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Can these marriages be saved? by SHOULD they? 07/09/2021, 12:05pm PDT
    You sound like a person who has never been married. by pinback 07/10/2021, 1:13pm PDT
        Correct. We're expecting better things from SHOULD THEY for her second post. NT by Kenji Carter 07/10/2021, 1:40pm PDT
        Nerd alert by Install NT 07/10/2021, 4:25pm PDT

Anyone seen a bunch of anti-vaxxer dating profiles lately? by wtf 06/18/2021, 11:00am PDT
    I'm seeing a lot of bug reports for "superlike" here. by Workaround: 06/18/2021, 1:00pm PDT

Okcupid slides beyond parody into virtue signal mess by just wanna stick my dick in bitches 04/09/2021, 9:28pm PDT
    jesus NT by Mysterio 04/10/2021, 11:39am PDT
    What's the problem? by pinback 04/10/2021, 2:23pm PDT
        Climate change, unlike the female orgasm, exists. NT by Mysterio 04/10/2021, 3:53pm PDT
            No it doesn't by Vested Id 04/10/2021, 4:02pm PDT
                Is this a joke? Are you joking? NT by Vidinfox 04/10/2021, 7:00pm PDT
                    Ice Age NT by Cocaine Guy 04/10/2021, 8:57pm PDT
                    What NT by Vested Id 04/10/2021, 9:04pm PDT
                    Climate is a function of the orbit by Vested Id 04/11/2021, 7:51pm PDT
                        Before I answer, tell me how old you think the Earth is NT by Jimmy Juice 04/11/2021, 11:42pm PDT
                            None of my business NT by or yours 04/11/2021, 11:45pm PDT
                            The Scripture is clear. NT by COUNT WHACKULA 04/12/2021, 8:15am PDT
                            The only reason not to answer this is because the answer is in by The Thousands 04/12/2021, 9:49am PDT
                        Earth is simply shifting its orbit. by Mischief Maker 04/12/2021, 7:47am PDT
                        Good point. Venus is the way it is because its orbit changed, not runaway CO2. NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 04/12/2021, 7:52am PDT
                        Hahahaha NT by laudablepuss 04/12/2021, 8:21am PDT
                            Why are you laughing? by Vested Id 04/12/2021, 9:54am PDT
    This thread turned into the perfect snapshot of Caltrops right now by Just wanna stick my dick in bitches 04/12/2021, 12:57pm PDT
        Ahhhhh he's a good man. by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/12/2021, 4:40pm PDT
        "Only Convenient Principles" is a bold philosophy by Anti-bleachers LITERALLY believe th 04/12/2021, 6:05pm PDT
            "Anti-Bleachers" is a good line. NT by We're enjoying the forum 04/12/2021, 8:09pm PDT
                You don't use that word! NT by That's OUR word now! 04/12/2021, 11:12pm PDT
    And if you liked that, you’ll like this too by OKC Algorithm guy 04/14/2021, 12:06am PDT
        Wow, how many decades has it been since hipster jokes like that were fresh? by MM 04/14/2021, 8:02am PDT
            Says the guy dropping "Star Wars is JUST Hidden Fortress!" revelations in 2020!! NT by bwa ha ha ha 04/14/2021, 8:58am PDT
                And we've all seen how GREAT Star Wars has been since diverging from the HF plot by MM 04/14/2021, 9:40am PDT
            I'll allow it. NT by Oh boy 04/14/2021, 9:45am PDT
            I only watch youtubes of shows taped on actual videotape. by Droz 04/14/2021, 11:46am PDT

This seems like a good place for dating website notes by laudablepuss 09/02/2020, 9:12pm PDT
    Please keep us posted on the adventure(s) by Pvt. Mysterio 09/02/2020, 10:20pm PDT
        Re: Please keep us posted on the adventure(s) by Mysterio 09/03/2020, 8:35am PDT
            Holy shit, Strindberg and Helium NT by laudablepuss 09/03/2020, 11:46am PDT
    I'm pretty laid back, and don't like drama by laudablepuss 09/03/2020, 7:31pm PDT
        Is anyone looking for someone who’s real? NT by Rafiki 09/03/2020, 8:21pm PDT
    I'm especially enjoying the profiles where they are already mad at you by laudablepuss 09/04/2020, 11:05pm PDT
        The egg timer challenge is apt by DON'T CLICK my dating profile! 09/05/2020, 12:04pm PDT
        They're terrible at it because they can be. NT by Mysterio 09/25/2020, 6:47pm PDT
    Re: This seems like a good place for dating website notes by blackwater 09/05/2020, 11:44pm PDT
        Re: This seems like a good place for dating website notes by laudablepuss 09/25/2020, 6:35pm PDT
    I like my women like my reality shows: naked and afraid NT by New profile 09/18/2020, 5:15pm PDT
        I hate that show by laudablepuss 09/25/2020, 6:37pm PDT
    Fluent in sarcasm | partner in crime | must love the oxford comma NT by Mysterio 10/12/2020, 5:01pm PDT
        haha "must love the oxford comma" by laudablepuss 10/12/2020, 5:31pm PDT
        "Eating ALL the tacos!" NT by lol so random 10/13/2020, 2:46am PDT
    Have you tried Seeking Arrangement? by Mysterio 10/12/2020, 6:36pm PDT
        Haha, too bad Matt Gaetz isn't a lurker on here! NT by laudablepuss 04/12/2021, 2:35pm PDT
    A dozen pictures of exotic vistas with her as a tiny, indistinguishable figure NT by (while wearing thick parka) 10/13/2020, 10:36am PDT
        It's also shocking how many profiles Angela White has NT by laudablepuss 10/13/2020, 2:05pm PDT
        30% of all womens' profile are of me! NT by Machu Picchu 10/13/2020, 6:04pm PDT
    Re: This seems like a good place for dating website notes by laudablepuss 04/12/2021, 2:38pm PDT

Why did this base jump to the top of the forum list? NT by pinback 11/15/2020, 5:38am PST
    I mean, before I just posted that. NT by pinback 11/15/2020, 5:38am PST
        Spambot that was subsequently deleted. NT by MM 11/15/2020, 8:10am PST

I am not having any fun with it. by pinback 10/08/2014, 6:13pm PDT
    I thought its reason for being was a pants-shitting Oculus Rift experience. NT by Fullofkittens 10/08/2014, 6:39pm PDT
    It looks exactly like Outlast by fabio 10/08/2014, 7:45pm PDT
    Rather than buying the 50 dollar stealth game where you're a girl. by Worm 10/08/2014, 11:11pm PDT
        Re: Rather than buying the 50 dollar stealth game where you're a girl. by TAFKAM 10/09/2014, 4:35am PDT
            It's made by Cyanide studios by fabio 10/09/2014, 5:05am PDT
            It's fun, and I'm really liking it. by Worm 10/09/2014, 5:40am PDT
                They made the competent Aarklash: Legacy by Lurker 15954 10/09/2014, 8:12am PDT
                    Spiders is the bad one by Lurker 15954 10/09/2014, 8:16am PDT
                    Watch your GPU temp with that one! NT by Mischief Maker 10/09/2014, 8:39am PDT
                    Bullet points! by Lurker 204958 10/10/2014, 5:31am PDT
                        What is this Goblin game? No idea what you're all talking about. NT by Mysterious Stranger 10/10/2014, 6:22am PDT
                            I need a fucking answer now, dicks. NT by Mysterious Stranger 10/10/2014, 10:25am PDT
                                Styx NT by dick 10/10/2014, 11:20am PDT
                                Re: I need a fucking answer now, dicks. by TAFKAM 10/10/2014, 11:45am PDT
                                    Oh. You all had mentioned it, in fact. I have been a fool. by Mysterious FOOL. 10/10/2014, 6:10pm PDT
                        Some things I don't like by Lurker 204958 10/10/2014, 9:25pm PDT
    You get to go back and do EVERY level in reverse by Lurker 15954 10/16/2014, 9:02am PDT
        Yeah I took a break when I got to that part as well. by Worm 10/16/2014, 10:48am PDT
            You're doing EVERY level over again. No exception. by Lurker 15954 10/25/2014, 3:09am PDT
                Now this is 10/10 to me because I love giving up! NT by Worm 10/25/2014, 6:35am PDT
    Hmm. by Eurotrash 10/21/2014, 1:46pm PDT
        I finished it, it's pretty good. by Eurotrash 11/05/2014, 12:13am PST
    It's a piece of shit. by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/20/2017, 11:05pm PDT
        For this particular game, I think the fixed save stations are best because atmos by Eurotrash 05/21/2017, 3:39pm PDT
            Agreed, BUT, it should save after I complete a mission. by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/21/2017, 3:42pm PDT
    Alyern Isolatiom by Rafiki 08/14/2020, 10:59am PDT
        "Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth" is the only one I think that killed you. by The Happiness Engine 08/14/2020, 3:56pm PDT
        Like coming out, it gets better by Rafiki 08/16/2020, 1:57pm PDT
            Awesome! Can we articleize it? NT by Mr. 3000 08/16/2020, 8:42pm PDT

2.00 on Steam for the next 45 hours NT by Eury 04/26/2020, 2:05pm PDT
    Yoink NT by thanks Eury 04/26/2020, 7:54pm PDT
    Lookit Eury pumping it up NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/26/2020, 8:19pm PDT

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