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I’m disappointed by the lack of Elon Musk + XCOM mashup memes NT by Blackwater 08/13/2023, 2:02pm PDT NEW
Here is the "Musk is a stupid asshole" subforum. Have at it? NT by Roop 07/25/2023, 1:16pm PDT NEW
Dark Journalists update by Here you go guys 06/22/2019, 9:06am PDT NEW
I don't understand the direction of the expansion by fabio 08/21/2017, 11:10am PDT NEW
Picked this up on sale for $23 by fabio 06/13/2017, 10:47pm PDT NEW
List of recommended mods (besides Long War 2) by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/05/2017, 1:40pm PST NEW
I decided to see what happens if you let the UFO catch your base by Fullofkittens 06/28/2017, 6:23pm PDT NEW
New expansion coming August 2017 by Rey Mysterio Jr. 06/21/2017, 9:58pm PDT NEW
With Mods, this game has become addictively replayable by Roop 09/10/2016, 7:09pm PDT NEW
An odd workaround for the extreme load times by Hans Clastorp 02/14/2016, 12:49pm PST NEW
It's got Terror from the Deep difficulty on some missions, but I'd give it 8/10 NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 02/07/2016, 5:28pm PST NEW
Preloading... NT by Fullofkittens 02/04/2016, 7:03pm PST NEW
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