God Hand
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Retrospective on God Hand by Mysterio 05/09/2019, 11:23pm PDT
    This game singlehandedly explained fighting games to me and why I sucked ass. A+ by The Happiness Engine 05/19/2019, 2:40pm PDT
    There's one thing I can tell this guy didn't know about God Hand... by Mischief Maker 05/19/2019, 4:37pm PDT
    what text-to-speech program are they using? NT by tHis gaMe is Gyad Hahnd bEeP boOp 05/20/2019, 1:31pm PDT
        Seths reviews are funnier than half this site and 100% less Jewish NT by Mysterio 05/20/2019, 3:35pm PDT

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