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Star Control: Origins hit with DMCA notices on Steam and GOG by RetroRomper 01/01/2019, 2:29pm PST
    Re: Star Control: Origins hit with DMCA notices on Steam and GOG by From Blues News 01/01/2019, 6:06pm PST
        Here is the offer Wardell made the two devs, by the way by I hate Comcast 01/01/2019, 6:07pm PST
            im looking for quality jo buds NT by 01/02/2019, 9:50pm PST
                It's really easy to find someone who will take raw dick up their ass but very di by Mysterio 01/02/2019, 11:41pm PST
    The original devs identified what was copied. by Old lurker 01/06/2019, 9:26am PST
        Re: The original devs identified what was copied. by Ulrachi 01/06/2019, 1:17pm PST
            Why even develop a game using IP that is under legal action? by RetroRomper 01/06/2019, 9:51pm PST
                cuz Brad suuuuuuuuuuuux NT by I hate Brad. 01/08/2019, 12:48pm PST
    Anyone still following the drama here? NT by John Gulp 02/06/2019, 9:10pm PST
        Yup! SC:O is back on Steam / GOG by RetroRomper 02/07/2019, 12:19am PST
            Re: Yup! SC:O is back on Steam / GOG by Autoerotic Gynephile 02/07/2019, 6:53pm PST

Wardell wants to take down Ur Quan Masters by Mysterio 09/22/2018, 5:41pm PDT
    Wow, what a fucking lunatic. If that's real I'm refunding the game. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/22/2018, 8:32pm PDT
    That's terrible. NT by Geryki 09/22/2018, 10:54pm PDT
        A guy trying to get forums shut down ain't gonna play well here. NT by Horus Truthteller 09/22/2018, 10:55pm PDT
    He admits to saying it, the Discord was real. by Kirahu Nagasawa 09/23/2018, 1:37pm PDT
        Here's a pastebin of Brad ranting like a lunatic about UQM forums by Kirahu Nagasawa 09/23/2018, 9:01pm PDT

Stardock on their lawsuit against the makers of Star Control by With no judgment 02/24/2018, 11:40pm PST
    Wardell doesn't understand the difference between trademark and copyright NT by and is going to get his shit pushed 02/26/2018, 3:46am PST
        Do you think Stardock's legal team also does not know that? NT by pinback 02/26/2018, 11:51am PST
            Its called a,SLAPP NT by Nerdshoe voice 02/26/2018, 1:06pm PST
    I'll get to the bottom of this. by James McGillicutty, Esq 02/27/2018, 10:07am PST
        they should of thought have this before they traded there ip for a bowl of stew. NT by not enough bible school 02/27/2018, 10:33am PST
        Stardock's position opposes others claiming to make an official sequel. NT by Were they doing that? Is it legal? 02/27/2018, 12:26pm PST
        Re: I'll get to the bottom of this. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/21/2018, 9:48pm PDT

It's out today, apparently. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/21/2018, 8:51am PDT
    How is it? NT by Khalil 09/21/2018, 1:23pm PDT
        Tonally it's got the Star Control personality. And it's not the ripoff I was NT by anticipating either. 09/21/2018, 8:11pm PDT

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