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Simply trying to help you people. But you won't take my help. NT by Dick Clownshoes 12/17/2022, 9:04pm PST

Review of Dropsy from Richard Goodness by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/12/2015, 5:45pm PDT
    So that guy rolled a pretty high Wisdom stat NT by Eurotrash 09/13/2015, 12:15am PDT
    So is it a fun game? by Oom Shnibble 09/14/2015, 3:35am PDT
        Sharpening our practical skills, and proving our fitness to potential mates? by Dream Cast 09/14/2015, 4:08am PDT
            Unlike gaming journalists by Oom Shnibble 09/14/2015, 8:51am PDT
        Hold on, I'll buy it. NT by Worm 09/14/2015, 1:41pm PDT
            Took me awhile but yeah it's pretty fun. by Worm 10/01/2015, 2:37pm PDT
                Young Merlin for the SNES had dialogue in pictograms and it was terrible NT by WITTGENSTEIN 10/01/2015, 2:54pm PDT
                    Well this isn't. NT by Worm 10/03/2015, 6:31pm PDT
                This might be the best adventure game I've played. It's way better than Broken by Rafiki 06/06/2016, 8:31am PDT

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