
                        Wait, what? How am I involved in this thread? by MM 01/08/2018, 3:14pm PST
                            whoops, misread anon and it reminded me of your Drive review by Vested Id 01/08/2018, 3:36pm PST
                    laudablepuss, defender of HOT TAKES. Should've seen that coming from NT by Kaepernicks #1 fan 01/08/2018, 2:37pm PST
                You can still do the Harlem Shake! NT by Ajit Pai 01/08/2018, 3:19pm PST
            We need to go deeper. by blackwater 01/09/2018, 4:37pm PST
                Hey I had some ideas for a new season of Frasier. by Pirate DVD Review 01/09/2018, 6:36pm PST
                    Actually I take it as a supreme compliment you all mistook Jerry for me! NT by Mischief Maker 01/09/2018, 8:55pm PST
                    So you were high when you watched these movies, then. NT by case closed 01/10/2018, 2:56pm PST

Next on Black Mirror - Oi, mate, wot if we elected a website Prime Minister? by A real twist, innit? 01/08/2018, 2:37pm PST
    Re: Next on Black Mirror - Oi, mate, wot if we elected a website Prime Minister? by BABY GROOT IS BAE ^________^ 01/08/2018, 2:44pm PST
    Pardon but we've moved onto President Oprah NT by Caltrops meme diary 01/08/2018, 5:17pm PST

The Man in the High Castle is pretty good. by blackwater 01/07/2018, 10:33pm PST

Little Shop of Horrors (1986) by Fullofkittens 01/07/2018, 6:43pm PST

The last time the flash forward opening actually served a point in a show/movie by fabio 12/31/2017, 2:27pm PST
    There was a recent movie that did it amazingly well but it would be a spoiler to NT by reveal which - Fullofkittens 12/31/2017, 2:31pm PST
        This is a spoiler post for a movie you may not have seen, do not click on this by Fullofkittens 12/31/2017, 2:35pm PST
            I wouldn't say that counts by fabio 01/01/2018, 4:07pm PST
    Polytechnique by Pirate DVD Review 01/02/2018, 2:33am PST
    Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction (spoilers) by Mischief Maker 01/02/2018, 7:00am PST
        I'll go with Reservoir Dogs by fabio 01/02/2018, 11:38am PST
    tvtropes has a page about it. by Fullofkittens 01/02/2018, 12:16pm PST
    Crimson Gold by Vested Id 01/02/2018, 12:21pm PST

Rogue One, pretty good, I say. NT by Leaped Frog 12/17/2016, 1:36pm PST
    Just got back from it. I found it a bit shit compared to Force Awakens by Eurotrash 12/19/2016, 12:08pm PST
        The super fans are gonna love the rest of their lives by Star Wars, nothing but Staaar Warrs 12/20/2016, 12:32am PST
        I thought Rogue One was really good (spoilers) by blackwater 01/01/2017, 2:12pm PST
            The RLM take on it was correct IMO (spoilers continue) by Fullofkittens 01/01/2017, 7:16pm PST
                Re: The RLM take on it was correct IMO (spoilers continue) by blackwater 01/20/2017, 2:48pm PST
                    If people dislike Rogue One but think Force Awakens was awesome I have trouble NT by keeping a straight face 01/21/2017, 10:50am PST
            You and I are like two guys who disagree on everything when it comes to movies! by Pirate DVD Review 01/01/2018, 7:17pm PST
        just watched Force Awakens for the second time. People that say it sucks by Eurotrash 01/18/2017, 11:31pm PST
    fuck all this new pandering shit anyway by Eurotrash 12/20/2016, 4:55am PST
        Auralnauts will always be the canonical Star Wars to me, now by Blackwater 12/21/2016, 5:36pm PST
    how does this boring, miserable piece of shit have 84% on rottentomatoes by Eurotrash 12/20/2016, 2:29pm PST
    Finally saw it. Incredibly boring. NT by Entropy Stew 08/19/2017, 7:37pm PDT

Is there a thread about the new Ghost in the Shell movie yet? by blackwater 10/15/2017, 9:36pm PDT
    I'm surprised Rupert Sanders didn't hang himself after seeing Blade Runner 2049 NT by mike williams usgamer 10/16/2017, 2:18am PDT
        Now that I think about it, GITS 2017 is the kiddy version of BR 2049 by mike williams usgamer 10/16/2017, 2:39am PDT
            The two audiences for science fiction, kids and developmentally stunted adults. NT by I watch sports movies. 10/16/2017, 2:51am PDT
    I liked it. No spoilers. by Pirate DVD Review 01/01/2018, 6:09pm PST

Throbbing Nigger Santa Claus Cock by Roop 12/23/2017, 9:20pm PST

What to do when Bechdel isn't a strong enough purity test by blue man group 12/21/2017, 9:00pm PST
    This is more condemning of 538 by Vested Id 12/21/2017, 9:33pm PST

Lake Mungo is alright by fabio 12/18/2017, 7:35pm PST

Pacific Heat is hilarious by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/17/2017, 11:00pm PST
    I really liked Archer for about two seasons by fabio 12/17/2017, 11:19pm PST

I wonder if the rest of Atlanta is this funny by Rey Mysterio Jr. 10/13/2016, 7:08pm PDT
    Update: Nope by Rey Mysterio Jr. 10/14/2016, 7:21am PDT
    I thought it was great, well worth a second season NT by Dong glover 12/14/2017, 2:54pm PST

So what's your favorite episode of "How did this get made?" by MMysterio 09/24/2013, 10:21am PDT
    Street Fighter, Howard the Duck, and Over the Top NT by WITTGENSTEIN 09/24/2013, 12:27pm PDT
    Re: So what's your favorite episode of "How did this get made?" by fabio 09/25/2013, 1:34am PDT
        Yeah, I almost picked 88 Minutes instead of Punisher. by MMysterio 09/25/2013, 6:44am PDT
            I didn't like the punisher episode as much by WITTGENSTEIN 09/25/2013, 8:11am PDT
            One thing that's missing from a lot of their recent episodes by fabio 09/25/2013, 8:29pm PDT
    holy shit by fabio 01/14/2014, 10:45pm PST
    and now two-thirds of the cast are about to become parents NT by it's over 03/18/2014, 9:03pm PDT
        They were starting to go downhill anyway. by Mischief Maker 03/18/2014, 9:24pm PDT
            They still can't get past endlessly debating pointless plot details by fabio 03/23/2014, 1:06am PDT
                If you hate ladies derailing bad movie podcasts, you will love this. by Jerry Whorebach 03/23/2014, 5:00am PDT
                I found Winter's Tale baffling by Lurker 340924 03/23/2014, 10:56am PDT
    Worst guest of all time? by fabio 05/21/2014, 11:28pm PDT
    When's the last time you laughed at one of these? by fabio 07/27/2014, 10:53pm PDT
        Agreed. But I think it's more a case of a hobby turning into your job. NT by Mischief Maker 07/28/2014, 6:31am PDT
    The recent episoe (LOL) was actually pretty good by fabio 12/07/2014, 3:20am PST
        and they're back to sucking by fabio 12/22/2014, 3:14pm PST
            People still listen to Dave Matthews Band? D: NT by Fullofkittens 12/22/2014, 4:22pm PST
                yup by unashamed white people 12/25/2014, 3:53pm PST
    Zardoz by fabio 03/17/2015, 2:48am PDT
    They finally made a good one! by fabio 04/13/2015, 10:11pm PDT
    aaaaand the worst one by fabio 04/20/2016, 11:32am PDT
    Stealth was a good episode by fabio 01/25/2017, 7:21pm PST
    Sleepwalkers by fabio 04/03/2017, 10:00am PDT
        I miss June! I like how she's willing to hold these movies in genuine contempt. by Or at least, her character is. 05/22/2017, 8:36pm PDT
        Goldrun wimmen, havin' opinions an' shit by - Fabio, "Thought Leader" 05/25/2017, 2:42pm PDT
    The Running Man? seriously??? NT by fabio 05/29/2017, 10:20pm PDT
        How dare the people behind HDTGM not run their choices by me first?!?!? by - Fabio "Thought Leader" 06/01/2017, 8:00pm PDT
            HDTGM episodes, Game of Thrones, my posts by fabio 06/02/2017, 7:44am PDT
                IT IS YOU WHO ARE 'OWNED' GOOD SIRE by - Fabio, "Thought leader" 06/02/2017, 1:40pm PDT
        When are they going to do Big? That one's pretty goofy, when you think about it. by Junebugs Fabio 09/06/2017, 5:13pm PDT
    They charge $43 for the live shows! by fabio 11/21/2017, 5:57pm PST
        I heard the hosts get gourmet meals mailed to them in boxes, that can't be cheap NT by (Try "We Hate Movies" instead.) 11/21/2017, 6:13pm PST
    Getting into Best of the Worst has kinda made this obsolete by fabio 12/09/2017, 9:58pm PST
        Confused Matthew is terrible. NT by - 12/09/2017, 10:41pm PST
            What ever happened to him anyways? NT by Confused Caltrops 12/10/2017, 10:10am PST
        BotW's existence was justified if only by their covering Surviving Edged Weapons by Sfia 12/13/2017, 4:42am PST

Trying to watch Community. It's reminding me why I can't stand intertextuality. by Mysterio, "Thought Leader" 11/24/2017, 7:08am PST
    Trying to watch Community. It's reminding me why I can't stand intertextuality. by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/09/2017, 7:20pm PST

What We Do in the Shadows by Mischief Maker 10/09/2017, 7:15pm PDT
    I missed this recommendation the first time around but +1 by Fullofkittens 11/22/2017, 7:32pm PST

Jerry have you listened to Kumail Nanjiani's X-Files Files NT by And what do you think? 11/10/2017, 7:55am PST
    Isn't he the guy on Silicon Valley who sucks off Dan Harmon constantly and NT by reminds us on twitter he's a paki? 11/10/2017, 9:37pm PST
        Re: Isn't he the guy on Silicon Valley who sucks off Dan Harmon constantly and NT by Yes and no and no 11/12/2017, 8:51am PST
            Pretty sure he's on harmons podcast a lot NT by PICKLE RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 11/13/2017, 4:36pm PST
    Initial impressions after the first half-dozen episodes. by Nostalgic Canadian Pseudo-Review 11/14/2017, 12:26am PST
        Did you see the revival? by fabio 11/14/2017, 9:45am PST
            I did! And I think we're on the same page, vis a vis which parts were any good. by Nostalgic Canadian Pseudo-Review 11/14/2017, 1:09pm PST
                oh right by fabio 11/14/2017, 10:21pm PST
                    Re: oh right by Nostalgic Canadian Pseudo-Review 11/14/2017, 11:00pm PST
                        Turns out it was just Sudafed he took NT by double twist! 11/14/2017, 11:22pm PST
                            Skinner was probably really there, because holy shit he's an old man now. by Nostalgic Canadian Pseudo-Review 11/15/2017, 12:46am PST

Power Rangers by Nostalgic Canadian Pseudo-Review 11/09/2017, 11:27pm PST
    HIS NAME WAS ROBERT ZIMONICK! NT by Thanks, jerry! 11/10/2017, 1:21am PST

Mark Hamill gets kidnapped by Mischief Maker 10/31/2017, 7:55pm PDT

Oh god it's the Animatrix all over again by Bladerunner 2049 10/03/2017, 9:25pm PDT
    I loved it (and animatrix), but of course I'm also a massive weeb NT by Eurotrash 10/04/2017, 1:25am PDT
        Definitely follows Ridley's idea of the Replicants by Action was okay? 10/08/2017, 3:35pm PDT
            Give the man a break, he probably has autism. I know what it feels like NT by Eurotrash 10/09/2017, 4:52pm PDT
                Old Man Autism's Milion Dollar Fingerpaints (2017) NT by 8.6/10 10/09/2017, 5:41pm PDT
    So, who's going to take first crack at me? NT by Bladerunner 2049 10/08/2017, 2:27pm PDT
        Holy shit did we miss the entire point of the original movie NT by Red Letter Media 10/08/2017, 2:44pm PDT
            Less honesty, more accuracy in criticism, starting with RLM by Vested Id 10/12/2017, 10:55pm PDT
        spoilers by laudablepuss 10/15/2017, 3:50pm PDT
            Damn your spoilers! If I see this movie I won't stop thinking of elephants. NT by Roop 10/15/2017, 5:30pm PDT
        Re: So, who's going to take first crack at me? by Mysterio 10/28/2017, 6:04pm PDT
    Bladerunner, one of the most visually original movies of all time by fabio 10/12/2017, 6:43pm PDT
    It is not possible for me not to do the arched eyebrow smirk constantly by Ryan Gosling 10/12/2017, 8:41pm PDT
        Maybe it set in place after eating that punch by ...accidentally 10/12/2017, 9:33pm PDT

Wait, the Snowman is an actual movie and not a joke trailer? NT by fabio 10/17/2017, 3:11am PDT
    Hi, I'm the main character by Detective Harry Hole 10/25/2017, 3:53am PDT

Rampage revenge movies are the tickets for aged action star comebacks you say? NT by Jackie Chan 10/08/2017, 8:55pm PDT

Ruthless continues stint at the bottom by fabio 10/01/2017, 10:50pm PDT

So... Blade Runner remake... by Mischief Maker 12/20/2016, 5:14pm PST
    Not quite Prometheus by fabio 12/20/2016, 5:46pm PST
        BLUGH RLUHHR *huff* 2069 NT by Really Scunt 12/20/2016, 8:01pm PST
        "I wrote the original script to Blade Runner.....well, me and Phillip K. Dick.." NT by "...okay, mostly Philip K Dick" 12/20/2016, 8:40pm PST
    at least we can look forward to tearing it a new asshole on da internet NT by Eurotrash 12/22/2016, 5:16am PST
    It's going to be worse than I thought. by Mischief Maker 05/08/2017, 3:10pm PDT
        Re: It's going to be worse than I thought. by fabio 05/08/2017, 3:28pm PDT
            Which one? NT by MM 05/08/2017, 3:35pm PDT
                Stanley, I would presume. NT by Helpful Monkey 05/08/2017, 4:01pm PDT
                    No, which Kubrick film had a shit script? NT by MM 05/08/2017, 4:27pm PDT
                        The Shining NT by fabio 05/08/2017, 5:45pm PDT
        "no asians in the shell" you done shitting your pants? Feel better now? NT by Eurotrash 05/09/2017, 9:48am PDT
    Rich Evans weighs in... by Mischief Maker 05/09/2017, 11:31pm PDT
    This pisses me off more than it should. by blackwater 05/11/2017, 9:57pm PDT
    Re: So... Blade Runner remake... by Nostromo 09/29/2017, 6:04pm PDT
        Things lots of people like: Donald Trump, Into Darkness, Hitler at one time NT by Millennials are self-centered shits 09/30/2017, 1:37pm PDT
            HE SAY YOU HITRER NT by Nostromo 09/30/2017, 3:13pm PDT
                Sag ihm, ich esse! NT by Hitrer 10/01/2017, 10:06am PDT
            Things Millennials are etc likes: shitting pants in a fuming, impotent rage NT by - Caltrops, "Thought Leader" 10/01/2017, 10:27am PDT

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