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It makes me really sad that FABIO left as by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/30/2019, 10:45am PST
    It made me think of Fussbetts remark about Inglorious Bastards by also I have an N-word pass 02/16/2020, 3:21pm PST NEW
        Ha! I just watched Inglorious Bastards on Netflix yesterday. by blackwater 02/17/2020, 1:32pm PST NEW
            Re: Ha! I just watched Inglorious Bastards on Netflix yesterday. by San Fernando Investor 02/17/2020, 2:31pm PST NEW
            10/10 by Vested Id 02/17/2020, 3:10pm PST NEW
                Re: 10/10 by Fucking moron deserved abuse 02/17/2020, 4:26pm PST NEW
                    Thank you, what a gift! by Vested Id 02/17/2020, 5:07pm PST NEW
                        Re: Thank you, what a gift! by Fucking moron deserved abuse 02/17/2020, 5:14pm PST NEW
                    You’re out of your element, Donny. NT by blackwater 02/17/2020, 5:35pm PST NEW
                        Will follow you like a shadow by Blackwater Shadow 02/17/2020, 10:08pm PST NEW
                Phantom Thread was spectacular. Are you ever right about anything? NT by pinback 02/18/2020, 11:15am PST NEW
                    Phantom Thread is a perfect example (spoilers within) by Vested Id 02/18/2020, 1:56pm PST NEW
            Re: Ha! I just watched Inglorious Bastards on Netflix yesterday. by Fucking moron deserved abuse 02/17/2020, 4:24pm PST NEW

The Witcher (Netflix) by Mischief Maker 01/11/2020, 6:47pm PST
    And damn if that "Toss a coin to your Witcher" song hasn't been stuck in my head by Mischief Maker 01/11/2020, 6:53pm PST
        Back up. Are there elves in Witcher? by Nostromo 01/15/2020, 11:40am PST
    Re: The Witcher by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:16pm PST
    Re: The Witcher (Netflix) by laudablepuss 02/10/2020, 7:37pm PST NEW
        no its taken out of the Sapkowski books NT by my good bitch 02/13/2020, 7:12am PST NEW
            You're a dork by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 3:47pm PST NEW
                Yes, a Polish author behind the Iron Curtain ripped off your lameass 70s Pulp NT by Sarcastic ghost of puss's gf 02/13/2020, 7:52pm PST NEW
                    Guys like you are just too stupid to talk to by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 9:23pm PST NEW
                        B..but I always got you your beer, laudable-kun!! NT by Sarcastic ghost of puss's gf 02/14/2020, 11:45am PST NEW
                    Geralt of Rivia is legally distinct from Elric of Melnibone. by Volo's Guide to Drizzts 02/13/2020, 10:01pm PST NEW
                        Ha! by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 10:30pm PST NEW
                        Quick note, it's MelnibonĂ© by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 10:34pm PST NEW
        Here, just watch this by MM 02/13/2020, 7:23am PST NEW
            Very interesting thanks by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 4:57pm PST NEW

The Invisible Woman (1940) by Brody Wilder 02/10/2020, 2:16am PST NEW
    Know what's not invisible? NT by MA BONER 02/10/2020, 2:31pm PST NEW
        I was so sexually frustrated I forgot to give a rating. 2/5 by Brody Wilder 02/11/2020, 1:41am PST NEW

The Philadelphia Story (1940) by Brody Wilder 01/28/2020, 12:23pm PST NEW
    This was remade into the enjoyable musical HIGH SOCIETY (1956). by Fullofkittens 01/29/2020, 6:00am PST NEW
        I'm amazed Brian Yuzna never made a sequel to Society with that title. by Brody Wilder 01/29/2020, 4:51pm PST NEW

Star Trek: Picard S01E01 by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/24/2020, 6:06am PST NEW
    The parts where Picard is on the screen are great. The rest are not. Thankfull NT by y, he's on there most of the time. 01/24/2020, 7:16am PST NEW
    Re: Star Trek: Picard S01E01 by San Fernando Investor 01/24/2020, 12:46pm PST NEW
        It's an acceptable deviation from reality so I don't have to look at 180lb women by Bosley 01/24/2020, 2:28pm PST NEW
            Tom Hardy had bad teeth in Child 44. by Bosley 01/24/2020, 2:38pm PST NEW
        SPOILERS DONT CLICK by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/24/2020, 8:41pm PST NEW
            They have to consider the cosplay ramifications at conventions NT by roll safe guy 01/25/2020, 6:35am PST NEW
            I'm not happy to be correct by San Fernando Investor 01/25/2020, 12:06pm PST NEW
                I still haven't seen the show but, like Bibbo, I have to stand up for Superman. by Bosley 01/25/2020, 3:51pm PST NEW
                    Yeah, he really needs your defense by San Fernando Investor 01/25/2020, 9:25pm PST NEW
                        You protected us, Superman, now it's our turn to protect you. by (With the TransPacific Partnership) 01/26/2020, 2:13am PST NEW
                            There have been some good Superman stuff by blackwater 01/26/2020, 4:02am PST NEW
                                Batman has all the same powers as Superman. by Mischief Maker 01/26/2020, 10:21am PST NEW
                                    Cutting this off by San Fernando Investor 01/26/2020, 1:15pm PST NEW
                                        I forgive you for not being interested in Batman. That's my good deed for today. by Bosley 01/26/2020, 2:03pm PST NEW
                                        You are missing the point of a Mary Sue. by blackwater 01/28/2020, 5:58am PST NEW
                                            People always put extra conditions on what Mary Sue means by Vested Id 01/28/2020, 6:33am PST NEW
                                                So did the modern run Dr. Who retroactively become a Mary Sue on turning female? NT by Mischief Maker 01/28/2020, 6:40am PST NEW
                                                    This is such a retarded question that it would be fine to let it sit by Vested Id 01/28/2020, 6:48am PST NEW
            Okay. Except (SPOILERS DO NOT WHATEV by pinback 01/26/2020, 7:53am PST NEW
                Re: Okay. Except (SPOILERS DO NOT WHATEV by San Fernando Investor 01/26/2020, 12:40pm PST NEW
                Re: Okay. Except (SPOILERS DO NOT WHATEV by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/26/2020, 1:15pm PST NEW
                Re: Okay. Except (SPOILERS DO NOT WHATEV by Mike and Rich 01/26/2020, 7:04pm PST NEW
    Redlettermedia review by Mike and Rich 01/26/2020, 6:54pm PST NEW
        I'm very mad at RLM right now for shitting on TRON (1982) NT by Fullofkittens 01/26/2020, 7:11pm PST NEW
            Me too by Vested Id 01/26/2020, 8:40pm PST NEW
        SPOILERS DONT CLICK OH GOD YOURE CLICKIGN by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/27/2020, 8:24am PST NEW
        The preview picture on the video is enough to make me never, ever click on it. NT by pinback 01/27/2020, 11:14am PST NEW
            They are doing that meme thing that Picard does NT by Eury 01/27/2020, 12:57pm PST NEW
                Oh, well that makes it better. Wait I mean ten thousand times worse. NT by pinback 01/27/2020, 1:06pm PST NEW
                    Why? NT by Eury 01/27/2020, 2:47pm PST NEW
    They are fucking Roddenberrys corpse NT by Dick the Birthday Boy 01/27/2020, 12:41pm PST NEW

The Boys is good popcorn tv for what it is so far by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/27/2019, 5:57pm PST
    Re: The Boys is good popcorn tv for what it is so far by The Drinker Recommends 12/28/2019, 8:27am PST
        Finished season 1 and it remains good popcorn television. I was entertained. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/26/2020, 4:58pm PST NEW

The Irishman by Mischief Maker 12/29/2019, 4:46am PST
    Re: The Irishman by blackwater 12/29/2019, 9:49pm PST
        I didn't get that sense by sly marbo 12/30/2019, 12:55pm PST
    Re: The Irishman by Roop 01/18/2020, 4:59pm PST
        I enjoy these good Roop takes by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/24/2020, 6:10am PST NEW
            Re: I enjoy these good Roop takes by Roop 01/24/2020, 3:22pm PST NEW

Post the RAVE REVIEWS the new Star Wars flick is getting NT by In This Thread!!!! 12/18/2019, 10:31am PST
    I hear it is bad NT by shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhocking news 12/19/2019, 1:45pm PST
    "This is not my fault!" by Mike from RLM 12/23/2019, 10:58am PST
        This is a bad take. by blackwater 01/13/2020, 10:56pm PST
            Watchmen 2009 or whatever it is is a good movie. I like ZS. NT by Toro 01/14/2020, 10:42am PST
    Written by: by Donald Kaufman 12/26/2019, 8:18am PST
    John Boyega making fun of SW morons on Twitter is great by Jack Bauer 01/01/2020, 10:01am PST
        He posted the Joker Steps dance, an official /ourguy/ now NT by Vested Id 01/01/2020, 2:39pm PST
        An observation. by Mr. 3000 01/01/2020, 2:44pm PST
            Good for him by Worst Boy Grip 01/01/2020, 4:12pm PST
    Re: #releasethejjcut by Furcifer 01/04/2020, 5:52pm PST
        You cannot resist the power of the psyops NT by Vested Id 01/05/2020, 10:47am PST
        Re: #releasethejjcut by San Fernando Investor 01/05/2020, 1:48pm PST
            Re: #releasethejjcut by Vested Id 01/05/2020, 2:42pm PST
            The prequels and sequels suffered the same fate as Game of Thrones: by Mischief Maker 01/05/2020, 4:44pm PST
                Re: The prequels and sequels suffered the same fate as Game of Thrones: by Furcifer 01/05/2020, 7:29pm PST
                Re: The prequels and sequels suffered the same fate as Game of Thrones: by San Fernando Investor 01/05/2020, 8:44pm PST
                    It's the difference between a movie about samurais with laser swords, or one NT by about laser swords with samurais. 01/12/2020, 11:28pm PST
                "Star Wars is just a Kurosawa knockoff" by CHECK THESE FRESH 2020 TAKES! 01/12/2020, 8:02pm PST
                    Last Man Standing was a film that was a remake of Fistful of Dollars and Yojimbo NT by binkbot 01/12/2020, 8:59pm PST
                        And Yojimbo was the detective novel "Red Harvest" repurposed as a samurai film. NT by Mischief Fresh Takes 01/12/2020, 11:26pm PST
                            Mandalorian is a Lone Wolf & Cub in space by FRESH TAKES!! 01/13/2020, 12:28am PST
                    Empire was really good. by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 1:35am PST
                        Oh shit, how could I forget the part where it was Money Train? NT by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 1:51am PST
                            And The Defiant Ones! NT by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 1:52am PST
                            Money Train was known as Jump Together in some markets by Vested Id 01/13/2020, 12:51pm PST
                                I understand Jump Together, because it was a real Lethal Weapon II situation... by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 5:22pm PST
                    I don't know if this is just your N layers of irony, or if you don't know that by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:00pm PST
                        Zero degrees irony in MM's post, point goes to Brody NT by Vested Id 01/14/2020, 11:10am PST
                        Who trolls the trollmen ;) NT by Trokkman 01/14/2020, 12:58pm PST
                        Skip the n levels of Irony by Let's go to Hard R! 01/14/2020, 10:31pm PST
                        yes, that was the joke, stupid by expecting more from Trump fans 01/16/2020, 10:26pm PST
                            GUYS! Enjoy your in-lined penis photos. ;) by Ix 01/17/2020, 3:53pm PST

Gigabots episode 2. by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 02/05/2010, 7:18pm PST
    Gigabots 3, the Duncan bros are finally doing more videos. ^_^ by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 03/01/2010, 5:40pm PST
        eva + power rangers = infinitely better than the both of them NT by irony 03/02/2010, 6:15am PST
        Why is this episode light on the jokez? by Fussbett 03/02/2010, 11:02am PST
        When Detroit collapses you should loot the airport for vouchers so you can by Vested Id 03/02/2010, 12:09pm PST
            The airport isn't in Detroit duh (in your fat face). NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 03/02/2010, 12:49pm PST
    Upright Citizens Brigade for the new millennium NT by FABIO 03/02/2010, 10:13am PST
        Does this mean you don't like it? NT by Mr. 3000 and his blob 03/07/2010, 1:07am PST
    Gigabots 4. by Jhoh Cause..... 2 03/30/2010, 8:44pm PDT
        o shit this might be the best episode ever NT by Sword of Justice 03/31/2010, 5:06pm PDT
    Gigabots Episode 5, Bruddas by Jrdano Cable 05/18/2010, 9:00pm PDT
        Psh old. 8( NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 05/18/2010, 9:15pm PDT
    Gigabots 6, this one is really good. :3 by Jhoh Cause..... 2 06/03/2010, 3:27pm PDT
        This was the best of the bunch IMO. NT by Mischief Maker 02/01/2015, 8:38am PST
    Gigabots episode 6. Accept me, brothers. by Jrdano Cable 08/29/2010, 11:16pm PDT
        I mean 7. I hope this doesn't get in the way of me being accepted or anything. by Jrdano Cable 08/29/2010, 11:29pm PDT
        Like Star Trek movies, only the even ones are good by Mischief Maker 08/30/2010, 10:17am PDT
            But that was the best one yet! by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/30/2010, 12:30pm PDT
        you couldn't even get the number right, you are fired NT by Sword of Justice 08/30/2010, 7:04pm PDT
            what about the baby NT by Jrdano Cable 08/30/2010, 7:51pm PDT
    Gigabots 8 best episode yet with supergovernment conspiracy end of the world shi by Sword of Justice 10/04/2010, 8:31pm PDT
        Worst episode yet. It's over for the Duncan Brothers NT by They fell down a parody hole 10/04/2010, 10:15pm PDT
        I'll see if I can get an interview with them, as an exclusive for CALTROPS.COM NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/05/2010, 8:56am PDT
    Gigabots final episode. O_O by -THE CABLES- 10/20/2010, 2:52am PDT
        Lowest joke density yet :( NT by Bananadine 10/20/2010, 8:11am PDT
        Wade Randolph (Garth) was on Yacht Rock by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/30/2019, 2:22pm PST
            He's a Channel 101 alum by Vested Id 12/30/2019, 3:17pm PST
    whatever happened to the duncan bros NT by caltrops after dark 01/31/2015, 7:43pm PST
        They did a good choose your adventure video called The Deepening by fabio 02/01/2015, 11:05am PST
        Apparently they got hired to work on Community :( NT by E. L. Koba 02/01/2015, 11:42am PST

Succession and Castle Rock by Rafiki 12/28/2019, 9:52pm PST
    It's so good to see you here. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/29/2019, 9:39am PST

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