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You know, though, there aren't many true cave exploration games out there, are t by pinback 09/19/2017, 2:36pm PDT
    Spelunky. Check MATE! NT by Mischief Maker 09/19/2017, 2:50pm PDT
    Uuuuuuh Terraria by laudablepuss 09/19/2017, 2:52pm PDT
    Colossal Cave Adventure? NT by Did you even watch Getlamp 09/19/2017, 4:36pm PDT
        I turned it off after the clinical inspection of Cadre's nostrils. NT by pinback 09/19/2017, 4:48pm PDT
        Careful..... careful..... NT by - 09/19/2017, 5:23pm PDT
    Every TES game. NT by Worm 09/20/2017, 4:43am PDT
        Cave...story? NT by elephant 09/20/2017, 8:04am PDT
    Planet Coaster by COASTER EXPERT 09/25/2017, 7:27am PDT
    The Knytt games NT by blackwater 09/25/2017, 6:38pm PDT
    Lemmings NT by Lemmings 08/16/2018, 4:10pm PDT
        Lemmings is not a cave exploration game. NT by pinback 08/17/2018, 3:23pm PDT

This forum is for asking tough, somber questions. NT by The Morning ZOo 08/15/2018, 9:17pm PDT
    #1 Should there be limits on free speech? NT by The Morning ZOo 08/15/2018, 9:18pm PDT
        Copyright, threats, slander, libel, inciting riots NT by Some People are Never Pleased 08/15/2018, 9:36pm PDT
        Re: #1 Should there be limits on free speech? by yes 08/16/2018, 6:06am PDT
            Great answer. I've got my eye on you as a potential co-host. NT by The Morning ZOo 08/16/2018, 8:15am PDT
        Free speech must be restricted to only sharing dog photos online. NT by Marxist Mutt 08/16/2018, 7:08am PDT
        Any right that can be taken from you is is a privilege. NT by You are all too stupid to live 08/16/2018, 9:57am PDT
            Delete above post, please. Thanks! NT by The Morning ZOo 08/16/2018, 10:13am PDT
                Delete last eight posts above please. NT by Firsttime caller, longtime listener 08/16/2018, 10:41am PDT
                    It took a new guy an hour to be sick of the worthless shits. NT by haha 08/16/2018, 11:32am PDT
                        Confirmation bias is a bitch, Worm. NT by I WAS ACTING! 08/16/2018, 11:49am PDT
        My ears can't keep out the hits, so q is what speech should be allowed by Vested Id 08/16/2018, 11:44am PDT

No, no, it's too late now. NT by pinback 09/19/2017, 8:49am PDT

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