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The real-life Killdozer rampage and motivation explained using Cities Skylines. by Mischief Maker 08/20/2020, 8:26am PDT

Aven Colony beta is out. by pinback 09/09/2016, 8:29am PDT
    Looks like Anno 2070. I might be interested? NT by The "Looks like..." guy 09/09/2016, 7:51pm PDT
        How close is Anno to Tropico? by Entropy Stew 09/10/2016, 9:29am PDT
            Tropico was more about people. Anno was more about resource chains NT by Like Pharaoh/Zeus/Caesar III 09/10/2016, 10:36am PDT
            I described Aven as Tropico on an alien planet, but better. NT by pinback 09/11/2016, 7:09pm PDT
    Please move this thread to the appropriate base, thank you. NT by pinback 09/12/2016, 6:21am PDT
        Just kick it right on over. NT by pinback 09/15/2016, 7:18pm PDT
            Aaaany old time, now. Just, y'know, kick it right on over. NT by pinback 01/14/2017, 4:38am PST
    Oh hey, looks like you snooped me all those years ago. NT by Mischief Maker 08/20/2020, 8:19am PDT

This game got 200% better and is perfect now by Rey Mysterio Jr. 01/13/2017, 10:35pm PST

After Dark dropped today. by Mike Disney 09/24/2015, 6:48pm PDT
    It's 15 dollars so if you don't have that shove those 15 dollars up your ass NT by Tycho 09/25/2015, 7:41am PDT

If you like SimCity you owe it to yourself to buy this game NT by WITTGENSTEIN 03/11/2015, 10:03am PDT
    Yeah, what he said. Everyone stop bitching now, you got the SimCity you wanted. NT by pinback 03/12/2015, 8:54am PDT
        You dropped the ball on this one. Look at WITTGENSTEIN doing your job for you NT by A Message From Caltrops Cares 03/12/2015, 9:44am PDT
            Yeah, but at this point if I announced I liked something, nobody would listen. NT by pinback 03/12/2015, 10:06am PDT
                Since when have YOU ever liked something, Negative Nancy? NT by Mischief Maker 03/12/2015, 10:13am PDT
                    He did enjoy Elite by WITTGENSTEIN 03/12/2015, 11:19am PDT
                    Re: Since when have YOU ever liked something, Negative Nancy? by Mysterio 03/12/2015, 11:49am PDT
                        We're not fooled pinback. Also you're full of shit. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 03/12/2015, 12:48pm PDT
                            Pinback has a long uncut tool and a lot of disposable income by Mysterio 03/12/2015, 12:57pm PDT
                                Good taste. Also my boyfriend doesn't show up to gaming forums to defend me NT by and brag about the size of my dick. 03/12/2015, 1:06pm PDT
                                    I have not been involved in this thread other than the posts signed "pinback" NT by pinback 03/12/2015, 3:08pm PDT
                                    You're a faggot NT by Kill yourself 03/12/2015, 5:23pm PDT
                                        Dude bragging about the size of Pinback's cock and I'M a faggot. NT by Seriously? 03/12/2015, 8:44pm PDT
                                            Well, no. I mean, werl........ It's not the language I meant to go with, but by Kill yourself 03/13/2015, 12:49pm PDT

If you like SimCity you owe it to yourself to buy this game by pinback 03/13/2015, 5:22am PDT
    Eee hee hee! NT by Mischief Maker 03/13/2015, 7:54am PDT

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