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I got a warning for "spamming" in the Rogue comments by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/15/2020, 6:14am PDT
    hahahahaha NT by laudablepuss 10/15/2020, 8:27am PDT
    Everyone remembers their first burn. You have parented those without NT by The Happiness Engine 10/16/2020, 4:53pm PDT

TikTock Facebook Scam by Ichabod 09/14/2020, 7:31am PDT got hacked NT by Horus Truthteller 11/05/2019, 10:44am PST

THIS IS NOW THE PROGRAMMING FORUM by Entropy Stew 04/01/2013, 7:31pm PDT
    haha NO TIME FOR THAT :( by Fullofkittens 04/01/2013, 7:46pm PDT
        Dad (disgusted): "By herself?" NT by Entropy Stew 04/01/2013, 8:27pm PDT
        I am doing the whole Jira thing for the first time at the current job by Entropy Stew 04/01/2013, 11:05pm PDT
            Re: I am doing the whole Jira thing for the first time at the current job by motherfuckerfoodeater 04/02/2013, 12:45am PDT
            Last time I encountered JIRA it was just a bug tracker by Fullofkittens 04/02/2013, 6:44am PDT
                Yeah its a full agile suite NT by Entropy Stew 04/02/2013, 8:01am PDT
                    We switched to Kanban with standups by Fullofkittens 04/02/2013, 10:00am PDT
    We switched to two-week cycles today, from six by The Warezwolf 04/02/2013, 10:17pm PDT
    Courtesy bump. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/16/2014, 12:28am PDT
    Re: THIS IS NOW THE PROGRAMMING FORUM NT by Bump 03/23/2016, 7:55am PDT
    Great, now where's the BROgramming forum?? NT by Zoe Quinn's sex life 03/23/2016, 1:04pm PDT
    JavaScript by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/04/2016, 11:27pm PDT
        100% accurate by Entropy Stew 10/04/2016, 11:58pm PDT
        This is also what it felt like tying to learn any Adobe product by fabio 10/05/2016, 5:54am PDT
        I feel like every language stack with any history has this problem. by Fullofkittens 10/05/2016, 6:08am PDT
            Windows gui frameworks have a half life of 3 years by Entropy Stew 10/05/2016, 9:07pm PDT

Vanilla Bagel by pinback 06/30/2016, 6:46am PDT

Native bash for windows. Ubuntu running directly on NT kernel. WHAT IS HAPPENING NT by Entropy Stew 03/30/2016, 7:57pm PDT
    Also Xamarin is free now and comes with every version of VS NT by O__O ofkittens 03/31/2016, 3:13pm PDT
        Psh operating systems by Gently Microsofted by an Azure 03/31/2016, 8:55pm PDT

Learning DOM is creepy by nope 03/25/2016, 9:55pm PDT
    Relationships are a PC minefield. Don't get me started on master/slave by Entropy Stew 03/27/2016, 10:34am PDT
        I've been reading this to stay sane during mid term projects by nope 03/28/2016, 5:12pm PDT

How One Dev Broke Node, and Thousands of Projects In 11 Lines of JavaScript by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/23/2016, 7:59am PDT
    Anything that pulls in external dependencies will break eventually by Entropy Stew 03/23/2016, 1:04pm PDT
    Email thread from guy at Kik by Entropy Stew 03/23/2016, 2:37pm PDT
        Re: Email thread from guy at Kik by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/23/2016, 2:47pm PDT
            The other problem is that NPM is a company and just did this by fiat by Entropy Stew 03/23/2016, 3:43pm PDT
                I'm mostly angered by the scumbag company getting out of not paying money for it by Kenny Mayne 03/23/2016, 4:46pm PDT
                    They did pay for it when they bought the trademark NT by Entropy Stew 03/23/2016, 8:49pm PDT
                        Oooo I bought a trademark at the trademark store, bro lookit me by The Brogrammer 03/23/2016, 9:57pm PDT
                            Re: Oooo I bought a trademark at the trademark store, bro lookit me by Entropy Stew 03/23/2016, 11:03pm PDT
                                Ahhh! Lookit this guy! Beer me, Caltrops!! by The Brogrammer 03/24/2016, 6:54am PDT
                                    You seem really familiar to me. Trying to figure out why by Welcome to Omsk 03/24/2016, 10:30am PDT
                                        You don't put me in a box. I put me in a box. By box I hope you know I mean by The Brogrammer 03/24/2016, 11:39am PDT

Brogue is great if you like the idea of Nethack but don't like Nethack by Mike Disney 08/28/2015, 11:09am PDT
    Don't like it, but I guess I'm learning. by P. Gabriel 09/02/2015, 11:15am PDT

Cogmind by Mike Disney 08/29/2015, 8:20pm PDT

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