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Credit where credit's due: After 4 years they finally implemented sand worms. by Mischief Shai-hulud 09/23/2020, 7:05am PDT
    Hoo-shit! This is a buggy mess at the moment. Back to Genesis Alpha One! NT by Mischief Maker 09/28/2020, 5:49pm PDT

Is there a happy ending to this story after all? by Mischief Maker 07/25/2018, 3:01pm PDT
    It takes a huge cancer-infected swollen scrotum to lie to your customers twice NT by about multiplayer (slow clap) 07/25/2018, 5:19pm PDT
        Holy crap, GOG actually did it! by Mischief Maker 07/26/2018, 5:33am PDT
            Hah! by Mischief Maker 07/26/2018, 6:53am PDT
                I bought it before I saw your warning. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/26/2018, 2:47pm PDT
                    It's balls. Refund it. by Mischief Maker 07/26/2018, 3:07pm PDT
                        It's Subnautica by In spaaaaaaace! 07/30/2018, 10:34pm PDT
                        Tried it. Game crashed after building a house. Saw problem was widespread. NT by Refunded. 08/03/2018, 4:14pm PDT
    Ys VIII runs better than No Man's Sky so far! Happy ending to this saga! NT by Mischief Maker 07/26/2018, 3:56pm PDT
    Another update. by I Date Conservatives - ask me how 08/08/2019, 12:01pm PDT
        Looks closer to the old sweetened up trailer by 2014 Time Capsule 08/08/2019, 10:50pm PDT
            All I see from that old trailer is a cave and some red grass. by The Mischief Remembers 08/09/2019, 5:31am PDT
                Yeah, I meant the visual treatment NT by Five years for Grass! 08/10/2019, 3:31pm PDT
                    Just play Everspace. NT by MM 08/14/2019, 2:27pm PDT
                        Or the new Everspace NMS-alike! At some point! by pinback 08/14/2019, 3:08pm PDT
                            Color me intrigued! I just hope they get a new music guy. NT by Mischief Maker 08/14/2019, 5:22pm PDT
                    Also here's a tidbit that completely ruins the game for me: by Mischief Maker 08/14/2019, 5:26pm PDT

"Next" update trailer by Mischief Maker 07/17/2018, 8:39pm PDT
    Dare I allow myself a sense of hope here? by Mischief Maker 07/24/2018, 3:00pm PDT
        I'll get it, but they should be punished for still asking $49.99 by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/24/2018, 4:19pm PDT
            Oh, they did make it half off. THey no longer need to be punished NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/24/2018, 4:20pm PDT
                Wait... wait! It just hit GOG, let me give it a try first. by Mischief Maker 07/24/2018, 4:41pm PDT
    Verdict: STILL do not buy this game! by Mischief Maker 07/24/2018, 7:47pm PDT

1 year anniversary 1.3 update by Mischief Maker 08/11/2017, 5:40am PDT
    Looks fun. by Oom Shnibble 08/11/2017, 2:23pm PDT
    Atlas shrugged? by Eurotrash 08/11/2017, 5:35pm PDT
        ATLAS SUCKED NT by Spigot the Bear 08/11/2017, 5:59pm PDT
    Impressions by Mischief Maker 08/12/2017, 7:32am PDT
    Oh wow, I'm finally getting good performance! by Mischief Maker 08/13/2017, 10:37pm PDT

Next big update's out. by Mischief Maker 03/08/2017, 5:48pm PST
    I bet the game journos are lapping this shit up by Eurotrash 03/09/2017, 12:31am PST
    Just tried it. Still an Early Access title a long way from release. Not worth it by MM 03/12/2017, 6:16pm PDT

They won't go away, instead, welcome to Hello Labs by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/11/2017, 4:09pm PST

A picture's worth a thousand words. by MM 01/10/2017, 3:56pm PST

Well fuck a duck! by Mischief Maker 11/27/2016, 3:02pm PST
    There's a trailer for the update. by Mischief Maker 11/27/2016, 3:34pm PST
        SAVE YOUR MONEY! by Mischief Maker 11/29/2016, 2:40pm PST
            That's fucking game journos for you. NT by Kenny Mayne 11/29/2016, 5:27pm PST
                Creature types are sex normative positive, 4/5 stars by Game Journos 11/29/2016, 5:44pm PST
        That's totally what was needed in a space exploration game by Eurotrash 12/01/2016, 9:54am PST

WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT I CANT EVEN UNNNNNNH by The Best of Tumblr 11/26/2016, 5:11pm PST
    Tell me you didn't have these same thoughts the first time you heard about by Yoda Stories. 11/26/2016, 5:24pm PST

MY REVIEW OF NO MAN'S SKY by CAP ATTACK 10/30/2016, 2:28am PDT

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