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Red Dwarf by Mischief Maker 04/30/2022, 6:06am PDT NEW
    See also: Black Adder NT by overrated "classic" British comedy 04/30/2022, 6:18am PDT NEW
        I will cut you, bitch! by Mischief Maker 04/30/2022, 8:21am PDT NEW
    It's the greatest show in the history of television. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/30/2022, 11:59am PDT NEW
    I tried this once or twice and bounced off it hard by blackwater 05/01/2022, 11:31pm PDT NEW
        Re: I tried this once or twice and bounced off it hard by Mysteriobama 05/02/2022, 7:14pm PDT NEW
            Douglas was my favorite author of my teens, but by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/13/2022, 8:31am PDT NEW
                He signed my copy of "Mostly Harmless!" by Mischief Maker 05/13/2022, 11:10am PDT NEW
                    Re: He signed my copy of "Mostly Harmless!" by laudablepuss 05/14/2022, 11:23am PDT NEW
                        Re: He signed my copy of "Mostly Harmless!" by Geryk 05/14/2022, 11:27am PDT NEW
                I also liked Douglas Adams as a kid, but I don't think his stuff has aged well by blackwater 05/13/2022, 5:27pm PDT NEW
                    Fair, though I must add by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/14/2022, 8:40am PDT NEW
                        Yeah, some things are timeless. by blackwater 05/14/2022, 8:58pm PDT NEW
                            49 NT by laudablepuss 05/15/2022, 6:25am PDT NEW
                He's aged like Monty Python by the good old days 05/13/2022, 9:16pm PDT NEW
                    Re: He's aged like Monty Python by hO 05/13/2022, 9:45pm PDT NEW
        Max Headroom was a british show. by Mischief Maker 05/02/2022, 7:39pm PDT NEW

New season of The Kids in the Hall. They are not screwing around. NT by Mysterious Stranger 05/14/2022, 3:47pm PDT NEW
    DEFINITELY not NT by Prepare to get REAL 05/14/2022, 4:50pm PDT NEW

is The Batman worth the 3.5 hours? NT by Help me, Friends 05/12/2022, 7:48pm PDT NEW
    It's great NT by Skip the last hour 05/12/2022, 8:07pm PDT NEW
    It's good, if you're streaming. NT by Mischief Maker 05/12/2022, 8:36pm PDT NEW
        Better on a big screen NT by Skip 05/12/2022, 11:49pm PDT NEW

Famous internet comedians with friends way funnier than them by the fart disciple 04/26/2022, 9:27pm PDT NEW
    Re: Famous internet comedians with friends way funnier than them by ... 04/26/2022, 10:04pm PDT NEW
        the DOT DOT DOT commentator, the most useless of commentators NT by reaction .gif for extra uselessness 04/26/2022, 10:09pm PDT NEW
            Identity hidden NT by on DOT DOT DOT caltrops dot com 04/26/2022, 10:11pm PDT NEW
        Go back to Facebook NT by 2. kill yourself 04/27/2022, 1:03am PDT NEW
            No don't do that NT by Mysterio 04/27/2022, 5:31am PDT NEW
    This is a good discussion by Mysterio 04/27/2022, 5:30am PDT NEW
        Thanks! by the fart disciple 04/27/2022, 8:20pm PDT NEW
            Re: Thanks! by blackwater 04/27/2022, 9:37pm PDT NEW

"The Batman" and "Mask of the Phantasm" by Mischief Maker 04/22/2022, 3:58pm PDT NEW
    Mask of the Phantasm sucks by Not good 04/22/2022, 5:27pm PDT NEW
        Batman's ex NT by girlfriend is the Phantasm 04/22/2022, 5:37pm PDT NEW
            Are you sure you spammed the same post enough times yet? Maybe another five? NT by Mischief Maker 04/22/2022, 5:56pm PDT NEW
    "The Batman" perfected. by Mischief Maker 04/26/2022, 9:09am PDT NEW

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. NT by Don't kill me, the messenger 03/27/2022, 8:56pm PDT
    Then he received a standing ovation and cried by saying this wasn't about him 03/27/2022, 9:04pm PDT
        Ol Fresh Prince has a real by Horus Truthteller 03/27/2022, 9:23pm PDT
            hahahaha NT by Fullofkittens 03/28/2022, 10:45am PDT
    They're getting desperate by hO 03/28/2022, 12:56am PDT
        By "they" you mean right-ring memelords sucking the 1984 well dry? NT by Mischief Maker 03/28/2022, 5:04am PDT
            The Voltaire meme is lame. Boondocks is better. by Mysterio 03/28/2022, 8:26am PDT
                Cuck. NT by Pussification of the American Male 03/28/2022, 4:11pm PDT
                    will smith hates black people by Ackchyually 03/29/2022, 5:19pm PDT
                        While you were making fun of Jada's hair, Ricky Gervais studied the blade. NT by Boy I wish someone would try 03/29/2022, 5:57pm PDT
            Is the the real MM or the Eugene McCarthy one by hO 03/28/2022, 11:00am PDT
    What did the detectives find when they dusted Chris Rock's face? NT by Fresh prints 03/28/2022, 5:35am PDT
    Everybody hates Chris NT by Mysterio 03/28/2022, 8:25am PDT
    And I started thinking to myself... by Thugnificent 03/28/2022, 1:01pm PDT
    And then welp, guess I'll sit back sat down to wait for my awards by laudablepuss 03/28/2022, 2:12pm PDT
    Never make jokes about baldness! by The Fresh Prince 03/29/2022, 9:42am PDT
    Chris Rock made an entire documentary about black women's hair, and apparently NT by he learned NOTHING from it. 03/31/2022, 11:44am PDT
        He learned alopecia is a cover story for what happens when you do that shit NT by to your hair 03/31/2022, 11:54am PDT
    Re: Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. by Kyle Dunnigan 04/01/2022, 2:44pm PDT

The correct order of Final Destination movies is 2, 1, 4, 3, 5 NT by the wArEzwulf 04/01/2022, 10:36am PDT

People really seem to be liking Shazam! by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/23/2019, 9:40pm PDT
    I started it... by Mischief Maker 03/29/2022, 10:21am PDT

Doctor Sleep aka The Shining 2 by Mischief Maker 03/26/2022, 7:58am PDT
    Also holy shit, watch the director's cut. Important scenes got cut. NT by Mischief Maker 03/26/2022, 10:33am PDT
    It's directed by the guy that did GERALD'S GAME and HILL HOUSE NT by Mike Flanagan 03/27/2022, 7:26am PDT
        Yes, he sucks NT by Ex-alcoholic panderer 03/27/2022, 11:57am PDT

Best Call Saul by Roop 03/16/2022, 7:10pm PDT

A very stupid John Carter article by laudablepuss 03/13/2022, 1:38pm PDT
    Re: A very stupid John Carter article by What's wrong with your faaaaace? 03/13/2022, 3:30pm PDT
    Re: A very stupid John Carter article by I've ever heard for this 03/14/2022, 10:10am PDT
        I think you misunderstand but whatever NT by laudablepuss 03/14/2022, 2:25pm PDT
            It's like he kind of knows that picture is insulting but by Ichabod 03/14/2022, 3:37pm PDT
                Don't know what's so confusing about it NT by Just a diss 03/14/2022, 5:34pm PDT
                    It was a self diss, and I already know you don't understand why NT by Mysterio 03/15/2022, 6:57pm PDT
                        ? NT by whuhtevr 03/15/2022, 8:05pm PDT
                            Now you owe me money. You owe me money for this exchange. A small amount. by Mysterio 03/15/2022, 8:24pm PDT
                        Could use an explanation NT by a different guy 03/15/2022, 8:31pm PDT
    It was okay. by Brody Wilder 03/14/2022, 2:38pm PDT
    Re: A very stupid John Carter article by E. L. Koba 03/15/2022, 5:08pm PDT
        Re: A very stupid John Carter article by laudablepuss 03/15/2022, 5:49pm PDT
            Re: A very stupid John Carter article by E. L. Koba 03/16/2022, 5:05pm PDT

Nobody by fucking nobody 01/25/2022, 12:55am PST
    No it was good by Teuy 01/25/2022, 5:20am PST
        No YOU are!!! NT by good one 01/25/2022, 5:55am PST
    What if John Wick was unambiguously the bad guy? NT by Mischief Maker 03/03/2022, 7:45am PST
    It was a solid B-movie. I enjoyed it for what it was (a John Wick ripoff) by Mysterio 03/14/2022, 6:40pm PDT

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace by Mischief Maker 02/27/2022, 7:14pm PST
    Thus is beautiful NT by and I thank you 02/28/2022, 6:42pm PST

Oh boy! Finally, a sequel to The Cable Guy! NT by fucking nobody 02/14/2022, 8:03am PST

Don't Look Up by Mischief Maker 02/10/2022, 8:15am PST

Peacemaker is fucking great NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/20/2022, 1:34pm PST
    Seconded NT by Scruffy 01/24/2022, 9:37pm PST

Matrix Resurrections by Rafiki 12/23/2021, 9:48pm PST
    I'm leaning toward "spite" by Mischief Maker 12/24/2021, 3:09pm PST
        The big "fuck you" at the end was the Jada Pinkett cover of Rage over da credits NT by Mischief Verhoven 12/24/2021, 3:14pm PST
            This is the only part I saw. Did not care for it. NT by pinback 12/24/2021, 4:30pm PST
        Malignant was the way better middle finger movie by ----> vampire 12/24/2021, 3:53pm PST
        Re: I'm leaning toward "spite" by E. L. Koba 12/26/2021, 3:38pm PST
            Speaking of which... by Mischief Maker 12/26/2021, 3:42pm PST
                Re: Speaking of which... by E. L. Koba 12/26/2021, 5:28pm PST
    I can't tell how much you're jokinh by holy shit 12/24/2021, 3:50pm PST
    Oh shit, I didn't realize there was a post-credits scene! by Mischief Maker 12/25/2021, 12:12pm PST
    BINARY by B I N A R Y 12/25/2021, 7:49pm PST
    RLM gets it. by Mischief Maker 01/02/2022, 6:50am PST
        I feel like Plinkett is way too optimistic about this film by blackwater 01/03/2022, 7:59am PST
            Re: I feel like Plinkett is way too optimistic about this film by Oh 01/03/2022, 9:56am PST
        Gremlins 2? by motherfucker.... 01/03/2022, 8:47am PST
            I guess if I bought theater tickets instead of streaming it I'd be pissed. NT by MM 01/03/2022, 9:27am PST

Is it possible to record off Netflix? by Oh 12/28/2021, 8:25am PST
    Screencastify will let you record a Chrome tab w/sound and has some basic by video editing functions 12/28/2021, 5:04pm PST

Dexter: New Blood is decent. NT by Kenji Carter 11/16/2021, 9:49pm PST
    How does it rank on the original's season scale? by Zuckerberg's shrink 11/17/2021, 2:53pm PST
        Re: How does it rank on the original's season scale? by Kenji Carter 11/20/2021, 3:39pm PST
            I think it has stayed good. by Horus Truthteller 12/08/2021, 9:17pm PST
        It's as good as season 3, I think? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/18/2021, 9:19pm PST
    Magnolia is quoted in S01E06 of New Blood. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/18/2021, 9:17pm PST
        Can I get a little more on this? I can't find any more info. NT by pinback 12/24/2021, 6:55am PST

I just now started watching The Wire by i dont love it? 09/29/2021, 12:35pm PDT
    If you watch it all, you will love it. NT by Horus Truthteller 09/29/2021, 10:13pm PDT
        Maybe! by i dont love it? 09/30/2021, 10:14am PDT
            Re: Maybe! by Home Box Office Maximum 09/30/2021, 2:00pm PDT
                Agreed, if you don't like season 1, just give up. It's great. by The Wire Professor 10/01/2021, 8:30am PDT
                There's a style shift in season 4 that really improved it for me *spoilerz* by Mischief Maker 12/10/2021, 7:44am PST
            Re: Maybe! by The Wire Professor 10/01/2021, 8:35am PDT
            Re: Maybe! by E. L. Koba 10/01/2021, 2:23pm PDT
    Just started watching. Amazing. A cop show about peverse political incentives?!! by Mischief Maker 12/08/2021, 6:13pm PST
        "perverse" dammit. NT by Mischief Maker 12/08/2021, 6:13pm PST
        Reminds me, I am due for a watching again. NT by Horus Truthteller 12/08/2021, 9:16pm PST

The Witcher (Netflix) by Mischief Maker 01/11/2020, 6:47pm PST
    And damn if that "Toss a coin to your Witcher" song hasn't been stuck in my head by Mischief Maker 01/11/2020, 6:53pm PST
        Back up. Are there elves in Witcher? by Nostromo 01/15/2020, 11:40am PST
            Are there? by Nostromo 12/04/2021, 9:42pm PST
    Re: The Witcher by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:16pm PST
    Re: The Witcher (Netflix) by laudablepuss 02/10/2020, 7:37pm PST
        no its taken out of the Sapkowski books NT by my good bitch 02/13/2020, 7:12am PST
            You're a dork by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 3:47pm PST
                Yes, a Polish author behind the Iron Curtain ripped off your lameass 70s Pulp NT by Sarcastic ghost of puss's gf 02/13/2020, 7:52pm PST
                    Guys like you are just too stupid to talk to by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 9:23pm PST
                        B..but I always got you your beer, laudable-kun!! NT by Sarcastic ghost of puss's gf 02/14/2020, 11:45am PST
                    Geralt of Rivia is legally distinct from Elric of Melnibone. by Volo's Guide to Drizzts 02/13/2020, 10:01pm PST
                        Ha! by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 10:30pm PST
                        Quick note, it's Melniboné by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 10:34pm PST
        Here, just watch this by MM 02/13/2020, 7:23am PST
            Very interesting thanks by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 4:57pm PST
    The plotlines of this show remind me of the "pick two" engineering adage by cost, performance, reliability 10/14/2021, 1:00pm PDT

The RoboCop remake looks like the worst shit imaginable by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 09/05/2013, 7:32pm PDT
    The satirical element is going to begin and end with Keaton's performance, init? NT by MM 09/05/2013, 7:59pm PDT
        ^ this was the most accurate prediction NT by fabio 08/07/2014, 11:23pm PDT
    Movies that should have been re-released into theaters by Fullofkittens 09/05/2013, 8:45pm PDT
    Yeah, it does. I sense pg-13 NT by Eurotrash 09/05/2013, 10:27pm PDT
        They said that a couple of months ago by Siskel and Ebert 09/05/2013, 11:10pm PDT
            Re: They said that a couple of months ago by E. L. Koba 09/06/2013, 12:47am PDT
                Like HELL the original Robocop wouldn't be rated R now by Eurotrash 09/06/2013, 10:32am PDT
    No way this isn't going to be a steaming pile by fabio 09/06/2013, 12:33am PDT
        Re: No way this isn't going to be a steaming pile by MM 09/06/2013, 5:52am PDT
    Fuck NT by E. L. Koba 09/06/2013, 12:46am PDT
    Might be good by Vested Id 09/06/2013, 12:56am PDT
        Re: Might be good by Mischief Mandarin 09/06/2013, 7:10pm PDT
            You said what I was getting at in your other comment up there by Vested Id 09/07/2013, 12:14am PDT
                I was being sarcastic. NT by MM 09/07/2013, 6:30am PDT
                What? The Tron sequel? by Eurotrash 09/08/2013, 4:05am PDT
        Re: Might be good by Eurotrash 09/06/2013, 11:04pm PDT
            Me: "Sam Jackson needs to be in way fewer movies." by Fullofkittens 09/07/2013, 7:07am PDT
                Why do you think his full name is "Samuel L 'Motherfucking' Jackson"? NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/01/2014, 4:28pm PDT
    The planned February release confirmed shitpile status a while ago by Bodybag 09/07/2013, 2:39pm PDT
        Get back on Skype NT by fabio 09/07/2013, 2:52pm PDT
    Re: The RoboCop remake looks like the worst shit imaginable by Mysterio 09/14/2013, 2:30pm PDT
    Here's a script that could redeem that trailer by Mischief Maker 09/14/2013, 6:20pm PDT
    The Remake will be nothing compared to the original Robocop 2: pure shit NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 10/15/2013, 3:13pm PDT
        go fuck yourself NT by go fuck yourself 10/15/2013, 5:49pm PDT
            go fuck yourself by Dick Cheney 10/15/2013, 6:49pm PDT
    Hahaha, oh man, I hope you guys enjoy being wrong. And awesome RoboCop remakes. NT by Jerry Whorebach 05/13/2014, 11:20pm PDT
        FAGGOT by FAGGOT 05/14/2014, 11:19am PDT
            That was the most consistent post I've seen in a year. NT by Mr. Kool 05/14/2014, 8:43pm PDT
        Robocop Remake is excellent. by Gutsby 06/03/2014, 3:04pm PDT
            The old RoboCop needed a human brain, the new one just needed a pretty face... by ...the brain was a liability. 06/03/2014, 5:08pm PDT
                "There were... A FEW... flipper babies." by Fullofkittens 06/03/2014, 6:17pm PDT
    I liked it. NT by Shredder 06/03/2014, 9:20pm PDT
        So who hated it NT by Vested Id 06/03/2014, 9:36pm PDT
    This was forgettable by fabio 08/07/2014, 11:19pm PDT
        Wow! I guess I laughed a lot more than you did. by Jerry Whorebach 08/08/2014, 1:15am PDT
            The brilliant thing about this movie is how every part of it defeats itself. by Jerry Whorebach 08/08/2014, 1:46am PDT
        Hey, this was good!... ish. by blackwater 08/14/2014, 11:25pm PDT
            They hamfistedly established with the amputee musician that strong emotion by interferes with bionic controls. 08/15/2014, 12:19am PDT
                Again underscoring Murphy's lack of agency - it was a confluence of the Dr.'s NT by shoddy tech and CEO's rushed releas 08/15/2014, 12:23am PDT
    Finally saw it. by Mischief Maker 06/13/2015, 8:16pm PDT
    Finally watched it also by Eurotrash 09/12/2015, 6:23am PDT
        It was one of the most non-engaging movies I've seen in years by fabio 09/12/2015, 10:49pm PDT
            Every superhero movie would be better without any superheroes in it. by Look at Wonder Boys! 09/13/2015, 12:49am PDT
                WARNING the above contains spoilers for FF #236, The Matrix, and unless I'm NT by explicitly contradicted Wonder Boys 09/13/2015, 12:57am PDT
            Guardians of the Galaxys is bad? Huh? NT by I hate Caltrops 08/16/2018, 3:43pm PDT
    The cast of Robocop doesn't know what The Oregon Trail is by I hate Caltrops 08/16/2018, 3:44pm PDT
    Did anyone ever post the Harmontown ED-209 improv? by John Smith 11/22/2021, 9:27am PST

Incorrect and stupid. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/24/2021, 10:33pm PDT
    Well, alright then by Somebody lock the liquor cabinet pl 10/25/2021, 12:36am PDT
        Re: Well, alright then by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/25/2021, 10:01am PDT
            I will buy Hellmann's when Duke's is unavailable. by pinback 11/08/2021, 6:08pm PST
    Escape from LA is better than Escape from New York by laudablepuss and pinback 10/25/2021, 2:36pm PDT
        Re: Escape from LA is better than Escape from New York by Mysterio 11/08/2021, 12:04am PST
            Re: Escape from LA is better than Escape from New York by laudablepuss 11/08/2021, 8:01am PST
                Re: Escape from LA is better than Escape from New York by Mysterio 11/09/2021, 8:56pm PST
        Haven't watched either in 15+ years, but here's what I remember... by pinback 11/08/2021, 6:10pm PST

Dune (2021) by Rafiki 10/22/2021, 9:46am PDT
    I also know nothing of the source material, and I thought it was really good. by pinback 10/24/2021, 4:23pm PDT
        Re: I also know nothing of the source material, and I thought it was rea by Rafiki 10/24/2021, 7:44pm PDT
            The stillsuits looked like they were all about to go spraypaint a house NT by Bad costumes all around 10/24/2021, 9:18pm PDT
                Brataccas is my favorite bad game and they really cribbed from Dune a little by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/26/2021, 2:30pm PDT
    Dune is probably my favorite sci-fi novel of all time and I loved the movie! by Mischief Maker 10/25/2021, 9:05pm PDT
        Re: Dune is probably my favorite sci-fi novel of all time and I loved the movie! by Rafiki 10/26/2021, 11:07pm PDT
            All of your moral interpretations of the plot are accurate. NT by Mischief Maker 10/27/2021, 4:36am PDT
                SPOILER elaboration (only for part 1) by Mischief Maker 10/27/2021, 5:04am PDT
                    Re: SPOILER elaboration (only for part 1) by E. L. Koba 10/28/2021, 4:33pm PDT
        Re: Dune is probably my favorite sci-fi novel of all time and I loved the movie! by E. L. Koba 10/28/2021, 4:58pm PDT
    [REDACTED] is killed by what is effectively a drone. by A Samsung SSD 10/26/2021, 1:13pm PDT
    I saw it in the theater, in a recliner, with extremely good sound system, and a by beer in the cupholder. 10/27/2021, 12:56pm PDT
        Infinity War didn't rate? NT by laudablepuss 10/27/2021, 2:33pm PDT
            Marvel movies are ugly messes, every frame of Dune is gorgeous. by Mischief Maker 10/27/2021, 4:28pm PDT
                Pretty goddamn generic by Frank Herbert 10/27/2021, 4:42pm PDT
                    You know Thanos isn't actually Josh Brolin in purpleface, right? NT by Mischief Maker 10/27/2021, 4:59pm PDT
                        incorrect by laudablepuss 10/27/2021, 5:20pm PDT
                            Lookit dese guys NT by Couple a purps 10/27/2021, 5:27pm PDT
                        gur, I read this as "IS actually". I might have to stop reading on my phone :( NT by laudablepuss 10/28/2021, 12:30pm PDT
                        Re: You know Thanos isn't actually Josh Brolin in purpleface, right? by John Gulp 10/29/2021, 6:51am PDT
                            Re: You know Thanos isn't actually Josh Brolin in purpleface, right? by Vidinfox 11/09/2021, 12:37pm PST
                This is correct. by pinback 10/27/2021, 5:26pm PDT
                    Re: This is correct. by Frank Herbert 10/27/2021, 5:34pm PDT
                    Arrival was pretty decent. A few ridiculous parts NT by but largely good 10/27/2021, 8:34pm PDT
                Scenes in a desert are going to be stark and striking automatically. NT by laudablepuss 10/27/2021, 5:27pm PDT
                    Re: Scenes in a dessert are eye candy NT by caltropa after dark 10/28/2021, 4:56am PDT
    Rewatched '84 and '21 recently. by Mischief Shai-hulud 11/09/2021, 11:53am PST
        IMO a couple of character moments are better in the '84 version by Fullofkittens 11/09/2021, 12:26pm PST
            Agreed on #2, huge disagree on #1. by Mischief Shai-hulud 11/09/2021, 12:30pm PST
            Also I think the real Kwisatz Haderach in '84 is Duke Leto's unkillable pug. by Mischief Shai-hulud 11/09/2021, 1:58pm PST

Does anyone give half a shit about the new Matrix movie? NT by red pill incel 10/11/2021, 12:10pm PDT
    Sure by laudablepuss 10/11/2021, 12:57pm PDT
        Eternal Sunshine plot NT by <-- spoiler 10/11/2021, 1:01pm PDT
            that's okay, the first one was the Terminator plot NT by laudablepuss 10/11/2021, 1:52pm PDT
                I'm leaning more towards "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" NT by MM 10/13/2021, 7:31pm PDT
    My expectations are rock-bottom. by Mischief Maker 10/11/2021, 6:38pm PDT
    Yep. It's really popular. But screech away, shitbag. by Djerry Jimbah 10/12/2021, 11:52am PDT
        Re: Yep. It's really popular. But screech away, shitbag. by Mischief Maker 10/12/2021, 12:48pm PDT
        don't ask questions just consume product and get excited for more product NT by Mysterio 10/13/2021, 3:20pm PDT
            I like that you think you're above this NT by laudablepuss 10/13/2021, 6:10pm PDT
            Re: don't ask questions just consume product and get excited for more product by Your worthless ass should, yeah 10/14/2021, 5:23am PDT
                "Shut the fuck up and consume." NT by ... 10/14/2021, 12:44pm PDT

My mom just sent me a text about Superman's bisexuality. by Injustice 10/12/2021, 1:20pm PDT
    Wait till your mom realizes that humans and cryptons are different species by E. L. Koba 10/12/2021, 1:58pm PDT
        What's next a Kryptonian romancing a human reporter NT by good take 10/13/2021, 5:10pm PDT

Rick and Morty by Mischief Maker 09/19/2021, 7:25am PDT
    I've tried. by pinback 09/19/2021, 12:30pm PDT
        Re: I've tried. by E. L. Koba 09/19/2021, 2:49pm PDT
            My antipathy for R&M fans made me stay away from Bob's Burgers by FullofKittens 09/19/2021, 3:13pm PDT
                Bob's Burgers can't possibly be any good by ...everyone 09/19/2021, 5:25pm PDT
                SAME - Bobs Burgers is fuckin' great NT by E. L. Koba 09/19/2021, 6:11pm PDT
            In fairness, I will list the two times R&M made me laugh. by pinback 09/19/2021, 5:15pm PDT
            Holy shit how can Future Man possibly be funny? by for real 09/20/2021, 1:12pm PDT
                Re: Holy shit how can Future Man possibly be funny? by E. L. Koba 09/20/2021, 5:38pm PDT
        You also dislike THE SCREAMING!!! by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/19/2021, 5:35pm PDT
    Now, if you get through the first five minutes of this without laughing out loud by several times, I can't help ya. 09/21/2021, 4:39am PDT
        Oh man, Charlene is the funniest character in the history of anything. by pinback 09/21/2021, 3:50pm PDT
        Lolsorandommmm! That show gives me lifeeeeeeee! NT by Sp0rk of dOOM ^____^ 09/22/2021, 2:23pm PDT
    I take it back, actually! by Mischief Maker 09/30/2021, 2:50pm PDT
    Rick and Morty definitely peaked sometime in the first three seasons. by blackwater 10/10/2021, 8:30am PDT

The Many Saints of Newark by Mischief Maker 10/07/2021, 2:30pm PDT

Did I misinterpret the ending of Sunset Blvd.? (SPOILERS) by Brody Wilder 07/03/2019, 11:57am PDT
    This is the best opening post to a thread in days NT by Thank you 07/03/2019, 8:21pm PDT
    IMDB’s forums used to be the place to discuss theories like this by Blackwater 07/04/2019, 10:09pm PDT
        Come on, it's not like I asked about Ace in the Hole! (Which is also great, btw) by Brody Wilder 07/05/2019, 1:23am PDT
            I forget if I watched this or not. by blackwater 07/07/2019, 10:57pm PDT
                Good news! It's easier to see old movies now than ever before. by Brody Wilder 07/08/2019, 3:25am PDT
                    Thanks for that. I tried to watch some old monster movies and got berated for it NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/08/2019, 9:49am PDT
                        That ain't over. You think that ended? Eat shit, mummy boy! NT by GUY WHO REMEMBERS ALL 07/08/2019, 3:37pm PDT
                        I remember that thread! I made the best pun. by Brody Wilder 07/08/2019, 3:43pm PDT
                            Since this post, I've seen virtually every horror talkie made in the Hollywood by studio system. 09/27/2021, 4:36pm PDT
                                Where is Val Lewton by Vested Id 09/27/2021, 4:55pm PDT
                    Only Angels Have Wings is... Talespin by Mr. EO 07/08/2019, 4:11pm PDT
                        Re: Only Angels Have Wings is... Talespin by laudablepuss 07/10/2019, 9:18am PDT

Are there any vaccine hesitant posters here? by Genuinely Curious 09/23/2021, 2:54am PDT
    These tumbleweeds seem to be running from something NT by Let's try calling them stupid 09/23/2021, 4:08pm PDT
        We dont do that here any more. NT by Judge Barry 09/23/2021, 5:17pm PDT
            We will NEVER... DO THAT... AGAIN NT by Judge Larry (Miller) 09/23/2021, 5:37pm PDT
        Re: These tumbleweeds seem to be running from something by Genuinely Curious 09/23/2021, 9:07pm PDT
            Re: These tumbleweeds seem to be running from something by lol 09/24/2021, 7:52am PDT
                Re: These tumbleweeds seem to be running from something by Genuinely Curious 09/24/2021, 8:43am PDT
                    Responding to a good faith post is impossible for these complicated retards by Horus Truthteller 09/24/2021, 9:43am PDT
                        Re: Responding to a good faith post is impossible for these complicated retards by Mysterio 09/24/2021, 12:40pm PDT
                            I will now engage in dialogue with you about it. by Horus Truthteller 09/24/2021, 1:39pm PDT
                            Re: Responding to a good faith post is impossible for these complicated retards by Genuinely Curious 09/25/2021, 11:50pm PDT

Malignant is batshit by Not Darcos 09/21/2021, 8:43am PDT
    I loved it. (No spoilers) by Fullofkittens 09/21/2021, 12:54pm PDT

How did Simu Liu reply to doubters after Shang Chi's record-breaking opening? by Elvis 09/07/2021, 8:53am PDT

What is this Green Knight shit and why should I care? NT by ads look TERRIBLE 08/03/2021, 8:27am PDT
    No, it's awful NT by Install NT 08/03/2021, 8:34am PDT
        Yeah, Fast and Furious XVII is more your speed. by Mischief Shai-hulud 08/22/2021, 10:53pm PDT
            It's a well-shot piece of shit by Thomas Boyd 08/22/2021, 11:52pm PDT
                I KNOW, there wasn't even a sky-beam at the end! NT by MM 08/23/2021, 5:24am PDT
                    Go back to movie Quake! by Mischief Quaker 08/23/2021, 5:33am PDT
                        I KNOW, criticism like "awful" and "piece of shit" is so detailed! NT by MM 08/23/2021, 5:45am PDT
                            Compared to your "gorgeous" ? by Mischief Quaker 08/23/2021, 11:19pm PDT
                                "Aces Wild to King's Bounty Conquest of Elysium 5" sounds RAD 2 THE MAX!!! NT by Mischief Maker 08/24/2021, 5:33am PDT
                All I get out of this post is that you're real dismissive about, psh, something. by Brody Wilder 08/24/2021, 10:19am PDT
                Re: It's a well-shot piece of shit by Thomas Boyd 08/24/2021, 2:18pm PDT

So... Blade Runner remake... by Mischief Maker 12/20/2016, 5:14pm PST
    Not quite Prometheus by fabio 12/20/2016, 5:46pm PST
        BLUGH RLUHHR *huff* 2069 NT by Really Scunt 12/20/2016, 8:01pm PST
        "I wrote the original script to Blade Runner.....well, me and Phillip K. Dick.." NT by "...okay, mostly Philip K Dick" 12/20/2016, 8:40pm PST
    at least we can look forward to tearing it a new asshole on da internet NT by Eurotrash 12/22/2016, 5:16am PST
    It's going to be worse than I thought. by Mischief Maker 05/08/2017, 3:10pm PDT
        Re: It's going to be worse than I thought. by fabio 05/08/2017, 3:28pm PDT
            Which one? NT by MM 05/08/2017, 3:35pm PDT
                Stanley, I would presume. NT by Helpful Monkey 05/08/2017, 4:01pm PDT
                    No, which Kubrick film had a shit script? NT by MM 05/08/2017, 4:27pm PDT
                        The Shining NT by fabio 05/08/2017, 5:45pm PDT
        "no asians in the shell" you done shitting your pants? Feel better now? NT by Eurotrash 05/09/2017, 9:48am PDT
    Rich Evans weighs in... by Mischief Maker 05/09/2017, 11:31pm PDT
    This pisses me off more than it should. by blackwater 05/11/2017, 9:57pm PDT
    Re: So... Blade Runner remake... by Nostromo 09/29/2017, 6:04pm PDT
        Things lots of people like: Donald Trump, Into Darkness, Hitler at one time NT by Millennials are self-centered shits 09/30/2017, 1:37pm PDT
            HE SAY YOU HITRER NT by Nostromo 09/30/2017, 3:13pm PDT
                Sag ihm, ich esse! NT by Hitrer 10/01/2017, 10:06am PDT
                Re: HE SAY YOU HITRER by laudablepuss 08/08/2021, 5:36pm PDT
                    its nice to be remembered =) by Nostromo 08/09/2021, 8:59am PDT
            Things Millennials are etc likes: shitting pants in a fuming, impotent rage NT by - Caltrops, "Thought Leader" 10/01/2017, 10:27am PDT
    Well I finally saw it. by MM 07/29/2021, 7:34pm PDT
        Re: Well I finally saw it. by Mysterio's Hate Render 2070 08/01/2021, 2:26pm PDT
            There is the possibility to explore a well built world and they did none of it by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/01/2021, 2:36pm PDT
                *sweats nervously * by Kathleen Kennedy 08/02/2021, 1:30pm PDT

RedLetterMedia talk about Pig (2021) by Caltrops News Network 08/01/2021, 10:21am PDT

Heard that He-Man show sucks diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick NT by Mysterio Cabal 07/25/2021, 4:36pm PDT
    She-Man NT by And the Masters of the Patriarchy 07/25/2021, 9:52pm PDT

The new Dune is going to suck so hard by Fuckers 09/09/2020, 1:07pm PDT
    The choice of director makes me cautiously optimistic. by Mischief Shai-hulud 09/09/2020, 5:33pm PDT
        Weird Corporate Visionary Denis Villeneuve NT by Bold Conventional Genius Denis Vill 09/09/2020, 5:45pm PDT
        Lynch version visually communicated the Faufleruches style. NT by Villanueve: GREY. BLACK. SHITBROWN. 09/10/2020, 11:55am PDT
            Re: Lynch version visually communicated the Faufleruches style. by MM 09/10/2020, 2:51pm PDT
                Rorchach *is* the hero of Watchmen, I didn't read Dune (too big) NT by Get a brain moran 09/10/2020, 3:56pm PDT
        My initial desperate enthusiasm is souring fast. It IS way too brown. by Mischief Maker 09/12/2020, 8:24am PDT
            Andy Serkis would make a good Piter DeVries but he's too weaselly NT by Maybe Ron Perlman? 09/12/2020, 7:11pm PDT
    Here's the new trailer so people have context. by Mr. 3000 and his blob 09/12/2020, 2:54pm PDT
        The subdued fremen eyes for one NT by "Blue within blue" this is not 09/12/2020, 7:16pm PDT
        The palace intrigue stuff was the best part of Dune. by Fullofkittens 09/13/2020, 8:38am PDT
    Full trailer questions by Villenueve doesn't get it 07/22/2021, 7:47am PDT
        Yes but I'll probably like it anyway. NT by friendo 07/22/2021, 8:30am PDT
        Re: Full trailer questions by Mysterio 07/22/2021, 8:45am PDT
    Dune is very gay NT by Watching Big Bang Theory instead 07/22/2021, 8:56am PDT

Audacity is shitware/spyware now by Mysterio Cabal 07/04/2021, 1:57pm PDT
    I can tell your information is very important and special. NT by pinback 07/04/2021, 5:34pm PDT
        I make stacks NT by Mysterio Cabal 07/04/2021, 7:45pm PDT
        This actually is important and it sucks ass. by Fullofkittens 07/05/2021, 9:48am PDT
            I would challenge your first assertion. NT by pinback 07/05/2021, 9:59am PDT
                I don't need the Russians in my shit. by Mysterio Cabal 07/06/2021, 12:55pm PDT
                    It is not. What do you fear the Russkies will do? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?! NT by pinback 07/06/2021, 6:26pm PDT
                        He just doesn't like the Ruskies. Is that a crime? by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/06/2021, 8:14pm PDT
                            Thas right. Jonesy knows. I make stacks. NT by Mysterio Cabal 07/06/2021, 8:45pm PDT

The Many Saints of Newark Trailer by Mischief Maker 07/02/2021, 2:13pm PDT
    Re: The Many Saints of Newark Trailer by Mysterio 07/02/2021, 2:22pm PDT
        Holy shit, I did not! No need to call Maury Povich for this one. NT by Mischief Maker 07/02/2021, 2:40pm PDT

Midsommar: What if Eli Roth tried to remake The Wicker Man? by douchebag tourist kids 05/20/2021, 4:21pm PDT
    I mean, Ari Aster explicitly said "It's WICKER MAN redone as a breakup movie." NT by Fullofkittens 05/21/2021, 6:26am PDT
        Why refer to him by name, he's some dipshit who sucks NT by Otis Ferguson 05/21/2021, 8:42am PDT
            Haven't seen MIDSOMMAR but HEREDITARY definitely didn't suck. by Fullofkittens 05/21/2021, 10:07am PDT
                Re: Haven't seen MIDSOMMAR but HEREDITARY definitely didn't suck. by Otis 05/21/2021, 11:02am PDT
                    Whom am I to believe, my own happy eyeballs or mr otis negative over here NT by Fullofkittens 05/21/2021, 1:27pm PDT
                        "Be optimistic"? I like "Don't be a pushover" NT by Otis 05/21/2021, 2:16pm PDT
                        It's amazing that brain can generate enough power to keep those legs moving. NT by Lex Luthor 05/21/2021, 2:36pm PDT
                She's a HOME-MAKER, geddit? NT by Otis 05/21/2021, 11:40am PDT

Invincible (Amazon Prime) by Chillum 05/17/2021, 5:52am PDT

Angelina Jolie forest fire movie is fucking awful NT by Otis Ferguson 05/15/2021, 6:19pm PDT
    the most undeservedly pretentious title ever? NT by ?? 05/15/2021, 8:17pm PDT

MST3K kickstarter until the 7th, btw by laudablepuss 05/05/2021, 8:54am PDT
    Netflix killed it for being crap and here Joel comes begging again NT by Some things never change. 05/06/2021, 3:32pm PDT
        And easily hitting their funding goal because it's hugely popular? NT by laudablepuss 05/06/2021, 5:16pm PDT
            Guess who doesn't have to beg fans for handouts NT by Rifftrax 05/07/2021, 10:29am PDT
                Haha you guys are mental by laudablepuss 05/07/2021, 12:51pm PDT
                    "That's not a TV show" NT by neither is a Netflix season, fag 05/08/2021, 11:29pm PDT
                        I'm curious about your thought process by laudablepuss 05/09/2021, 7:01pm PDT
                The guys who ripped off MST3K and who aren't funny? by Those guys? 05/08/2021, 12:38pm PDT
                    . . . by laudablepuss 05/08/2021, 6:16pm PDT
                        There are a lot of really dumb people on this BBS. NT by I'd ask you to remember that. 05/09/2021, 1:34pm PDT
                            Say it again FUCKER NT by I will burn your house down 05/09/2021, 4:49pm PDT
                                Thats what I thought by I will burn your house down 05/09/2021, 4:57pm PDT

The first 20 minutes of Moulin Rouge! and Noah by Mischief Maker 04/25/2021, 11:06pm PDT
    "Going to have to disagree with [throws dart at YouTube]" NT by Otis Ferguson 04/26/2021, 8:12am PDT
    MOULIN ROUGE by Fullofkittens 04/26/2021, 8:41am PDT
    This can't be true. by pinback 05/06/2021, 6:00pm PDT
        Ignore the "Moulin Rouge!" line. ICJ CAN WE GET AN EDIT MODE NT by pinback 05/06/2021, 6:00pm PDT
            The Fountain's pretty good, guy NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/06/2021, 9:17pm PDT
        Well which one's yours? NT by Mischief Maker 05/06/2021, 6:09pm PDT
            Requiem, by an incomprehensibly huge margin. by pinback 05/07/2021, 11:00am PDT
                Requiem for a Dream is the best movie I ever regretted watching. by Mischief Maker 05/07/2021, 11:18am PDT
                    That's what I said after I saw it the first time. by pinback 05/07/2021, 12:14pm PDT
                Bad movie by Otis Ferguson 05/07/2021, 12:35pm PDT
                    Bad opinion NT by pinback 05/07/2021, 1:07pm PDT
                        I don't wanna argue but it's just a lot of torture porn for jerking off NT by Otis Ferguson 05/07/2021, 2:56pm PDT
                        Here: by Otis Ferguson 05/07/2021, 3:00pm PDT
                            I also don't want to argue. Especially with a review of a book that isn't NT by the movie we're talking about. 05/08/2021, 4:49am PDT

The new Mortal Kombat movie is going to be worse than Annihilation by just with better effects 04/21/2021, 9:28pm PDT
    What's wrong with The Expendables? It's 90 minutes of gunfights and manliness NT by Did you go to the wrong movie? 04/23/2021, 3:12pm PDT
        Silly as it is, Mortal Kombat definitely HAS a plot beyond the punching. NT by MM 04/23/2021, 4:54pm PDT
        Transformers is TWO HOURS of explosions and even manlier men! NT by a drooling idiot 04/24/2021, 5:18am PDT
            If you think 19 year old Shia LeBoof is manly then you must be a twink NT by fag 04/25/2021, 9:38pm PDT
                Ouch NT by Mutt 04/25/2021, 10:08pm PDT
                Someone hates the troops! NT by Hang him & Pence! 04/26/2021, 1:51pm PDT
    They should have put the team behind TURBO KID in charge of MORTAL KOMBAT. by Fullofkittens 04/24/2021, 10:39am PDT
        Here I was contemplating streaming MK, you convinced me to watch TK again instea NT by d. Thanks! -MM 04/24/2021, 11:44am PDT
    Probably the best one by Vested Id 04/24/2021, 9:33pm PDT

What's the worst line in Justice League? by Injustice 03/01/2018, 6:21am PST
    Imagine the guys who worked on this watching Infinity War for the first time NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/04/2018, 9:29pm PDT
        They made the Flash autistic- why? NT by Eury 08/05/2018, 4:40pm PDT
    Steppenwolf. I thought they were kidding. But they kept saying it. by Yorick 08/05/2018, 4:43pm PDT
        Doubling down on it. by Yorick 08/09/2020, 10:50am PDT
            Snyder changes the name of the antagonist by Yorick 03/19/2021, 9:04pm PDT
    There are currently 20,000 internet thinkpiece writers trying to convince me the NT by Snyder cut is a masterpiece 03/20/2021, 7:29pm PDT

Coming to America and the first 20 minutes of Coming 2 America by Mischief Maker 03/14/2021, 9:41pm PDT
    Dolemite movie was complete shit so this must have been atrocious by Cineaste 03/14/2021, 10:09pm PDT
        Bitch, are you for real?!! NT by Dolemite 03/14/2021, 10:23pm PDT
    DOLEMITE IS MY NAME and COMING 2 AMERICA have the same director. NT by Craig Brewer 03/15/2021, 6:15am PDT
        Huh. Must've been the script. by Mischief Maker 03/15/2021, 8:47am PDT

Justice League Snyder Cut trailer by Mischief Maker 03/14/2021, 11:51pm PDT

FINALLY, a sequel to Face/Off! by fucking nobody 02/12/2021, 7:26pm PST
    Step 1: Replace John Woo NT by MM 02/12/2021, 7:43pm PST

The Legend of Beavis by Vested Id 02/12/2021, 9:26am PST

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