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Canadian Packaged Bread Price-Fixing Scandal Rewards Headquarters by Free Gift Card Patrol Team 01/14/2018, 2:27pm PST
    I need critical updates like this sent directly to my phone by laudablepuss 01/15/2018, 8:37am PST
        How have you never watched Arrested Development? NT by a quizzical nation asks 01/15/2018, 11:02am PST
            I have no idea how people find time to watch all this stuff NT by laudablepuss 01/15/2018, 12:13pm PST
        UPDATE: Maclean's broke my post by fixing theirs. Bread continues unabated. by Free Gift Card Patrol Team 03/05/2019, 11:02pm PST

ITT we post clips that stave off our impending mental breakdowns by UUID tag here 03/05/2019, 9:39pm PST

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