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Is this the VR headset forum? by Roop 01/10/2022, 3:28pm PST
    My only VR experience was playing "Dactyl Nightmare" at GenCon in the 90s. NT by MM 01/10/2022, 4:01pm PST

Presented without comment: a virtual reality sexual assault. by Mysterio 10/23/2016, 9:49am PDT
    Griefers, they have a problem with griefers. by Freaky Bill 10/23/2016, 10:21am PDT
    More trash writing by skip 10/23/2016, 10:31pm PDT
        I'll keep molesting people until we get some good writing on the topic. NT by BigBro442 10/24/2016, 6:49am PDT
        Everywhere he goes by he must cybermolest 10/24/2016, 7:35pm PDT

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