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Jason Rohrer's new game by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/18/2018, 10:36pm PDT
    It's an interesting idea, but internet. by The Happiness Engine 03/19/2018, 3:21pm PDT
        I mean, lots of multiplayer games require a good community. NT by PUBG Fan 03/20/2018, 7:13pm PDT
            It's really neat, but depending on randos to even get to play? NT by The Happiness Engine 03/23/2018, 3:21pm PDT
    Bought it. Enjoyed it. Dare I see you there? NT by John Gulp 05/16/2018, 11:21pm PDT
    It found enormous mobile success, only... by I Am Heavy Moderation Guy 03/08/2019, 4:34pm PST

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