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DRAMA INTELLIVISION DRAMA by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/07/2021, 10:03am PST
    This is not good news. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/09/2022, 12:40pm PST
        Tommy Tallarico might have stretched the truth a couple times. by Understatement Man 11/22/2022, 8:32pm PST
            Seanbaby's podcast did an episode on the Amico by Not Seanbaby 11/23/2022, 4:02pm PST
            I remember seeing a Tommy Tallarico game sample cd being sold in the early 2000s by Entropy Stew 11/23/2022, 5:35pm PST
            Old mention of Tommy by laudablepuss 01/09/2023, 9:40pm PST NEW
                Left4Dead was a good video game. NT by Dr. Foughtrough 01/09/2023, 10:31pm PST NEW

Ghostbusters in development for Intellivision by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/06/2021, 12:31pm PDT
    Can't timestamp inlined youtube videos anymore. by MM 06/07/2021, 4:14pm PDT
        Also: by MM 06/07/2021, 4:16pm PDT
        It wasn't that bad an early Roguelike by fuck nethack 06/08/2021, 4:41pm PDT

Flashcart / multicart for sale again by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/06/2021, 10:40am PST

Good online intro to craps guides? by fuckers 12/10/2015, 10:37pm PST
    "Only play the pass line." There. There's your craps guide. NT by pinback 12/11/2015, 9:29am PST
        So the pros say by fuckers 12/11/2015, 12:56pm PST
            Okay, here's how I play, to keep the odds good and to make it more fun. by pinback 12/11/2015, 1:52pm PST

Why did the Justice department want to shut down on-line poker? by Shredder 09/20/2011, 10:10pm PDT
    Governments are for loving people and keeping them safe NT by Roop 09/21/2011, 6:23am PDT
    Casinos wanted to shut down online poker. Harry Reid is the senate majority lead NT by Mysterio 09/21/2011, 3:16pm PDT
        Thanks. This is the angle I couldn't find on my own. NT by Shredder 09/21/2011, 3:21pm PDT
    Also, Full Tilt Poker? Moar liek full tilt embezzlement by Mysterio 09/22/2011, 10:33pm PDT

One for Ray by Entropy Stew 06/06/2007, 10:45am PDT
    I dunno.. this looks to be about entropy. by Ray of Light 06/06/2007, 11:52am PDT
    Re: One for Ray by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/08/2007, 12:41am PDT
    Crazy Dice Man has some crazy shit to say about dice by Ray of Light 06/04/2009, 12:13am PDT
        Jack and Jill go up da hill bof wit a buck and a quarter Jill came down wit 2.50 by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/04/2009, 12:26am PDT
        snooped by gruman 06/04/2009, 4:27am PDT
            fuck this SHIT *flips internet over* NT by Ray of Light 06/04/2009, 7:28am PDT
                Nice to see Zseni making an appearance in that video NT by kingkida 06/04/2009, 9:09am PDT

I never liked this guy. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/28/2004, 3:06pm PDT
    Re: I never liked this guy. by bastage 08/28/2004, 3:25pm PDT

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