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DLC released today by Rafiki 06/30/2022, 2:19pm PDT
    They have a television show on Netflix now. NT by Mr. 3000 and his blob 07/29/2022, 7:38am PDT
        It doesn't have a 30s aesthetic, which makes you wonder what the point is. NT by Fullofkittens 07/29/2022, 11:08am PDT
            Watched episode one. Didn't love it. NT by Dick Clownshoes 11/25/2022, 7:26pm PST
            Yeah that rubber hose animation costs 9034029384 dollars per second to animate w NT by hy even do a thing Entropy Stew 11/28/2022, 6:00pm PST
                That rubber hose animation was also the entire point by how was it you missed that? 11/28/2022, 11:28pm PST
                    What is rubber hose animation? NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 11/29/2022, 1:18pm PST
                        Look at an animate. Is it rubbery and hosed? by Entropy Stew 11/29/2022, 7:33pm PST
                    Me, in this thread, agreeing with you two posts up by Entropy Stew 11/29/2022, 7:30pm PST

Cockhead by 8=======D 04/22/2021, 10:17am PDT
    Re: Cockhead by Fullofkittens 04/22/2021, 11:48am PDT
    The positive Steam reviews are 100% authentic by Rafiki 04/22/2021, 11:44pm PDT

IT'S LIKE DARK SOULS :super brain: by DD 10/03/2017, 3:40pm PDT
    not enough 1930s blackface racism. 3/10 NT by Porygon 10/04/2017, 10:37am PDT
        What did you do by Anteliver 01/07/2020, 9:59pm PST

Finally beat Cuphead (2017) by Fullofkittens 01/28/2018, 7:38pm PST

Cuphead is a Unity game written in C# by real cuphead facts 01/05/2018, 4:14pm PST
    Is that surprising? Not sure the intended implication of this facts leak! NT by mark 01/06/2018, 8:39am PST
        I just found it interesting. by Fullofkittens 01/06/2018, 9:00am PST
            Cuphead is a 2d game. It can't be that taxing on performance by Entropy Stew 01/06/2018, 2:41pm PST

In-depth behind the scenes from a Cuphead animator by Fullofkittens 12/11/2017, 10:02am PST

The Baroness von Bon Bon boss fight is just the raddest thing. NT by Fullofkittens 11/09/2017, 1:06pm PST

Drops today. NT by Mysterio 09/29/2017, 6:35am PDT
    I dunno, man. I heard the tutorial's really tough. NT by Mischief Maker 09/29/2017, 6:44am PDT
        I'll add my review as soon as I get past it. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/29/2017, 1:34pm PDT
            See if you can do better than this guy also by laudablepuss 09/29/2017, 2:58pm PDT
        It's like the Dark Souls of jumping twice NT by Entropy Stew 09/29/2017, 3:49pm PDT
            Jump AND dash! NT by Dean 09/29/2017, 4:19pm PDT
                I'm 3 hours into the tutorial, taking a break from frustration by Rafiki 09/29/2017, 5:24pm PDT
                    Re: I'm 3 hours into the tutorial, taking a break from frustration by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/30/2017, 8:43pm PDT
                        I enjoyed my first hour with it, it's a learn-by-dying platformer a la VVVVVVV by Fullofkittens 10/02/2017, 7:03am PDT
                            I consider you extremely dashing. NT by Jack Bauer 10/02/2017, 10:28am PDT
                                *wink with fingerguns * NT by Fullofkittens 10/02/2017, 7:21pm PDT
                                    *accidentally runs and guns Jack Bauer until he explodes* NT by Cuphead 10/03/2017, 9:14am PDT
                            I still hate the film grain, I fucking love the everything else by Rafiki 10/02/2017, 8:47pm PDT
                                I think I've died about 40000 times already by Entropy Stew 10/02/2017, 10:25pm PDT
                                    Re: I think I've died about 40000 times already by Jack Bauer 10/03/2017, 9:15am PDT
                                I like the film grain. Agree with you on everythin else. NT by Jack Bauer 10/03/2017, 9:13am PDT

You, an idiot: Cuphead is fun. Moviebob: Meet me on the battlefield, "gamer" by DD 10/02/2017, 2:54pm PDT
    So the pitch is hard, video games are...what? Inaccessible to the handicapped? by Fullofkittens 10/02/2017, 4:25pm PDT
        Sports are less inclusive than watching sports on TV. You'll find that reflected by in their respective player counts. 10/02/2017, 5:54pm PDT
    Re: You, an idiot: Cuphead is fun. Moviebob: Meet me on the battlefield, "gamer" by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/02/2017, 4:43pm PDT
    What persistence gets you: the Videogame Columbine Shooter is now a blue check by Vested Id 10/03/2017, 12:49am PDT

Another retard can't play video games by Worm 09/05/2017, 6:24am PDT
    I couldn't even make it a minute by fabio 09/05/2017, 7:24am PDT
    That Retard is Caltrops favorite, Dean "Retard" Takahashi!!!!! by Forum Searcher 09/05/2017, 7:39am PDT
        10 years of being useless NT by bravo 09/05/2017, 4:17pm PDT
            17 years in gaming journalism; 25 in journalism total NT by Vested Id 09/05/2017, 7:48pm PDT
        LOL he hated Mass Effect because he never figured out he had talent points by Roop 09/06/2017, 3:09pm PDT
    The funniest video on Youtube by Mysterio Lollerson 09/06/2017, 5:57am PDT
        Why is Dean cryin? 'CAUSE HE JUST GOT DUNKED ON NT by Froggy Fresh 09/06/2017, 7:54am PDT
        Ian Tails ZeDong does eat shit non-stop on twitter and looks like a goblin, tho by Worm 09/06/2017, 9:42am PDT
            If he walked 2 miles a day for two weeks he'd look fine. Come on. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/06/2017, 1:33pm PDT
    Dean explanation by fabio 09/06/2017, 7:55am PDT
    I feel a little bad for Dean. He's not a bad guy or anything. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/06/2017, 8:54am PDT
        looks like shit. NT by will not buy. 09/07/2017, 7:03am PDT
            It's got the best graphics of any game released in the last 15 years. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/07/2017, 12:10pm PDT
                A "pretty" platformer. NT by yawn. 09/08/2017, 6:13am PDT
                    Shitbag incapable of a single decent post yawns at the hard work of others. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/10/2017, 11:34am PDT
    Re: Another retard can't play video games by Mischief Maker 09/07/2017, 11:17am PDT
    I didn't even know VentureBeat had a video games section. by skip 09/07/2017, 5:12pm PDT
        AHAHAHhahahashshahahahahahah NT by Entropy Stew 09/07/2017, 9:14pm PDT
            FUCK. That was in reaction to the MM pigeon link NT by edit button 09/07/2017, 9:15pm PDT
    Dean's milking this one for all it's worth. by Good for him. 09/08/2017, 4:35pm PDT
        Which is all well and fine by Mysterio, "Video editing, anyone?" 09/08/2017, 7:33pm PDT
        And all of his buddies are defending him. by Mysterio 09/08/2017, 10:16pm PDT
            'Gamers will always find something to be mad about' NT by Blogger Projects Loudly About Self 09/08/2017, 10:27pm PDT
        Re: Dean's milking this one for all it's worth. by Fullofkittens 09/10/2017, 8:49am PDT
    Other guys are sticking up for him. by Hurricane NoWayJose 09/09/2017, 10:45pm PDT
        The desire to wagon circle out of these people is absurd. by Worm 09/10/2017, 3:10am PDT

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