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Can we talk about KotakuinAction on reddit? NT by Vidinfox 10/12/2018, 6:37am PDT
    They hate women and love Trump. Anything else? NT by Jack Bauer 10/12/2018, 8:32am PDT
    It's been discussed by Vested Id 10/12/2018, 11:16am PDT
    Sargon, plz go NT by #gamergate 2.0 isn't a thing 10/12/2018, 9:53pm PDT
        The mods there tho NT by Narrator 10/20/2018, 9:38pm PDT
            This is the kind of person moderating KiA by Vidinfox 10/28/2018, 9:29am PDT
                Is this spill over drama Ooooh! by Oh 10/28/2018, 1:17pm PDT
                No need to bring this here by Geryk 10/28/2018, 7:12pm PDT
    How it all went down by Vidinfox 03/19/2019, 10:35am PDT
        Re: How it all went down by Roop 03/21/2019, 11:35am PDT
            Good post by more roop pls 03/21/2019, 11:50am PDT
            *Not sure if trolling* NT by Mischief Hurricane Maria 03/21/2019, 12:45pm PDT
                If shit gets real, I got a buddy with a boat and arsenal in Michigan, welcome to NT by Roop 03/21/2019, 12:53pm PDT
            Every thread that mentions climate change turns into a climate change thread =( by blackwater 03/21/2019, 8:59pm PDT
                I love stuff like this by laudablepuss 03/22/2019, 10:56am PDT
                    We're a mile up, doesn't affect us. by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/22/2019, 7:17pm PDT
                    laudablepuss endorsing Communist 5 year plans NT by irony meter is spinning 03/22/2019, 7:47pm PDT
        A "gaming" forum that's nothing but idiotic political arguments? Man, now I've NT by seen everything! 03/23/2019, 8:48am PDT
        Re: How it all went down by Vested Id 03/28/2019, 10:37am PDT

Finally found that LA Times hit piece on game journalists by Predates Gawker, of course 03/27/2019, 9:27pm PDT
    Finally clearing your backlog of stories you couldn't get sufficiently outraged by over in the aftermath of 9/11. 03/27/2019, 11:27pm PDT
        We just took it for granted that video game media was garbage back then by Mysterio 03/27/2019, 11:57pm PDT
            Bring back the good presidents, like we had in 2002! by Not a good look for Trump. 03/28/2019, 1:07am PDT
                You're right, Judith Miller, Ali Watkins, and Jayson Blair make Nathan Grayson by Look like a Pulitzer Prize winner 03/28/2019, 10:18am PDT The Untold Origins of Gamergate i.e. IT'S ALL OLD MAN MURRAY'S FAULT!!! by deep illiom 07/12/2017, 12:31pm PDT
    Un fucking believable NT by Vested Id 07/12/2017, 12:43pm PDT
        Seanbaby reacts by Vested Id 07/12/2017, 1:33pm PDT
    "untold origins" meaning "completely made-up whiny cunt fantasy bullshit origins NT by Eurotrash 07/12/2017, 4:53pm PDT
    How to stir up controversy to get noticed: Attack a sacred cow by Rafiki 07/12/2017, 5:26pm PDT
        Same guy NT by Vested Id 07/12/2017, 5:30pm PDT
        "Atheist church ladies" would be a much better label for these people by than "SJWs" 07/12/2017, 6:09pm PDT
            In fact just do a couple word swaps and it's an exact match by Atheist church lady 07/12/2017, 6:37pm PDT
                I know this guy and this other guy aren't enough to call this a trend by Rafiki 07/12/2017, 8:15pm PDT
                    Outed for hating women! NT by Ted Haggard :( 07/12/2017, 8:16pm PDT
    OHMIGAWD BECKY, DID YOU SEE WHAT CHET SAID??!??!???????????????? by deep illiom 07/12/2017, 6:50pm PDT
        Drain the swamp!!!! NT by the FEVER swamp! 07/12/2017, 7:40pm PDT
        The first guy works for by Vested Id 07/12/2017, 11:06pm PDT
            The Nice Doormats® by Enlightened sensitive losers™ 07/13/2017, 12:12am PDT
        goddammit Games Internet, back to yer old tricks again? NT by Eurotrash 07/13/2017, 7:28am PDT The Untold Origins of Gamergate i.e. IT'S ALL OLD MAN MURRAY'S FAULT! by Mysterio Lollerson 07/12/2017, 9:04pm PDT
        He's alergic to the self-realization of his uselessness NT by Peal Clutching Bloggers Inc. 07/12/2017, 9:49pm PDT
    Time to archive OMM, before Polygon contacts Erik's employer? NT by mike williams us gamer 07/12/2017, 11:52pm PDT
        Tim Schafer's puppet just summoned Erik into his office NT by Roop 07/13/2017, 7:17am PDT
        When Erik's niece finds out she's hired the creator of Gamergate, she's going to NT by severely reduce his hours 07/13/2017, 6:02pm PDT
    All I can think of is this: by Mischief Maker 07/13/2017, 7:02pm PDT
    The Untold Origins of The Guy Who Wrote The Article by Told! 07/14/2017, 9:11am PDT
        Nice work linking to some fake Japanese GGer by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 07/14/2017, 11:16am PDT
            Hey John by Vested Id 07/14/2017, 11:40am PDT
                Haven't seen a sputter like that in a while NT by ha ha wow! 07/14/2017, 11:47pm PDT
                    what is this stupidity by laudablepuss 07/19/2017, 9:59am PDT
                        Please, I was laughing at ItsAboutHashtag by Scolded by laudablepuss! 07/19/2017, 9:40pm PDT
            Transphobic NT by Worm 07/14/2017, 11:45am PDT
            You stupid fuck. by You stupid fuck. 07/15/2017, 2:28pm PDT
                Plus, the co/oapi clique has long since been exposed by for following the same evolution 07/15/2017, 3:43pm PDT
                Elaborately constructing a fake identity to convince us she isn't an elaborately by constructed fake identity. Smart. 07/19/2017, 2:07am PDT
                    Sure, I suppose it's an act by My PREFERRED PRONOUNS 07/19/2017, 9:19pm PDT
    The fact that this isn't in the OMM/Caltrops history post says it all by motherfuckerfoodeater 07/15/2017, 2:22am PDT
    You know that satisfying feeling when a giant turd has just been flushed? by Aw yeah 11/30/2018, 1:37am PST
        Re: You know that satisfying feeling when a giant turd has just been flushed? by Ichabod 11/30/2018, 6:41am PST
            This is the rain shadow of the Web 2.0 hill: NT by Unemployed Bloggers 11/30/2018, 7:18pm PST
        They're blaming Facebook's algorithms. Zuckerberg did something right this year by It's Pretty Bad 11/30/2018, 7:40pm PST

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